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About HOPE and IVY

For women, dresses are a must-have item in their wardrobe. Besides being a variety of collections, dresses also portray a feminine identity and personality. If you agree, HOPE and IVY might be the perfect reference to help you enhance your look!

HOPE and IVY Review: About HOPE and IVY
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HOPE and IVY is a fashion brand from the UK that offers a collection of modern, authentic, and beautiful dresses for all women. Through their collection, they want to encourage all women to show their confidence and femininity.

For this purpose, they have gained considerable attention from fans worldwide. It is proven that there are 50k followers on Facebook and 127K on Instagram.

Hence, we will discuss product reviews, customer feedback, outlet stores and more through this HOPE and IVY review. Read on!

Overview of HOPE and IVY

Beth Chilton and Sarah Sleightholm are the owners of HOPE and IVY. They have a background in fashion. Beth is in fashion production and management. Meanwhile, Sarah is in design.

They met at their previous workplace. As an initiator, Beth wanted to invite Sarah to utilize her talent by creating a clothing brand. Hence, they made this brand.

They create beautiful hand-drawn print pieces that distinguish them from similar brands. In addition, they believe everyone deserves good clothes. So this can help boost their confidence.

They represent two women who support each other. This is an inspiration for everyone. Not the other way around. This is also in line with what the brand’s ethics stand for.

They compliment each other and show intimacy on their website to support this. This is great because they have a strong vision and mission to keep delivering the best of the collection.

HOPE and IVY Reviews

After you know the background of the company above, then we will discuss more about the products offered. Let’s get started!

HOPE and IVY Reviews: HOPE and IVY Reviews

HOPE and IVY offer modern styles of British fashion and beautiful handprint designs that are more authentic than similar brands.

In addition, their product is very bold with its vibrant colours that indicate self-confidence. As mentioned, this is in line with their purpose.

Through this brand, you’ll find ready-to-wear collections with floral dress designs typical of boho style, e.g., the Hester, Priti dress, Hattie floral, etc. You can also adjust your size by using the size guide provided. So you will get the correct fit.

HOPE and IVY Collections

  1. Bridal
  2. Swimwear
  3. Maternity
  4. New Season

Furthermore, we will review their 3 most-wanted products in the next section to better understand the brand. So please keep reading!

HOPE and IVY The Seraphina Reviews

Are you seeking a lightweight, beautiful, durable dress to accompany your spring vibes holiday? Then, The Seraphina dress will be your favourite. As the best-selling collection, this dress is finally back in stock!

HOPE and IVY Review: HOPE and IVY The Seraphina Reviews

What makes this dress so attractive? You might have this question. But we already know the answer when it comes to the first sight. This beautiful dress has a bright white base with a designed blue and yellow floral print that spreads from top to bottom.

As we can see, this dress has a V-neck wrap dress model with a 143 cm Maxi length, which is very fitted at the top while loose at the bottom. In addition, this dress has a belt. It helps you to adjust, secure and hold your top comfortably.

In addition, this dress uses 100% recycled polyester, known as more durable, lightweight, and easy to care for. Thus, it allows you to use machine wash without fear of damage or colour fading.

So, are you ready to welcome the spring season with this heavenly dress? If so, this dress comes in sizes ranging from 6 to 24. Buy now while in stock with the special price of only £85 £76.00.

HOPE and IVY The Elea Maternity Reviews

We understand that sometimes women want a simple, lightweight, and breathable dress during pregnancy. Moreover, it must still look beautiful. If these criteria are what you are looking for, The Elea Maternity can be the best solution!

HOPE and IVY Review: HOPE and IVY The Elea Maternity Reviews

This dress has a loose fit with a 130 cm midi length, which is not too long and short. This can give your belly leeway and be free to move actively. In addition, you will not feel sultry because this dress is equipped with a sleeveless design.

In addition, this dress is attractive, bright blue with scallop lace in detail. This colour helps to symbolize the calmness and peacefulness that a mother-to-be should have from a psychological perspective. Interestingly, this dress will not wrinkle easily as it is made of dobby soft woven fabric.

Hence, looking dazzling this spring while pregnant is no longer just a dream. With sizes 8 up to 16, you don’t have to worry about finding the right fit. Grab now and save more for only £38.00.

HOPE and IVY The Petra Reviews

Unlike the two beautiful dresses above, the brand also provides a ready-to-wear bridal collection for all women on their happy days.

HOPE and IVY Review: HOPE and IVY The Petra Reviews

So, if you have a short time to prepare and a tight budget but are looking for an elegant design, you can try The Petra. This dress is a solution for a more affordable price!

This wedding dress is white, which shows purity on your most sacred day. This dress also has ivory-coloured bead trim scattered on the chest and waist.

This dress has a V-neck, allows you to show off your neck and is perfect for adding a necklace. In addition, this dress is made of the maxi length with a fishtail skirt design. This helps you look taller and show your sexy curves confidently.

On top of that, you won’t feel hot during the event because this dress is made of 100% Polyester. Thanks to this material, this dress is also known to be very lightweight and durable. To support this, you should wash by hand only.

Accordingly, you might ask what the sizes are before you order it. There are 7 sizes that you can choose from. It starts from 6 – 18. For more details, you can check the size guide page.

So, if you want a beautiful and ready-to-wear dress for your happy day, get it now for only £95.

HOPE and IVY Pros and Cons

As a brand that continues to grow to provide the best service regarding its products and services. Now, you might want to know the pros and cons of this brand for consideration. Let’s check this out!


  • Beautiful dresses
  • High-quality fabrics
  • Hand design print
  • Provide size guide
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Redistribution commitment
  • Free return within 14 days
  • International shipping


  • There is no customer review on its website
  • The year of establishment is not mentioned

Who Is HOPE and IVY For?

Hope and IVY has a unique clothing collection for women who want to look modern, chic and feminine. The brand aims for all women to have confidence in their outfits.

Their collection is very comprehensive and inspired by the boho style. It is synonymous with floral prints, loose fit and layered fabrics. According to its website, you can find bridal, swimwear, and maternity collections. Thus, the brand’s collection is perfect for formal or non-formal occasions.

HOPE and IVY Review: How Do Customer Think?

In ordering a dress or anything online. You may need to consider a few things before buying it. One of them is customer reviews. So, we have organized a summary for you through this section.

HOPE and IVY Review: HOPE and IVY Review: How Do Customer Think?

Unluckily, there is no information on customer reviews on its website. But we found some reviews from Trustpilot. The brand achieved great ratings of 3.9/5 stars from 209 reviews. Next, let’s take a look at some feedback!

Beautiful dress and the most outstanding customer service. They were so helpful to me and exceeded expectations from a seller. I would definitely buy from it again and recommend it to others.

One customer above fell in love with the chic dress and helpful service from the company. As mentioned, she will recommend this brand for everyone to try.

This brand helps me avoid my bridesmaids having to wear different dresses. They gave me their contact number so I could discuss all the options with them via WhatsApp and.. find me the perfect dress I needed, which wasn’t available online. They really made the effort to help me, thank you so much! Would highly recommend. My bridesmaids also adore the dress and always say how beautiful it is!

Next, we assume that the customer above is a wedding planner. She loves the dress and the helpful customer service. She is also glad that her bridesmaids like it.

Totally impressed. Beautiful dress and very well crafted. I saw my dress in the sale so I bought it and I was not disappointed. Definitely recommend

Lastly, another happy customer said the dress has excellent quality and design. She even took the opportunity to take the special price, which saves you some money. How about you?

Overall, many people are satisfied with the product or service. This can show their seriousness in this business amidst fierce competition. So have you decided yet? If you want to try, don’t forget to use the current offers.

Is HOPE and IVY Worth It?

If you are looking for a brand that offers modern dresses with high quality, good service and affordable prices. Then, Hope and IVY will be worth trying.

The brand is earnest about providing the best service. Also, they design all their products authentically, which you can’t find anywhere else. This also reduces the production cost so they can sell at affordable prices.

As mentioned above, hundreds of customers have given great feedback. Based on this, we believe they can solve all problems.

In addition, they are very confident in the quality of its products. Hence, they offer free returns for any reason you may have. They also provide stockist stores and ship the products worldwide. The goal is to reach everyone trying to line up the collection.

HOPE and IVY Return Policy

The brand always believes and wants to do the best for everyone. They want to make attractive designs and high-quality materials so that you will love all their products. However, if you are unsatisfied or receive a damaged item, please report it within 48 hours.

If you live in the UK, you are entitled to a free return and refund within 14 days. After you return the item, you will wait for 10 days. If you haven’t gotten it yet, you can contact customer service.

Furthermore, for international buyers, you will not get a free return. However, you can return it for unwanted item reasons within 14 days. The goal is to avoid extra taxes. It is recommended to use a trusted service.

Equally important, you can place a new order to change colour or different sizes. Please note this process will be eligible after sending the previous item to the office address. You can see the other terms on the return page.

Here is the return address:

Hope & Ivy Returns Department, c/o Clipper Logistics, Boughton Industrial Estate, Ollerton, NG22 9LD, United Kingdom.

HOPE and IVY Shipping Policy

If you want to order any beautiful dresses above, you may have many questions about the shipping policy, so you are in the right section. Here are the details:

For domestic areas (England includes Northern Ireland), all orders will be sent using Royal Mail. You can enjoy free shipping with a minimum purchase that will appear when you checkout the product.

Accordingly, your order will be processed for 2-3 days. While 3-5 business days for the domestic delivery orders.

The brand offers its products worldwide, meaning it’s good news for its International buyers (EU and other countries). Usually, the delivery will take up to 14 business days. Meanwhile, the shipping cost will be different. You can check it yourself in the cart before buying it.

Please note to change the correct currency. It’s essential that you can see the tax fees included. So all shipments can go smoothly.

How To Contact HOPE and IVY

Are you having trouble choosing a dress size? This company would love to help you. You must contact customer service if you have any questions about everything you doubt. Their company and services will be available Monday to Friday, 9:00 am – 3:00 p.m.

Currently, they do not provide a contact number on its website. However, you can send any messages through the contact page with one time allowed. If you are more comfortable via email, you can send to [email protected]

Where to buy HOPE and IVY?

Indeed, the dresses collection from HOPE and IVY is beautiful and eye-catching. Once you decide to buy, you may wonder where you should go. You can make an order through the official website. You can check out the collection and big deals exclusively.

Besides this, you can check with their official stockists who are familiar to you. There are ASOS and Simply Be stores in the England area. Then, Namshi is in the UAE area. Plus, Amazon. Furthermore, let’s find out some deals in the next section.

HOPE and IVY Coupon Codes & Promos

Are you looking forward to getting your hands on the collection? Relax. Currently, HOPE and IVY bring some deals you can choose from. It would be best to grab them before they run out of stock. Here are the details:

  • Subscribe to the newsletter and enjoy 10% OFF on your next order
  • Visit the sales page
  • Find some beautiful wedding dress and save up to £112

Do you want more? Please click the link below; if you’re lucky, you will discover another discount code.

Reveal all coupons

HOPE and IVY Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for HOPE and IVY reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns HOPE and IVY?

The owner of the brand is Sarah Sleightholm and Beth Chilton.

Where is HOPE and IVY located?

The brand’s location is Unit J1, 2 Leswin Place, London, N16 7NJ, United Kingdom.

Are HOPE and IVY returns free?

Yes, the brand offers free returns for UK customers.

Does HOPE and IVY ship internationally?

Yes, the brand offers ships worldwide.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of HOPE and IVY Reviews & Ratings

Wearing a dress can really enhance your look for any occasion. Hence, HOPE and IVY are here to provide a collection of dresses for all women in this world. You will find various ready-to-wear collections for casual, wedding, and maternity dresses.

Their product also crafts beautiful, modern designs that suit all body types. In addition, the brand offers worldwide shipping, free returns and dealer outlet stores. So, choose your favourite dress online or offline and grab some deals!


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