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Hip Pop Review 2024 → The Perfect Drink For Your Gut!

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About Hip Pop Kombucha

When thinking about healthy living, what do you have in mind? Well, it’s not only about having an ideal body weight to be healthy but taking care of gut health is extremely important to maintain immune function.

Hip Pop Review: About Hip Pop Kombucha
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Hip Pop comes to fulfill the need of gut lovin’ drinks. This is one of the best companies producing a healthy alternative alcoholic drink and a refreshing alternative coffee or soft drink with Kombucha. 

The brand has won several awards, one of the most recent winning the Great Taste Award in 2021. Besides that, the brand also has 1.7k+ followers on Facebook and 9.2k+ followers on Instagram. It shows that this brand already has a good reputation. 

Mind-blowing Kombucha is the best word to describe all the products from Hip Pop. So, if you’re curious about how Kombucha works for you, stay with us in Hip Pop Review.

We’ve compiled all the things to be your consideration about this brand while making a good purchase. Get your comfy spot and start reading!

Overview of Drink Hip Pop

The idea of the Hip Pop brand began when Kenny had tummy problems or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). From that moment, Emma starts making homemade Kombucha with her recipes, which works in a couple of weeks. 

Afterward, the two of them discussed and shared their knowledge to develop their business by creating Kombucha drinks at an affordable price and emphasizing quality. The first destination is to sell at the local farmer markets. 

With positive feedback, Emma & Kenny, as founders, decided to expand this small family business to become a proper grown-up business. They choose a beautiful farm in Cheshire as a perfect home production. 

Drink Hip Pop Review

What makes it special? All the products in Hip Hop brew traditionally with selective nutritious ingredients. To create honest Kombucha, they ensure not to add nasty-tasting sweeteners or use marketing shizzle.

As of now, this brand has 6 variants: Pink Grapefruit, Tropical Peach, Ginger Tumeric, Apple Elderflower, Blueberry Ginger, Ginger Yuzu, and Strawberry Pineapple. This alternative drink is undoubtedly full of flavor and good for your body.

Based on the various variants available, we only invite you to learn more about the three best-selling ones, which we will discuss in the next section. 

Hip Pop Best-Selling Products 

  • Hip Pop Living Soda Pink Grapefruit 
  • Hip Pop Living Soda Ginger Turmeric
  • Hip Pop Kombucha Apple Elderflower

Hip Pop Highlights

  • Local Delivery within the UK
  • Return, Refund, and Cancellation 
  • Subscription 

Hip Pop Living Soda Pink Grapefruit Reviews

The first flavor is a delicious, thirst-quenching Hip Pop Living Soda Pink Grapefruit. This living soda contains less than 30 calories per can (330 ml). And again, the drink has no added sugar or sweeteners, so you don’t have to worry about that. 

Hip Pop Review: Hip Pop Living Soda Pink Grapefruit Reviews

What’s more, this drink is brimming with friendly gut-loving bacteria mixed with vegan & natural ingredients and infused with Bacillus Coagulans living cultures. 

You can choose a package in 12-can or 24-can with a one-time purchase of only £17.99 (12-can) or £29.99 (24-can).

Ingredients: Water, apple cider vinegar, pink grapefruit juice, apple juice concentrate, lemon juice, living cultures (bacillus coagulans), natural flavors (pink grapefruit, guava, rosehip)

Nutrition Fact per 100 ml: Energy: 61 KJ/ 11 Kcal; Fat: 0.1 g; Carbohydrates: 2.3 g; Protein: 0.1 g; Salt: 0.1 g, etc

Hip Pop Living Soda Ginger Turmeric Reviews

Move to Hip Pop Living Soda Ginger Turmeric, brewed with ginger juice. This one is our favorite of the three since the ginger taste is strong and refreshing. 

Hip Pop Review: Hip Pop Living Soda Ginger Turmeric Reviews

Like the pink grapefruit, this drink has less than 30 calories per can, which is not too high yet still safe for consumption. This drink also added a full tablespoon of prebiotic Apple Cider Vinegar for the impressive natural mixture. 

Purchase now for £17.99 (12-Can) or £29.99 (24-Can).

Ingredients: Water, apple cider vinegar, ginger juice, lemon juice, turmeric, apple juice concentrate, black pepper, and bacillus coagulans. 

Nutrition Fact per 100 ml: Energy: 36 KJ/ 9 kcal; Fat: 0.1 g; Carbohydrates: 1.5 g; Protein: 0.3 g; Salt: <0.1 g, etc. 

Hip Pop Kombucha Apple Elderflower Reviews

Now, it’s time to enjoy the sparkling kombucha and deliciously tart in the Hip Pop Kombucha Apple Elderflower. It is specially created with low sugar and full vegan ingredients. 

Hip Pop Review: Hip Pop Kombucha Apple Elderflower Reviews

What’s else? We love how the authentic fermented with a healthy culture of yeast and bacteria. It will add taste and make your gut health definitely improve. Even better, this drink contains full of antioxidants, organic acids, and enzymes. 

Enjoy sharing a bottle of Kombucha with family or friends for only £17.99 (12-can) and £29.99 (24-can). 

Ingredients: Water, cane sugar, black tea, green tea, kombucha culture, apple juice, bacillus coagulans, and elderflowers extract. 

Nutrition facts per 100 ml: Energy: 60 kJ / 14 kcal; Fat: 0.2 g; Carbohydrates: 2.9 g; Protein: 0.2 g; Salt: <0.1 g, etc. 

Hip Pop Pros & Cons

It won’t be complete if this Hip Pop review is not giving the positive and negative aspects of the overall product. Hence, after further studying and searching for available information, we briefly summarized the Hip Pop pros & cons below.


  • Craft brewed and produced on the farm
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • No added sugars and zero sweeteners like erythritol or stevia 
  • For sure, all the products contain gluten-free and dairy free
  • The Kombucha is specially made from all-vegan ingredients
  • It contains a mixture of fruits & herbs such as Strawberry & Pineapple, Apple & Elderflower, Blueberry & Ginger, and Ginger & Yuzu
  • It’s such good stuff for your gut.


  • Does not ship Internationally
  • Some people complain about the packaging that needs to be stronger

Who Is Hip Pop For?

With traditionally fermented to produce a naturally sparkling health drink with low sugar, Hip Pop is a healthy drink for everyone, even for kids. All the drinks are produced in the optimal dosage to boost your needs. 

Hip Pop Review: Who Is Hip Pop For?

Additionally, it can be used as an alcohol alternative drink with similar complex flavors and mouthfeel. It can also be useful as an excellent drink to change sugary soft drinks or coffee.

Hip Pop Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Every customer needs to think twice when choosing a product, for example, by seeing what customers have said about the product so far. This can be used as a reference to determine whether this product is worth buying. 

For that reason, we’ve compiled some trusted reviews from Amazon customers. Surprisingly, this brand has 4.7/5 ratings among 418 reviews. So let’s start with the first review:

Okay seriously.. don’t even worry about flavour or taste. Trust the reviews. BEST kombucha I’ve had in forever. I’ve tried 4 different flavours and in all honesty they’re all basically as good as eachother. Very zingy and uplifting. Low on cals and it’s good for you. There isn’t much caffeine in it so you can drink it in the evening …

One buyer has experienced the pleasure of 4 different flavors, which have a nice taste and flavor while noticing little caffeine in them. 

Next, another buyer shares his opinion after enjoying Living Soda Ginger Turmeric Flavor, which has a strong taste yet is tasty. 

These drinks are really refreshing. The ginger is very strong. The lemon is my favourite. I would buy more of these as I know how good they are for your gut …

One customer seemed delighted with the drink since it helps digestion problems. Everything is almost perfect, from packaging to taste until services.

Love this product, it really helps my digestion and is a great well being, tasty drink I just love this product, it has helped with my IBS and well being, also it tastes great. Service is always great and prompt, I love the new strawberry and mint flavour, really refreshing …

Well, there’s no reason not to try Hip Pop’s drink. It has many benefits with excellent ingredients and contains no added sugar. Most shoppers are happy with the purchase, and there’s no other significant complaint. 

Is Hip Pop Worth It?

With the finest fresh fruits and herbs produced on a beautiful farm, we can’t deny that Hip Pop provides excellent quality drinks. The brewing process is also carefully maintained to produce a healthy drink that benefits the environment and the human body.

Additionally, all the drinks are made from all-vegan ingredients with various mixed flavors and have beautiful packaging made from cans. So you can feel every enjoyment with different sensations. 

Most importantly, this beverage is available at an affordable price so that anyone can afford it. So, we can state that this brand is definitely worth buying.

How To Contact Hip Pop

Is there anything else you’re still wondering about this brand? Feel free to stay in touch with customer service in the following ways:

Customer service is open during working hours starting from Monday-Friday, 9 AM-5 PM. The team will respond to your request as soon as possible. So, please wait, dear. 

Oh! You can also connect them through social media at:

  • Facebook: @drink.hip.pop 
  • Instagram: @drink.hip.pop
  • Twitter: @drinkhippop

Hip Pop Address

Manor House Farm
Station Road, Dunham Massey,
Altrincham, WA14 5SG

Hip Pop Shipping Policy

Hip Hip Hurrah! We’re delighted to inform you that Hip Pop gives you Free Shipping for all orders within Mainland UK. And yeah, this brand only ships to the United Kingdom and Jersey.

All the packages will be shipped via Yodel. The average delivery time needs 3-4 business days, except for the high demand request or during seasonal holidays might take a few extra days. 

Remember to fill in all the data correctly, including your home address, so that your package arrives on time and safely right through your door.

Hip Pop Return Policy

Don’t hesitate to contact customer service if you receive any damaged or wrong items or have quality issues with your package. They will immediately evaluate and solve your problem with any return, refund, or replacement

Due to the products being categorized as food and drinks, Hip Pop can only accept returned items of significant quantity. You must capture some photos for documentation and validate your return request. 

Once the team confirms your request, you have two options: accept the replacement or get a full refund. Follow the instruction that sends to your email for information afterward. 

Where to buy Hip Pop?

Which one is your favorite? If you’re still unsure about your choice, go to the Hip Pop Official Online Website. By visiting the website, meaning you can easily purchase them with more benefits. It includes special promotions and able to claim the return request. 

Another way, you can go to the marketplace, such as Amazon, and find Hip Pop Kombucha on it. Make sure you’ve got the real one!

Hip Pop Coupon Codes & Promos

Hurry! If you’re a fan of Hip Pop Kombucha, don’t miss out on your exclusive deals! Look at the best promotion below before adding the drinks to your cart. 

  • Save 15% OFF by subscribing to the newsletter, 
  • Enjoy a FREE GIFT with every subscription box over the period, or 
  • Click the button below to reveal all the coupon codes

In terms of subscription, this brand offers 3 plan subscriptions with interest deals as follows:

  • Annual Subscription
    Grab 25% OFF on Living Soda and Kombucha Annual Subscription (24-cans) for £269.91 + free UK shipping
  • Quarterly Subscription
    Enjoy 15% OFF on Living Soda and Kombucha Quarterly Subscription (24-cans) for £76.47 + free UK shipping
  • Monthly Subscription
    Receive 10% OFF on Living Soda and Kombucha Monthly Subscription (24-cans) for £26.99 + free UK shipping 

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Hip Pop

Hip Pop Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Hip Pop reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Is Hip Pop Kombucha gluten-free and dairy-free?

Absolutely, YES. Hip Pop Kombucha is 100% dairy-free and gluten-free. This brand ensures the quality of the ingredients is healthy and can be consumed by all. 

Does Hip Pop ship internationally?

This brand only ship to the mainland UK for now. However, they will consider expanding the delivery in the future. 

Is Kombucha suitable for kids?

Surely, your kids can drink this Kombucha drink since there’s no filled any sugar or artificial sweeteners. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Hip Pop Reviews & Ratings

If you are new and want to try Kombucha drinks, we highly recommend you visit Hip Hop. This brand has 2 main products: Kombucha and Living Soda drink. Each product has different flavor variants without sugar or sweeteners. 

In other words, it can be a pretty smart option for your drink to maintain your gut health. Simply consume it according to the dosage provided. Enjoy the drink and feel the different taste!


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