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About HiPEAK Bike

Biking around the city with someone you love is truly perfection. But do you want to have a better biking experience? Don’t ask anyone but HiPEAK Bike! Have you ever heard of them?

HiPEAK Bike Review: About HiPEAK Bike
Image: facebook.com/hipeakbike

Then, let us tell you this! HiPEAK Bike is the favorite brand of all bikers. ‘What do they sell?’ Of course, everything that all bikers need. Simply, modern folding electric bikes are on sale here.

We have so many reasons why you should put your trust in this brand. On its social media accounts, it has collected nearly 4k total followers. Not that many, but it steadily increases daily.

Besides that, the next fact may surprise you more. It may be hard to believe that several reputable sites like Digital Journal, Electrek, KRON 4, and more have said something good about HiPEAK. 

So, if you have no activity reference to do at the weekend, why don’t you start biking? Surely, you may get your folding e-bike right after reading our HiPEAK Bike review. Are you ready now?

Overview Of HiPEAK Bike

How serious does HiPEAK Bike build its business?‘ That’s such a nice question, but you shouldn’t worry about that. This company has been committed to keeping on fire since day one.

Unfortunately, if you’re curious about who the founders are or when it began, we found nothing about that. Otherwise, we know that the supporting company behind HiPEAK is truly good.

What does it mean? So, HiPEAK has been associated with reputable and trusted e-bike manufacturers. Specifically located in China, the manufacturer has been operating for over 15 years.

At this point, you can’t say that it’s a flop, right? Even better, the product’s identity of this brand is the fat tire specification. Thus, your riding experience will be better and more smooth.

Then, do you know what’s better? Today, the brand has owned its warehouses in the US and Canada for faster shipping. Also, the one in Europe will be available next year. Isn’t that so good?

Therefore, if you think it’s your long-wanted electric bike brand, stay with us until the end. We won’t only talk about the products but also ratings, reviews, and (of course) special offers!

HiPEAK Bike Review

What do you usually expect from an online folding electric bike store? Of course, you may expect to have good products with good specifications and also good prices. Then, can you get them here?

HiPEAK Bike Reviews: HiPEAK Bike Review

No need to ask. HiPEAK will satisfy you from A to Z. Everything you need for biking, from accessories and other supporting components, is here. So, does the following collection level up your excitement?

HiPEAK Bike Product Collection

Folding E-Bike Let us introduce the brand’s two iconic series: Bona and Elias!
Accessories From bike cover and saddle to front basket, get your fav here!
Bike Replacement Keep your riding comfortable and get the best replacement parts!

Can you miss those products? We know you can’t. Thus, it’s better to enjoy your time reading this review & choosing some items you love. Therefore, we’ll immediately start the ‘thing’ even before you ask!

HiPEAK Bike Elias 750W Folding Electric Bike Reviews

Do you and your girlfriend love the challenge? Then, riding an ordinary e-bike might be boring. Therefore, we know that the Elias 750W Folding Electric Bike might be your favorite!

HiPEAK Bike Review: HiPEAK Bike Elias 750W Folding Electric Bike Reviews

When you see Elias, you may agree that this e-bike has a unique sporty design. Why did we say ‘unique‘? It’s because the center frame is curved, showing flexibility in any riding condition.

Besides that, Elkias also gives you a modern riding experience. It comes from the multifunction smart display with easy control. Hence, you can enjoy it without distracting your focus.

Then, if you expect to have comfort during riding, it’s also possible to get. Some components, like a padded saddle and front suspension fork, are really helpful for staying on it longer.

Detailed Specification:

  • Type: Step-Thru
  • Motor Capacity: 750W
  • Battery Capacity: 48v 15Ah
  • Speed: Class 2/3
  • Charging Time: 5-7 hours
  • Range: Up to 60 miles
  • Load (max): 350 lbs
  • Colors: Grey Blue, Yellow, White, Black
  • Free gifts: Rear Bag, Lock, Mirror

So, is Elias 750W Folding Electric Bike your favorite now? We never know when the product will run out, so let’s exchange your $899 for it now! You already have a biking route plan, right?

HiPEAK Bike Bona 750W Folding Electric Bike Reviews

Are you in need of an electric bike ready to bring you anywhere? It can even get you safely from the forest to the mountain. Thus, don’t miss the new Bona 750W Folding Electric Bike!

HiPEAK Bike Review: HiPEAK Bike Bona 750W Folding Electric Bike Reviews

What is in your mind after seeing the picture above? Yes, we all know that Bona is truly sporty. Specifically, the overall look exudes its bravery to walk in any terrain with more challenges on the road.

Having Bona means that you are ready for a powerful riding. This power comes from the 750 W motor capacity, which makes it possible to ride for up to 60 miles. Waw, such a long trip, right?

Also, since you expected this 750w electric bike to go anywhere, we shouldn’t miss this part. Yup, it’s about the fat tire that is capable of crossing any terrain you face. So, explore the forest now?

Detailed Specification:

  • Type: Step-Over
  • Display: Smart Multifunction
  • Battery Capacity: 48v 15Ah
  • Speed: Class 2/3
  • Charging Time: 5-7 hours
  • Load (max): 350 lbs
  • Colors: Grey Blue, Yellow, White, Black
  • Free gifts: Rear Bag, Lock, Mirror

Finally, how much do you enjoy this Bona electric bike review? If you realize that the only matched e-bike is the Bona 750W Folding Electric Bike, spending $899 is such a low price, right?

HiPEAK Bike Handlebar Rearview Mirror Reviews

Who always thinks that safety is important while riding an e-bike? Thus, you shouldn’t bring your e-bike without installing a Handlebar Rearview Mirror. Ready to check?

HiPEAK Bike Review: HiPEAK Bike Handlebar Rearview Mirror Reviews

We’re happy to know that you are concerned about safety. For your information, this handlebar mirror comes in 20 – 22mm in diameter, resulting in a wide and clear view during riding. 

In addition, if you already have your own bike, installing this in yours is not a matter. At this point, this handlebar mirror suits any type of bike, from mountain bikes to city bikes or others.

Most importantly, this handlebar mirror will also stay longer with you. Specifically, its sturdy and endurable frame makes it possible. It ensures that the mirror will remain stable and not crack.

Detailed Specification:

  • Color: Black
  • Material: ABS
  • Weight: 400g
  • Rotation: 360 degree

Let’s complete the safety component before happily riding your folding bike. If you want this Handlebar Rearview Mirror, better grab it now since the price is only $19.99 on the site!

HiPEAK vs Lectric

Do you want to taste something spicier on the plate? We have no better decision than bringing this apple-to-apple battle for you. So, who’s your fighter, HiPEAK Bike or Lectric?


  1. Product types: folding ebike, accessories, and replacement parts
  2. Shipping destination: US and Canada
  3. Free shipping: yes, for all US orders
  4. Return: 30 days
  5. Warranty: 1 year
  6. Price (best-selling item): starting from $899


  1. Product types: folding ebike (more various), accessories, and replacement parts
  2. Shipping destination: US and Canada
  3. Free shipping:  yes, for all US orders
  4. Return: 14 days
  5. Warranty: 1 year
  6. Price (best-selling item): starting from $999

HiPEAK Bike Pros and Cons

From the hot battle, let’s slow it down on this pros and cons section:


  • Folding e-bike that is easy to bring anywhere (long trip suggested)
  • Powerful energy and long-range
  • Steady and strong in any terrain due to the fat tires
  • Comfortable and modern (wide mirror, comes with charger, smart LCD display, and more)
  • A sturdy frame enables good durability
  • Detailed assembly video and owner’s manual on the site
  • Free shipping for all US orders
  • 30 days or return
  • 1-year warranty


  • No worldwide shipping
  • Some customers complaint about the uncomfortable saddle, so they need to buy a replacement for it

Who Is HiPEAK Bike For?

After tough days of work or school, most people surely need some activities to refresh their minds and body. Today, biking has become one of the popular activities to do at any age level. Everyone knows it, though. Of that point, can we say that HiPEAK Bike suits everyone?

Yes, we can’t deny that the brand’s product suits everyone, especially pro & beginner bikers. Thus, it’s good to ride them casually around the town or in the forest and mountain to feel more adventurous vibes.

In addition, since it’s a folding bike, we suggest this for those who love practical & easy-to-bring bikes for long trips.

HiPEAK Bike Review: What Do Customers Think?

Welcome to the only section to look for the brand’s overall performance. So, are you ready to know what other customers have said about HiPEAK Bike? Explore this passionately, then!

HiPEAK Bike Review: HiPEAK Bike Review: What Do Customers Think?

Overall, the brand seems to be more popular on Amazon. Each e-bike collection consistently gains over 150 ratings, with a majority of good reviews. Meanwhile, we found this on the website:

What do you think of those numbers? We all agree that it’s a good start. However, let’s go deeper into it by reading some of the customer reviews after shopping. So, did they say something good, too?

As a starter, you may need this:

My first electric bike, HiPEAK Bona, has brought me plenty of fun and countless conveniences. The step-over design fits me well and I enjoy the feeling of pedaling.

Having an e-bike from HiPEAK is truly a fun and comfortable moment. With the best-supporting features, this customer only left good words in his review.

Then, let’s take this as a further consideration:

I love my new electric bike! With the help of its powerful motor and pedal-assist system, I can now explore places I’ve never been before.

Riding this bike brings more adventurous vibes with its powerful energy and reliable pedal assist. As this customer said, he’s an explorer now!

Next, can you believe this customer?

The fat tires made riding very stable. The pedal assist is strong, making climbing easy. Handles well on hard roads. Safe and enjoyable!

What makes all e-bikes well-performed is its fat tires. Thankfully, this customer admitted the one from HiPEAK was good, so he could climb easily and fast.

What do you think after reading those reviews? You must be excited to get yours since more people have proved its good quality. Therefore, will you explore the rest surprising sections with us?

Is HiPEAK Bike Worth It?

How much are you sure to shop from HiPEAK Bike now? After reading the product review and testimonial section, your certainty score must have been over 100. But, one left question: is this brand worth it?

HiPEAK Bike Review: Is HiPEAK Bike Worth It?

Long research brought us to the point that HiPEAK Bike, a folding e-bike provider, is truly worth it. With over 15 years of experience in such an industry, HiPEAK’s manufacturer has proven to give reliable products that are well-admitted by the customers. 

HiPEAK Bike Shipping Policy

Who’s ready to see those folding e-bikes land before the door? If it is you, then let’s not miss every piece of information about the shipping policy in this section. Let’s start with the destination!

About the destination, HiPEAK will only ship within the 48 states of the US and Canada. If you’re a US customer, all of your orders will be shipped free. Meanwhile, Canadian customers must be responsible for the shipping costs (calculated on the checkout page).

HiPEAK Bike Return Policy

Shopping for an electric bike is tricky, indeed. Since we can see the detailed specification in person, the error may appear once it arrives. So, what is the brand’s return policy?

Basically, all customers are eligible to apply for a return within 30 days after the product arrives. With the supporting photos/videos, you may send an email to [email protected]. For the next part, just follow the steps they gave!

How To Contact HiPEAK Bike?

Are you 100% sure that HiPEAK Bike is the ultimate store to get your favorite folding e-bike? Then say ‘hi‘ to them here:

  • Phone number: +1 213-531-5992
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Social media: HiPEAK Bike/HiPEAKBike
  • Contact form: leave your words here!
  • Live chat: visit the website and tap the bubble at the bottom right!
  • Service hours: Monday – Sunday (00:00-23:59)

Company Address

10985 Oleander Ave, Fontana CA 92337

Where to buy HiPEAK Bike?

Are those e-bikes still for sale today?‘ Of course, yes! If you want to get some, kindly shop at the brand’s official website directly. Or, if you are into Amazon a lot, try to find the brand’s official store there. Good luck!

HiPEAK Bike Coupon Codes & Promos

Can you get a special discount code in this store? Explore the list below to find:

  • Subscribe to the brand’s website and lock more offers in the future
  • Enjoy the Christmas sale and save up to $600 on any e-bike order
  • Buy 2 bikes and get an extra $50 off
  • Freely pick your free gift in any e-bike order
  • Get a commission of up to 10% by joining the Affiliate program
  • Free shipping for all US orders
  • Claim $200 off for ordering Elias’s e-bike with a discount code FB200

So, who can handle those offers? Let’s not get satisfied earlier because we still have more below:

Reveal all coupons

HiPEAK Bike Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for HiPEAK Bike reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns HiPEAK Bike?

We found no information about the brand’s owner. However, we discovered that HiPEAK has a reputable manufacturer with over 15 years of experience in China.

Where is HiPEAK Bike located?

It is located at 10985 Oleander Ave, Fontana CA 92337, USA.

Does HiPEAK Bike ship internationally?

Unfortunately, the store only ships within the 48 states of the USA and Canada currently.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of HiPEAK Bike Reviews & Ratings

So, where do you want to ride with your folding electric bike? We know there are so many similar products in the market today. However, HiPEAK Bike always stands out with its own characteristics.

The brand is fully aware that most customers need a vehicle that is capable of bringing them anywhere. Hence, the company highlights the fat tire as one of its selling points. Also, with those affordable prices and free gifts included, there is no lack here!


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