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Himo Bikes Review 2024 → A Must Have Foldable Electric Bike

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About Himo Bikes

If you’ve ever wondered when to switch to sustainable mobility, the answer is now. With electric bikes and scooters from Himo Bikes, you’ll experience a smarter, greener, and unique commute.

Himo Bikes Review: About
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With international warehouses spread across 6 European and Asian countries, Himo Bikes is a subsidiary brand of Xiaomi that has managed to steal the attention of electric vehicle enthusiasts.

Electric scooters and e-bikes are two of Himo Bikes’ best-selling products that have been mentioned many times as recommended urban vehicles on reputable electric bike websites.

As we continue with this Himo Bikes review, we will give you a glimpse of its best product, customer ratings, discounts, and responsive customer service to help you decide whether it is a brand worthy of your trust.

Overview of Himo Bikes

In 2017, Himo Bikes determined to provide eco-friendly vehicle solutions to the world. As much as The Himo Bikes review knows, no exact information indicates this brand’s owner. But, it is a brand under the care of Xiaomi.

Not only scooters and bikes, but the company also provides the vehicles’ accessories, gear, and components to help the customer get high-quality products.

With the tag life safe and affordable riding, Himo Bikes seriously ensures that each product is quality tested. So, each of its components is only taken from qualified standards.

To name, EU traffic regulations, 62133 battery certification, EMARK light certificate, CE charger certificate, and many other national standardized tests are taken to ensure customer product reliability and safety.

Before venturing further into this Himo Bikes review, let’s take a quick scan of some of the pros and cons of this company.

Himo Bikes Pros

  • Offer versatile and high-quality e-bikes
  • Eco-friendly urban commuter
  • Removable battery
  • 1-year warranty and 10-year warranty for frames
  • Ship internationally
  • Affordably-priced
  • High mobility and ergonomic designs
  • Free ride test
  • Offer free accessories
  • Open to return, cancel, change, and refunds

Himo Bikes Cons

  • Limited color options
  • Free accessories are not covered by a warranty

Himo Bikes Reviews

Himo Bikes has all the answers to the questions about a green electric vehicle. Most of its products have been thoroughly tested with safety standards. They are also aesthetically ergonomic and have high mobility.

Himo Bikes Reviews

All-terrain wheels, hidden inflatable air pumps under the saddle bar, adjustable saddle stick, removable battery, and foldable designs are just some innovative features.

Below, we have picked the best Himo Bikes review to help you choose the coolest and greenest commuter vehicle!

Himo Bikes HIMO L2 Reviews

With a 18650 high-power battery, you can drive Himo L2 down the street up to 35 meters away. You can ride this sport scooter safely thanks to its ergonomic design and its brushless motor power of 350w. Its ultra-wide 10-inch wheels have an anti-slip design.

Himo Bikes Review: Himo Bikes HIMO L2 Reviews

For only £424, you can get the Himo L2 E-Scooter Bike. Plus, you can hold your balance comfortably.


  • 3 Steps Fast Folding
  • 10-inch Super Wide Tire
  • 35KM Ultra-long Range
  • HD Meter Display

Pros :

  • Suitable for adults and teens
  • Beginner friendly
  • Easy to ride with anti-slip
  • CE and EN15194 licensed

Cons :

  • No apps connection

Himo Bikes HIMO Z20 Reviews

Traveling anywhere will not prevent you from riding this Himo Z20 by Himo Bikes. It has a flexible folding mechanism with anti-skid folding pedals, making it easy to pack. In addition, its IPX7 standard quality and air-craft steel material make it very light to carry.

Himo Bikes Review: Himo Bikes HIMO Z20 Reviews

At £712, Himo Z20 is your best investment for a lightweight electric bike.


  • Removable 36V/10Ah lithium battery pack
  • 250W brushless DC motor
  • Integrated air pump in the seat
  • 6 speeds adjustment


  • Simple folding for traveling
  • Suitable for men and women
  • High weight capacity load
  • Lightweight


  • Average wheel diameter

Himo Bikes HIMO ZB20 MAX Reviews

Coming in two color options of grey and yellow, Himo ZB20 Max can steal the show wherever you go. This e-bike has 4″x20″ fat tires that will ride smoothly on any terrain: snow, mud, gravel, etc. Even better, it has a saddle tub to hide your inflatable pump.

Himo Bikes Review: Himo Bikes HIMO ZB20 MAX Reviews

For a rough, versatile, and worry-free e-bike, Himo ZB20 by Himo Bikes is only set for £1528


  • 250W Motor
  • All-terrain Types Fat Tire
  • 25km/h Top Speed
  • 80 km Max Range
  • 48V 10.4Ah Battery


  • An ideal choice for a true biker
  • Easy to maneuver even in rough terrain
  • Hidden inflatable pump
  • Suitable for daily or sport cycling


  • Fairly pricey, but very versatile

Who Is Himo Bikes For?

After diving into the Himo Bikes review on the internet, we’d going to say that this brand works well for any adults and youths who love cycling. The look of its bikes and scooters is versatile for any gender, men or women, along with youths whose height is 120-180cm.

Himo Bikes Review: Who Is Himo Bikes For?

You don’t have to worry about the height recommendations since the designs are flexible, too! You can adjust the saddle bar height freely for the riders.

For adults and youth who love going the extra mile, Himo Bikes provides an all-terrain wheel option. The materials constructions are also durable.

Suppose you are no clue to choose which product suits best for you. Himo Bikes offers a questionnaire where you can get the recommended bikes according to your preferences.

Is Himo Bikes Worth It?

Then, the question arises, is Himo Bikes a good brand? We witness positive feedback, reviews, and ratings of this brand.

Himo Bikes Review: Is Himo Bikes Worth It?

In every model, the company launches a vehicle that meets the customers’ demand for highly-practical features with a high-power performance.

With a classy look, Himo Bikes manages to pack in advanced features like foldable mechanisms, removable battery, auto-lock, all-terrain wheels, and other innovative features at a reasonable price.

Not to forget, the brand’s commitment to creating environmentally friendly vehicle products also deserves a thumbs up. The customer service facility is also satisfactory. It provides open spaces for customers to get the best products.

In short, this is an all-rounded brand that is promising for you to invest in. You can always check them out wherever you are. They are ready to reach out and accompany you in enjoying the new trend of commuting.

Himo Bikes: What Do Customers Think?

Himo Bikes has received various reviews from customers, along with reputable electric bikes web reviewers like Green Electric Scooters, techAU, Channelnews, Gizmochina, electrek, and more to name.

Himo Bikes Review: Himo Bikes: What Do Customers Think?

techAU even wrote:

The Himo C26 features a massive 60km range, with a top speed of 25km top speed. This makes the bike a incredibly capable and ready for any challenge you throw at it.

The Himo Bikes review sees considerably positive feedback too from the customers on its website. The five stars rating dominated the reviews with 81 percent.

One of the customers said:

It is very sturdy and I can use it very well to make bike tours here in the country. I can recommend this bike to everyone. It is very cheap too. The service of Himo support has been great!

From expert reviews to buyer reviews, we see waves of positive energy forming as audience feedback to the Himo Bikes company.

Even the review writers say this brand is the best recommendation to learn how to start switching to eco-friendly bikes. Positively, we agree that the market loves Himo Bikes.

Himo Bikes Free Trial

Great news for you who live in Germany! Himo Bikes offers a free ride session for you to try on the bike. You can get this request by filling out the form here. Soon, the team will contact you to book a test ride schedule. Unfortunately, this free ride test is currently only available in German countries.

Himo Bikes Shipping

Himo Bike has several international warehouses located in the countries of Poland, Germany, UK, Ireland, USA, and Indonesia. Other than these countries, international shipment will apply.

Once you complete the payment, Himo Bike will immediately process your order within 48 hours if your items are available in the warehouse.

Normally, the delivery time takes about 3-7 business days. In contrast, all bike accessories are mostly shipped from China and take 10-25 days to arrive.

Himo Bike also provides free and subsidized shipping.

  • Free shipment for orders over €300
  • Subsidized shipment of €4.99 for orders under €300

Himo Bike Return Policy

Himo Bike accepts order cancellations before and after delivery, order changes before receipt of goods, and returns which you can check the policy in detail on the web.

Meanwhile, if you want to return due to the damaged quality of goods received from the factory or expedition damage, you can contact [email protected] by including photo or video evidence.

Make sure you check the product eligibility immediately and provide news of quality complaints (if any) no more than 7 days after receipt of the package.

Later, your refund will be processed within 1 minute for PayPal. While for a credit card, it will take 3-15 working days.

Himo Bike Warranty

Himo Bike covers 1-year warranty for all of their products. All the warranties are inclusive of manufacturing defects. It is automatically granted after the purchaser receives the product from the official online shop.

A warranty transfer is also possible under the following conditions

  1. The 1-year package has not passed since the initial owner purchase date
  2. The new owner has the original order number and the initial owner’s name

However, the warranty claims are only open to frames, batteries, and several parts & components. You can check the list on their web for the detail per e-bike component that can get the warranty claim.

Himo Bike Contact

Get some questions to ask Himo Bikes team? You can say hi to them via the following contacts:

For the phone call, the provided language service center is only available in English and Germany. Ensure that you are in line with them according to UTC+2 time zone from 9:00 AM-5:30 PM.

Where to buy Himo Bikes?

You can get the full catalogs and purchase the Himo Bikes on their official website and on Amazon.

Also, since Himo Bikes have several warehouses spread in different countries, you can check them out on your local e-commerce or domestic website to comply with the local dealers.

Himo Bikes Coupon Codes & Promos

Who does not love discounts? Himo Bike loves them too.

If so do you, you can subscribe to their newsletter and get a €20 or £17.8 discount code on your first order. Simply type down your email on the bottom right bar of the website, then you are nice to go!

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Himo Bikes

Himo Bikes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Himo Bikes reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Do Himo Bikes ship internationally?

Yes, they do. They have warehouses in Poland, Germany, England, Ireland, the USA, and Indonesia and are still open to other countries’ shipments.

Who owns the Himo Bikes?

The Himo Bikes review cannot find precisely the owner of Himo Bikes Company. But it is running under the big tech company of Xiaomi.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Himo Bikes Reviews & Ratings

The world has changed so much. Even when you want fresh air from nature by cycling, you end up breathing a toxin into your lungs. It’s time to switch to eco-friendly vehicles. Get yourself one of Himo Bikes now; either the scooter or the e-bike.

Himo Bikes Review: Conclusion

You can stroll around the pretty suburbs on holiday or drive it as your daily commute. Once your leg is tiring, you can rely on the battery power and motor. You can even pack it anywhere you go.

With premium features, versatile designs, and trustworthy service, the Himo Bikes are your first step in shifting to a sustainable mobility.


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