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Are you a smoker? Or are you familiar with a laser smoking device? If so, we should put Hitoki into the conversation when we talk about a laser consumption device. 

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Hitoki laser is a company that manufactures smoking devices with advanced technology. It brings the luxurious and smooth smoking experience to the next level. 

The brand is well recognized, as seen from its social media, which has 13.5k+ followers on Facebook and 45.7k+ followers on Instagram. At the same time, this brand is actively updating its content to keep people fascinated. 

In 2021, a popular news media, Forbes, recommended this brand as the best high-tech cannabis gear. Other media like Leafly, Engadget, High Times, and Mashable also make highlight this brand. 

However, does this brand really have a good reputation? Let’s stay tuned in the Hitoki Review, and you’ll have a good chance to explore more about the brand. Snatch your comfy spot and begin to scroll up!

Overview Of HITOKI Laser Bong

The long-short story, Hitoki laser was created based on the motivation and desire to upgrade the smoking experience to the utmost level. The most significant thing is the brand uses a healthy herbal combination to make everything well-balanced. 

HITOKI is a company that produces laser-powered vaporizers and bongs. Their flagship Trident product is the world’s first laser-powered bong.

Want to know what makes it so amazing? It uses a high-powered laser system to heat the herb without combustion, resulting in a clean and smooth hit.

They use cutting-edge lasers combined with technology, wellness, and innovation into a single unit, leading to fascinating devices. 

In the coming years, this brand wants to continue developing its products and add innovations that positively impact consumers. 


Hitoki offers some smoking products with aromatherapy blends, such as raspberry leaf, mullen, lavender, peppermint, and chamomile. The devices are The Trident and The Saber

HITOKI Reviews: HITOKI Review

Additionally, the brand also provides some accessories that are sold separately. These are the saber bubbler, adjustable silicone mouthpiece, ceramic loading chamber, poker, acrylic water cylinder, silicone hose, etc. 

Anyway, this device cannot be used as an alternative nicotine therapy or a smoking cessation product. And you must be 21 or above as the legal smoking age. 

HITOKI Best-Selling Products

  • Hitoki Trident 
  • Hitoki Trident Rose Gold
  • Hitoki Saber 

In the next section, we’ll review each product with detailed explanations to make it easier to understand. So, keep on reading!

HITOKI Trident Reviews

The first product we’re gonna review for you is The Trident Black. This one is the first clean laser combustion smoking device that combines modern tech with a classic ritual.

HITOKI Review: HITOKI Trident Reviews

What makes us interested in this device is the modern minimalist design to elevate every smoke session. The other reason is that it features the experience of cleaner with smooth & flavor draws and adds more effects of combustion.

Additionally, the laser power is extremely great with a powerful battery that will last longer for over 280 ignitions even on a single charge using USB-C. So you don’t need to charge daily or weekly.

The Trident is also designed by following FDA standards and is safe using a special laser shield. It means you don’t have to worry about safety again.

Anyway, The Trident is on sale now! You can purchase now by saving 20% OFF for $359.99 instead of $499.99. Add to your cart and enjoy your smoking. 


  • Carb button
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum exterior
  • Integrated water filter
  • The removable ceramic loading chamber
  • Fast charging

What’s in the package?

  • Trident Laser Vaporizer Bag
  • High output adaptor
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Silicone hookah hose
  • Hose connector
  • Loading chamber
  • Metal compressor

HITOKI Trident Rose Gold Reviews

What’s the difference between the previous one? Actually, Trident Rose Gold is the most sold variant of Trident with the same features as the black one. 

HITOKI Review: HITOKI Trident Rose Gold Reviews

The difference is definitely in the design and color; that is more elegant. Indeed, this color is the favorite of women with a more feminine look. Who doesn’t like this color?

With single-button ignition, simply control the device intensity with 3 available power levels. It includes Red (Low) for dry blends, Green (Medium for denser blends, and Blue (High) for blends infused with oil. 

Even using it is quite easy: simply load the threaded ceramic loading chamber, lock it to secure it, and ignite the laser device over 280 times per charge. It’s pretty simple, right?


  • Carb button
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum exterior
  • Integrated water filter
  • The removable ceramic loading chamber
  • Fast charging

What’s in the package?

  • Trident Laser Vaporizer Bag
  • High output adaptor
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Silicone hookah hose
  • Hose connector
  • Loading chamber
  • Metal compressor

HITOKI Saber Reviews

Hitoki Saber is a more portable and compact laser smoking with the rendition of the original combustion device. It comes with an adaptor to make you feel the ultimate tasting experience ever. 

HITOKI Review: HITOKI Saber Reviews

The Saber is an alternative if you’re looking for something better to replace the chemical-filled butane lighter. It also allows you to avoid any harsh chemicals entering your lungs.

Talking about the design, the saber has almost the same as the Trident, with a modular design to make it easy to use. The compact size also makes it easy to use wherever you’re.

In terms of price, the saber is quite affordable from the Trident at around $299.99. If you’re lucky enough to get a discount, you can get it for just under $200. 

What’s in the package?

  • Saber 
  • Poker
  • Bubbler (if you choose combo pack)
  • Ceramic loading chamber
  • USB Type-C charging cable
  • Instruction manual

Watch the Hitoki Video Tutorial to learn how to use it properly. 

HITOKI Laser Smoking Device Pros & Cons

To make it easier for comparison, we already summarize the pros and cons of each product in every aspect, as follows:


  • FDA standard safe
  • Using advanced laser technology for better work
  • Elegant and functional design 
  • Compact and portable to bring on-the-go 
  • Every session will never be the same feel
  • You can customize your trident 
  • It comes with single-button ignition for easy using
  • Cleaning with ease 
  • Excellent device capabilities (flavor, dose size, battery life, user control)


  • It might be a little bit pricey for some people 

Who Is HITOKI For?

If you’re looking for an electronic aromatherapy smoking device, Hitoki is the most suitable brand you must go. You’ll have a new experience with the laser device technology with the purest light energy. 

HITOKI Review: Who Is HITOKI For?

In other words, no matter who you are, this brand is made for everyone, especially for smoking lovers. The Trident and Saber are made as a new innovation to deliver convenient and tastier consumption. 

HITOKI Laser Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

After you find out what we think about the brand, it’s time to dig deeper into testimonials from verified customers to increase your trust. Below are some reviews that we picked from hitoki.com

With ready in 3 steps, one customer was amazed at the function of Hitoki Triden. It works well with excellent design and is a great fit.  

The Trident is par excellence. The design is amazing: quality, fit, form, and function are all well sorted. Well worth the investment and beyond. Hitoki is no joke; the Apple of bongs! …

Like other variants of Trident, Hitoki Triden Rose Gold also becomes a top choice. All the details work perfectly, making one of the customers below admire it so much. 

I didn’t recognize it at the time, but I was zombifying myself with cartridges that were just too strong. I wandered into a smoke shop and got offered the Hitoki. After doing quick Google search, I decided to buy it and it’s incredible. The craftmanship, attention to detail, thoughtfulness in ease of maintenance and of course it hits like a truck. it’s the best.

Another happy customer said:

It came super quick only a couple days and packaged very nicely the build quality is worth the price everything feels so solid. I was blown away by how much flavor was in the hit it also like how you can do either a preset time or just hold the button very impressed

Overall, we can summarize that some customers leave positive feedback after trying Hitoki’s products. They are happy with the complete package of both function and design as well as the excellent service. 

Is HITOKI Trident Worth It?

If you’re still wondering whether the brand is worth buying or not, let us drop a few things. Alright, all of Hitoki’s products are specially designed with an advanced laser shield based on FDA standard safe. It allows you to see the mesmerizing effects of laser ignitions safely. 

HITOKI Review: Is HITOKI Trident Worth It?

Another plus is the elegant minimalist design makes it more portable and compact to be placed anywhere you want. The device’s capabilities are also excellent. It has powerful battery life, flavorful taste, user-friendly control, etc.

With all the good points, we’re confident that Hitoki is worth buying to boost the ultimate smoking experience. 

How To Contact HITOKI

Let the team know if you have any inquiries about the products or the policy made by them. Or if you want to give some feedback, they will be so grateful to respond to your message one by one.

Here’s the easy way to engage with the team:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Fill out the contact form 
  • Tap “Chat Box” on the left corner of the website 

HITOKI Shipping Policy

We’re happy to inform you of Free Shipping within the U.S. only on purchases above $75. This will be automatically applied as you check out. 

For Hitoki, delivery time, it might vary depending on your location. It will ship to your address via a standard courier service, except if you request alternative services. You can also claim or complain to the courier for any damaged or lost shipment. 

You’ll be responsible for duties levied and taxes by the jurisdiction where you have specified delivery for customers outside the United States. Additionally, you need to pay extra postage and delivery cost. For further explanation, visit the Shipping Policy Page

HITOKI Return Policy

You may request a return or exchange of the products only by purchasing from the official website. This brand offers 30 days of return after you receive the items. Any return made after 30 days from the date of purchase will not be approved.

The items have to be in the same condition as the original packaging. It means you are not allowed to use the product you intend to return. A receipt of purchase is also required as proof of your purchase. 

To begin, please drop your request to customer service at [email protected]. The team will evaluate your return, if your request is approved, you can proceed to the next steps listed in your email. 

HITOKI Warranty Policy

In terms of warranty, Hitoki only warrants Trident items for 6 months due to the operating temperature of lasers modules and the sensitive storage. The brand also offers an extended 3-year warranty with registering first. 

HITOKI Review: HITOKI Warranty Policy

This warranty doesn’t cover replicas, counterfeit or non-Hitoki brand products from unauthorized retailers and resellers. The warranty only applies when you purchase from the official website. 

To request warranty service, reach out the customer service while attaching the product and a copy of the original receipt of the order. The receipt must indicate the date of purchase, the price paid, the merchant’s name, and the product purchase. 

They will notify you through email right after your request is inspected. And please notes that the items should be free of material, design, workmanship, or assembly defects. 

Where to buy HITOKI?

Already interested in Hitoki’s advanced laser technology? If so, then your next step would be to purchase it. You can buy the Trident laser or The Saber laser online through the Official Store Website

As you buy directly from the official website, you can easily claim a warranty, return, or other policies. In addition, you can also earn attractive discounts. 

HITOKI Coupon Codes & Promos

Be the luckiest customer by enjoying discounts on every purchase. Well, Hitoki allows you to experience that excitement by giving 10% OFF on your first purchase if you subscribe to the newsletter. 

Even more, you’ll obtain emails from Hitoki for exclusive content & event, early access to new offers, the best deals, and other surprises. And you can also redeem the coupon code at checkout by clicking the button below. Good luck!

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HITOKI Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for HITOKI reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

How does the HITOKI work?

Basically, Hitoki works almost similarly to vapor but with more smoothness and convenience. The cylindrical frame found on both the Saber and Trident has a mechanical laser and an automatic engine power button. With one suction, you will feel an extraordinary sensation. 

How to clean HITOKI Saber?

It’s quite easy and quick to clean. Simply soak the bottom with alcohol and then wash with water to remove any remaining debris. That’s it. The Saber is as clean as ever.

How do I turn the Trident on/off?

Press the power button located at the top of Trident with five clicks to turn ON/OFF. 

What is the difference between HITOKI Trident and Saber?

The Hitoki Trident and Saber are both laser-powered vaporizers, but the two devices have a few key differences.

  • Size and portability: The Saber is a smaller and more lightweight device than the Trident, making it more portable and convenient to use on the go.
  • Price: The Saber is also more affordable than the Trident.
  • Power: The Trident has a more powerful laser than the Saber, meaning it can heat herbs more quickly and evenly.
  • Features: The Trident has a few additional features that the Saber does not, such as a temperature control system and a built-in bubbler.

How long does it take to charge a HITOKI?

It takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes to charge a Hitoki Trident. The device has a USB-C charging cable and wall adapter, so charging is quite versatile.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of HITOKI Reviews & Ratings

Now, are you ready to experience a different kind of pleasure and experience from smoking? Whether you choose the Saber or Trident, Hitoki brings you to the comfiest level and gives you the cleanest smoking experience ever. 

Most importantly, the buyer must be 21 years of age or older for legal use. Just make sure you’re of a certain age to try it out and stick to the dosage provided. Thanks for reading, and see you in the other reviews. 


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