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HULKEN Bag Review 2024 → Rolling Tote Bag With Large Capacity

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About HULKEN Bag

Dear happy shoppers, have you bought anything for the upcoming New Year’s Eve barbeque? We guess having some beef, lamb, sausages, and soft drinks is the best choice to accompany you along the night. But have you asked HULKEN Bag to help you?

HULKEN Bag Review: About HULKEN Bag

Why do I need to ask for their help?‘ Since you shouldn’t carry all of those things with your empty hand, you need a bag. However, it’s not an ordinary bag. Then, what makes it different? Specifically, HULKEN provides us with a rolling tote bag for easier moving.

This is such a magical bag. You can bring it anywhere and load it with anything, including your shopping items, without being exhausted. Therefore, it gains so much love from many people. With over 84.5k total followers, are you interested to know more?

Finally, who needs an ordinary shopping bag when you can get a large rolling bag? It can be pulled easily like luggage and safely keeps your load inside. So, will you witness everything in our HULKEN Bag review? All you need to do is just scroll it down!

Overview Of HULKEN Bag

In this fancier era, everything must be easier, right? It includes how you carry items in a big amount. Instead of using multiple bags, getting one with a large size is the recommended choice.

Thankfully, HULKEN Bag gives you one. The brand’s good bag collections are really helpful in any circumstance. Whether you need it for shopping or laundry, they can load everything.

Also, don’t forget about its rolling function. We know the more load you put inside, the heavier it will be. Fortunately, with the rolling wheels, you don’t need to lift that heavy load everywhere.

Alex Schinasi, the brand’s Co-Founder, wanted to add one more effectiveness in life. Hence, when everything got hard in 2020, HULKEN Bag started to hit the market. And how is the brand now?

Today, the HULKEN Bag has become everyone’s favorite. The products have also evolved into multi-purpose items which are adaptable for any activity, from shopping to travel.

HULKEN Bag Review

Carrying multiple bags like Spongebob and Patrick in the ‘Selling Chocolate‘ episode looks so hassling. Thankfully, you don’t need to do that anymore since you already know what HULKEN Bag is.

HULKEN Bag Reviews: HULKEN Bag Review

Then, what type of product does HULKEN Bag have? Actually, you can only expect to have a rolling bag here. However, they are available in several sizes, and we will have them in the review section today.

HULKEN Bag Most Searched Products

  • HULKEN Rolling Bag – Medium
  • HULKEN Rolling Bag – Large

And do you know that bags from HULKEN are also foldable? Yes, all bags from this brand are foldable to ensure their good quality and manage long-term usage. Thus, we’ll also talk about it today.

Finally, are you ready to get your rolling bag? Get your favorite one and put everything inside!

HULKEN Rolling Bag Medium Reviews

Strolling around the shopping center with your pet? Well, in some cases, customers also choose HULKEN Rolling Bag – Medium to carry their lovely dog. Would you like to have one?

HULKEN Bag Review: HULKEN Rolling Bag Medium Reviews

If you don’t really like such a massive bag, this medium-sized might be the best choice. Also, if you’re asking about the color choices, all products have 5 colors to choose from. What else?

Besides that, this medium-sized rolling bag is also a nice choice to bring home groceries. On the other hand, schlepping around tools for work or books on campus will also be easier.

HULKEN Rolling Bag – Medium Details:

  • Dimension: 16″ x 12″ x 20″ (3 lb)
  • Specs: 3 handles, 4 wheels
  • Capacity: 2 – 3 full grocery bags
  • Colors: Black, Cosmic Reds, Midnight Blue, Rose Gold, Silver

So, will you take the Medium one to accompany you to carry all the goods around? It’s such a nice shopping experience since you only need to spend around $105.00 for this!

HULKEN Rolling Bag Large Reviews

Is the medium-sized size not enough to load your items? Let’s upgrade to the bigger one! Fortunately, we have a HULKEN Rolling Bag – Large to be your alternative. So, how does it work?

HULKEN Bag Review: HULKEN Rolling Bag Large Reviews

Just like the medium-sized rolling bag, this large-size bag also exists in 5 color choices. And, of course, you will have an extra space with this bag to store items that couldn’t be loaded before.

Furthermore, if you need to carry a large number of items, then it is perfect for you. Specifically, it suits those who need to transport large items, such as home organizers and interior designers.

HULKEN Rolling Bag – Medium Details:

  • Dimension: 20″ x 16″ x 24″ (4 lb)
  • Specs: 3 handles, 5 wheels
  • Capacity: 4 – 5 full grocery bags
  • Colors: Black, Cosmic Reds, Midnight Blue, Rose Gold, Silver

Finally, who needs multiple bags if you already have a HULKEN Rolling Bag – Large? This even loads more than you expected. Thus, spending no more than $115.00 will be 100% worth it. 

How To Fold HULKEN Bag

Having a HULKEN Bag also means effectiveness since it’s also foldable. Then, do you know How To Fold The Bag easily? The following tips may help you. So, keep your eyes on it!

HULKEN Bag Review: How To Fold HULKEN Bag

First, release the air inside and fold it according to the crease in the middle. Folding your bag properly is important to maintain its durability and ensure a long-lasting experience.

Also, please ensure that the cover is completely unzipped before folding. If you don’t do this, then your bag can’t be folded perfectly, and it may break the shape and function of the bag.

Since it finishes in a second, we recommend you fold your bag every time it’s not used. Then, we also recommend you check the detailed steps on How To Fold The Bag in the video link below!

HULKEN Bag Pros and Cons

Is HULKEN Bag always good? Hold on to your answer until you learn this pros and cons section:


  • Large bag with wheels
  • Available in large and medium size
  • Stylish look
  • Various color choices
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to bring anywhere
  • Foldable
  • It is able to carry up to 66 lb
  • Free shipping (2 bags)
  • 30-day free return and exchange


  • No international shipping
  • Currently out of stock (pre-order)

Who Is HULKEN Bag For?

So, carrying a lot of items everywhere is now worry-free since you have a HULKEN Bag to do it all. Also, since people have different needs when buying this huge rolling bag, everyone should have at least one at home. Then, what is the conclusion?

Of this point, can we say that HULKEN Bag’s products suit all customers? Yup, everyone can buy the brand’s products to accommodate their unique needs. 

Besides, people can carry or store a large number of items. Whether you are a man or woman or even a young student, get one of these to load your items safely and effectively!

HULKEN Bag Review: What Do Customers Think?

All smart buyers mustn’t skip this section since they know it’s crucial. So, what does this testimonial section tell you about? If you’re in search of the brand’s overall performance, then we say ‘welcome!

HULKEN Bag Review: HULKEN Bag Review: What Do Customers Think?

Who says that HULKEN Bag is an ordinary brand? Their innovation in producing rolling tote bags is really good. Hence, it gains an average rating of 4.9/5 stars from 4544 reviews powered by YOTPO.

To prove those numbers, most of you usually need a customer’s real reviews. Will we get to see them here?

Of course, and this is the first one to read:

This is an excellent rolling bag. I use it every morning as a swim bag. Previously, I have tried several rolling bags with expandable handles, but they all broke after a short time. However, this medium-sized bag is perfect and rolls smoothly. Hopefully, they will also sell the XL size in the future.

This satisfied customer admitted that her bag is more durable than other brands. So, will you prove it? 

Then, we hope you don’t miss this:

It is incredibly sturdy and strong! The rolling tote can be easily folded away for convenient storage. This is the best rolling tote I have ever owned! It has literally changed my life. The handles are smooth and glossy, just like the rest of the bag, which makes it simple to wipe clean and disinfect if necessary.

Once again, this customer also praised how sturdy and strong the bag is. Also, she mentioned it’s the best one.

Also, we believe it convinces you more:

I have purchased the HULKEN bag for the third time and I must say, it is an amazing bag. It is perfect to keep in the car and carry all the groceries into the house. This time, I bought the bag for my son and daughter-in-law who live in Brooklyn, New York, to help them carry groceries and other items up to their apartment.

This loyal customer was happy with her purchase. Even after multiple buying, the quality remains the same.

Last, let’s also bring some words from Reddit:

I have been using my Hulken bag to carry my portable desktop, accessories, spare toiletries, and some pillows when I’m moving to different residences. Honestly, I like the bag, and it would technically fit. Apparently, it’s stronger and comes with a cover with no separate payment.

Another honest review comes from Reddit. This customer loved how the bag was functional and effective.

Finally, do you still need more things to convince you after reading those good reviews? We know making the best decision before shopping is not that easy. Therefore, let us keep helping you!

Is HULKEN Bag Worth It?

From 1 to 10, how sure are you to buy your HULKEN Bag? One question that may still remain is whether this brand is worth it. Since similar products are rare in the market, HULKEN stands out the most.

HULKEN Bag Review: Is HULKEN Bag Worth It?

What makes this brand totally worth it is that it suits most people’s current needs. They tend to bring a lot of goods anywhere but have no proper items to accommodate them. In addition, with its top quality proven by thousands of good reviews, we guarantee your buying won’t turn into a disappointment.

HULKEN Bag Shipping Policy

Who’s ready to ship those rolling tote bags home? We’re sorry to inform you that the brand is currently out of stock and can only receive pre-orders at this time.

But don’t worry, it doesn’t take too long. If you place a pre-order today, they will start shipping in next month (January 2024). Also, the order and shipping are only available for US customers with free shipping (for 2-bag orders). Lastly, once your order is processed, it only needs 3-5 days to arrive.

HULKEN Bag Return Policy

Are you not satisfied with your order? No worries, it’s all in good hands when you learn this return policy. Basically, every customer will be eligible for a 30-day return policy.

And do you know what’s better? HULKEN Bag offers free exchange and return for all customers. Thus, ensure your item is still new and unused before returning it. Finally, you may click this to start your return process. Isn’t it too easy?

How To Contact HULKEN Bag?

Hi, do you want to talk to HULKEN Bag? Find them on the following platforms:

Company Address

110 N Brockway Suite 240, Palatine, IL, United States, Illinois

Where to buy HULKEN Bag?

Are those rolling bags still on sale?

Of course! You just need to place a pre-order and wait until your item arrives next month. Thus, let’s start exploring the brand’s official website before buying.

Or, if you love to shop at Amazon, let’s search for the brand’s official store there! Lastly, you may find the same products on other sites. However, you must be careful since they are dupe.

HULKEN Bag Coupon Codes & Promos

Do we have some discount lovers here? Then, let’s explore the promo list below to get more surprises:

  • Subscribe to the brand’s mailing list to be eligible for a 10% discount
  • Get free shipping on 2 HULKEN Bags order
  • Join the Wholesale program on this page and see the upcoming discount events (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.)
  • Participate in the Affiliate program and earn a $7.5 commission
  • Save 5% with a discount code LIBBY5

Unfortunately, we only found those offers. However, if you beg for more, let’s tap the following button:

Reveal all coupons

HULKEN Bag Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for HULKEN Bag reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

What is the HULKEN Bag used for?

The HULKEN is a rolling tote bag that makes transportation of items easy. These items can be home interiors, groceries, books, stationeries, and other stuff.

Can you take a HULKEN Bag on an airplane?

Most travelers can use the smallest HULKEN as carry-on luggage, which fits perfectly in overhead compartments. However, we found no small version on the site. Hopefully, it will be available next year, or you can choose the medium one to substitute.

How much weight can a HULKEN Bag hold?

HULKEN Bag is able to carry up to 66 lb. 

Does the HULKEN Bag close?

No, the company is still in business. Currently, the store only receives pre-orders, and it will start shipping again next month (January 2024). 

Are Hulken bags waterproof?

Hulken is water-resistant, which means it should not be affected by water. However, it is not waterproof and should not be filled with any liquids.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of HULKEN Bag Reviews & Ratings

Does HULKEN Bag leave something good on you? Since your two hands cannot bring this and that everywhere, you need a large space to load them. And with only an easy pull, you can travel with it.

In addition, as proven by those good ratings and reviews, you shouldn’t hesitate about it. Now, shopping is the only way to prove it. Once yours has arrived, please let us know your nice review. So, start pre-ordering now!


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