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About Homdiy Hardware

Who doesn’t want to have drawer slides that glide as smooth as butter or beautiful lamps that make your home look like a palace? We’re sure everyone does. You can find those home improvement needs at Homdiy Hardware.

Homdiy Hardware Review: About Homdiy Hardware
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Homdiy Hardware is a company that specializes in hardware and lighting. You’ll find small tools to large objects to beautify your home here. Don’t worry about the quality because they confidently say all their products have exceptional quality.

Over the years, this label has earned some fantastic acclaim for its designs. In addition, the brand has more than 600+ followers on Facebook and over 1k+ followers on Instagram. Those social media are filled with a collection of nicely installed products.

Thus, explore the hardware and lighting world with our captivating Homdiy Hardware review. You’ll gain new insight and discover some products that suit your desires and needs. Let’s begin with the surface of the company!

Overview of Homdiy Hardware

It all began in 2016 when Homdiy Hardware was first built. They believe everyone dreams of a perfect home that is complemented by high-quality hardware and interior.

Then, the company brings advanced technology, global market insights, and an understanding of the latest consumer needs as a provision to make that hope a reality. Together they strive to create ideal hardware and lighting.

Moreover, the brand has gained a good reputation in the furniture industry up to now. The superb quality and attractive designs make it achieve excellent customer satisfaction.

Homdiy Hardware Highlights

  • Quality Guarantee
  • Easy installation
  • Secure payment
  • 30-day return
  • Free shipping over $299.99

Homdiy Hardware Review

Finding hardware or lighting for the home interior can be tricky. However, you won’t feel that way here because we will explain in detail what Homdiy Hardware offers.

Homdiy Hardware Reviews: Homdiy Hardware Review

As you open the website, you will find various cabinet handles and knobs, hinges, drawer slides, and lighting. They are very good at fulfilling multiple home improvement needs. You will find them in various types and unique styles.

In addition, the company promises good quality with high standards yet affordable prices. Robust materials such as aluminium, zinc alloy, and stainless steel are among the materials that make their products strong and durable.

Talking about the products, are you curious what are the items on the storefront of this label? You can see them as follows:

To narrow down our investigation, let’s continue this review by looking deeply at some of the company’s top-selling products. We will discuss their looks, features, and of course, their prices. Thus, let’s scroll to the next section!

Homdiy Hardware Nickel Modern Cabinet Handles Pulls Reviews

Cabinet pulls seem like a trivial thing. However, upgrading it will make your kitchen look more luxurious. We present Brushed Nickel Modern Cabinet Handles and Kitchen Bar Cabinet Pulls. It is ready to revert your old cabinets into sophisticated ones.

Homdiy Hardware Review: Homdiy Hardware Nickel Modern Cabinet Handles Pulls Reviews

These square cabinet pulls are made of sturdy stainless steel. The futuristic color adds a graceful touch of modernity to your cooking domain. It also makes it lightweight but still sturdy. The brand offers 12 different sizes. Including the single hole to 12-3/5in hole centers.

Moreover, the craftsmanship of giving a brushed nickel finish is not without reason. It is due to corrosion resistance. Also, this material can hide the watermark and fingerprint really well. You no longer need to be tired of wiping every time after holding this handle.

All these excellent materials make the cabinet pull comfortable and easy to clean. You just need to wipe it lightly with a dry cloth. Also, this pull is perfect for cupboard doors. You just need to give a little effort and abracadabra! The door will easily open.


  • Square pull type
  • Stainless steel material
  • Silver color
  • 12 different sizes
  • Brushed nickel finish
  • Including 2 sizes screws (1 inch & 1.57 inch)

Therefore, let these handles bring a touch of modernity to your cabinets. For only starting from $47.82, your kitchen will never be the same again.

Homdiy Hardware Bauhaus Stained Glass Pendant Light Reviews

Want an industrial-themed lamp but bored with just black and white? Homdiy Hardware heard your wish and granted it through Bauhaus Stained Glass Pendant Light.

Homdiy Hardware Review: Homdiy Hardware Bauhaus Stained Glass Pendant Light Reviews

As the name suggests, this pendant light strongly reflects the spirit of the Bauhaus concept. The shape follows the function of the lamp. With a round canopy, it not only provides an aesthetic design but focuses the direction of light.

The canopy is made of solid glass material. Furthermore, this lamp emits a warm light and spells enchantment in our surrounding area. Therefore, it is perfect for illuminating the dining area or filling the living room with an artistic touch.

Also, the company provides flexibility in choosing shade colors. You can choose between green, white, or orange. What about the sizes? The options range from hardwired small, hardwired big, plug-in small, and plug-in big.


  • 110v-120v power supply
  • Maximum 40 watt
  • D25 x H18 cm/D35 x H22 cm size
  • Round canopy
  • Glass material
  • 1.5 m cord length
  • E26/E27 bulb base

So, turn your interior into an industrialist yet colorful gallery with this Bauhaus lamp. If you order now, you will get a special price of $117.99!

Homdiy Hardware Retro Short Cylinder Wavy Glass Pendant Light Reviews

Bring yourself back to the nostalgic flair and vintage era with Retro Short Cylinder Wavy Glass Pendant Light. It’s a timeless masterpiece that brings the appeal of the past into the modern dwelling.

Homdiy Hardware Review: Homdiy Hardware Retro Short Cylinder Wavy Glass Pendant Light Reviews

This hanging lamp is created with high craftsmanship. It has a short cylinder design that exudes elegance. The main material is wavy-shaped glass, creating a dance of light and shadow in your room. The length is adjustable, so you can personalize it as you wish.

Besides, you can place it in any corner of the room. The warm light is suitable for hanging on the dining table or gracing your reading spot with its cozy glow. Furthermore, the construction is robust. It can stay with you for years to come.

Additionally, this product is available in 2 styles and colors, green and clear. Also, the brand offers single-head, 3-head rounds, and 3 heads long. It allows you to have a series of 3 lights in line, adding a luxurious feel.


  • 110v-240v power supply
  • D16 x H15 cm / D17.5 x H19 cm size
  • Low cylinder with wavy glass canopy shape
  • Glass material
  • 1.5m cord length
  • E26 bulb base

Therefore, if you want a golden days design, you can entrust it to this retro lamp. There is a 49% off if you buy it today. You only need to pay $89.99 from the regular price of $176.99.

Homdiy Hardware Pros & Cons

Before shopping at Homdiy Hardware, we hope you are aware of this company’s ins and outs. If you still hesitate, we give some points that you can use to consider:


  • Wide variety of products
  • High-quality and durable materials
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Expert customer service
  • 30-day return
  • Easy to install
  • Secure payment


  • Limited physical location
  • There’s a little bit challenge for international shipping

Who Is Homdiy Hardware For?

Homdiy Hardware offers impressive products for homeowners, contractors, and landlords. In short, everyone looking for a new look, good quality, and stunning design of hardware and lighting can approach this label.

In addition, if you are a professional in interior design, this company is also suitable for you. They provide so many hardware options that you can use to complement your interior design concept. Because it is not only stylish but also offers a functional side for clients.

Homdiy Hardware Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

You’ve already gotten to know Homdiy Hardware’s products in depth. Now, we will take you for a quick look at some reliable customer reviews attributed to this company. To kick things off, now let’s take a look at the ratings below!

Homdiy Hardware Review: Homdiy Hardware Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

One customer says:

It looks high-end and adds another appearance to my kitchen, it’s strong and we have no problems with installation.

The customer fell in love with the product because it looks luxurious and sturdy even though the price is affordable. The installation is also effortless.

Another satisfied customer says:

I adore this lamp! The length is adjustable, and the shape is modest yet fancy.

This buyer really likes the lamp he bought. It looks classy but simple. Also, the length can be adjusted according to the needs.

The last customer we picked from Reddit says:

The quality is superb! The textured green glass is definitely what I wanted to warm up my living space.

He says that he has bought a fantastic lighting product from this company. It really suits what he wanted all along.

Mostly, we can see a parade of positive customer critics. Most of them state finally found the product they had been craving and could not find in other stores. Thus, you can also find your hidden gem by shopping at Homdiy Hardware.

Is Homdiy Hardware Worth It?

The burning thought that is always in everyone’s mind is, “Is this brand really worth it?” After our in-depth assessment, we can assure you that Homdiy Hardware is worth the money.┬áThis company’s products are high quality and equipped with advanced features.

Homdiy Hardware Review: Is Homdiy Hardware Worth It?

Further, the designs will make everyone ask, “Where you got this beautiful item?” Customers can discover many styles, from classic to modern, simple to luxurious. Also, the most important thing is that the price is very affordable. Thus, your wallet can breathe freely.

Homdiy Hardware Shipping Policy

We are excited to report that Homdiy Hardware ships to US and Canada! For those of you outside the 2 regions mentioned, contact customer service for more information. What’s exciting is you can achieve free shipping if you spend over $299.99.

In addition, all orders are shipped using FedEx, UPS, USPS, and EMS. They provide 2 options for shipping methods. Super Fast Shipping with 4 – 6 delivery time and Super Saver Shipping with 12 – 15 shipping time.

Homdiy Hardware Return Policy

Homdiy Hardware allows its customers to test out their items. If you are unsatisfied or find some parts missing, you can return it within 30 days of receipt. Contact customer service within 14 days of receiving the package to make your return eligible.

Keep in mind that the company does not accept returns for damage caused by the customer. It can be the wrong size or address, excess when purchasing, dislike due to personal reasons, etc. If the team approves it. You will get your refund in around 10 working days.

How To Contact Homdiy Hardware

If you have more inquiries after this Homdiy Hardware review, you can get in touch with customer service via:

Where to buy Homdiy Hardware?

Can’t wait to collect some Homediy products? You can access their entire collection of hardware and lighting through the official website. Experience the easy diving into beautiful decorations.

Homdiy Hardware Coupon Codes & Promos

People like shopping but also always want to save money as much as possible. This review copies that! We checked out the Homdiy Hardware’s site and found these discounts for you:

  • 12% off on Sitewide by using discount code: NEW12
  • 10% off by subscribing to the newsletter
  • Find many discounted items on the sale page

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Homdiy Hardware

Homdiy Hardware Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Homdiy Hardware reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Where is Homdiy Hardware located?

The company is located in Suzhou, China.

Is there any Homediy Hardware physical store?

Unfortunately, there is no offline store for this brand.

Where can I find the phone number of Homediy Hardware?

The website does not mention it. However, you can reach the customer service by emailing or filling the blank form.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Homdiy Hardware Reviews & Ratings

In summary, as the brand says, Homdiy Hardware is a company that specializes in hardware and lighting. They provide a wide range of products with high quality and stunning designs. This makes them the go-to destination for everyone’s home improvement needs.

Moreover, durability is also an aspect that this company prides itself on. You will live with your new hardware and lighting for a long time. So, visit Homdiy Hardware‘s official website and explore their enchanting collection.


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