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About Harmony CBD

Have you been so done with your meeting-after-meeting type of activity? We know it’s hard to keep your energy and stamina on fire while there are many things to do. But have you ever thought of having some CBD products from Harmony CBD?

Harmony CBD Review: About Harmony CBD
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Why do you need to come to this store? Since your current concern is craving some booster to keep you on track, then it’s now logical, right? Further, once you come to this store, you’ll know it’s all about premium organic CBD products to shop.

In addition, the brand never misses to mention that they only prioritize Mother’s Love (nature) in every production. Next, it has become the brand’s identity since then. Simply, when you remember Harmony CBD, you’ll remember its natural influence.

However, do other people believe in Harmony supremacy, too? Of course, they do. How can you say that they’re not well-recognized by people while they have more than 18.7k social media followers? Ultimately, you’re nuts if you don’t choose this.

So, do you have any words already about this little teaser of the brand? Just stay on your seat and enjoy reading our Harmony CBD reviews since more things will appear on your screen. Then, let’s do nothing but keep scrolling down! Isn’t that too simple to do?

Overview Of Harmony CBD

Do you know that the name Harmony comes from the founder’s daughter? Yes, it is. Let’s meet the gorgeous and genius woman with a beautiful soul, Janel Ralph. What happened to Janel?

Harmony, Janel’s daughter, was suffering seizures a lot when she was very young. Unfortunately, any medicines and impure hemp-derived CBD products did not help her at all.

However, Janel still had hopes that hemp-derived products could help her daughter at that time. Hence, she started this business (2015) using only organic ingredients. Then, what happened next?

Fortunately, it could save her daughter and maybe also kids with the same health problems out there. Within years, Palmetto Harmony has evolved into something big in the industry with a solid reputation.

Furthermore, it’s also a vertically integrated hemp CBD company that takes over the entire process, from planting and formulating to distributing. And do you know what’s the cooler side?

Today, Harmony CBD has manufacturing facilities with FDA-registered labels. We all agree that it’s a great sign since not all CBD providers own this plus point. So, are you now interested?

Harmony CBD Review

Think CBD, Think Organic. That’s the iconic line of Harmony CBD. At this point, we can only expect good products with botanical ingredients. Therefore, are you curious to see what’s inside this store?

Harmony CBD Reviews: Harmony CBD Review

The picture above may excite you more. So, exploring everything through this section will raise your enthusiasm more. However, let’s start by exploring Harmony’s product categories first. Interested?

Harmony CBD Product Categories

Hemp Oil Lotion
Balm Body Oil
For Pets Skin Care
Softgels Vape Oil

Among those product categories, do you have a favorite one already? Or if you need some guidance, why don’t you see our recommendation? The following list will satisfy you more:

  • CBD Gummies
  • CBD Hemp Skin-Care (Cream)
  • CBD Hemp Vape (Vape Pen and Cartridge)
  • CBD Oil Products

Who says you don’t need the products above? You may say ‘no‘ for now, but let’s see after this review ends. We don’t think you can control yourself while shopping once you get addicted!

Harmony CBD Gummies Reviews

What gummies that make you addicted? There are no such gummies other than CBD Gummies from Palmetto Harmony! A more addictive content? The only place to find them is down below!

Harmony CBD Review: Harmony CBD Gummies Reviews

What’s good about these gummies? First, these Harmony gummies don’t contain any artificial flavors or colors. Otherwise, all the flavors and colors used here are only from natural ingredients.

In addition, these chewable candies are also available in 4 variation choices: focus, gut health, weight management, and sleep CBD gummies. Each function tastes differently, so ensure to secure yours!

Also, with non-GMO and vegan-friendly labels, you can easily get CBD gummies today. However, how much do you need to spend? You don’t need to prepare much since it starts from $27.99 only!

Harmony CBD Hemp Skin-Care (Cream) Reviews

Who has already been sick of searching for suitable skincare products but had nothing? We know how it feels. But have you checked Hemp Skin-Care (Cream) from Harmony CBD? Another addictive item is here!

Harmony CBD Review: Harmony CBD Hemp Skin-Care (Cream) Reviews

Having this cream as your skincare routine means worry-free. Why so? It’s because All of the skincare products from this store contain whole-plant hemp oil, ensuring a full-spectrum cannabinoid and terpene profile.

Furthermore, there actually 2 creams here, they are lavender night cream and 4Cs night cream. On the other hand, you can also choose lotion over cream. It is a mango hydrating lotion, but of course, the price is not the same.

So, don’t you think applying this CBD Hemp skin care (Cream) every night before sleep will result in good and fresh skin? The only answer is ‘yes,’ but let’s spend starting from $22.50 to prove it yourself! So, buy one or more?

Harmony CBD Hemp Vape Pen and Cartridge Reviews

Do you love vaping? That’s the most enjoyable way to enjoy life, though. However, what vapes do you usually shop for? If yours is getting boring lately, let’s get Hemp Vape (Vape Pen and Cartridge)!

Harmony CBD Review: Harmony CBD Hemp Vape Pen and Cartridge Reviews

This vape set is suitable for both experienced and inexperienced vapers. Meanwhile, for those who use sub-ohm vape pens, we offer pre-bottled products for easy use. 

Further, for those who are new to vaping or do not own their own device, no worries. The store offers pre-filled devices and replacement cartridges that are also easy to use. 

Besides that, each vaping pen includes two pre-filled cartridges. These two pre-filled cartridges are also effective since you just need to swap them out for the replacement.

Lastly, don’t you think spending for no more than $19.99 for this CBD Hemp Vape (Vape Pen and Cartridge) is super cheap? Of course. Hence, let’s be faster than anyone else!

Harmony CBD Oil Products Reviews

Finally, we are in the last product already! Do you want to have some drops in your mouth? That’s 100% possible, but ensure the one you use is CBD Oil Products from Harmony CBD! Want to reveal more?

Harmony CBD Review: Harmony CBD Oil Products Reviews

Do you know what is good about this CBD oil? First, the fact says that the oils are made by infusing organic hemp directly with the MCT (a similar type of coconut oil) carrier oil.

In addition, each bottle contains 20mg of CBD per ml, along with various other cannabinoids and terpenes. Also, the product is USDA-certified and non-GMO, which is a very good sign.

Can you consume this oil daily? Sure. You may drop it directly under the tongue or mix it with coffee, milk, or tea. So, if you’re interested in CBD Oil Products, prepare for money starting from $79.99!

Harmony CBD Pros and Cons

Can we see this brand’s performance from a more honest point of view? Then, let’s explore this pros and cons section: 


  • Organic products only
  • Made in the USA
  • Non-GMO
  • Various products with various benefits, too (premium CBD oil, pills or softgels, sleep CBD gummies, and more)
  • The products are also suitable for pets
  • The manufacturing facilities are FDA-registered
  • Available online and offline


  • No worldwide shipping
  • The result or effect may differ for each person

Who Is Harmony CBD For?

We guess no one denies the super fresh and chill feeling after having Harmony CBD’s products. So, do they suit everyone?

The answer is ‘yes!‘ All the brand products are consumable for everyone. They vary based on function, such as boosting energy, inducing sleep, overcoming stress or anxiety, and more. So, why don’t you take yours now?

Harmony CBD Review: What Do Customers Think?

We understand that you won’t start shopping until you read this section. So, does Harmony CBD perform well based on customer ratings and reviews?

Harmony CBD Review: Harmony CBD Review: What Do Customers Think?

Do you know Trustpilot? On that trusted review platform, the brand has gained over 1.7k reviews with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. It’s already satisfying, right?

Then, you should be curious about the customer reviews, now. Based on the shopping experiences, did they also say nice about it? The fact is down below.

Let’s begin with this supper happy review:

I accidentally shipped your CBD topical cream to the wrong address while sending it to my father. However, your customer service was exceptional. Harmony promptly shipped the product out on the same day when I contacted them…

The always good thing about this company is its great and reliable customer service. Who did better than them? No one, we guess. 

Next, it’s also important to read:

I have been a returning customer for a few years now, and their customer service is exceptional. They are always willing to help in any way possible, and I appreciate their reasonable prices.

Again, this customer appreciated the company’s good customer support. Also, the lower prices are another plus point to appreciate more.

Lastly, we guess there are no more honest reviews than this:

I perform live music and get anxious around people. Fortunately, Palmetto Harmony oil helps me perform better. Thank you for the great product.

All Harmony CBD products always work well with the customers. Feeling great to see this customer can overcome his anxiety thanks to the incredible products.

Does this section make you more convinced to shop? Or if you still need further consideration, we guess the next section will be the last one before your final buying decision.

Is Harmony CBD Worth It?

What makes you still doubt about this store? Let us remind you once again that Harmony CBD was born due to Mom’s purest feeling to cure her child. And that’s what she has done until now for everyone in the States.

Harmony CBD Review: Is Harmony CBD Worth It?

In addition, on Trustpilot, the brand also scores very high. Hence, we confidently say it’s 100% worth it. After all, after reading those good customer reviews, you should have known that there’s nothing to worry about here. The only thing to worry about is when you have no Harmony CBD products around. Agree?

Harmony CBD Shipping Policy

Are you ready to ship those oils, gummies, and drops? Then, all you need to do is explore this shipping policy section.

Basically, Harmony CBD welcomes all US orders. However, it is still hard for them to confirm the international shipping.

In detail, international customers need to contact the brand at (843)331-1246 or [email protected] to ensure the shipping availability to your country.

Meanwhile, if you are curious about the shipping fee, all US customers will get free shipping for orders over $99. You will shop for more than that, right? So, don’t let the others get yours earlier!

Harmony CBD Return Policy

Do you receive an unsatisfied or unwanted package? No worries. The brand’s return policy will work to save you from any worse possibilities.

Basically, each customer has a 20-day return policy, and the process is also 100% easy. How to do it? Further, you must fill out this return form and wait up to 2 working days until you hear something from Harmony CBD. 

How To Contact Harmony CBD?

Do you want to be a little closer to Harmony CBD? Sure, you can. However, ensure you mark these contact platforms:

  • Phone number: 843 331 1246
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Social media: Harmony CBD / harmonycbd
  • Contact form: leave your message here!
  • Live chat: see the bubble at the site’s left bottom side!
  • Availability (phone hours): weekdays (9 am – 5 pm EST)

Company Address

United States.

Where to buy Harmony CBD?

Do you know that you can get Harmony CBD’s products online and offline? If you prefer online shopping, the only trusted place to go is its official website. Meanwhile, you can search for the offline stores near you here if you love offline shopping. So, can you start now?

Harmony CBD Coupon Codes & Promos

You love discounts, and we all do, right? So, can you expect to find a discount code here? Let’s check:

  • Join the brand’s newsletter to get exclusive information (deals, discounts, offers)
  • Earn 40% off your order with a coupon code: HALLOWEEN40
  • Subscribe and save up to 30% on every order
  • Participate in the Rewards program, earn points, and redeem them with more benefits
  • Register in the Affiliate and Ambassador program for more advantages
  • Apply for a retail/wholesale program to earn money with Harmony CBD’s products
  • Free shipping for orders above $99

Can those offers stop you from shopping? You better explore more here below:

Reveal all coupons
Harmony CBD

Harmony CBD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Harmony CBD reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Harmony CBD?

The brand’s owner is Janel Ralph.

Where is Harmony CBD located?

The company is in the United States, but we couldn’t find its specific address. 

Does Harmony CBD ship internationally?

Currently, Harmony CBD doesn’t provide international shipping. However, you can directly contact the brand to ensure whether they can ship to your country or not.

Is Harmony CBD legit?

Yes, Palmetto Harmony is a trusted and legit CBD product provider. It has been operating for over 8 years, and thousands of reviews on Trustpilot indicate that it’s more than a reliable brand.

Is Harmony CBD full spectrum?

Yes, most Harmony CBD products are full-spectrum (all of the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes are carefully included in the final product.)

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Harmony CBD Reviews & Ratings

So, do you want to keep yourself fresh and chill during those tight schedules? Or do you want to relax your mind and body from your toughest life? Look no other than Harmony CBD products, then.

You just need to understand your current problem, visit the website, and find the right products to shop for. About the quality? You shouldn’t have any questions since our review today has explained everything. Get addicted now, why not?


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