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HEALER Certified Training Program Online

Having or giving cannabis treatment will work best with education. Whether you are a health specialist or patient, learning about cannabis would improve the cannabis health results. Thus, we welcome you to HEALER Cannabis education.

HEALER Review: HEALER Certified Training Program Online
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This company offers a reliable certified training program in the cannabis industry. Its program will help people to get to know CBD and cannabis better. Further, it also gives all the info about the treatment and usage.

On the other hand, the www.healer.com programs are led by Dr. Sulak, who has great experience and knowledge in the field of cannabis. As a result, you will get the best cannabis training.

In addition, Dr. Sulak’s training program and free courses are top-rated among health specialists. The worthiness has also been shown in CNN, Women’s Health, Healthline, RollingStone, Leafly, BuzzFeed, and more.

Besides, it has high enthusiasts on Facebook, with 12K followers and 5.8K on Instagram. But is its Cannabis and CBD online course truly worth it? Our HEALER review will help you find out!

Overview Of HEALER CBD Certification Course Online

HEALER CBD is one of the leading brands to find steadfast medical cannabis based in Brunswick, Maine. This brand is co-founded by Dr. Dustin Sulak, an outstanding integrative medicine physician.

He’s well-known in the international medical cannabis industry, with main expertise in mind-body medicine, osteopathy, and medical cannabis. Furthermore, he began to dive into the cannabis medical field in 2009.

At that time, he realized the lack of quality learning and training on how to use cannabis. Then, this brand embarked on cannabis and hemp teaching to offer HEALER Certified Training Programs.


At first, HEALER was started to provide free science based cannabis education and dosage programs. These programs will help people to find safe and smart use of cannabis for patients and practitioners.

HEALER Reviews: HEALER Review

After the successful launch of the free programs, it widens the programs. It offers a paid online certification program for experts and health providers. Moreover, this training and certification carry multiple insightful programs.

HEALER Programs

This brand is successful not only in cannabis learning but also in other areas. Dr. Sulak addressed the second challenge with the science team: producing the safest and most effective CBD products.

Further, the products are filled with complex full-spectrum cannabinoids. Here they are:

HEALER Cannabis Products

CBD Drops Defense, Uplift, Night, Perfect Balance, THCA, Pain Relief Tincture, and more
Gummies Night, Uplift, Watermelon, Relax, Vitality, Ease Gummies, and more
CBD Cream/Topicals CBDA:CBD Topical Hydrogel Cream, THC:CBDA Topical, and more
Vaporizers Anytime Nano Filtered Vaporizer Cartridges and more
Capsules Night, Balance, Relief, CBD, CBDA Capsules, and more

Its hemp products are highly worth buying. However, we won’t provide you with a HEALER CBD review. Our article will focus on breaking down its training and certification online courses program. So, let’s jump right in!

HEALER Training And Certification Program Reviews

The HEALER Training And Certification Program is its main paid program to educate health experts to help patients and consumers. It includes online training, monthly webinars, learning resources, and individual & business.

HEALER Review: HEALER Training And Certification Program Reviews

In addition, each online course is highly complex. The member will learn from the basic cannabis knowledge to condition treatments. Aside from that, the course will be divided into 4 online courses.

Online Courses

  • Course 1: Medical Cannabis Core Curriculum
  • Course 2: Dosage Protocols and Methodologies
  • Course 3: CBD Essentials and Applications
  • Course 4: Condition Specific Treatment

One more thing that is worth mentioning is the monthly live webinars. The membership will allow you to stay up to date on the latest research with a Q&A section with Dr. Sulak. What’s more, it provides 50 previously recorded webinars that can be accessed.

The learning resources also provide a wide selection of materials. It encompasses videos, dosage guides, and handouts. Besides, it also has a group training package for your team.

You’ll obtain a certificate, interactive micro learning, compliance, and community discussion in this membership. Thus, get your certificate and be fully educated in cannabis medicine with this training and credential program!

HEALER Certification Program Pricing And Package

The HEALER online training and credential membership is based on an annual package. It’s divided into personal and group packages. Besides, it also has a By Quote option tailored to your needs. Here’s the further details of pricing and package:

$249 Annually
$3,588 Annually
  • 4 online courses
  • Certificate of completion
  • Healer branded knowledge resources
  • Monthly live webinars and recordings
  • Community discussion board
  • Certified promotional materials
    + $198/yr additional membership
    +$1,188/yr Co-branded patient education resources
  • 4 online courses
  • Certificate of completion
  • Co-branded knowledge resources with your business info
  • Monthly live webinars and recordings
  • Community discussion board
  • Certified promotional materials
    + $120/yr additional membership
    + $240/location/yr

HEALER Dosage Programs Reviews

Some of you may be looking for a free CBD training certification. As you know, this brand was started to further educate people about CBD. That’s why HEALER has multiple free programs like the Cannabis 101 and Dosage Programs.

HEALER Review: HEALER Dosage Programs Reviews

These programs will be a good start to knowing more about cannabis as a medical. However, you won’t get the certificate. Regardless, it’s worth trying before jumping to deeper and more complex training.

In this free Cannabis Dosage course, there are multiple step-by-step programs. It covers from introduction to cannabis inhalation and tincture to guide to shopping. Here’s the list of the programs:

Dosage Program’s Online Courses

  • 4-day online program: Introduction to Cannabis
  • 6-day online program: Sensitization Protocol
  • Switching from Inhalation to Tincture

See, it has pretty good programs, from basic to how to use it in a better way. So, you should get more insights on how it affects your health with the Cannabis and CBD program for free!

Who Is HEALER For?

HEALER.com is a website that offers great learning and training programs for cannabis. So, its online programs will suit everyone looking for a CBD certification course online.

Its program is highly beneficial to widen the knowledge about cannabis and its treatments. Overall, this online program will be ideal for health providers, industry specialists, and even patients.

HEALER Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Have you already grasped the picture of its programs? Then, it’s time to hear what the customers said. Checking the experts and customer reviews already shows us how good its online courses are.

HEALER Review: HEALER Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

It has a high rating at 4.9/5 average from 50 reviews on Facebook. Even better, its CBD products rated 4.8/5 from 1,009 reviews based on the official site. Next, please take a look at one of HEALER’s reviews below:

It is a great source of info for anyone curious about using cannabis. You learn the basics, how the Endocannabinoid system works, strain selection, dosage, breathing techniques, meditation…It’s also excellent for micro dosing instructions and prevents patients from creating a high tolerance…

Another customer also reported:

Dr. Sulak’s online cannabis video classes are based on facts and common sense. His programs are nice and easy to perform. It’s a good introduction for those who are new to hemp or a proper introduction for those who met Mary Jane before obtaining a medical card.

Similar to those two reviews above, most of them have the same opinion. They love the material and how it can really help in their condition and treatments. Also, they were impressed with all the free guides offered. All in all, there’s no nitpick about the online courses.

Is HEALER Worth It?

HEALER cannabis online courses are worth enrolling in for those who want to harness cannabis products better. Its classes are filled with complex insights for dosage, usage, treatment, and more.

HEALER Review: Is HEALER Worth It?

The classes allow the patients and specialists to use cannabis wisely. As a result, it can improve the efficacy and result of condition specific treatments. So, no matter who you are, this program will boost how you harness the hemp.

HEALER Pros And Cons

Do you also think this online program is worth it? Thoroughly take into account the pros and cons below to decide wisely!


  • Complex courses from introduction to treatment
  • Impressive condition-specific courses
  • Interactive learning programs
  • Good community base for discussions
  • Up-to-date live webinars
  • A myriad of free resources and courses
  • Proper pricing
  • High-rated testimonials


  • The refund policy is unavailable

HEALER Cancellation Policy

The HEALER offers an easy cancellation policy where you can cancel the membership anytime. First, you should log in to your account and click on profile. Then, follow the directions to cancel the membership.

The plan will end at the next renewal date. However, there are no refunds will be given after canceling the membership. Also, all sales are final. So, it’s better to finish the remaining plan’s period.

How To Contact HEALER

Need more info than our review? Feel free to reach the HEALER customer service team via: 

Headquarters Address

119 Orion St
Brunswick, Maine, 04011
United States

Where to buy HEALER?

Are you ready to start the program and get your certificate? Then, you should enroll in the program directly from the official site at healer.com. Start the online course and widen your insight about cannabis!

HEALER Coupon Codes & Promos

Are you hunting for discount codes or perks? Get the best deals on your programs or purchase by harnessing the promos below!

  • Enjoy a free live webinar every month
  • Get free courses on Cannabis 101 and Dosage programs
  • Save 20% on hemp products with free gift on orders of $100
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HEALER Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for HEALER reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns the HEALER Certified Training Program?

Dr. Dustin Sulak owns this CBD brand and learning program.

Where is HEALER located in?

The main office is located in Brunswick, Maine.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of HEALER Reviews & Ratings

All people need the knowledge to guarantee the proper treatment. Our HEALER review is the perfect answer to be fully informed about cannabis before getting treatment and prevent increased tolerance.

Aside from that, it can be proof that you are qualified as a health specialist. Hence, enroll in cannabis medical training and certification with HEALER. Achieve your life-changing results!


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