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About Heartland Veterinary Supply

Medication is not only crucial for humans, but it’s also vital to maintain your pet’s wellness and longevity. However, going to the nearest apothecary may not cover all your needs. Moreover, you must ensure the pet’s medication and supply are genuinely safe.

Heartland Veterinary Supply Review: About Heartland Veterinary Supply
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Heartland Veterinary Supply and Pharmacy is one of the best online pet supplies in the US, with over four decades in the industry. Its online store has an extensive line of animal health care products for horses, cats, and dogs.

Additionally, it has also become highly reliable as a licensed US pharmacy. As a result, this pet drug and supply store has a number of loyal customers and over 15.4K followers on Facebook and Instagram.

However, before you purchase wellness products for your pet, it’s better to ensure their legitimacy. Thus, read our Heartland Vet Supply review to get insight into company profiles, reviews, promos, and other information!

Overview Of Heartland Veterinary Supply

In 1981, Heartland Veterinary Supply & Pharmacy was founded with a company located in Hastings, Nebraska. It’s a Vet-VIPPS-accredited pharmacy that is fully licensed and run online.

This veterinary clinic is functioning in diagnosing and treatment of pet health problems. It includes canine, equine, and feline species.

Currently, the brand is solely a discount supply headquarters and a trusted discount cataloger for horse, cat, and dog products. Moreover, it aims to provide pet products and supplies to help you with preventative care for your horse and pets.

The licensed veterinarian and pharmacist on site are backed by a helpful and insightful team to maintain your healthy pet. In addition, the Heartland experts are dedicated to helpful and fast service to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Heartland Veterinary Supply Review

One of the Heartland Vet Supply’s supremacy is its expansive pharmacy products and supply of horses, dogs, and cats.

Heartland Veterinary Supply Reviews: Heartland Veterinary Supply Review

Its canine products encompass heartworm prevention, skin infection, ear infection, smelly ears and hot spots medications, flea control, and other antibiotics. Likewise, the dog and cat products include the cat vaccine, supplements, hairball supplies, and feline vaccine charts.

Furthermore, the company offers a horse and cattle product collection to ensure your pets’ health and longevity. Plus, there’s a collection of fly and insect control.

On its website, you’ll be not only able to find its exclusive collection but also other remarkable and trusted brands. For instance, American Regent, Ceva, Dechram, Equithrive, Elanco, and others.

However, how is the product quality? Thus, we’ll review three products to see their quality. So let’s move to the next section!

Heartland Veterinary Supply Azithromycin Tablets Reviews

Heartland Vet Supply Zithromax Tablets by PLIVA is a complete course of antibiotic therapy that only 5 do. In addition, every piece of the tables contains azithromycin anhydrous equivalent to 250mg or 500mg of azithromycin, respectively.

Heartland Veterinary Supply Review: Heartland Veterinary Supply Azithromycin Tablets Reviews

It’s a macrolide antibacterial drug for mild to moderate infections caused by susceptible bacteria. Additionally, before consuming it, you should check the dosage and use in the prescribing information.

The Azithromycin Tablets are available in three options 250mg (single), 250mg (18 counts), 500mg (Single), and 500mg (30 counts). The price varies from $0.99 to $23.95, depending on your chosen size. Or you can save 10% OFF subscriptions!

Heartland Veterinary Supply Greenies Dental Chews Reviews

Next is a flavorful, healthy chewy for your lovely pet, the Greenies Dental Chews for Dogs. It’s formulated from high-quality and digestible protein that can break down into little teeth cleaning. The chews are extremely easy to swallow and digestible bits with added minerals and vitamins.

Heartland Veterinary Supply Review: Heartland Veterinary Supply Greenies Dental Chews Reviews

All those beneficial ingredients can give a complete and balanced daily diet. Plus, the added natural antioxidants can boost the healthy immune system. It’s also great for digestibility since it can act as a natural source of dietary fiber.

Furthermore, it becomes greater with the new oral formulation that carries the VOHC seal of acceptance. So you can let your dog have these dental chews once daily to control the harmful plaque. Besides, it’ll freshen the breathe and reduce tartar build-up.

The Heartland Vet Supply chewy is available in 4 distinct sizes and textures for different dogs. The options are Teenie dogs (5-15lbs), Petite dogs (15-25lbs), Regular dogs (25-50lbs), and Large dogs (50-100lbs).

You’ll be happy to see how you would love this and get excited to taste these healthy chews. Thus, grab this dental treat at only $17.98 to $18.95!

Heartland Veterinary Supply Enalapril Compounded Oral Suspension Reviews

The last product we reviewed is its exclusive Heartland Vet Supply Enalapril Compounded Oral Suspension. It’s designed to treat minor to acute heart failure, high blood pressure, and dilated cardiomyopathy.

Heartland Veterinary Supply Review: Heartland Veterinary Supply Enalapril Compounded Oral Suspension Reviews

It uses a safe formulation that can reduce the lung’s fluid build-up and lowers the heart’s stress. In addition, the chicken flavor ensures a delicious taste. So your dog may love to consume it and not be fussy.

The oral suspension uses the oil-based compound prescription that can be stored at room temperature. However, its content will separate oil at the top and suspend medication at the bottom. So it should be shaken thoroughly to suspend the mediation in the oil entirely.

This enalapril is a liquid medication, so you must use a syringe to let your dog consume it orally. So it may be a pretty hassle, but you can follow the instruction carefully. You must also do the right caring for the dosing syringe to prevent the needle from getting stuck.

Available in 8 potency variations, you can choose based on your needs ranging from 0.75mg/ml, 30 mL to 20mg/ml, 30 mL. So if you already get the Veterinarian Prescription (Rx) Required, hurry up and purchase it for $29.70-$37.50.

Heartland Veterinary Supply Pros and Cons

Do you need something to convince you more? Alright, now it’s time to see the brand’s pros and cons. See the list below!


  • Genuine and authentic products
  • Expansive products collection
  • Helpful expert team
  • Trusted pharmacy that is licensed
  • Low price guarantee
  • Free US shipping
  • 30-day return policy
  • 40K+ reviews from customers


  • Often delayed shipping

Who Is Heartland Veterinary Supply For?

Heartland Vet Supply is an online store that’s dedicated to every pet owner, farmer, or veterinarian. Here you can find products related to medication and supplies for pets.

Heartland Veterinary Supply Review: Who Is Heartland Veterinary Supply For?

However, its primary expertise is pet health solutions for dogs, cats, and horses. For horseman, the horse products collection are available for mules, donkey, and horses. You can also find other pet supplies for cattle as well as flea and insect control.

Also, since this large animal vet supplies store often shares promos, it’ll be best for budget-conscious customers. It also can be the best option for those looking for a safe and reliable supplier with genuine pet products at an affordable price.

Heartland Veterinary Supply Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Over four decades in the industry makes the brand’s quality easy to see. In that long period, it obtains thousands of genuine customer reviews that express their purchasing experience. For example, it receives a 4.7/5 average rating based on 41,224 customer reviews on the ShopperApproved site.

Heartland Veterinary Supply Review: Heartland Veterinary Supply Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Considering the thousands of reviews, the rating number seems too good to be true. But it’s a fact. So now let’s see one of Heartland Vet Supply’s reviews from customers to see their opinion:

I’ve ordered products from Heartland Vet Nebraska¬†twice now. I am pleased with the shipping times, prices, and clear communication. So highly recommend it.

Here’s another customer state about satisfaction with the pricing:

Fabulous! I acquired the same prescription as my vet’s office but for much, much less. So, thank you very much for giving this service!

In contrast with another review, there’s a customer complaint about the shipping quality. Here it’s:

…my package was delayed, but I was reached just when I was going to contact customer service. So basically, it wasn’t Heartland’s fault – the issue was seeming with the supplier.

With thousands of positive Heartland Veterinary Supply and Pharmacy reviews, it’s completely proven its quality.

Many customers state how good the pricing, quality, customer service, and shipping are. Regardless, there are mixed testimonials about the shipping since some customers experience delays and poor packaging.

Is Heartland Veterinary Supply Worth It?

This online Heartland animal health supplies store is definitely worth relying on. The company is entirely an expert in pet wellness with decades of experience. Moreover, the website is wholly licensed with an expert team ready to help.

Heartland Veterinary Supply Review: Is Heartland Veterinary Supply Worth It?

We also adore how it has low priding with a low price guarantee. It means if you find a competitor with a higher price, it’ll gladly match the advertised price. It has also become unbeatable with free shipping and 30 days return policy.

So if you want to find safe and authentic products at the lowest price, this brand is your go-to!

Heartland Veterinary Supply Shipping Policy

The Heartland Vet Supply products are only available for US customers. There’ll be FOB charges for Alaska, the Virgin Islands, and Hawaii. The processing time is quite long, around one week, since the store needs the veterinarian’s approval.

The delivery will be shipped via standard shipping ($7.95), express shipping ($29.95), and overnight shipping ($42.95). Plus, if your order is over $75, you’ll get free shipping for standard US. after the product is shipped via ground, it usually takes 3-5 working days to arrive.

Heartland Veterinary Supply Return Policy

For those who are afraid that the product doesn’t meet your expectation, luckily, this brand offers 30 days return policy. You can contact the customer service team to obtain the return authorization number.

FYI, the returned product should be in a resealable condition and original packaging. Unfortunately, the prescription order is unreturnable based on FDA regulations.

The return is also not eligible for vaccines and special orders products. No matter whether you file for a return, refund, or exchange, there’ll be a 20% of restocking fee.

How To Contact Heartland Veterinary Supply

Need more information about the vet supply and pharmacy you want to purchase? Feel free to contact the Heartland Vet Supply customer service via:

  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Phone Number: 800-934-9398
  • Fax: 844-334-5653
  • Social Media: @HeartlandVet
  • Address: HeartlandVetSupply, 401 W. 33rd Street, Hastings, NE 68901

You can choose any way to contact customer service from the contact information above. FYI, the company also has an expert team that allows you to discuss the safety or legalization in your state of the products.

Where to buy Heartland Veterinary Supply?

The HVS Heartland Veterinary Supply and Pharmacy are available at heartlandvetsupply.com. In addition, its website has all of its collections with a highly accessible interface. If you think your location is near Hastings, Nebraska, you should consider visiting its store location!

Heartland Veterinary Supply Coupon Codes & Promos

Luckily, Heartland Vet Supply often offers coupons and sales. If you’re crazy about sales, you should check the list of saving that we’ve compiled:

  • Free US standard shipping on orders over $75
  • 10% off on all vaccines by using the ‘VACCINE‘ promo code
  • 30% off on compound oral suspensions with the ‘SAVE30‘ discount code¬†
  • Get $5 OFF on orders over $35
  • Subscribe to the email list to get unique coupon codes
  • Take a glance at the button below to obtain a list of discount codes

Reveal all coupons
Heartland Veterinary Supply

Heartland Veterinary Supply Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Heartland Veterinary Supply reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Heartland Vet Supply?

The company is owned by Mr. Satjit Singh Dhatt.

Does Heartland Vet Supply and Pharmacy ship internationally?

Currently, this online store is only available for states within the United States. However, some drugs may have some limitations.

Is Heartland Vet Supply legit?

This online vet supply and pharmacy is fully licensed, verified, and A+ BBB accredited, making it pretty legit. Also, it has over 40K Heartland Veterinary Supply reviews from the customer and 40 years of experience that show its credibility.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Heartland Veterinary Supply Reviews & Ratings

Considering all the information we’ve featured in our Heartland Vet Supply review, we think this company is highly recommended. There, you can find an expansive selection of vet supplies and pharmacies.

The company has also proven to be safe and genuine. Besides, the company has an excellent point of low pricing, outstanding customer service, free shipping, and a satisfaction guarantee. So if you’re searching for safe and affordable pet products, Heartland Vet Supply and Pharmacy is your go!


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