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Heivy Collagen Review 2024 → Liquid Collagen with Beauty Benefits

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About Heivy Collagen

Nowadays, collagen drink is becoming more popular for beauty and wellness, which is believed to protect the skin from deep inside. With 5 collagen formulas for all skin types, Heivy Collagen has plenty of benefits and replenishes your glow skin!

Heivy Collagen Review: About Heivy Collagen
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Heivy Collagen is a beauty brand that offers 100% truly all-in-nature products and brings quality & environmental commitment to creating collagen skincare for optimal results. 

As seen from social media, this brand has 1.5k+ followers on Facebook and Instagram. They nailed the social media visually with eye-catching and fresh content to engage customers in experiencing the power of collagen. 

What’s your opinion? Want to try some? If so, continue scrolling down Heivy Review for further information. We’ve prepared a special surprise for you!

Overview of Heivy Collagen

Heivy Collagen was founded in 2017 by an entrepreneur and mother of three named Stacy. It began when she realized the need for a collagen-based supplement that is easy to consume yet affordable.

What makes Heivy different? This brand brings the mission to enhance the benefits of collagen with naturally derived ingredients and use eco-friendly practices. Additionally, this brand ensures the highest standards of ingredients and flavor. 

No need for years. This brand has become a U.S. market leader in providing guaranteed quality internal and external collagen beauty products. That was amazing!


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Heivy Collagen Reviews

All of the liquid collagen formulas made by Heivy are created using natural ingredients without parabens, preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors. It contains plant-based extracts as well as essential vitamins & minerals. 

Heivy Collagen Reviews: Heivy Collagen Reviews

Recently, Heivy launched ready to go collagen supplement drink in six variants: Revive (red), Stior (light blue), Protect (purple), Lullaby (dark blue), Uplift (yellow), and Moisturizing Drink: Hyaluronic Acid as the new supplement. 

In this Heivy Review, we’ve already picked the three best-selling products with premium formulas and health benefits. You can use this as a guideline to help you make a good decision on purchasing. 

Heivy Collagen Best Selling Products

  • Revive
  • Stior
  • Oolong Tea Mask

If you want to know more about the brand’s collagen products, we’ll be taking a closer look at their top-selling items below. So, let’s dive in and explore the section below!

Heivy Collagen Revive Reviews

Heivy Collagen Revive claims to strengthen and rejuvenate your skin, hair, and nails. With natural ingredients, this little red bottle is your best all-around collagen drink. 

Heivy Collagen Review: Heivy Collagen Revive Reviews

It contains 10,000mg of marine collagen and Biotin, which will revive your mood and strengthen hair and nails significantly. FYI, Biotin is known as the “beauty vitamin,” which protects the skin’s molecular mucous membranes and maintains healthy skin. 

Moreover, this collagen drink also contains Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin C, and Piperine for increased absorption and reduces damage from radicals in your body. Additionally, you’ll find jasmine extract to enhance optimal benefits. 

So far, Heivy Revive collagen works synergistically to repair and intensely nourish all skin imperfections. Drink one bottle per day and feel better feeling every single day. At $29.99, this red collagen has 1.69 fl. oz./bottle, which in 1 box contains 10 bottles. 


  • Improve skin suppleness
  • Prevent the advancement of deep wrinkles
  • Boosts collagen content
  • Rejuvenate hair youthfulness and nails 
  • Enhance facial blood circulation

Ingredients: Premium Marine Collagen, Vitamin C, Biotin, Coenzyme Q10, and Piperine (Bioperine)

Heivy Collagen Stior Reviews

If you’re keen to improve bone strength and joint mobility, there is no better look than Heivy Collagen Stior. This little blue collagen works great to keep your bones, joints, and tendons limber to be active. 

Heivy Collagen Review: Heivy Collagen Stior Reviews

With added Calcium to maintain and build strong bones and Vitamin D to improve calcium absorption and immune function, this blue one is a good addition to enjoy the beauty transformation. 

The best part? This liquid collagen supplement contains a combination of premium Type I and an extra 5,000mg of Type II Marine Collagen to provide flexibility. Also, the ingredient of Glucosamine helps create fats and protein for the recovery of joint pain. 

Drink one bottle daily and speed up your fitness regimen’s healing process. You can get only 15% OFF from $42.88 for a limited time. 


  • Improve flexibility and new movement in your tendons, cartilage, bones, and joints
  • Feel more incredible energy, cardiovascular benefits, and better digestion
  • Restores radiance and strength to your skin, nails, and hair

Ingredients: 5.000mg Marine Collagen (Type 1 & Type II), Vitamin D, Calcium, Glucosamine, Jasmine extract, and Piperine (Bioperine)

Heivy Collagen Oolong Tea Mask Reviews

It’s time to put Heivy Collagen Oolong Tea Mask Ultra Hydrating on to boost healthier and glowing skin whenever you’ve noticed your skin becoming tighter, dryer, and less plum. No matter your skin type, this facial mask is made for you.

Heivy Collagen Review: Heivy Collagen Oolong Tea Mask Reviews

This ultra-hydrating face mask allows you to enjoy healthier skin and strengthen your skin for a vibrant glow with the combination of premium ingredients: black tea, glycerin, and trehalose.

Black tea provides antioxidants for hyperpigmentation, uneven tones, and dark spots. Meanwhile, glycerin can boost your skin’s moisture levels for more profound and longer rehydration. And the additional trehalose to protect against skin dehydration and oxidative damage. 

For optimal results, wear the facial mask for 15-20 minutes in a dry condition after washing your face. Lightly pressing the mask on. Immediately remove when the time limit is over, and gently rub the remaining serum into the skin.

Available in a package of 10 with 2.5 g on each face mask. You can buy them for only $21.99 with free shipping within US orders.


  • Deeply hydrating and boosts glowing skin
  • Great for color correction and rejuvenating skin
  • Restore moisture and elasticity for a natural skin 
  • Rehydration with rich antioxidants 

Ingredients: Black tea, Glycerin, Trehalose, Tangerine. 

Heivy Collagen Pros & Cons

Absolutely, a good product from a new or well-known brand must have pros & cons in every aspect. For that reason, we compiled a list to make it easier for you to compare the plus and minus of this brand. 


  • Suitable for all skin types. 
  • Liquid form with no powdery mess
  • Ultra-portable with one-shot size
  • Supply on demand, anytime and anywhere
  • Boost skin health and rejuvenate skin. 
  • Premium and 100% natural ingredients to help your overall health 
  • Plenty of promotions you can get


  • Need more variants 
  • Some people might experience the taste as too sweet
  • It might be too expensive for some customers

Who Is Heivy Collagen For?

As a beauty and wellness brand, Heivy is made for everyone. Whether you’re a dancer, active lifestyle, or workout enthusiast, you must try this one. All the products are great for you, especially if you’re looking for the benefits of collagen.

What’s more, all the good combinations of formulas can help to deeply nourish the skin, strong nails, and insane hair growth within. This collagen also works synergistically as the best care for bones & joints, even revitalizing skin 

Even better, if you want to repair all your skin imperfections, Heivy can help you to achieve it slowly but surely. So far, you can get all the benefits by consuming liquid collagen.

Heivy Collagen Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

One thing that makes you confident to judge the goodness and weakness of a product is by looking at trusted customer reviews. And we all agree with that. For this reason, we’ve compiled 3 reviews from heivy.com on each product. 

Heivy Collagen Review: Heivy Collagen Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Begin with Heivy Collagen Revive, which has 304 reviews. One happy customer shares the experience after drinking the liquid collagen and retrieving much better on the skin, hair, and nails. 

Since using this collagen my skin, hair and nails look so much better and I have zero issues with my joints. I am a very active mom runner and before using this I suffered from plantar fasciitis in my foot and my knees hurt me all the time …

Next, we’re moving on to the Heivy Collagen Stior, which has 72 reviews on the website. One buyer shares her experience after purchasing the collagen, she looks so happy and feels energized. 

I’ve been taking this daily for more than a year. It has helped knee and shoulder pain associated with osteoarthritis. Initially, it took 6 weeks to take effect. I’ve stopped it twice for 2 weeks when on vacation, and sore knees returned. It also helps my hair grow, amazing the lady who cuts my hair. I recommend it highly …

With rich antioxidants, Heivy Collagen Oolong Tea Mask is perfect for all skin types and makes your skin become plumper. One customer said:

My skin looks healthier and hydrated. I recommend this product.

Overall, Heivy Collagen has a lot of benefits for your body’s health. And after finding out some trusted customer reviews, most of them are happy with the purchase. They feel much better than anything else and significantly impact your overall health.

Is Heivy Collagen Worth It?

This is what you’ve been waiting for, right? Regarding every little aspect, such as ingredients, quality products, quality control, and well-made process. We agree and are confident to say that Heivy Collagen is worth the investment for your body’s health. 

Heivy Collagen Review: Is Heivy Collagen Worth It?

With ultra-portable size and 100% natural ingredients, this brand is the best possible liquid collagen supplement whenever & wherever you are. You can consume it daily and see the result after it. 

How To Contact Heivy Collagen

Got questions? Or want to share your journey? Heivy would love to respond to every customer’s message no matter what the questions are. Here’s an easy way to get engaged with them:

Heivy Collagen Address
10416 150th St
Jamaica NY 11435

Heivy Collagen Shipping Policy

Hurray! Heivy truly wants to make everyone experience the benefits of collagen, which is why they provide International Shipping across the world. The best part? Free Shipping is available only within the US on orders over $39.99.

Sadly, we couldn’t find any information on how long it would take for the package to be delivered and processed. However, as long as your address and the details are correct, you can rest assured that your package will arrive safely at your doorstep.

Heivy Collagen Return Policy

Typically, the collagen needs approximately two months to see the full results. However, if you’re not satisfied with the collagen within 30 days of the day it arrives, then Heivy will happily process your return. 

The item must be in the original package, and attach the purchase receipt to be eligible for a return and refund. Then, let them know by sending an email to [email protected] for further processing. After your return is approved, they will notify you through email to follow the next step. 

Where to buy Heivy Collagen?

You can get your favorite Heivy Collagen by online purchasing. To ensure the original product with guaranteed quality and benefits, we suggest you buy it directly from the Official Website Store

If you’re familiar with buying products on marketplaces, you can find this product on Amazon or Walmart. 

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Heivy Collagen Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Heivy Collagen reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

How much collagen should I consume?

You need to drink one bottle daily since each 1.69oz bottle in Heivy contains 5,000 – 10,000mg of collagen. 

What’s the difference between powdered collagen and liquid collagen?

The main difference is that liquid collagen is easy to consume without prep time. In addition, the liquid form, which is ready to drink directly, is very simple compared to powder collagen, which must be mixed into your food or drink first. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Heivy Collagen Reviews & Ratings

Collagen can increase calcium levels in the human body. You can get many benefits after consuming collagen, which is good for the health of bones and joints, but the formula is also beneficial for skin health. 

What you should be aware of is when your calcium levels are already high. As much as possible, avoid consuming collagen excessively so that your calcium levels do not increase.

Hopefully, Heavy Collagen Review can help you to find the right liquid collagen product that is beneficial for you. Use it with the right rules to get maximum results. 


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