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About Hit Run Steal

Baseball and softball are among the most popular sports and have a lot of enthusiasts. If one or both sports are your favorites, you should train to be the best, right? So, are you ready to work hard on your skills?

Hit Run Steal Review: About Hit Run Steal
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To support your movement, we’ve recommended brands with the best products to support you in training. Please welcome Hit Run Steal!

The brand that designs baseball and softball training kits with sophisticated products is ready to help you improve your skills.

To help you get the best workout possible, the brand is dedicated to creating the best training equipment and using only the best 100% quality materials. They always believe in offering the best products on the market.

No wonder they have won the attention of many athletes or social media users, with 49.6 followers on Facebook, 7.8k on Instagram, and 15.7k on TikTok. What a number!

So, will they win your attention too? Then stay with us at Hit Run Steal review. We’ll uncover everything you want about the brand, including product quality, customer feedback, promos, etc. Please keep reading!

Overview of Hit Run Steal

Hit Run Steal comes to the industry with its incredible mission to help every child play baseball or softball at their chosen highest level. By using high-quality tools, they will play and practice freely and comfortably.

That’s why since 2016, the brand has been committed to designing cutting-edge baseball and softball training aids with the best quality on the market. They want to help improve the abilities of every athlete by creating the best training equipment.

Thanks to their team, dedicated to always maintaining the quality of their product by using the best quality materials, the brand is now gaining popularity.

They are even confident that their products are the best in the market. Is it? Check out the Hit Run Steal pros and cons before moving on to information about its product quality.


  • High-quality and sophisticated products
  • Hit Run Steal net assembly is easy and quick
  • It has a wide range of training equipment to improve skills
  • Fast shipping
  • Easy 30-day returns
  • Offer lifetime, 1 year, and limited warranty coverage
  • Over 2,500 reviews
  • Outstanding service


  • International shipping is unavailable
  • Doesn’t offer free shipping

Hit Run Steal Review

Although the brand was originally established to bring training aids for baseball and softball, they are now innovating by reaching out to other sports such as golf, soccer, football, tennis, and volleyball.

Hit Run Steal Reviews: Hit Run Steal Review

You can find various products supporting your sports training, such as gloves, nets, tees, golf trainers, pitchbacks, etc.

Hit Run Steal Product Collections:

Due to the many products they sell, we can’t cover all of them. Therefore, we only focus on the 3 most searched products. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Hit Run Steal Bottom Fiberglass Pole Replacement for 7x7 Baseball or Softball Net Reviews

We know that baseball and softball nets are generally large and heavy, making them potentially unsafe and difficult to move. Also, many field facilities have limited use rules, forcing coaches to share and divide time with other teams. Of course, this is very frustrating.

Hit Run Steal Review: Hit Run Steal Bottom Fiberglass Pole Replacement for 7x7 Baseball or Softball Net Reviews

But nothing can stop you from practicing. The 7×7 Baseball/Softball Hitting Net is the right choice to help improve skills by practicing even at home.

It’s easy to set up, making it perfect for practicing anywhere. Even setting it up is a breeze. Thanks to its steel base interlocking with the fiberglass top pole makes for quick installation and breakdown. It barely takes 2 minutes to set it up as a functional and awesome workout tool.

The brand designed the Baseball or Softball Net with a unique arc frame that allows the pole to be bent slightly. Thus generating flexibility and making the net sturdy and can withstand all levels of pitching and hitting pressure.

In addition, the sock net is great for catching and holding the ball well, thanks to the heavy-duty stitching with colored lines that help act as targets. The detailed features are great for helping you practice well.

You can keep and use it for years because of its sturdy knotted polyester mesh with PU coating that can take even the hardest hits and throws.

Supported by this innovative and affordable product, you can practice tee ball, soft-toss, fielding drills, and baseball pitching or softball drills comfortably and freely.

For $19.99 now, you can get Fiberglass Pole Replacement for only $14.99. Get it now at an attractive price for your practice. So, do your practice freely and comfortably, indoors, outdoors, rain or shine.

Hit Run Steal Heavy Duty 10x7 Golf Hitting Net Reviews

Busy and don’t have time to practice? Then make your garage a place to practice. Don’t get me wrong, even a small home area can be a reliable training ground.

Hit Run Steal Review: Hit Run Steal Heavy Duty 10x7 Golf Hitting Net Reviews

Like one of the advanced products, 10×7 Golf Net is here to help you swing confidently. You can use this innovative net in the garage, the garden, the backyard, and the basement. You just need to use it anywhere with the space to take full swing.

The brand made this tool with the task of helping improve the swing and absorb every shot indoors and outdoors.

This golf trainer equipment gives you the freedom to practice anytime and anywhere. You can even use this golf tool with plastic, foam, or real golf balls. 

With easy set-up and take-down, this golf replacement net can be folded into your carry bag in minutes. Easy set-up, just attaches the frame and slide the net, and yea, get ready to swing!

The Golf Hitting Net features 10 feet by 7 feet wide hitting area, leaving plenty of space to hit whatever clubs are in your bag, from drivers to lob slices.

Hit as fast as possible because this tool has a net base frame made of strong steel poles. The top, made of thick fiberglass, can absorb the impact of even reliable golf balls. At the same time, the net is a 7-layer knotless net that can last a lifetime.

It features a detailed black mesh design, making it easy to see clearly and precisely where you aim.

Get this Perfect Golf Practice Net at $89.99 from the original price of $109.99. This offer may not last long. So, buy now!

Hit Run Steal Custom Baseball Glove Reviews

One of the most sought-after Hit Run Steal products is the Custom Baseball Glove. These custom gloves steal a lot of attention because it allows you to create a glove that suits your wants.

Hit Run Steal Review: Hit Run Steal Custom Baseball Glove Reviews

The brand presents 3 custom options you can choose from and adjust to your budget. Each series has different quality and material, which makes the price different.

  1. Select Series
  2. Elite Series
  3. Pro Series

First, let’s start with the select series. The brand makes it with high-quality materials for maximum durability with Barnstormer Leather made from American Steerhide and tanned to perfection. 

While the Elite Series is made from premium grade ShutOut Leather produced in Japan’s exclusive Himeji glove tanning region.

Then how about the Pro Series? It comes with the highest quality of Prime Cut Leather tanned in Japan’s exclusive Himeji glove tanning region.

All three series have 100% Wool Blend padding, providing a shape and pattern resistance that doesn’t deviate. So you can use the gloves comfortably and catch the ball freely.

In addition, all three series use DualPalm construction for added pocket comfort, consistency, and durability.

However, the Elite series has an extra Full Grain Leather palm coating for comfort and durability. In contrast, the Pro series has a Japanese black steerer sponge palm coating for comfort and durability.

You can pick from three different series with 3 types: Fielders Glove, Catchers Mitt, and First Base Mitt.

As we said, the price differs depending on the series and type you choose. Starting from $169.99 to $309.99, you can select the Baseball Glove of your dreams. 

Who is Hit Run Steal For?

Whether you are a baseball, softball, soccer, football, golf, tennis, or volleyball athlete, get the best training equipment to improve your skills to the highest level.

Hit Run Steal Review: Who is Hit Run Steal For?

Not only athletes but coaches can also use Hit Run Steal to train the teams. Thanks to this great training equipment, you’ll surely have an easy time training them.

Although the brand sells training equipment for sports, it currently focuses only on ball sports. So, as a ball player, what you need is probably available.

The products are safe and useful for both adults and children. So, whether you’re a professional or a beginner, their cutting-edge training aids are here to help. So, get ready to be the best with amazing skills!

Hit Run Steal Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Given the brand’s immense popularity, it’s fair to assume that Hit Run Steal has positive customer feedback. As it turns out, when we looked into what people thought about the brand, we noticed that their product has a high number of positive reviews and product ratings.

Hit Run Steal Review: Hit Run Steal Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

They have over 2,500 positive reviews from customers on their official website. Meanwhile, some of their products have many positive comments on websites like Amazon.

We find out the rating on the official website and Amazon. Here are the ratings on the 3 products we have discussed:

  1. 7×7 Baseball/Softball Hitting Net rated 4.8/5 based on 4,040 reviews on Amazon
  2. 10×7 Golf Net rated 4.6/5 based on 2,335 reviews on Amazon
  3. Custom Baseball Gloves rated 4.9/5 based on 226 reviews on its official website

Now that we know how high the ratings are, let’s hear what they say about the brand.

The first review came from a customer on Amazon who bought the Baseball/Softball Hitting Net product. He said:

We purchased this for my 13-year-old to use for softball practice. The size is huge. It is very well built and much bigger than I thought. She was eaasily able to set it up and disassemble it herself in minutes. Very good product!

According to the reviewer’s experience above, he found it easy to train in softball using the tools he bought in his teenage years. He was surprised that the size was quite large with good quality. Despite its large size, this is very easy to set up and disassemble.

Next, let’s look at the satisfaction of other customers.

This golf net was simple to install and functioned well. We actually had one minor issue with the net in which the pole sleeve was stitched upside down, but I messaged the customer service team via email, and they sent out a replacement promptly. Excellent service and great quality net.

The happy customer was satisfied with his purchase due to its easy installation of the golf net and the excellent performance function.

Even though he experienced a slight problem, the customer service team immediately responded and sent a replacement product. So, no reason for customers to be disappointed.

These two reviews conclude that the brand worries well about satisfying its customers. It starts from delivering high-quality products to outstanding service. It proves how good the brand’s dedication to its customers is.

Is Hit Run Steal Legit?

Regarding brand legitimacy, we are fully confident that Hit Run Steal is legit! Besides getting more than 2,500 positive reviews on its official website, the brand also gets thousands of other positive reviews on online retailers like Amazon.

Even some of its products, such as Powernet brand pro, are endorsed by German Marquez, Jose Martinez, Carli Lloyd, Andrelton Simmons, Jared Walsh, and Kelly Kretschman. This certainly proves that even professional players love and approve of its products.

In addition, although the brand is not BBB accredited, they have obtained an A+ rating and accreditation from the BBB website. So, what do you have to doubt?

Is Hit Run Steal Worth It?

Hit Run Steal LLC is the leading brand to support if you want to improve your skills and achieve success in your sport. The brand’s very noble goal is to help anyone who wants to improve their skills with its high-quality and sophisticated products makes it worthy.

Hit Run Steal Review: Is Hit Run Steal Worth It?

They have a Pro team, including ACE certified, Left Handed professional starting pitcher and pitching coach, a Professional left-handed relief pitcher, and many more.

Its excellent team helps the brand provide information on what players need in a training product to create state-of-the-art training tools.

In addition, the brand is committed to using only the highest quality materials that stand 100% behind its products. They use premium materials from America and Japan for the highest quality products.

With the brand’s mission to help athletes improve their skills and create winners, Hit Run Steal offers all its customers access to its free pitching and hitting drills.

They have a pitching and hitting drills section on the website that contains a huge library of information that will greatly help young athletes to improve on the field.

Hit Run Steal Shipping Policy

The brand processes orders within 1-3 business days and ships them to the contiguous United States. Meanwhile, for special orders such as HRS baseball or softball gloves, the brand takes 7 to 10 days to finalize special orders before shipping them out.

All orders are shipped with standard shipping via USPS, UPS, or FedEx. No need to worry because the brand guarantees fast shipping so that it reaches your doorstep immediately.

Once the brand has completed and shipped your order, they will send you an email or SMS for your order tracking information. So you can check your order regularly.

Hit Run Steal Return Policy

Sometimes, there are some things that you aren’t satisfied with when you receive your order. Although the brand always checks the order before sending it to you, they offer returns within 30 days after you receive it to give the best service.

However, you should note that orders you can return must remain unused and in the original packaging. You’ll not receive a refund if the product you are returning is in different packaging or is used.

If your return is approved, the brand will process the refund with the payment type you used while shopping. Please check the return policy page for detailed information or contact the customer service team.

How To Contact Hit Run Steal

Whether you’ve got questions about the brand or have an ordering issue, there are 3 easy ways to reach the customer service team. The brand has sports experts ready to help you, available Monday-Saturday 8 am-4 pm Eastern.

Get in touch with them via:

  1. Email (fastest): [email protected]
  2. Phone: 888-475-0592
  3. Mail: Hit Run Steal – 30 Trellis Court Suite A Hilton Head Island, SC 29926

You can also fill out the contact form available on the Contact Us page. Alternatively, send your message via direct message and see the latest updates about the brand on its social media:

  • Facebook: @HitRunSteal 
  • Instagram: hitrunsteal
  • Twitter: @HitRunSteal
  • TikTok: hitrunsteal
  • Youtube: Hit Run Steal

Where to buy Hit Run Steal?

The brand always tries to give a lot of convenience to its customers. One is by making it easier for customers to get their products.

First, you can get the product through the official website at www.hitrunsteal.com. You can also easily find the products on online retailers like Amazon, Ubuy, Etsy, Walmart, etc.

Hit Run Steal Coupon Codes & Promos

When you first open the website, you’ll find information on offers from the brand. You just need to enter your deets, and you could win a free one-of-a-kind bat bag. The brand will also send you updates on draws, promo codes, product launches, workouts, and more.

On the other hand, the brand also often convey some discount & sales at special events. When writing this review, we found some products are on a great sale. These include:

Baseball Hitting Net 99.99 to 79.99
Softball Gloves 249.99 to 179.99
Golf Net 109.99 to 89.99
Football Throwing Net 119.99 to 99.99

You can obtain some great sales that are very profitable when shopping on the official website. Or, we recommend you click the button below to find a discount code that you can claim for various attractive discounts or free shipping!

Reveal all coupons
Hit Run Steal

Hit Run Steal Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Hit Run Steal reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Hit Run Steal?

Todd Kriney is the Co-Founder of the brand.

Where are Hit Run Steal gloves made?

The brand uses the best materials for its glove from premium leather manufactured in America and Japan.

Where is Hit Run Steal location?

Hit Run Steal’s headquarters are located at 4454 Bluffton Park Cres Ste 301, Bluffton, South Carolina, 29910, United States.

Does Hit Run Steal ship internationally?

The brand currently ships orders within the US only.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Hit Run Steal Reviews & Ratings

What better way to improve your skills than by practicing? Quality training equipment in good working order will make your training more enjoyable, which will encourage you to continue practicing hard.

Your job is to Play Hard and Train Harder. Meanwhile, hitting Run Steal‘s job is to keep you comfortable while training hard. This company is the best source to find baseball, softball, golf, soccer, football, and any other sports item for improving your skills. So, why wait? Shop now!


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