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About HOTOUCH Clothing

The freedom of appearance is something that all women on this earth should have. Your style doesn’t have to be the same as the most up-to-date if it makes you uncomfortable wearing it.

Hotouch Review: About HOTOUCH Clothing

Hotouch is a clothing company that sells not only one type of fashion style but also various types of fashion styles for various female identities. All the products they sell only focus on women’s clothing, such as dresses, robes, tracksuits, flannel, sweaters, coats, and many more.

They also use several materials to comfort the clothes they produce, such as linen and cotton. The design styles in their clothing line are also varied and broad. They hope that all women can find their style on Hotouch.

By expanding its clothing fashion style, it is shown that many of its female customers leave their style to this brand. This makes the brand quite popular on social media, with 4.9k followers on Facebook and 31.6k followers on Instagram who is interested in this brand’s clothing line. 

So what makes this brand different from others? Is the quality of their clothes guaranteed?

To answer the questions in your head, Hotouch review prepares all the information you might want to know about the brand, such as the company’s purpose, products review, testimonials, and more. Ready?

Overview of Hotouch Global

“Hotouch enables women to be beautiful and confident at every stage of their lives.” Born from a strong belief, Hotouch aims to inspire women to find a better version of themselves, not to chase trends blindly, but to be their most natural selves.

The brand believes that every woman has many identities over different life scenes that interpret different role stories in her life. Each is the protagonist in life. They’re not defined by trends. Therefore, the brand wants to give comfort from each role experienced.

As a womenswear brand, Hotouch is committed to solving female consumers’ difficulty in choosing. They want to make it easy for all women to dress, integrating a simple and comfortable clothing language into a relaxed and free lifestyle.

How? By creating clothing that satisfies every occasion and style needs of women at every stage of their lives. Thus, no matter the journey, women can focus on what’s important to them.

Hotouch Review

Some clothing brands may have specific styles as a signature of the brand, but not with Hotouch. Their goal is simple: they want every woman to be able to express her own fashion without having to follow what’s trending these days.

Hotouch Reviews: Hotouch Review

Hotouch Clothing

  • Shirts
  • Sweater
  • Dress
  • Bottoms

That’s why you can find various types of clothing with different styles, such as sporty, feminine, casual, and formal. The freedom and equality of appearance that all women desire are available with this brand. 

To know more about the quality of the products, we’ll give you their clothing reviews which will focus on 3 of their products. So, stay with us to get the answers!

Hotouch Loose Linen Sleeveless Dress Reviews

When it’s summer, you definitely need clothes that can keep you cool when you wear them. The Loose Linen Sleeveless Dress is made of 100% cotton. It has a full layer underneath that’s breathable and comfortable.

Hotouch Review: Hotouch Loose Linen Sleeveless Dress Reviews

This cute dress comes with a flowing hem and swiss dot decoration. It has the perfect trend-forward detail to make this mini dress really stand out. In addition, the body part of this casual outfit has an inner lining that makes it not see-through.

This pullover mini dress has an embellish design with ruffles on the shoulders. The sleeveless and v-neck design can keep you cool all summer long. Also, it comes with an A-line shape and a flowing design that perfectly highlights your elegant temperament.

As this dress has no prints and comes with a simple look, it’s perfect for casual wear, parties, cocktails, weddings, and work and is good enough for vacations or the beach. It’s also suitable for pregnancy as it has a loose tummy area with a soft and breathable material.

This has 7 color options that you can choose from, such as orange, khaki, pink, blue, white, purple, and green. You can also adjust your body size because this has several sizes, including S, M, L, XL, 2XL, and 3XL.

You can get this elegant dress at a promo price of $17.99 from the original price of $24.99.

Hotouch Fleece Stripe Hooded Coat Reviews

If the previous product is suitable during summer, then this Fleece Stripe Hooded Coat will be the perfect choice to accompany you in winter. It has a double-sided fleece design that is thick enough to keep you warm during winter.

Hotouch Review: Hotouch Fleece Stripe Hooded Coat Reviews

Accordingly, the brand makes this coat from 65% cotton and 35% Polyester will bring you comfort. Not only that, but you’ll also have a stylish look on your body. It’s super ideal to use for casual, daily, family days, lounge days, and many more.

What’s more? This coat has a classic cut to better fit its user’s body and double needle stitching for maximum extra durability. Also, it has innovative features like moisture wicking and odor control. You’ll also get superior comfort in every detail. 

The combination of gray, white, and beige stripes in the middle will easily blend with the color choices provided, such as pink, blue, khaki, caramel, army green, and several others. Better yet, you can mix and match it with bermuda shorts from the brand. 

This will give a trendy impression to anyone who wears it. Maintenance is also quite easy because you can wash it using a washing machine and cold water. 

If you have a fairly large body, this Hooded Coat will definitely fit you because it has many size variants, from the smallest size S to the largest size 5XL. Currently, you can get it at a promo price of $38.99 from the original price of $41.04. Get it now!

Hotouch Solid Pajamas Set Reviews

The typical pajamas for sleeping now come with a more playful look that can be used to hang out. Solid Backless Lace Up Linen Pajamas Set is a set of clothes that will create a casual style. It comes with a loose, comfortable fabric that supports a simple yet stylish look with a touch of rope on the front. 

Hotouch Review: Hotouch Solid Pajamas Set Reviews

It has double gauze protection and is made of 100% cotton. Its soft, premium cotton material will add comfort to your daily activities. Likewise, the classic cut offers a better fit and double-needle stitching for extra durability.

Again, you must be happy that it has innovative features like moisture wicking and odor control. With superior comfort in every detail, this would be an ideal fashion set for casual, daily, business, office, vacation, weekend, etc.

Whether you want to hang out or are on the go, this pajama set will always provide the perfect fit, style, and comfort you need.

There’s nothing like the style of the comfort of this outfit. Whether on the go or just hanging out, this pajama set will always provide the fit, style, and comfort you need. This set which comes in 3 sizes, S, M, and L, is priced at $34.99.

Hotouch Clothing Sizing Guide

It’s important to note that each cloth has different size details. In this section, we take an example of the size of the Coat product as a general description only.

Hotouch Review: Hotouch Clothing Sizing Guide

The brand always lists the sizes of states such as the US, UK, and Europe from the smallest size to the largest size. So, we recommend checking the detailed information provided in each product description.

Hotouch Pros and Cons

So, after learning a little further about the company’s purpose, let’s take a quick glance at Hotouch’s pros and cons.


  • Offers clothing with a variety of fashion styles, from casual to formal
  • Provides sizes from the smallest XS to the largest 8XL
  • Using fabrics that bring comforts, such as linen and cotton
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Free shipping on orders over $49
  • 14-days returns
  • Has many discounts and promos


  • Doesn’t provide fast shipping

Who is Hotouch Clothing For?

Hotouch brand’s target is specifically all women in this world who want to have a comfortable style without any restrictions. All women will find their style, and it’s always available in this brand. Whether you need a casual style formal or like to wear dresses or hoodies, you can find everything.

Hotouch Review: Who is Hotouch Clothing For?

The brand also presents several products with sizes from the smallest to the largest. They don’t limit their products to only a few body shapes and sizes. Any body shape and size can be adjusted to the sizes available in some of their clothing lines.

Perhaps what needs to be emphasized is that their styles and sizes seem suitable for women from teenage to adult. Unfortunately, they don’t have sizes for kids or any designs related to kids.

Hotouch Clothing Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

To give you a stronger impression of the brand, this Hotouch clothing reviews look at the feedback from some customers that we got on its official website. Some customers seem to be satisfied with the products they receive.

Hotouch Review: Hotouch Clothing Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

One of them said:

Very nice dress, the color is very beautiful and it suits me very well, I already placed a second order, looking forward to my other orders.

The customer even made a second purchase because she was satisfied with the first product she got on, a dress with beautiful color and a perfect fit on her body. 

Another happy customer left the comment:

My daughter loves this jacket! It’s so cute! This jacket is very lightweight, but I feel that the price reflects its value. The shipping was a little long, but everything was fine when it arrived. Overall, I am happy with this purchase.

Judging from the comments left, it seems that she bought her daughter a perfect jacket. Although the customer had complained about the long delivery, the cute and lightweight jacket still gave her great satisfaction. 

Although from both reviews there is one customer who complains about a delivery, it must be remembered that delivery will be adjusted to the location and the expedition. Even so, thanks to the excellent product quality at the right price, the size that fits perfectly on the body makes this brand still stand out and satisfy its customers.

Is Hotouch Worth It?

As a woman with many identities in life, you certainly need clothes with several design styles that will support you. Fortunately, this brand sells various types of clothing with various fashion styles.

Hotouch Review: Is Hotouch Worth It?

You can get all kinds of clothes with whatever identity you need. So, many women will find it easy to get clothing needs at this brand. They don’t limit the ladies and give them the freedom to look their best as comfortably as possible.

They also sell clothes that can be used by anyone with any body shape or size because it comes in sizes that vary from the smallest XS to the largest size 8XL. The price given is by the quality that will be obtained from their clothes.

Thus, this brand is worthy of all women who want to be free with their style.

Hotouch Shipping Policy

To achieve its goal, the brand wants to reach out to women around the world. Thus, the brand has a global shipping policy that will certainly reach international customers. In addition, they offer free shipping for purchases over $49.

Before making a delivery, brands usually take 2-5 business days to prepare the ordered products. However, small orders quantity may still need between 5-7 business days, depending on stock availability.

All deliveries use the standard shipping method, which has a delivery time divided into 2 parts:

  • Global shipping will take 12-25 business days for the order to reach the customer
  • US Domestic Shipments will ship in 3-7 business days for most of the US

Hotouch Return Policy

The brand really hopes that its customers will like what they order. However, Hotouch realizes that not everything will go smoothly. So, if you aren’t completely satisfied, then you can make a return. 

Read the instructions below to learn more about returning items:

  • Product return applications are valid within 14 days of receiving the product
  • Please contact the customer service team before shipping the returned merchandise
  • The product must be in the same condition as the product when delivered
  • Returned products must be unworn, used, washed, modified, damaged, odor-free, and pollution-free
  • Price tags and wash marks have not been removed
  • Receipt or proof of purchase must be included
  • Returns will be made at your own expense

Once the return is received and inspected, the team will email you a receipt notification. Then, the refund will be processed, and the credit will be automatically applied to your credit card or original payment method within 30 days.

How To Contact Hotouch

After reading some information related to the brand, maybe you have some questions that have not been answered in the Hotouch review. No need to worry. Customer service will be happy to serve you better. You can contact them via:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone:414 306 3721
  • Address: Room 903G, Block1B, Zongkeyun, West Ring Road, Dexing Community, Buji Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen

Please remember to include your Order Number (if applicable) when contacting the brand team. It will help them resolve the query faster.

Customer service is available during business hours Monday – Friday, 10:00-12:00 & 14:00-17:00 (PST). Don’t forget to make sure to check your spam folder while waiting for a reply from the customer service team.

Where to buy Hotouch?

Do you want to fill your closet with clothes from Hotouch? Fortunately, this brand is very easy to find. Although they don’t have an in-store, it’s easy to find their clothing products in several online stores.

Of course, the best place to get clothes from an authentic brand is through their official website, where you can find the latest products and great deals.

For an optional option, you can also find their clothing products on online markets such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Poshmark, and other online shops.

Hotouch Coupon Codes & Promos

At the time of writing this Hotouch review, we found information related to the offers that the brand gives to its beloved customers. What are they? Here are the best offers:

  • Buy 1 get 2nd 35% OFF everything
  • Buy 2, get 3rd 60% OFF your order
  • Buy 3 get 4th free best picks for you
  • Free shipping with purchases over $49

When the offer has run out, don’t lose hope because this brand will often have other great deals for its customers. Kindly check their official website to get the most updated offer. 

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Hotouch Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Hotouch reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Hotouch?

In the Hotouch review, we couldn’t find any information regarding the owner of this company.

Where is Hotouch clothing made?

Since the brand’s address is on Buji Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China, their clothing products may be made in China. However, we can’t confirm this because there is no information regarding where their clothing is made.

Does Hotouch ship internationally?

Yes, they do take worldwide shipping.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Hotouch Reviews & Ratings

Discover the best version of yourself by wearing clothes from Hotouch. The brand that covers all fashion without narrowing the range will be your best place to find the clothes you need.

Whether you need formal wear for work, casual for hanging out with friends, or whatever your activity is, you can find your best style with this brand.


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