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About HCK Refrigeration

At least one house will have one refrigerator to keep the beverages cool in the summer and maintain the vegetables and frozen food condition no matter the season. HCK Refrigeration will guide you about this brand that offers quality refrigerators at affordable prices.

HCK Refrigeration Review: About HCK Refrigeration
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This brand mainly offers a beverage refrigerator and outdoor/indoor fridge with excellent features and a high-quality build. You can even find cosmetic fridges or undercounter fridges with space-saving and eco-friendly designs there.

HCK has excellent performance, as recommended by Greenpeace. It appeared in the USA famous magazine in 2019 and won the Best Retail Project of the Year in 2015. This brand also gained some popularity in social media, with 3.6k Facebook followers and 2.2K Instagram followers.

However, is HCK worth it? Well, you can’t determine the brand’s credibility before getting to know that brand further.

So you can read this HCK Refrigeration review, we’ll uncover these brands’ provide, best-selling products, customer services, testimonials, offers, and more. Thus, let’s jump right in!

Overview Of HCK Refrigeration

In 1917, HCK was owned by Geof Thomasson, who designed and manufactured a corporate drink refrigerator in Finland. The company name is named after his dog, Husky Cool King.

This brand offers more than a refrigerator but provides original ideas for drink refrigeration. This brand works with giant companies such as Coca-Cola, Heineken, Moet, etc.

These days, they have grown much more significant than developing retro design, remote control systems, energy-saving technology, and many more.

Currently, in this brand, you can have a wide selection of products for commercial and home use with compact and spacious designs. Moreover, they not only for beverages but also offer fridges for cosmetics and indoor and outdoor usage.

They successfully offer high-quality refrigerators at affordable prices and gain customer satisfaction with the quality and excellent service.

HCK Refrigeration Review

We know that you may start questioning this brand’s quality. Therefore we’ll provide HCK refrigerator reviews that we have chosen from our recommended products.

HCK Refrigeration Reviews: HCK Refrigeration Review

In HCK, you can find a wide selection of refrigerators that are divided into indoor/outdoor fridges, beverage fridges, retro fridges, wine fridges, and cosmetics fridges. Well, that’s kind of so many types of fridge rights.

That’s why we dived down to the top three picks to see the HCK’s overall product qualities. So let’s move to the next section!

HCK Refrigeration Beverage Fridge Reviews

The first product that comes to our list is this BC-90 Beverage Fridge becomes the best HCK outdoor fridge. It features a built-in blues LED light, stainless steel front, and auto defrost function.

HCK Refrigeration Review: HCK Refrigeration Beverage Fridge Reviews

This outdoor refrigerator has a compact yet spacious design that allows storing eight packs (96 cans) of 12 oz cans with 3.18 cu. Ft. 15 Inch size. The ultra-high storage flexibility provides 3 removable chromed shelves with a factory pre-install lock.

You can easily use the TPM unit with a blue colored LED display to adjust the temperatures ranging from 32-50°F. With the TPM, you can easily monitor the performance and provide precise temperatures to maintain the condition of the beverages.

The 42dB motor performance is relatively noiseless and will not disturb your sleep. Thus, if you’re interested in this HCK Refrigeration outdoor and indoor fridge to enjoy a cool beverage in your home, you can grab it while on sale for 41% off, so you need to pay only $649.99!

HCK Refrigeration Freestanding Mini retro Fridge Reviews

Are you looking for an HCK mini fridge with a compact and elegant design? This BC-130RDA Freestanding Mini retro Fridge is the best-selling HCK mini fridge.

HCK Refrigeration Review: HCK Refrigeration Freestanding Mini retro Fridge Reviews

It has a 3.2 cu. Ft. compact and attractive design that is suitable for you who have a small space and add some decoration. Plus, this mini fridge has seven temperatures with a freezer that can be set at the lowest of -13 ℉.

Even though it has a compact design, you can leverage the high flexibility of the storage with 1x half-size glass shelf, 1x full-size glass shelf, 3x retainers, and 1x salad drawer. Plus, its compact design can store up o 65 cans of 12oz, and the 0.52cu ft freezer box can store up to 20 ice creams.

Lastly, this petite and attractive mini fridge is currently on sale at 61% off, which you can grab for only $349.99.

HCK Refrigeration Beverage Refrigerator Kegerator Reviews

Next up on our list is this HCK cooler for beer dispensing that comes with three faucets. The HCK K168 24-inch Outdoor Beverage Refrigerator and Full Size Kegerator is a refrigerator with two functions: an outdoor fridge and a kegerator.

HCK Refrigeration Review: HCK Refrigeration Beverage Refrigerator Kegerator Reviews

The HCK kegerator has 3 taps and a spacious interior that is big enough to accommodate one full-size keg, two 1/4 beer barrels, and three 5-gallon kegs. On the other hand, the HCK cool outdoor fridge has three shelves.

It also comes with a complete D system keg tapping kit that allows you to dispense cold draft beer from the keg, drip tray, guard rail, safety lock, casters, and three wire shelves. The reversible stainless steel door makes changing the door’s orientation easier, depending on your needs.

The precise temperature control provides a highly efficient compressor-based cooling system that uses eco-friendly R600a refrigerant with effective temperatures ranging from 32°F to 50°F. In addition, the built-in sensors provide precise temperature monitoring to maintain the beverages’ condition.

This kegerator can operate with 45dB of noise and has an automatic defrost that offers hassle-free maintenance. Finally, with all these features and functions, you can buy it for only $1,799.99, discounted by 49%!

HCK Refrigeration Pros and Cons

Before we go deeper into HCK Refrigeration, you can take a look at this brand pinpoint:


  • Offers high-quality refrigerators
  • Compact design yet spacious
  • Energy-saving power and tremendous features
  • Affordable price points
  • Free shipping for all US orders
  • 30-day return and warranty
  • Positive testimonials from the customers


  • No international shipping

Who Is HCK Refrigeration For?

HCK Refrigeration is a brand that is made for everyone, whether you’re looking for a refrigerator with a compact design or a spacious one.

HCK Refrigeration Review: Who Is HCK Refrigeration For?

Even though this brand offers a wide selection of refrigerator designs, whether it is cooler, freezer, freestanding, or undercounter, this brand is more advanced in developing fridges for beverages.

So, it will be the best option if you’re looking for a fridge to store beverages such as wine, cans, or even draft beer. However, since it has a wide selection of refrigerators, you can also find other refrigerators with different designs that will be suitable for your needs.

HCK Refrigeration Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

You may not believe our HCK refrigerator reviews, so let’s see what customers say about their products. In Review Meta, this brand successfully obtains 4.8/5 ratings from 119, which is quite impressive.

HCK Refrigeration Review: HCK Refrigeration Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The followings are the rating of the best-selling refrigerators that we have reviewed above:

  • HCK BC-90 3.18 cu. Ft. The Indoor/Outdoor Beverage Fridge obtain a 5/5 rating from 21 reviewers
  • HCK BC-130RDA 3.2 cu. Ft. Freestanding Mini retro Fridge gets a 4.9/5 rating from 17 reviewers
  • HCK K168 24 inch Refrigerator and Kegerator receive 4.9/5 rating from 14 reviewers

Those are impressive numbers that portray the product’s quality and all customers’ satisfaction with the purchase. For instance, this is one of the reviewers stated:

No more messing around with ice chests love my HCK 3.18 cubic fridge. It is just the right size and keeps my beverages really cold on hot, roasting summer days. It is compact but sufficient to keep drinks really cold. It is a good buy.

It shows how the refrigerator works well and can provide a suitable space with a compact design. Another review states:

This kegerator has been the perfect addition to our kitchen. Its commercial-grade appearance and sleek look made it fit flawlessly in our home. It was easy to set up and worked exactly as expected! Great Buy!!

The reviews above express that the kegerator works flawlessly and has a great design that makes it look good. Overall we couldn’t find any negative complaints in their customer reviews section, and all the reviews gave 5 and 4 ratings. Even the 4-star ratings don’t contain any negative issues we can discuss.

Is HCK Refrigeration Worth It?

Finding a brand that can deliver its claim has never been easy, but surprisingly we found that HCK Refrigeration lives up to it. It has excellent customer service and refrigeration quality that deliver the claims.

HCK Refrigeration Review: Is HCK Refrigeration Worth It?

This brand provides high-end features and superb design and its products but offers discounts on every product like what we have reviewed above. So it’s not only a high-quality product at an affordable price.

It is worth mentioning that, like what you have read above, this brand has exceptional positive reviews from its customers. Well, what kind of answer have you been expecting? Unquestionably, HCK is worth it.

HCK Refrigeration Shipping Policy

According to the HCK Refrigeration shipping policy, they ship to the US States, and all orders over $200 will be eligible for free shipping in 48 states. Standard ground shipping will take 7 – 10 business days, and expedited overnight will arrive the next business day.

After your order and purchase have been confirmed, your order will be shipped on a business day from Monday to Friday, and orders placed on the weekend will be processed in the following business days.

HCK Refrigeration Return Policy

Are you afraid that you’re unsatisfied with the purchase? Fortunately, HCK offers a 30-day return policy that offers hassle-free returns and refunds as long as the product is unassembled and unused in the original packaging.

However, even though it has passed 30-days since the delivery, you’re still backed with a warranty that allows you to request a return for a defective item with a severe problem or an incorrect item because of the HCK manufacturer. Plus, the brand will pay the shipping cost.

Indeed you can return the product for any reason within 30 days of the receiving date, but keep in mind that a product without quality problems cannot be returned. Overall, we think this return and warranty are more reasonable than other brands.

How To Contact HCK Refrigeration

If you have any questions or need assistance in your purchasing that this HCK Refrigeration review didn’t provide, you can feel free to contact the brand’s customer service team via:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Telephone: +1 310-463-3296
  • Filling out the contact us form
  • Live chat at the bottom right of the website
  • Visit the location at 1878 Fumia PL, Suite 101, San Jose, CA. 95131

You can freely contact them, which is ready to help you every Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM EST.

Where to buy HCK Refrigeration?

Have you found the right refrigerator for you? Well, you can purchase an HCK refrigerator directly from their official website. Since you’ll get many perks, including a wide selection of discounts, your purchase will be backed with a 30-day return policy and warranty.

In addition, you can also find their product is some online shopping platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, and many more.

HCK Refrigeration Coupon Codes & Promos

Are you a budget-conscious shopper? Well, you don’t have to worry. Fortunately, all products are on discount up to 74% off. You can also enjoy free shipping for orders of $200 in the US. Lastly, you can obtain HCK discount codes by clicking the button below!

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HCK Refrigeration Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for HCK Refrigeration reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns HCK Refrigeration?

HCK Refrigeration brand is currently owned by Geoff Thomasson.

Does HCK Refrigeration ship internationally?

Unfortunately, their official website is only eligible for US shipping. But soon, they’ll probably open to customers across the globe.

Where is HCK Refrigeration manufactured?

HCK’s refrigerators are manufactured in China, with a head office and market focusing on the US.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of HCK Refrigeration Reviews & Ratings

Have you found any home without a fridge? No matter what the season is, refrigeration is essential for human beings. Not only keep the beverages cool in the summer but also keep the frozen food and dairy ingredients in good condition. HCK is a brand that offers original ideas for drink refrigerators.

This brand can offer a wide selection of beverage refrigeration for home and commercial use. Not only that, but you can also find a wide selection of refrigerators, whether under counter or freestanding.

After we’ve broken down all about this brand in this HCK Refrigeration review, do you think that this brand is unworthy? Well, you can determine by yourself from the product quality, customer service, and satisfaction level. Everything is on top level!


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