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Hey Abby Review 2024 → Anyone Can Grow With Automated Home Grow Box!

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About Hey Abby

Growing a plant is never easy since you need to take a lot of care to ensure it can grow in a greenhouse. But Hey Abby offers a great solution to make you conveniently and smartly grow plants in your home.

Hey Abby Review: About Hey Abby
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This company offers a well-developed grow box that efficiently cultivates the plant in your home with hydroponic technology. In addition, its unit is equipped with automated and intelligent technology that will enable you to become hassle-free grow and be a modern grower.

Because of the first automated growing box in the world, it features in many publications such as High Times, DigitalTrends, Degarden, Dope as Yola, and many more. In addition, it successfully gains 3.5K Instagram followers and an enthusiast grower community on its app.

Stay tuned to see their grow box quality if you are interested in this brand. This Hey Abby review will break down the company profile, product review, customer opinion, customer service, and many more. So let’s dive deeper!

Overview Of Hey Abby

Hey Abby is a company with leading technicians, designers, and marketing experts to establish the first automated home Grow Box. They strive to create a sustainable home growing that everyone can use easily, regardless of their experience level.

They provide the unit and create a grower community to support, share, and learn about their experience. In addition, the smart app offers excellent features for the grower to monitor the plant and give the user information about planting.

One point worth highlighting about this brand is providing outstanding customer service to ensure you get the best experience, such as responsive and expert customer support, fast shipping, one year warranty, and a return policy.

This brand isn’t only about selling a product but how they can bring value to the customer to make a community in growing indoor plants. The smart grower box they develop has also successfully won the IDEA 2022 Winning Design.

Before we go deeper into this brand, here are some pros and cons that pinpoint its credibility.

Hey Abby Pros

  • Automated and smart device
  • Innovative app to monitor the grow
  • Excellent customer support and grower community
  • Fast shipping for US and Canada
  • 30 days return policy
  • 1-year warranty
  • Positive reviews from the customers

Hey Abby Cons

  • No international shipping

Hey Abby Review

So we’ve discussed the big picture of this brand, and here we’ll go deeper to get to know what they have to offer. As we’ve said before, the main product of this brand is Growing Box which is full of automated and intelligent features to help you hassle-free growing plants in your home.

Hey Abby Reviews: Hey Abby Review

On their website, you’ll also find growing accessories such as drying racks, pH meters, Nano Airstones, T-shirts, and many more. Moreover, it provides an intelligent app and subscription to help you grow your plant in your home.

Thus, in the section below, we’ll review their best-selling product to see their overall quality.

Hey Abby Grow Box Reviews

This Hey Abby Grow Box is the best option if you want to grow your plan healthily in your room without dirtying your hand. In addition, this grow box is equipped with climate control, so you don’t need much skill and knowledge to grow plants.

Hey Abby Review: Hey Abby Grow Box Reviews

It uses hydroponic technology combined with environmental simulators to establish an easy-to-use automated plant-growing system. The sleek and natural design will provide a compact indoor grow system that only needs 2ft² of space.

The intelligent dial monitors allow you to monitor the plat’s needs and collect real-time das on the grow box ecosystem. Plus, the 2.1″ TDT LCD screen can display pictures with 480*480 and 60Hs refresh rates.

It features various kinds of sensors that allow the plant to grow better, such as an Ultrasonic Sensor, Temperature Humidity Sensor, Water Level Sensor, Water Temperature Sensor, and 5.8 Radar sensor. 


  • Dimension: 40cm W, 40cm D, and 122.5cm H
  • Tank capacity: 12L
  • Grow height: 80cm 
  • Net weight: 32kg

So are you ready to grow in your home? This grow box costs $999 with three months of subscription. In addition, you can also choose another option, such as with 12 months and 18 months subscription that can save up to 20% off!

Hey Abby Seed Kit Reviews

The Hey Abby Seed Kit is one product that includes the accessories this brand offers. These seed kits will make it easier for you to germinate and transplant the seeding into Abby’s grow box after 3-4 weeks.

Hey Abby Review: Hey Abby Seed Kit Reviews

Its size is 3.9*4.3*7 inches, with enough room for each let to support healthy root growth. You’ll get a lid, cup, grow sponge, and basket in this product.

The seed kit can be the best option if you want to grow from the seed since it allows better growth without dirtying your hand or causing a mess. In addition, it only costs $19.99, and you will get 2 cups of it!

Hey Abby Subscription Reviews

Hey Abby subscription is a subscription sourcing everything you need for the grow box for a hassle-free and affordable solution. This subscription will send you everything you need and continuous technical support online every three months.

Hey Abby Review: Hey Abby Subscription Reviews

What you’ll get:

  • (8) Innovative, original solid fertilizer
  • (2) Activated carbon filter
  • (1) Sponge
  • (1) plant basket
  • Full app community features (1 on 1 support)

The prepackaged fertilizer needs zero mixing and contains perfect nutrient balance for plant growth. It can make plant feeding much simpler and mess-free. The 1-to-1 expert assistant will guide you every step by providing feedback and tips on knowhow to get the best.

The climate control you can access on the app shows the cloud-powered data analytics to provide precise climate conditions. So you don’t have to worry about the plant’s condition even if you’re not home.

Indeed you can still use the grow box without the subscription, but you have to source everything. You also don’t get access to smart adaptive sensors, which means a less optimized growing experience.

Interest in a hassle-free Abby subscription? With three months of subscription, it will cost $75, which is $25 every month!

Hey Abby App Reviews

In order to meet people with the same interest and get more knowledge on creating better growth with the grow box, the Hey Abby app is specifically designed for you! This planting community app allows growers to connect and get live 1-on-1 expert services.

Hey Abby Review: Hey Abby App Reviews

The app will monitor the plant’s lifecycle and reward you when you reach a new milestone. With this app, you can join the growing community to share experiences, ask questions, or check another grower Hey Abby grow box results to learn more.

You can also enjoy various exclusive discounts and the ultimate plant-growing experience. Here, you’ll get personal growing guidance that offers customized advice and tips. In addition, the intelligent app allows you to monitor your plant’s health, water intake, growth, and fertilizer use.

Are you hard to manage your schedule and forget about your plant? With the growing calendar, the Abby app will notify you when to refill the water tank, trim the plat, or do other actions. So this app is very beneficial if you use the growing box for more advanced usage!

Who Is Hey Abby For?

Hey Abby is creating a home-growing product that’s easily accessible by everyone, no matter their experience level.

Hey Abby Review: Who Is Hey Abby For?

It will suit those who don’t have any skills in planting since it has a lot of knowledge and features to help you grow your plant. It’s also suitable for you who like planting but have no time since it’s easy to nurture it from your phone.

Moreover, it’s ideal for you who don’t have any space or garden to grow plants. Thus, this brand is perfect for everyone, mainly for you who want a simple and modern way to grow plants.

Hey Abby Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Well, you have to know what our opinion about this brand is. So in this section, we’ll focus on the Hey Abby grow box review from the customer to see the customer’s opinion. On their website, we see that all reviews are mostly positive. For example, here is one review of the product:

Hey Abby Review: Hey Abby Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

All I can say is I’m very impressed.. with the unit, the community of Abby’s owner, and the support; it is been awesome!! I highly recommend getting yourself an ABBY!!

The above preview shows product works flawlessly, and even this brand offers excellent customer service. Below is another customer review:

I love the looks and functionality of the unit so far. The only drawback was no android app when I bought my team. Luckily, it is in development now. But I still cannot enjoy my unit yet.

The customer claim that the functionality of the product is working well. The only drawback is the nonexistence of the android app, but currently, this brand has launched the android version app. Regardless, the customer can still work fine without the app. So let’s see another review below:

Hey Abby makes it so easy for the novice or professional grower. The step-by-step app with context-sensitive help is excellent—finally, a resonance solution.

This customer finds that the product works easily for a professional or even a novice, as they claim. The app with all the features is also beneficial and excellent. So overall, we couldn’t see any impactful negative reviews about the brand since most are positive.

Is Hey Abby Worth It?

From what we’ve reviewed about this brand, Hey Abby runs their business flawlessly and is entirely worth it.

Hey Abby Review: Is Hey Abby Worth It?

This brand has numerous expert reviews and good ratings from customers. So we can see that their review section is clean without any terrible reviews that are deal breakers.

In addition, this brand can provide a grow box equipped with features and an intelligent smart app to support your growing experience. They also have impressive customer service with fast shipping, a return policy, and one year warranty that ensure your purchase.

Hey Abby Shipping Policy

According to the Abby shipping policy, this brand currently ships on the continental US and Canada, excluding Hawaii, Alaska, The US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. All US states will cost $99 per Abby unit and $149 for Canada.

The order will be delivered via UPS, USPS, or FedEx from local warehouses in LA, Houston, Edison, NJ, or Vancouver. It will take 1 – 3 business days to arrive in the continental US and 4 – 6 weeks lead time for Canada.

Once the product is shipped, you’ll be notified via email with tracking information to monitor your package.

Hey Abby Return Policy

Unsatisfied with your grow box? Fortunately, you can file for a return within 30 days after the shipment. The returned product must be in the original content attached and original packaging.

Remember that product that doesn’t satisfy the requirement won’t qualify for a refund. Once it arrives at the warehouse, it’ll be inspected. Then, your refund minus the repackaging fees will be processed within seven working days if approved.

How To Contact Hey Abby

If you need further questions beyond what this Hey Abby review could provide, you can contact their customer service via:

You can feel free to contact them, available every Mon-Fri from 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM PST.

Where to buy Hey Abby?

Are you ready to grow plants inside your home? To purchase authentic products and get their full service, you can officially buy them from the Hey Abby website. If you purchase from its official web, your transition will be secure and backed with the 30-day return policy.

Hey Abby Coupon Codes & Promos

Calling for all budget-conscious shoppers! Here we’ve gathered all currently available offers to lower the Hey Abby grow box price.

  • Get 20% off by subscribing to the email list
  • 15% off for Abby Device+12 month subscription
  • 20% off for Abby Device+18 month subscription

Lastly, you can reveal the exclusive Hey Abby discount code by tapping the button below!

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Hey Abby Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Hey Abby reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

How much is the Hey Abby subscription?

The Hey Abby subscription costs $25 every month that is billed every three months, which is $75.

Who owns Hey Abby?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any information regarding the Hey Abby ownership.

Does Hey Abby ship internationally?

This brand currently only ships within US and Canada.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Hey Abby Reviews & Ratings

Hey Abby is a company that offers grow boxes that allow you to grow plants hassle-free inside your house. With the product, you don’t have to use dirt since it uses hydrophobic technology and other technologies to let you modernly grow a plant.

This brand also offers accessories, subscription services, and an app to leverage for a better growing experience. In a nutshell, do you ready to create a new experience of smart indoor planting? Then, you can visit Hey Abby to start planting!


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