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Hatsbymadi Review 2024 → Level Up Your Outfit Look!

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About Hatsbymadi

Wearing a hat can level up your outfit. However, if you choose the wrong shape and design of the hat, it can lower your look. Therefore, you must select a good hat selection to make your appearance more attractive.

Hatsbymadi Review: About Hatsbymadi
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This Hatsbymadi review page will provide information about a popular brand with its diverse hat production and attractive designs. The model is very suitable for all ages, making this brand have many enthusiasts.

Yup, Hatsbymadi! have you heard of this brand before? Or even all your hats from this brand? If yes, then your taste is pretty good. But if not, there is no need to worry. Here you’ll get a lot of interesting information related to this brand.

This brand produces hats, especially Trucker Hats, the most suitable hat model for everyone. Besides producing hats with cute and interesting designs, the color choices are also diverse. The brand even offers customizable options if customers want to make hats that suit their tastes.

We’ve said before that this brand is popular among hat lovers. This is proven by their Instagram account, which has reached 14.8k followers. Certainly not a small number, right? Even on their Instagram account, you can get inspiration for wearing their hats with cool outfits.

Well, are you getting curious about other information? Let’s continue discussing other information about this brand in this Hatsbymadi review. Below are several sections discussing the brand’s company profile, best-selling products, discounts and promotions, and many more. So stay tuned with us!

Overview Of Hatsbymadi

It all started with a woman who loved wearing hats and had good taste in the hats she wore. She was an active woman who always wanted to try new things in her life. That gorgeous woman named Madi. She originally started the brand as a simple side project during quarantine in September 2020.

At the time, she was just looking for a way to be creative and connect with the community. However, selling trendy trucker hats became her full-time job thanks to her great taste and resilience in business. (Good job Madi!)

Thanks to her persistence, this brand is improving and has many customers from various regions. Besides producing trucker hats, this brand currently also provides beanies and other accessories, such as hair clips, that also look interesting.

Moreover, many stores are now inviting this brand to cooperate by selling their hats in their stores. Thus, you can easily find the best hats produced by this brand.

The company that is still growing certainly also has some disadvantages from its many advantages. We’ll list this brand’s pros and cons to find out about it.

Hatsbymadi Pros

  • Customizable hat offer that benefits customers
  • Premium quality hats, Vinyl, and Embroidered
  • Popular designs
  • Products are easily available 
  • Free shipping for orders over $75
  • Lots of discounts, promos, and attractive offers

Hatsbymadi Cons

  • Doesn’t provide sizes
  • Only shipping across the US
  • The return policy is not available

Hatsbymadi Reviews

Although it can be said that all the hats produced by this brand have very cute designs, there are the best among the best. So what are the best-selling products from this brand?

Hatsbymadi Reviews: Hatsbymadi Reviews

Here are the 3 best-selling hats that we’ll cover in the next section:

  • Lightning Bolt Smiley Hat
  • Sunshine Hat
  • Happy to Be Here Hat

Are you curious about what makes these 3 products the best sellers from Hatsbymadi? Let’s jump right in!

Hatsbymadi Lightning Bolt Smiley Hat Reviews

Ready for the first product? The first product is the Lightning Bolt Smiley Hat which, as the name implies, has an embroidered smiley emoticon on the front. This hat with a shape like a baseball cap is very popular because it’s suitable for everyone.

Hatsbymadi Review: Hatsbymadi Lightning Bolt Smiley Hat Reviews

This brand offers a selection of hat colors that you can customize. So you’re free to determine what hat color you want to get. You can fill in what color you want in the column that has been given in the product description section. 

Because this hat is a trucker hat model, there’s a mesh or net structure on the back. This allows users to get good circulation when wearing the hat. Plus, with a touch of smiley emoticon embroidery, it looks attractive for any outfit.

You can get this Smiley Hat at an affordable price. You only need to pay $32 to get this customizable hat.

Hatsbymadi Sunshine Hat Reviews

The next hat comes with the product name Hatsbymadi Sunshine Hat. This is because, on the front of the hat, there are embroidered quotes that are very inspirational, “when you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine.” The sentence might be an encouragement for you as a user or even for people who see your hat and read the quote.

Hatsbymadi Review: Hatsbymadi Sunshine Hat Reviews

This hat is perfect for anyone who loves to get inspired or inspire many people around them. It’ll be the perfect complement to the outfit you are wearing.

Like the previous product, this hat also has a mesh structure at the back. So you won’t sweat too much but can still protect your face from the sun’s heat. 

This trucker hat also offers a choice of colors that you can customize according to your wishes. All colors will be available to you. If you’re confused about what color options you can get, you can see the Hat Swatchbook page on the official web.

You can get this inspiring hat for $32. Level up your outfit with this hat now!

Hatsbymadi Santa Hat Reviews

Who can’t wait to welcome Christmas? Soon the special day of Christmas will arrive. Time to look your best to welcome the good day!

Hatsbymadi Review: Hatsbymadi Santa Hat Reviews

Hatsbymadi provides its latest products that are specially designed to welcome Christmas. One of them is by providing this Santa Hat. This hat has a vinyl Santa sticker on the front.

Take it easy! Even though the design of this hat is made of vinyl stickers, you don’t need to be afraid if the sticker peels off easily. The vinyl sticker used by this brand is a durable and premium vinyl that makes it won’t peel off easily. 

This hat is also a trucker hat like the previous hat model, which has a mesh structure on the back. The front will protect you very well from the heat of the sun.

You can also order this hat for your family so that you can wear the same hat with all your family members for Christmas. What a great idea!

Enjoy your Christmas moments perfectly with this Santa Hat that you can get for only $32. You can also choose the color of the hat according to your preference.

Who Is Hatsbymadi For?

Since the hats provided by Hatsbymadi are customizable hats that can be adjusted to the customer’s taste, it can be said that the products of this brand can be used by anyone who spends time with hats.

Hatsbymadi Review: Who Is Hatsbymadi For?

Whether you’re a hat lover who makes it to enhance your look or you want to use a hat to protect yourself from the sun. Plus, the choice of hat color and vinyl or embroidery design can be adjusted easily so that both women and men can use it.

There may be one thing to note about the hats provided by this brand. The hats have an all-size that is more inclined to be sized for teenagers and adults heads. Thus, children may not use hats from this brand because no size is provided for them.

Is Hatsbymadi Legit?

Is this brand legit? Hatsbymadi is a brand that was founded with very humble beginnings. However, thanks to its high quality, customers can now easily find the brand in over 300 stores across the US. 

Hatsbymadi Review: Is Hatsbymadi Legit?

The brand is even very popular on social media, with a very high number of followers who are interested in its products. A wide variety of vinyl, embroidery, and hat color options can be easily customized by customers according to their tastes. 

All these great things really show that this brand is legit!

Is Hatsbymadi Worth It?

As far as we’ve discussed this brand in our Hatsbymadi review, we can see that the quality of the hats provided by this brand is excellent.

Hatsbymadi Review: Is Hatsbymadi Worth It?

Moreover, the ease with which each customer can customize the color, vinyl design, or embroidery on the hat they want to buy makes this product stand out. Even better, the designs and color options on the hats provided are also very up-to-date with today’s looks.

There are even more than 300 stores across the US that provide and work together to provide and sell hats from this brand. Customers can easily find these hats offline.

Hatsbymadi Shipping Policy

Can’t wait to buy one of the best hats from this brand? Just calm down. In this section, we’ll explain the shipping policy as determined by the company. 

First of all, Hatsbymadi offers free shipping on all orders over $75 within the US to make customers happy when placing an order.

After making payment, your order will be delivered within 10 working days. If you need faster delivery because you want to use your order immediately for an event, then the brand suggests you use UPS if you’re in a time crunch.

It should be noted that this timeframe is for shipping. It doesn’t include the production time of 8 – 10 business days (given that the products are handmade to order). So, we recommend placing your order well in advance if you want to use it at an event.

Hatsbymadi Return Policy

Unfortunately, this Hatsbymadi review didn’t get information regarding the return policy provided by this company.

We recommend you contact them directly at the contact provided (you can check it in the next section) to directly ask the team if you experience some problems with the product you received.

You don’t need to worry because the team will answer your questions or complaints according to the queue.

How To Contact Hatsbymadi

Have problems when purchasing? or want to ask about products from this brand? You can contact their customer service team. They’re ready to serve you via email at [email protected].

Or maybe you want to consult directly about the design of the hat you want to buy via telephone. You can speak directly to their team at +1 214-991-2706.

They also have social media that can be contacted via direct message if you want to ask some questions. You can contact them via their social media at their Facebook or Instagram page.

They’ll be happy to answer your questions or assist you when you encounter some problems. We recommend contacting the team during business days and working hours for an effective response.

Where to buy Hatsbymadi?

Due to the popularity of the brand’s products, you can find beautiful hats from the brand very easily online and offline.

If you want to make a purchase online, you can purchase on their official website to get authentic products and to get great deals.

Not forget to mention that they have more than 300 stores across the US that you can easily find and purchase offline. But, this brand didn’t clearly state where’s the specific location.

Hatsbymadi Coupon Codes & Promos

You don’t want to miss out on this exciting section! Before checking out a product, it’s important for you to pay attention to whether the product you’re going to buy provides discounts and promos.

Fortunately, Hatsbymadi is a brand that provides attractive offers for its customers. What are the discounts and promos that you can get? Check below:

  • Unlock 10% off on your order when you sign up your email for a new account
  • Free shipping on all orders over $75
  • Earn a 10% commission when you share with your friends and family

You can also follow their social media accounts to get the latest information about their discounts and promos. 

Or you can click the button below to get other interesting offers!

Reveal all coupons

Hatsbymadi Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Hatsbymadi reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Hatsbymadi?

As the name of the brand suggests, Madi is the name of the owner of Hatsbymadi.

Where is Hatsbymadi manufactured?

Hatsbymadi has a strict manufacturing process located in 73118, Oklahoma City, OK, United States.

Does Hatsbymadi ship internationally?

For now, unfortunately, the brand is only shipping across the US.

What payment methods are accepted?

Hatsbymadi accepts several payment methods, such as Amex, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Meta Pay, Credit/Debit Mastercard, and Visa.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Hatsbymadi Reviews & Ratings

“Life is too short to wear a boring hat!” that’s what this brand says. Adding some accessories to your outfit seems to be able to level up your look. However, if you choose the wrong hat model, then this can worsen your outfit.

Therefore, in this Hatsbymadi review, we’ve provided recommendations for the best hats from Hatsbymadi that can enhance your outfit.

This brand pays a lot of attention to the quality and design that they provide. Beauty and cute, you can even choose and design your own hat according to your taste. So, what are you waiting for? Visit their store and get your best hat!


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