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Hemp Chewz Review 2023 → Organic Hemp Chews for Healthy Dogs

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About Hemp Chewz for Dogs

As hemp-derived products keep rising, it becomes one option to maintain your pet’s health. However, finding hemp-derived products that are safe to consume, mainly for your loved ones, is not that easy. Fortunately, Hemp Chewz come to ease your mind.

Hemp Chewz Review: About Hemp Chewz for Dogs
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Hemp Chewz is a company that produces hemp-based chews for dogs. The brand makes its products with organic hemp oil and other natural ingredients, such as turmeric, glucosamine, and chondroitin. 

In addition, this brand offers affordable prices and tasty hemp treats, making it one of the best offers in the market. Also, its products are recommended for pet parents who are looking for a natural way to support their dogs’ health and well-being.

This hemp-derived treat company is also active on social media to share attractive content for doggo lovers. On its social media, the brand gained more than 2.1k followers.

However, fame couldn’t judge the quality. So, this Hemp Chewz review will uncover its company profile, product reviews, customer testimonials, customer services, discounts, and more. So keep on reading!

Overview of Hemp Chewz for Dogs

Founded in 2017, Hemp Chewz is a company that manufactures hemp chews for dogs. All of its products are USA-made in FDA, USDA, and FSIS-regulated manufacturing facilities with certification of GMP.

This brand strives to offer affordable hemp chews with a delicious flavor that makes your dog enjoy regularly taking it. Also, they have many offers that make your purchase more accessible.

Further, this company also has excellent fast shipping and a money-back guarantee to ensure your purchase.

Hemp Chewz Review

This company only offers hemp chews that scientifically blend using premium all-natural ingredients with the precise amount for the overall health and happiness of the dogs.

Hemp Chewz Reviews: Hemp Chewz Review

Moreover, the thing that makes this brand set itself aside from others is that all of its hemp chews use no cook and no heat to maintain the quality of the ingredients.

The product also has a lab test in an independent factory, ensuring the components meet the claim on the label.

This brand mainly offers two kinds of products: Hip and joint Supplements and Allergy+Skin Health. The only difference is that it comes in different sizes, such as the single bottle, wellness plan, and sample pack.

In the following section, let’s break down each product to see the quality and which one will be best for your dog!

Hemp Chewz Allergy + Skin Health Chews Reviews

The first product in this Hemp Chewz review is the Allergy + Skin Health Chews. These hemp chews are designed to consume consistently daily to maintain optimal wellness.

Hemp Chewz Review: Hemp Chewz Allergy + Skin Health Chews Reviews

It’s suitable for a dog that’s suffering from irritating skin and allergic conditions such as seasonal allergies, dry and itchy skin, hot spots, excessive licking, etc. This hemp chew is processed without heat and cooks to maintain maximum potency and freshness.

The Allergy+Skin Health hemp chews are infused with Hemp Oil, Hemp Seed Powder, Chia Seed, Omega-3 Fish Oil + Colostrum, Apple Cider Vinegar, Burdock Root Powder, and Vitamin-C that can offer optimum skin health support.

It’s not only for skin health but also contains a 6-Strain Probiotic Blend to boost immune and gut health. With the natural vegan pumpkin and coconut flavor, your dog will enjoy chewing it.

Wellness Plan Details

  • Wellness Plan L: 90-count Soft Chews for a 30-day supply that cost $26.95 every three weeks  (large dog above 60lbs)
  • Wellness Plan M: 90-count Soft Chews for a 60-day supply that cost $26.95/month (Medium dog around 30-60lbs)
  • Wellness Plan S: 90-Count Soft Chews for a 90-day supply that cost $26.95 every six weeks (Small dogs under 30 lbs)

This product is also available for a single purchase, costing around $36.95 – $110.85, depending on how much you purchase it.

Hemp Chewz Hip & Joint Mobility Chews Reviews

The Hemp Chewz Hip & Joint Mobility Chews is one of the best hemp chews for dogs’ hips and joints in the market. It contains veterinarian-recommended ingredients such as organic hemp seed oil and hemp powder.

Hemp Chewz Review: Hemp Chewz Hip & Joint Mobility Chews Reviews

For enhancing another benefit, it also contains a powerful combination of natural ingredients such as organic turmeric, chondroitin, glucosamine,  MSM, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and green-lipped mussels. It also ensures the product is gluten-free, grain-free, soy, corn, sugar-free, and dairy-free.

The Hip & Joint Mobility Chews has various benefits, including reducing inflammation, promoting overall wellness, and supporting joint mobility.

Hip & Joint Mobility Chews Wellness Plan Details

  • Wellness Plan L: 120 Soft Chews for 30 days supplies and cost $33.95/month (For large dogs over 60 lbs)
  • Wellness Plan M: 120 Soft Chews for 40 days supplies and cost $33.95 every six weeks (For medium dogs 31 to 60 lbs)
  • Wellness Plan S: 120 Soft Chews For 60 days supplies and cost $33.95 every two months (For dogs under 30 lbs)

The hemp chews come in roasted chicken flavor, ensuring your puppies enjoy its savory flavor. If your dog is not regularly taking the hemp chews, you can try the single purchase that costs $38.95 in a single bottle.

Hemp Chewz Sample Pack Reviews

Just get started? If this is your first purchase, purchasing its full bottle may be too much since you’re still unsure whether it’s potent or if your puppies like it. Then this sample pack can be your go-to for a good start.

Hemp Chewz Review: Hemp Chewz Sample Pack Reviews

This sample pack weighs only 4 oz in a can with 4″×6″×1″ dimensions, making it suitable for trial. You can let your dog consume it as a tasty treat. If they like it, you can purchase the full-size version to consume it regularly.

There are two options for the sample packs,  the Allergy + Skin Health and Hip & Joint Supplement sample packs, which cost only $1.95 for each pack!

Hemp Chewz for Dogs Pros and Cons

Congratulations, you’ve come the one step closer before buying the brand’s products. But before that, the following are the pros and cons of this brand that are worthy of your consideration:


  • Made with organic hemp oil and other natural ingredients
  • Supports joint health, reduces inflammation, and promotes overall wellness in dogs
  • Grain-free, gluten-free, and soy-free
  • Made in the USA
  • Backed by a satisfaction guarantee


  • Only ship within the US

Who Is Hemp Chewz For?

Hemp Chewz is a company that designed only offers hemp-derived products for dogs. In addition, it uses only organic ingredients with powerful antioxidants that fight toxic free radicals, making it ideal for breeds and size dogs.

It’s also suitable for budget-conscious buyers since this brand offers affordable prices among competitors. Not only that, it can be the best option if you plan to make your pet consume it regularly since they provide a wellness plan where you can save more.

However, it’s worth emphasizing if your dog has sensitive stomach or intestinal problems, this brand is not the best recommendation. Aside from that, hemp chews can be ideal for hip dysplasia or predisposed to joint issues and breeds that will grow very large.

Hemp Chewz Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Still hesitant to purchase these hemp-derived treats for your furbaby? So, in this section, we’ll focus on Hemp Chewz reviews from the customer to see their opinion about this company. Let’s hear what one happy customer says:

Hemp Chewz Review: Hemp Chewz Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

My Conan has been consuming Hemp Chewz for 5 or 6 years now, and he’s so much better for it. He’ll be 10 in Dec 2020 and still runs around in the yard with the younger ones. I think he wouldn’t be without it. Thank you for manufacturing an affordable product that works for my furbaby.

From the review above, we can see that the customer is satisfied with the hemp chews and has become a loyal customer, proving the product’s quality. In addition, it can help the pup maintain its health. Even in its old age, the pup still has good mobility. Below is what another customer said:

We Love Hemp Chewz!! My old lab, Bubba, is very arthritic and has almost become completely immobile. Since starting Hemp Chewz, he has been able to get up on his own again and move more. We glad that we say a big difference within a week.

According to the review above, its product seems to have a good effect on the customer’s puppies, making it good hemp chews for dogs with arthritis. We also see all their product reviews to see whether a negative review is worth considering. So, let’s see the review below:

Made a difference in just a few days. It’s because of allergies, so we need to stop it.

As per the previous review, the product can give a visible result for the pup after consuming it. But unfortunately, they have to stop consuming it due to allergies. Even so, the customer still provides 4/5 reviews. So the customer can still see the product’s wellness if there’s no allergy.

Overall, from all the reviews on this site, this brand can give a quality product with visible results. As a result, this brand has many loyal customers who trust this supplement for their beloved doggo.

Is Hemp Chewz Worth It?

After an in-depth review of this company, we can conclude that Hemp Chewz is worth purchasing. It has an exceptional product from 100% natural ingredients made in GMP-certificated facilities and has followed third-party tests.

Hemp Chewz Review: Is Hemp Chewz Worth It?

Its natural ingredients ensure it’s safe for dogs of every age and size to consume. Furthermore, from the customer reviews we’ve investigated, all customers see visible results from consuming these products.

Aside from that, this brand also has a wide selection of offers, free shipping, and a money-back guarantee that makes your satisfaction the top priority. Hence, with all factors that we stated, you may already know how worth this brand is.

Hemp Chewz Shipping Policy

Good news for you! Hemp Chewz offers free shipping for all products except for the sample pack. For the sample pack, the shipping cost will be estimated at checkout.

Most products will be shipped via USPS Priority Shipping, which will take approximately 4 – 5 days to arrive. Furthermore, for sample packs, purchases will use USPS First Class Mail and arrive at your mailbox within 4-5 days after the carrier handles the product.

Hemp Chewz Return Policy

Unsatisfied with your purchase? Fortunately, this brand offers a money-back guarantee that you can claim for as long as within 45 days of the purchase. In addition, this company will refund every penny you spend to purchase the products.

Not only that, no matter the reason, whether you don’t see results or your dog doesn’t like it, this company will make it right for you. To start the return, you can contact its customer service, and when everything is done, your refund will be credited to the original payment.

How To Contact Hemp Chewz

Need further information beyond what this Hemp Chewz review could provide? You can get in touch with its customer service team via:

  • Phone: 833-364-4367
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: Canine Canna Care dba Hemp Chewz, 6701 Eagle Shadow Ave, Brighton, Colorado 80602

You can feel free to ask questions or need guidance to purchase its product, and they’ll respond to it as soon as possible.

Where to buy Hemp Chewz?

Want to let your puppies devour their first hemp chews treats? You can grab it officially from the Hemp Chewz website, where you can get the best offer. You can also harness the free shipping and money-back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction.

However, if you have another favorite shopping platform, you can consider Amazon and eBay. Happy shopping!

Hemp Chewz Coupon Codes & Promos

If you end up in this Hemp Chewz review because you’re searching for the current offer, you’ve come to the right place. Here are several current offers that you can find on the page:

  • Enjoy 25% OFF by joining its email list
  • Save $13 on Allergy+Skin Health Wellness Plan and $10 on the Hip & Joint Mobility Chews Wellness Plan
  • Save up to 20% OFF on purchasing more than a single bottle
  • Free shipping on most orders
  • Get a Free 1 year subscription to the K9 World for purchasing the Hip & Joint Mobility Chews Wellness Plan

Last, you can get current Hemp Chewz coupon codes by checking the link below!

Reveal all coupons
Hemp Chewz

Hemp Chewz Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Hemp Chewz reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Hemp Chewz?

Unfortunately, while we go through this company, we can’t find any information about this company’s ownership.

Does Hemp Chewz ship internationally?

This company currently only ship within the United States.

Will Hemp Chewz get my dog high?

Since it contains no THC so it won’t cause high.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Hemp Chewz Reviews & Ratings

For all pet owners, the pet’s health is always your priority. Hemp Chewz is a company that produces hemp chews specifically for dogs. This brand can offer hemp chews that aren’t only healthy but also safe, tasty, and affordable.

All its product is made from natural ingredients with no heat and cooking, ensuring fresh and potent effects. This hemp-derived product is created to help maintain your dog’s health while making it easy to consume. Now you can visit Hemp Chewz to grab these natural and healthy treats for your loved one!


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