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About Hippo Waste Systems

Heavy waste after a garden or house renovation is indeed troublesome and not easy to take care of. You have no vehicle and know nowhere to dump it. Wow, what a freaking complicated thing to take care of.

Hippo Waste Review: About Hippo Waste Systems
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Fortunately, Hippo Waste offers a waste disposal service that will take care of the waste on your behalf. With the service, you can conveniently clean all the heavy debris at an affordable price.

You must have heard about this brand that has long enough in the industry and funnily gained Britain’s attention with its hippo-in-the-bag advertisement. Not only that, it has a significant number of followers on social media, with 5.1K+ on Facebook and 2.4K+ on Instagram.

However, is this brand the best option among other waste removal companies? Thus, our Hippo Waste review will provide you with an in-depth take on the brand, service reviews, customer testimonials, promotions, and additional information to decide whether they are worth checking out.

Overview Of Hippo Waste Systems UK

In 2002, Hippo Waste was established as a rubbish clearance provider in Winchester, Hampshire, with a trading name for Waste Management Systems Ltd.

With the mission of being the UK leading rubbish clearance provider that delivers outstanding service and is trusted by customers, and places the environment at the core of what they do.

It starts as a small business but sticks to its primary mission, which allows them to grow at an impressive rate over the years. As a result, their products were stocked in thousands of the UK’s best  DIY retail stores.

This waste management company was also recognised at the RBS Regional Business Award as Innovation Business of the Year in 2006. The company also proved its existence and reliability across the UK by successfully collecting 1m+ hippo bags in 2012.

Below we’ll jot down the Hippo Waste pros and cons that can help you to make a decision:

Hippo Waste Pros

  • Reliable drivers, team, and vehicles
  • Flexible for every job
  • Fully recycled bag
  • Affordable skip prices
  • Making heavy waste removal much easier
  • Trusted by millions of UK customers
  • 4.7/5 reviews ratings with more than 15K reviews

Hippo Waste Cons

  • Customers state the small size of the bag and collection cost higher than a skip.
  • The collection times sometimes are an inconvenience.

Hippo Waste Review

The company focuses on providing rubbish removal services that will dispose of the waste on your behalf. This brand also offers services that are specifically dedicated to home, business, and trade.

Hippo Waste Reviews: Hippo Waste Review

Below are three main services that you can book and buy on its website:

  • Hippobags and collection
  • Man and Van Service
  • Skip Hire

Now let’s look closer at each service to see the difference and discover one suitable for your needs.

Hippo Waste The Original Hippobag Reviews

HippoBag collection is a service where you can purchase waste bags, which the company will collect for you. This collections service is a quick, affordable, and convenient rubbish removal service for your house and garden waste.

Hippo Waste Review: Hippo Waste The Original Hippobag Reviews

You can select hippo bags that are solid and sturdy enough to fill them with heavy waste such as tiles, bricks,  rubble or soil, garden clearances, and rubble. Not only that, but it also can hold entire bathroom and kitchen rip-out, large clear-outs or home-moves, and others.

However, not all bags can hold all those waste, depending on the size and capacity. Three kinds of hippo bag sizes are available: midi bag, mega bag, and hippo skip, which are small to large. The bag will come flat-packed that sent to your door.

Furthermore, the bags are ready to use, and you have six months to fill their bags. Once the bag has filled up, you can book the Hippo Waste collection to let the expert take away the heavy waste, whether in or out, and you can wave to the driver from your window.

Hippo Bag Collection Cost and Details

  • Midibag (S)
    • Dimensions: 210cm x 165cm x 100cm
    • Weight allowance: 1 tonne
    • Prices
      • Bag only: £14.99
      • Bag & collection: £199.99
  • Megabag (M)
    • Dimensions: 180cm x 90cm x 70cm
    • Weight allowance: 1.5 tonnes
    • Prices
      • Bag only: £229.99
      • Bag & collection: £229.99
  • Hipposkip (L)
    • Dimensions: 210cm x 165cm x 100cm
    • Weight allowance: 1.5 tonnes
    • Prices
      • Bag only: £38.99
      • Bag & collection: £314.99

Hippo Waste Man And Van Reviews

If you’re not fond of heavy lifting, then this Hippo Waste Man and Van service are absolutely what you need. This clear package offers a licensed, professional and efficient waste disposal service with tailored pricing based on your exact.

Hippo Waste Review: Hippo Waste Man And Van Reviews

With 20 years of experience, you can get a time slot for the collection and let the expert get your property cleared and swept clean. This reliable Man and van rubbish removal cost start at £75 that will be tailored based on your waste.

How Hippo Waste Man and Van Work?

  1. Take a snap of your waste to give the rubbish removal experts about your waste.
  2. Next, you can book it through live chat or by filling out the form.
  3. Last, the clear team will clear your trash at the destined time and at home. Moreover, they’ll clean and tidy it before they go.

Hippo Waste Skip Hire Reviews

If you’re planning to have a DIY project that causes a large amount of heavy rubbish to get rid of, consider this Hippo Skip Hire to make the work more manageable. In addition, it has an easy booking that allows you to book on the same day.

Hippo Waste Review: Hippo Waste Skip Hire Reviews

This company will choose the best-trusted partners across the United Kingdom to deliver skip hire at affordable and local prices. So whether you need you for longer or sooner, you can book this service to take care of your large volume of heavy waste.

The price will depend on your location and the skip capacity. But you can estimate this waste removal service’s cost by inputting your postcode.

How Hippo Skip Hire Works?

  1. Enter the postcode to estimate the prices and availability in your area
  2. Choose the skip that is available in 6, 8, and 12 cubic yards
  3. Book and buy it to let the trusted local partners will deliver it to you

 Hippo Skip Details

  • Small
    • Dimensions: (L)317cm x (W)182cm x (H)99cm
    • Capacity: 6 Yards (approx)
    • Ideal for: hardcore and soil, large kitchen or bathroom rip-outs, and rubbish from house clearances
  • Medium
    • Dimensions: (L)353cm x (W)182cm x (H)122cm
    • Capacity: 8 Yards (approx)
    • Ideal for: larger domestic projects, awkward, awkward and heavy garden waste, or DIY
  • Large
    • Dimensions: (L)364cm x (W)182cm x (H)168cm
    • Capacity: 12 Yards (approx)
    • Ideal for: Large-scale renovation and construction projects and bulky domestic waste

Who Is Hippo Waste For?

The company is dedicated to people who want to make heavy waste disposal more accessible and convenient. It can also be the best option for budget-conscious customers since it has cost-effective pricing tailored to your needs.

Hippo Waste Review: Who Is Hippo Waste For?

However, remember that this brand is only available in particular areas within the UK, but its product is available across the UK. So if you want to book its service, you must ensure your site is eligible.

This waste management company also has several services tailored for Home, Business, and Trade usage. So basically, it has a wide range of heavy waste removal services that can be utilised for any use.

Hippo Waste Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

This heavy waste removal company is one of the most renowned in the UK. It has years of experience since 2002 that lead them has served over a million UK customers. But despite that customer, how does the customer experience?

Hippo Waste Review: Hippo Waste Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

After the research, we discovered that it has 15,188 reviews on Trustpilot with 4.7/5 average ratings. Considering how much the customer reviews are and this brand’s average rating, we think it’s impressively good.

However, to further inform you about the customer experience and whether there’s a flaw you need to be cautious of, we’ve compiled several worth-considering customer reviews below. Below is one of the Hippo Waste reviews from the customer:

First time I’ve used hippobag, and I was very impressed with the delivery speed and the turnaround for collection. I would absolutely use them again.

Another customer that satisfied with the service also shared online state that:

The brilliant customer service surpassed my expectations. It’s cheaper than the normal skip costs, and they recycle more of what is thrown than many other organisations, so I would thoroughly recommend this company.

Below are a few instances of negative reviews that were reported on the Trustpilot:

Very good service. Reliable and easy. It’s just a little expensive for the Midi bag…”, “…Then it guarantees collection WITHIN 5 DAYS! That’s a long time to have a bag on your driveway blocking your car. In this day and age, it should be possible to prearrange a day and then fill your bag the day before.

After going through its Trustpilot, we can see that most buyers are satisfied with the product and service with an impressive delivery ship, collection, and cost.

Despite those, some mixed reviews state the bag is expensive, and other complaints about the collection times. However, the negative reviews are only a small number since 87% of customers give 5-star ratings, and 8% leave 4-star ratings.

Is Hippo Waste Worth It?

Writing this review this far, we can see this company’s worth if you’re looking for convenient and cost-effective rubbish removal. It offers a heavy waste management solution with millions of satisfied customers across the UK.

Hippo Waste Review: Is Hippo Waste Worth It?

As you can see from the customer review section above, thousands of customers are satisfied with this leading waste removal company. In addition, the convenience that it has flexible options for every job lets you get the best price and manage the work based on your needs.

This company also has a reliable fleet of bespoke HIPPO vehicles all over the UK to ensure this brand can reach a broad range of areas. So whether you need a flexible and sturdy waste bag, handyman, and van to do the heavy lifting or skip hire for full-scale renovation waste, this brand is worth considering!

How To Contact Hippo Waste

Have any questions about how their service can help you? You can contact the Hippo Waste customer service, available during the business hour of 8 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday, via:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Contact Number: 0333 999 0 999
  • Live Chat: Bottom right of the page
  • Form: Contact Us form
  • Social Media: @HippoWaste
  • Address: 1000 Lakeside North Harbour Portsmouth Hampshire PO6 3EN

Where to buy Hippo Waste?

Ready to book their waste disposal service? You can head to hippowaste.co.uk to book the service or buy the product. Not only that, but the hippo bags rubbish removal is also available in several retail stores such as Wickes, Homebase, Elliotts, Sydenhams, Bechmarx, B&Q, etc.

However, keep in mind that the waste removal service is available in several areas within the UK, such as Portsmouth, Birmingham, Guildford, London, and nationwide.

Hippo Waste Coupon Codes & Promos

The sale that is currently available on its website is you can get 20% off by using the Megabag and Collection discount code “MEGA20.”

Moreover, you can join its email list to get all information about the current offers. Lastly, you can uncover exclusive promo codes by clicking the button below!

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Hippo Waste

Hippo Waste Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Hippo Waste reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Is a hippo bag cheaper than a skip?

If we talk about the product only, the hippo bag, usually called a skip bag, is cheaper than the skip. It can be a good alternative on a budget.

But when it comes to the collection, both price is comparable depending on your location and the waste type.

What rubbish can you put in a hippo bag?

The hippo bag is designed to dispose of the ordinary garden, household, and builder waste.

How much does it cost to collect a hippo bag?

The price of hippo bag collection is undertaken by licensed waste contraction that ranges from £80-£250 (inc VAT) based on the bag size, waste type, postcode, and hippo bag collection times.

Who owns Hippo Waste?

This company is owned by Waste Management Systems Ltd.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Hippo Waste Reviews & Ratings

In a nutshell, Hippo Waste is a reliable brand that offers various waste removal services that you can choose depending on your needs and the flexibility you seek. Aside from that, this brand can provide cost-effective service that also gives the convenience of handling all heavy waste.

Its existence in the industry and more than 15K customer reviews have proved its quality and trustworthiness. Then visit its website now and book the service to get rid of your heavy waste conveniently!


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