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Have you ever heard “breakfast is the most important meal of the day?” You need to know that breakfast is very important. It allows you to replenish energy levels and refuel for your day. However, it must be nutritious in order to provide good and long-lasting energy to rock your day. 

HOLOS Review: About HOLOS
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Usually, some people are too busy in the morning, so they don’t have time to have breakfast. Of course, this will have a bad impact on their daily activities. But that won’t happen anymore because HOLOS comes to bring ease and enjoyment to breakfast in the morning, no matter how busy you are.

So, what is HOLOS? HOLOS is a creamy and crunchy organic overnight muesli consisting of a blend of organic whole grains, spices, nuts, seeds, and dried fruits that comes in six different flavors. They use organic, sugar-free, and vegan ingredients that are safe for everyone to consume.

In addition to its ingredients that deliver optimal nutrition to the body, you can eat it directly in the morning without preparing it first because you have set it up at night. It’s even easy to make it. This is why this brand is very superior and has many fans.

Many customers entrust their morning nutritional needs to this brand. Proven by some of the achievements, such as 22.5k followers on Facebook and 18.1k followers on Instagram. Not only that, but the brand was also highlighted in several popular media publications such as CTV Morning Live, Cityline, le Soleil, Futurpreneur Canada, and more.

But is this overnight meal safe for you? Will it fulfill your needs? To answer these questions, this HOLOS review will outline the brand’s purpose, product review, testimonials, and some other details. So, stay tuned with us!

Overview of LIVE HOLOS

So, the journey behind HOLOS began when Chris introduced Sam to his holistic lifestyle. Chris is a sports junkie or what can be called a “healthy person” who dreams of still being able to surf beyond the age of 100. Whereas Sam is a young entrepreneur and adventurer who spent years traveling for his business projects which made him not have a healthy life.

At first, Chris gave him simple tips on what to apply to optimize health and shared the recipe for his “super breakfast.” Then, Sam fell in love with Chris’ formula and saw an opportunity to use his business acumen to help him share his recipe with the world.

HOLOS was born, and so began a partnership and one of the greatest adventures they had ever undertaken. After some time, Charles came along with his expertise in finance and management to help launch HOLOS across Canada and beyond.

Derived from the Ancient Greek word holo ὅλος, meaning “whole,” HOLOS is about taking full responsibility for our overall health by making it a daily commitment. The brand contributes to a healthier and happier world. They believe that the healthier and happier we are, the healthier and happier our world will be as well.

They carefully select some of nature’s most nutrient-rich, energizing, and delicious ingredients to create a perfectly balanced breakfast to support your modern & active lifestyle.

By developing a formula with the perfect ratio of nutrients, the brand wants to help you get in great shape. They’ve thought of everything. So, all you have to do is enjoy the long-lasting energy of the infused and activated ingredients that make you feel super all day long.

Now you know more about the history and purpose of this brand. Before we go to the rest of the discussion, let’s have a quick glance at the brand’s pros and cons for further consideration.


  • Made from organic, vegan, gluten-free ingredients that are safe for consumption
  • Easy and quick to make it
  • 6 delicious flavors to choose from
  • 30-day return 
  • Free shipping
  • Various discounts and deals
  • Positive customer reviews


  • International shipping is unavailable

HOLOS Review

Loaded with organic superfoods, HOLOS packs the perfect ratio of nutrients that will keep you energized for hours. They serve dishes that are easy to prepare and enjoy on the go.

HOLOS Reviews: HOLOS Review

After many trials of research and analyses, the brand selected the best highly nutritious superfoods that are beneficial to the health and well-being that nature has to offer to create a breakfast blend that is perfectly filling, energizing, and delicious. Hence, this meal can be called Super Breakfast.

The brand offers 6 delicious flavors for their super breakfast, including Vanilla, Peanuts + Maple, Cocoa, Chai, Apple + Cinnamon, and finally, Caramel + Raisins. But in this HOLOS review, we’ll only focus on the 3 flavors that we’ll discuss below. Read carefully!

HOLOS Peanuts + Maple Reviews

This first super breakfast review will discuss the most unique flavor options. Yup! Peanuts + Maple is a sweet and salty combo that produces a unique and interesting flavor. This organic overnight muesli is a blend of oats and chia seeds with the main ingredients of peanuts and maple sugar to give it a different flavor.

HOLOS Review: HOLOS Peanuts + Maple Reviews

This popular peanut ingredient is grown underground and is commonly referred to as peanuts. Like sunflower seeds, it’s a source of Vitamin E and protein and contains antioxidants. In addition to its nutritional content, the peanut part provides added texture with its classic, comforting crunch.

While for the maple sugar ingredient is produced by dehydrating pure Canadian maple syrup, making it a natural sugar. This DIY HOLOS will give a distinctive sweet taste of maple-ish. Moreover, it has a high antioxidant and mineral content that’s ready to give good nutrients to your body. 

This product isn’t sold individually, and you’ll be given 3 package options:

  • 12 pack: priced at $72, which is currently reduced to $65 + Free 1 HOLOS jar for new customers
  • 30 pack: you can save $30 from the original price of $180 to $150 + Free 1 HOLOS jar for new customers
  • 48 pack: priced at $230, which is a discounted price from the original price of $288 + Free 2 HOLOS jar for new customers

This three-pack allows you to mix several flavors in one package, so you can mix different flavors to avoid boredom.

HOLOS Cocoa Reviews

After waking up from a long sleep, we are usually in a bad mood in the morning to continue our activities and feel lazy. Therefore, this second product comes with a light chocolate flavor that can improve your mood in the morning.

HOLOS Review: HOLOS Cocoa Reviews

Cocoa will give you a boost to start your day. This product is made from a blend of organic ingredients such as gluten-free Rolled oats, Raw sunflower seeds, Chia seeds, and the main ingredient Cacao.

As the main ingredient that has many nutrients, Cacao is naturally fermented, which contains more antioxidant activity than tea, grapes, and blueberries. What’s more, it also boosts the effectiveness of some minerals and nutrients in the body, which will provide a nice boost to stimulate your brain in the morning.

Since it’s also made from rolled oats, it’s full of complex carbohydrates that will be great for you to consume in the morning as it gives you long-lasting energy. 

Like the previous product, this is also not sold individually. There are 3 purchase package options: 

  • 12 pack: priced at $72, which is currently reduced to $65 + Free 1 HOLOS jar for new customers
  • 30 pack: you can save $30 from the original price of $180 to $150 + Free 1 HOLOS jar for new customers
  • 48 pack: priced at $230, which is a discounted price from the original price of $288 + Free 2 HOLOS jar for new customers

Choose this flavor and start your day with a bang!

HOLOS Apple + Cinnamon Reviews

Freshness in the morning will make the spirit boosted. By consuming Apples + Cinnamon in the morning, you’ll get an extraordinary spirit intake. This product comes with a blend of fine Cinnamon combined with organic apple pieces to produce a cozy yet refreshing taste. The addition of pumpkin seeds adds a crunchy texture that’s not boring.

HOLOS Review: HOLOS Apple + Cinnamon Reviews

This superfood is made from apples which contain vitamin C and potassium, which are good for the body. As we know, vitamin C is an important nutrient for the body and is needed because it has many benefits. Besides being good for the skin, vitamin C can also help boost immunity. This makes you active throughout the day with enthusiasm. 

Meanwhile, the cinnamon content has a distinctive aroma with a sharp sweetness that will balance the sourness of the apple. 

Not only that, each bag is a full serving containing 20g of plant-based protein, 12g fiber, 13 vitamins & minerals, 1,000,000,000 CFU Probiotics, and 2g omega-3. Thus, consuming these will bring plenty of nutrients to your body and make you more energized for your day.

All products from this brand are not sold individually. They sell their products in 3 box types:

  • 12 pack: priced at $72, which is currently reduced to $65 + Free 1 HOLOS jar for new customers
  • 30 pack: you can save $30 from the original price of $180 to $150 + Free 1 HOLOS jar for new customers
  • 48 pack: priced at $230, which is a discounted price from the original price of $288 + Free 2 HOLOS jar for new customers

Give your body a real freshness in the morning. Complete all your activities with full spirit!

Who is HOLOS For?

Since each pouch is a full serving containing 20g of plant-based protein, 12g of fiber, 13 vitamins & minerals, 2g of omega-3, and 1 billion CFU of probiotics and other organic ingredients that have many nutrients, HOLOS will provide many benefits to your body.

HOLOS Review: Who is HOLOS For?

This brand will also be the right choice for busy people who don’t even have time to have breakfast. It’s easy to make. You only need to soak it at night and leave it to sleep until it’s ready to be consumed in the morning, so your time will not be wasted just to prepare a breakfast menu.

Moreover, since it has a very soft texture, elderly people can also enjoy it easily. We don’t recommend flavor options that contain hard grains in them, such as Peanuts + Maple.

The brand also makes this super breakfast with organic ingredients, which will help anyone who wants to live a healthy life or has certain health issues. The oats they use are also gluten-free, which will be safe for people with gluten allergies and great for weight loss.

HOLOS Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

You may be curious whether this brand is really effective for the body’s health. Therefore, it’s incomplete if you haven’t read some testimonials from people who have tried it. In this section, we’ll list some reviews from customers that we took from the official website.

HOLOS Review: HOLOS Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

On its website, the brand is overall rated 5/5 based on 392 reviews. Of course, this is a high score. Even 100% of the customers would recommend these products.

One of the reviews said:

I’m obsessed. I love the flavors of all of these, although cocoa is my favorite. It’s easy to make, simple to pack. In general, it just brings a lot of ease to my life. I feel happy knowing that I’m giving my body good protein, fiber, and everything else they pack in these little jars! I got my friends hooked too!

This review proves that this brand provides a lot of conveniences. About the taste also can’t be denied that it makes customers addicted.

Another testimonial came from Larissa Franklin, who is a Canadian Olympic Softball Team. She said:

Meet my new hack. As someone who doesn’t like to spend my time making food, I’m very happy to have one of the many meals of the day prepared and planned for me. I extremely am so in love that it saves me a lot of time, but also that I do not need to wake up and think about how lots of macronutrients are given in my breakfast. 

As an athlete who needs to be nourished every day, Larissa is happy that she doesn’t have to think about what nutrients to put in her body when she wakes up in the morning. She is also happy that the brand’s products help her save a lot of time.

Many customers agree that this brand can bring a lot of life in the morning. Its easy-to-make, guaranteed nutritional content, and delicious taste make this brand get high ratings from its customers.

Is HOLOS Worth It?

For a brand to be valuable, its products must be effective. With a blend of nutritious organic ingredients and other high-quality ingredients, this HOLOS review can guarantee that their products are very effective for the health of the body and 100% worth it.

HOLOS Review: Is HOLOS Worth It?

Using organic, vegan, gluten-free, and delicious flavors proves that this brand is worth consuming as a smart way to a healthier life.

Other evidence is obtained from reviewers who give high ratings and leave positive comments about this brand. Customers who get the benefits of each product are very satisfied. Now maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be obtained with pleasure!

HOLOS Shipping Policy

Since the brand is located in Quebec, Canada, they ship their products anywhere in Canada. They even offer free shipping for most of Canada. Shipping fees may be added to some addresses, which will be calculated automatically during checkout.

The team will try to process your order as quickly as possible, and the order will be delivered via standard delivery. On average, delivery takes place within 3 to 6 business days for Quebec and Ontario. It takes 5 to 8 business days for the rest of Canada. However, it should be noted that some remote locations may have longer delivery times.

Once your item ships, you’ll receive an email and a tracking number. If you have any problems with the delivery, please get in touch with customer service at [email protected].

HOLOS Return Policy

The brand is very happy with the purchases from customers. But, if customers aren’t satisfied with the products they receive, they can return the purchased item.

However, when making a return, please remember these four rules:

  • Inform the details via customer service at: [email protected]
  • Your refund request should not be sent over 30 days from the purchase
  • The packaging must be unopened
  • All returned items must be unused and in the same condition as they were received
  • All clearance items are final sale and cannot be returned nor exchanged

Please ensure that these conditions must be completed for the return to be accepted. The team will work hard to process the return as quickly as possible with a 5 business day process once the return package has been submitted.

Once the return has been approved, the refund will be posted to the customer’s bank account, which can take up to 15 working days.

How to Contact HOLOS

Whether you want to consult organic overnight that is suitable for your health, or you have problems with the products you buy, you can contact customer service at [email protected]. As for the mailing address, you can send it to 265 rue de la Couronne #300, Québec (QC) G1K 6E1, Canada.

You can also get in touch with their team by sending a direct message on their social media accounts on Facebook or Instagram. They’ll be happy to answer your curiosity about their products as soon as possible. So, don’t be afraid to ask anything!

Where to buy HOLOS?

Do you also want to get many benefits from this brand? Want to try their products? Where to buy it? You can get their products easily through the official website.

Due to the fact that the brand only ships within Canada for international customers, we have good news for you. Fortunately, the brand’s products are also available on Amazon, so those living outside Canada can still try them out.

HOLOS Coupon Codes & Promos

This HOLOS review is happy to inform you that this product has a secret to share. You will be automatically entered to WIN a 30-pack of HOLOS and discover exclusive offers by login in or subscribing to emails. 

They also have other exciting offers, such as:

  • Save $7 off on 12-pack purchases
  • Take $30 off with 30 pack purchase 
  • Buy 48 packs to get $58 on your purchase
  • Enjoy free shipping for everything

Are you still not satisfied with the promo? Just calm down. Just below, there is a button that you can click to get a variety of discount codes, coupon codes, and promo codes that you can claim during checkout.

Reveal all coupons

HOLOS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for HOLOS reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns HOLOS?

Sam, Chris and Charles are the brand’s owners.

What are the HOLOS ingredients?

The ingredients they use are organic such as Rolled oats (gluten-free), Raw sunflower seeds, Chia seeds, Brown rice protein, Goji berries, White mulberries, Cacao, Maca, Probiotics (Bacillus coagulans), Himalayan pink salt, Peanuts, Maple sugar, Pumpkin seeds, Apples, and Guar gum.

Does HOLOS ship internationally?

Unfortunately, this brand currently doesn’t provide international shipping.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of HOLOS Reviews & Ratings

For thousands of years, humans have used the simple method of soaking grains, nuts, and seeds overnight. These recipes are done to minimize bloating, unlock more nutrients, and make the food softer for digestion. 

HOLOS is a new way to enjoy the simple method with more nutritious ingredients. Moreover, the variety of flavors makes it easier for anyone to enjoy.

This will be the right choice for you to have a healthier life in an easy and fast way. It’s organic and safe from harmful ingredients making it a great choice for you to consume in the morning. 


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