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Hernest Furniture Review 2024 → Luxurious Furniture with Affordable Price!

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About Hernest Furniture

Having all the luxurious furniture in your favorite spot inside your home is definitely a dream. If you are looking for one, let’s look at what Hernest Furniture has to satisfy you! 

Hernest Furniture Review: About Hernest Furniture
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Hernest Furniture is a brand that offers a piece of fancy furniture ranging from coffee tables, dining chairs to makeup vanities at an affordable price.

This brand makes its product from sturdy materials with a sleek design and solid construction to ensure durability and stability.

Moreover, this brand also has a dedication to the environment. Making sure its product is eco-friendly, Hernest Furniture believes that through this mission, they can build a better and more sustainable world.

After 10 years of developing its furniture item lists, this brand boasts 16K followers on Facebook, 5.8k followers on Instagram, and 2.2k followers on Pinterest.

With those numbers, this brand has been apart of its competitors and therefore remains one of the best furniture shops to discover.

However, if you still doubt whether trusting this brand for your furniture needs is the right way or not, you can go to Hernest Furniture review and find the best answer to that question!

Overview of Hernest Furniture

Hernest Furniture is a USA-based online shop that caters to premium household products to fulfill its customers’ furniture needs. Fueled by its commitment to innovation, this brand was established in 2013.

This brand becomes the definition of “once in a blue moon,” making it rare for online shops that sell fancy products at accessible prices for wide customers.

As we know, luxurious things take a significant amount of money. Thus, purchasing a fancy one for furniture may take you a lengthy decision.

However, with the existence of Hernest Furniture, you don’t need to spend much money again on furniture. Instead, making your dreams come true to have a fancy decoration is now possible.

Moreover, this brand also ensures its customers get the best shopping experience by providing excellent customer service, damage compensation, and a chance for a return within a particular time.


  • Elegant and luxurious furniture
  • Solid materials with durability and stability
  • Spacious storage
  • Affordable price
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Expert customer service
  • 30-day return & exchange availability
  • Damage compensation
  • Eco-friendly furniture

Hernest Furniture Review

So, what makes this brand so special? Alright, as frequently mentioned, this brand mainly offers extremely fancy designs at affordable prices on it.

Hernest Furniture Reviews: Hernest Furniture Review

However, you are probably curious about what this brand has in its collection, right? We’ll give you the answer.

Hernest Furniture mainly sells 5 collections varied from Odette, Émilie, Margaux, Corsette, and Bohème.

Moreover, there are also lots of furniture types that this brand offers. You can check the list below.

Hernest Furniture Collections

Living room furniture Coffee tables, TV stands, sofas and loveseats, accent chairs & recliners, end & side tables
Kitchen & Dining Furniture Dining tables, dining chairs, sideboards & buffets, dining room sets
Bedroom Furniture Makeup vanities, dressers & chests, headboards, and nightstands
Office Furniture Bookshelves & bookcases
Entryway Furniture Shoe storage and console tables

With this brand’s extensive range of products, we will review only the best 3 products with many good reviews. Let’s scroll down to the product review parts!

Hernest Furniture Émilie Modern Marble Bathroom Vanity Reviews

We surely need a space for things like shampoo, toner, etc., in our bathroom. Don’t worry because Hernest Furniture Émilie 40″ Modern Marble Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity exists. With its ample storage drawers, you can easily place your things inside them.

Hernest Furniture Review: Hernest Furniture Émilie Modern Marble Bathroom Vanity Reviews

This Émilie Modern Marble Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity has 2 drawers and 4 open shelves layered with solid wood panels. Their marble countertop has an elegant look that makes you want to stare at them ever since you walk into your bathroom. 

Going to the details, their sink is equipped with solid and convenient materials with a thickened table surface. The hardware is covered with a waterproof protective layer and a slow-close technology mechanism, which ensures a gentle and quiet sound.

However, don’t forget about their wall-mounted thing, which appears to be a floating vanity. This feature adds an artistic touch to your room and makes it adjustable. Thus, you can change the place once you feel bored with its placement.

After reading all their great features, you probably wonder how much it costs. Shockingly, this vanity only costs $569.99 from $2,399.99. They also have a preorder price of $512.99 only!

Hernest Furniture Émilie Modern Rustic Square Coffee Table Reviews

Afraid of spilling your coffee into your books? Never worry again cause Hernest Furniture Émilie 31.5″ Modern Rustic Square Coffee Table will secure your books in their spacious drawer storage.

Hernest Furniture Review: Hernest Furniture Émilie Modern Rustic Square Coffee Table Reviews

Featured with 2 large drawers, those will effortlessly hold your favorite items. Also, with the spacious tabletop and sturdy legs, this table will give you a multitasking environment that provides a friendly workspace for doing your project.

Its simple and minimalist look will fit into any decoration you want. However, rustic mostly gives a classic atmosphere to the room decor. Therefore, Hernest Furniture innovates the overall designs to be applicable even for modern decoration.

With its affordable price, you can get this table by spending $159.99 from $199.99. They also have a preorder price of $143.99 only!

Hernest Furniture Émilie Modern Marble Floating Bathroom Vanity Reviews

Having tons of towels in your bathroom? Then you need Hernest Furniture Émilie 34″ Modern Marble Floating Bathroom Vanity as supporting storage for them.

Hernest Furniture Review: Hernest Furniture Émilie Modern Marble Floating Bathroom Vanity Reviews

With 1 big drawer and 2 open shelves, you don’t have to worry about finding a place to store anything inside the vanity. Supported by plywood for its construction, this type of material is definitely a great one for durability and stability.

In addition, their look is also at its best. Equipped with a white marble countertop, it gives a luxurious touch that makes you feel the glamorous atmosphere just by staring at them. With an overall white look, this vanity suits the best in mid-century modern style.

However, from those fancy looks and excellent features, you just need to spend $569.99 from $1,699.99. Definitely a big deal!

Hernest Furniture Pros and Cons

We believe that you may still confuse whether this brand is the right for you or not. Therefore, we will help to convince you by determining the pros and cons of Hernest Furniture in the table below.


  • Modern and luxurious furniture style
  • Free-shipping
  • Fast and wide shipping method
  • Affordable price
  • Expert customer service
  • Easy return policy
  • Damage compensation


  • No offline store
  • Only ships to the US
  • Can’t customize the color or model

Who is Hernest Furniture For?

Hernest Furniture collection is suitable for you who want to buy new furniture in a modern and luxurious style but with a low-cost budget.

Hernest Furniture Review: Who is Hernest Furniture For?

Their best price has become a hot topic even on the section of furniture Reddit. However, even if you have a big budget, you are also welcome to buy their furniture collection.

Besides, this online shop also provides you with the best customer service and a great warranty. This will help you better to understand the brand and keep in touch with a safe shopping experience.

Hernest Furniture Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

A big question about their customer satisfaction after purchasing items from this brand indeed comes to your mind. Moreover, shall we look at their reviews and find what parts satisfied them the most?

Hernest Furniture Review: Hernest Furniture Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

Someone gave a 5/5 ratings after he purchased Émilie 40″ Modern Marble Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity and wrote a review about the quality of the vanity.

The vanity looks great, quality is a top-notch and it provides much storage in it.

This customer said he’s happy with his package because the quality of the vanity is outstanding, and the amount of storage is plenty. This proves that the product description is really given the exact same things as what the furniture looks like.

Then, let’s see what the customer feels after purchasing Émilie 31.5″ Modern Rustic Square Coffee Table. Gave the product 5/5 ratings, this customer said:

Surprised by how easy the assembly process. I do not have any DIY skills, but I finish it with only 15 minutes time-consuming.

According to her review, Hernest Furniture has easy construction, even for customers without any experience in handcrafted activity. However, no need to worry about the assembly because all Hernest Furniture products are easy to form.

Another 5/5 ratings comes from the customers who are satisfied with this brand’s fast delivery process.

I love how fast the delivery was and the item also same as was it described in the product description.

This customer said the delivery process was fast, and again, she was thrilled about how the items came precisely the same as was written on the product details.

From the review above, it is concluded that this brand has excellent products. Thus, nearly all the items have gained exceptional ratings and reviews. Moreover, most customers said they were also delighted with the delivery service because it comes quickly.

Is Hernest Furniture Worth It?

Having a house means you are responsible for the furniture also. Regardless of how you want your home decor might be, purchasing furniture with the best quality and price will always be a number one priority.

Hernest Furniture Review: Is Hernest Furniture Worth It?

To do your priority well, Hernest Furniture comes to be an online shop that has a piece of great curated furniture. Therefore, this online shop is 100% a green light to the worth buying button. 

In their best collection of various fancy brands, Hernest Furniture stands for everyone who struggles to look for a place to buy luxurious furniture at low-cost only.

Not only the products, this brand also comes up with expert customer service to ensure all the transaction processes, even the after-sales, go smoothly.

Hernest Furniture Shipping Policy

Hernest Furniture has 6 warehouses to enhance their speed for shipping their product. They ship to 48 states around the US, from Alabama to West Virginia. FedEx Ground, FedEx Home, and LTL are 3 of the shipping methods they have.

If you want to see their time availability, please take a look at the table below. 

Shopping Methods

Working Time

Delivery Time
FedEx Ground Mon. to Fri. 3 – 7 Days
FedEx Home Mon. to Sun. 4 – 7 Days
LTL (Apply for Extra Large Items) Mon. to Fri. 5 – 14 Days

The great news is there are no additional shipping charges for the transaction on their official website. Moreover, if you want to see their lists for shipping states, please refer to their Shipping Guide.

Hernest Furniture Return Policy

No longer want or are unsatisfied with the product you purchase? Don’t worry because this brand offers a refund once you return the package. However, to get your return accepted, make sure that the items are unopened and unused for 30 days after the delivery days.

Also, the items must be returned in their original packaging. Hence, you must ensure that the original packaging or accessories (if any) are in the same condition as when you received the package. Otherwise, you won’t get any refund from Hernest Furniture.

How To Contact Hernest Furniture?

If you want to reach out their customer service, you can call them at 888-717-8084, or you can also message them via email to [email protected]

Except for holidays, their phone is available from 8:00 AM to 4:31 PM PST (Monday to Friday) and 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM PST on Saturday.

Where to buy Hernest Furniture?

There is no best way of purchasing their product rather than on their official website. Hernest Furniture does not have an offline store, but don’t worry! As fast-developing e-commerce, this brand ensures that customers will always get the best shopping experiences.

Hernest Furniture Coupon Codes & Promos

Affordable prices do not stop this brand from giving you discounts and promotions. They currently have a deal for back-to-college sales and clearance. You can see the options in the list below.

  • Receive 8% off for a minimum $400 purchase and 12% off for a minimum $600 purchase
  • Unlock 10% off by signing up to their newsletter
  • Grab 20% off storewide
  • Acquire up to 58% off on selected items
  • Take a 15% commission per sale from the affiliate program

So, what stops you from buying from them, then? Let’s catch the deals before it ends.


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Hernest Furniture

Hernest Furniture Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Hernest Furniture reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Hernest Furniture?

Unfortunately, there is no source that states specifically about who owns this brand.

Does Hernest Furniture ships internationally?

No. Hernest Furniture ships its product to the United States only, except for the states of HI, PR, AK, GU, AE, VI, FM, and APO/FPO.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Hernest Furniture Reviews & Ratings

After an extensive review, it is evident that Hernest Furniture is the right for you who wants to purchase luxurious-design furniture. This brand demonstrates its commitment to excellent craftsmanship by providing sturdy, convenient, and eco-friendly materials.

Further, while it boasts top-notch quality and design, its pricing remains competitive, solidifying this brand’s position as a reliable choice for furniture enthusiasts. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s check out Hernest Furniture for your home!


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