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About Happy & Polly Online Pet Store

Pet goods not only have to be safe but also can be a great decorative accent for your home. That’s what Happy and Polly have to offer. It is a brand that provides premium, high-quality pet goods, and supplies for all pet lovers!

Happy and Polly Review: About Happy & Polly Online Pet Store
Image: facebook.com/happyandpolly

As seen on the brand’s website, they have a wide selection of products, such as pet goods, beds, toys, apparel, furniture, bowls & feeders, scratching, and many more. They select products that make your pet comfortable and safe for them to use.

As of now, this brand has gained a lot of attention in social media for its great content and enchanting product that make you have one for your cats or dogs.

With 92.4k Instagram followers and 11.7k Facebook followers, we can see how this brand has gained people’s love to see their content and be the first to know the new arrival.

So, if you’re looking for supplies for your cute pet, then this definitely be the brand for you. Next up in this Happy and Polly review, we’ll let you know their company profile, product review, promos, customer feedback, and more. Let’s get started!

Overview of Happy & Polly

Happy and Polly was established in 2020 when the owners met their downpour that is skinny, tiny, and wet.

They realize that cats need items to help them physically and mentally evolve. So, they gather pet supplies for cats and dogs that allow pet owners to provide better pet goods for their loved ones.

Their love for pets makes them choose supplier factories that provide safe and comfortable pet supplies. This brand starts the website with a small product and gradually grows well-known among pet owners.

Pet owners are attracted to this product not only because of its adorable design but also because of how it provides health-oriented products. Even better, they prioritize customer satisfaction and experience by providing a great shipping and return policy.

Happy and Polly Review

Do you think that this brand is good enough for you? Indeed, as you can see, this brand definitely has an excellent way of catching pet lovers’ attention. But do you know what selection of pet supplies the brand has to offer?

Happy and Polly Reviews: Happy and Polly Review

Happy and Polly offers pet supplies focused on cats and dogs, such as pet feeders, toys, walking, clothing, slipping, carrier, custom product for humans, and so much more.

You can truly rely on this brand since their product has been selected from trusted suppliers with the same goal as this brand.

So, to depict their pet supplies, we have selected their best-selling product that can be your reference to see its quality. So keep reading the section of this Happy and Polly review below!

Happy and Polly Moonlight Cat Tree Reviews

You often find that your cat likes climbing your sofas or curtains. But don’t let it limit their vivacity. This Moonlight Cat Tree is designed to keep your kitty active so they can keep engaged physically.

Happy and Polly Review: Happy and Polly Moonlight Cat Tree Reviews

This pretty and ethereal cat tree has various options for an astronomy night sky theme. The hammocks and high seats provide an excellent construction to let the kitten enjoy different pleasures while jumping up and down.

The Happy and Polly Moonlight Cat Tree also has hanging moons and stars that expand their attention span to star hunting.

It’s worth noting that this cat tree is suitable for those below 10 lbs. Likewise, the purple climbing frame is made of high-quality, harmless timber wrapped with natural sisal rope.

The composite cashmere loop can provide a soft and comfortable feeling, so they will be comfortable for playing for a long time. This cute cat tree is not only a climbing tree for your cat, but the attractive and cute design makes it look suitable for your interior.

Are you looking for another concept of a cat tree? The brand make it easy for you by providing gothic cat tree and fruit cat tree. So, whether you want a dark design or a colorful one, those are always available for you to check out.

With various designs, you can purchase this Happy and Polly cat tree from $59.99 to $189.99, depending on the construction you choose.

Happy and Polly Pet Bowl Protects Cervical Spine Reviews

This pet bowl is designed like no other! As you can see, this Happy and Polly Pet Bowl Protects Cervical Spine has an artistic and elegant design. The Teeth Party can elevate the height and shallow depth depending on the pet’s posture for a better eating posture and smoother digestion.

Happy and Polly Review: Happy and Polly Pet Bowl Protects Cervical Spine Reviews

Not only for cats, but this product is also suitable for small dogs with an 8cm base to prevent from pet’s cervical spine. The sleek and modern design will make it ideal for any home interior. The detachable spine support is also equipped with anti-slip bottom to prevent your pet from slipping while eating.

In this pet supplies, you can choose between a plate for a flat-face pet or a bowl for a pet with a large food intake. The selling point of this brand is not only the attractive design but also the material that it uses, ensuring the highest quality by using food-grade ABS and 100% BPA-free hard plastic that is wear-resistant and washable.

Since you already know its features, you may be curious about its price, so that we’ll spill it for you. It cost only $35.99 with colors ranging from pink, yellow, green, blue, and purple!

Happy and Polly Mushroom Cat Water Fountain Reviews

When it comes to cute pet supplies, this brand is never enough. The Mushroom Cat Water Fountain is designed with an attractive design again. This cute mushroom-shaped look is a product to makes water run with filtration, so the pet likes to drink their water.

Happy and Polly Review: Happy and Polly Mushroom Cat Water Fountain Reviews

It’s made of food-grade ceramic material with a high-quality, durable, and sturdy design, making it safe for your kitties and puppies.

The Happy and Polly Cat Water Fountain also comes with sponge layers and a ceramic carbon balls filtration system that can filter impurities and soften the water. Plus, the volcanic rocks in the filtration can eliminate unpleasant smells, purify the water, and balance the PH value with the medical stones.

The IPX-8 Submersible water pump can circulate healthy water quietly that doesn’t affect your pet’s coziness. In addition, this cat fountain has a large liter water capacity and easy-to-clean construction.

What’s in the package

  • Filter
  • Pump with USB plug
  • Happy and Polly mushroom fountain

This Mushroom Cat Water Fountain comes in two color options, green and purple, with S and L sizes. The good news is that its original price of $79.99 cut down to $64.99.

Happy and Polly Pros and Cons

To make things easier for you, let’s take a look at this brand’s pros and cons so you can have a depiction of this brand:


  • Food grade, healthy-oriented, safe, and well designed-products
  • Wide selection of cat and dog supplies
  • Detailed product descriptions
  • 30-day return and refund
  • Free shipping for orders over $69
  • Ship internationally
  • Various discounts and deals
  • Positive customer reviews


  • Offers products limited to only for cats, dogs, and similar pets

Who Is Happy and Polly For?

The Happy and Polly product is suitable for all cat and dog lovers. There you can find a section where it differentiates based on dog and cat.

Happy and Polly Review: Who Is Happy and Polly For?

It’s also highly recommended for pet owners who want to purchase pet goods and supplies that wish to have a collection of cute pet goods and custom-built products that look good for their home interior.

The Happy and Polly wide range of products is not limited to only those who want to be functional and beauty seekers, but to those who want to emphasize the healthy and safe material in their pet goods, such as products with BPA-free and food-grade ABS material.

Happy and Polly Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

You may not totally trust our Happy and Polly reviews, so let’s see what other customers say after purchasing the brand’s products! To start with, let’s see the overall review ratings from other reliable customer review websites.

Happy and Polly Review: Happy and Polly Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

From Judge.Me, trusted site review, the brand has an outstanding 4.9/5 stars rating based on 980 reviews. Mostly, 92% of customers give 5/5 stars, and only 7% of customers give 4/5 stars.

Here are the Happy and Polly water fountain reviews from one of the verified customers that have just bought the Mushroom Cat Water Fountain:

My cat absolutely loves it she was not much of a water drinker before this but now she finishes a full bowl weekly. Very good quality very happy thank you.

One happy customer likes Moonlight Cat Tree because it’s not only cute but can also develop a good habit for your pet. He said:

It’s super cute but my older cat does not fit on the platforms since they are so small. My kitten loves it! The hanging leaf toy is already about to break off thought and I only had the tree for a few days.

The customer above stated how adorable the product is, but there are some flaws. It’s too small and not durable part. Here’s one buyer gives the review of Pet Bowl Protects Cervical Spine that she just bought:

Love this product, easy to clean and help my cats stay healthy!

As you can see, this brand has an impressive review with a 4.9 out of 5 stars rating, which is quite challenging for online shops to gain this rating. Most of them are amazed at how these products cutely design and provide better health for their pet.

There are also some 4-star reviews, but most only drop one star because of choosing the wrong product’s size. Thus, from the data we could gather, we can say this product has an impressive product review and provides good value to its customers.

Is Happy and Polly Legit?

As far as we review this brand, we can see how legit this brand is. This brand has long enough in the pet supplies business with 1029 honest customer reviews that prove its credibility.

It has excellent popularity and features on PureWow, The Mary Sue, BuzzFeed, and many more. Furthermore, it successfully gains 104K followers on social media such as Instagram and Facebook. So there’s no other way than to state Happy and Polly is legit.

Is Happy and Polly Worth It?

Based on this Happy and Polly review, we can’t deny that this brand is worth buying. We’ve thoroughly reviewed this brand to see its reliability and critics, but we can see how it can deliver its value.

Happy and Polly Review: Is Happy and Polly Worth It?

They even provide a detailed product description to make purchasing easier and more accessible for their customers. Plus, they have many perks to offer, like free shipping, discounts, and value in their product for aesthetic, functional, and health benefits for your pet.

Overall, this brand has in all to provide a wide range of products you can purchase in rest assured feeling through how they can guarantee customer satisfaction.

Happy and Polly Shipping Policy

This Happy and Polly review is happy to report that the brand offers free shipping on orders over $69. This includes the US and international customers.

All your orders will be processed in 1 – 3 working days after being verified. However, keep in mind that it can take longer when the orders are in high volume. Additionally, for all US pre-orders, you should allow for 1 – 3 months if the product is not ready in stock.

Expedited shipping orders ($20) will take 5 – 12 days to arrive, and all standard shipping orders ($6) will take 12 – 30 days to arrive. Whereas for all stocked products, it will take 3 – 7 days. For more information about Happy and Polly’s shipping policy, you can check their page here.

Happy and Polly Return Policy

Are you afraid that you’re not satisfied with your purchase? Fortunately, as far as this Happy and Polly review can tell, they allow you to ask for an exchange or full refund within 30-days.

It’s worth noting after the package has arrived, you need to do unboxing the package with a video of pictures as proof for claiming the return or refund.

If you see any defective, you can directly ask for a return by emailing [email protected], then you can process the return or refund according to their policy.

They’ll investigate the returned products within 2 – 3 business days, and if your return is approved, it will be credited to your original payment in 7 – 10 days. But, the original shipping and return shipping fees aren’t refundable.

How to Contact Happy and Polly

If you still have a question beyond this Happy and Polly review, you can feel free to contact their customer service via:

The Happy and Polly customer service team is available and will happily respond to your questionary within 24 hours, Monday through Friday.

Where to buy Happy and Polly?

Have you intrigued by their products? Indeed our product reviews are limited, so if you want to purchase and see their wide range of products, you can visit its official website.

Of course, if you purchase on their official website, you’ll be guaranteed an authentic product backed with a 30-days return policy. So, check on them!

Happy and Polly Coupon Codes & Promos

This section may be the one that you’ve been looking for to save some money. Fortunately, they’re generous to share various discounts that you can currently leverage. Here are the things:

  • Local sale
  • 20% OFF for preorders early bird sale
  • Free shipping on orders over $69
  • Get 10% OFF your first order by subscribing to their newsletter
  • Earns $10 OFF for referrals discount
  • Take 12% OFF for student discounts

As you can see, they offer many discounts and deals for their customers. In addition, to be the first to be notified about special offers and new arrival.

You can subscribe and become a VIP member to get rewards for your activity. Lastly, you can check the link below to obtain Happy and Polly discount code!

Reveal all coupons
Happy and Polly

Happy and Polly Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Happy and Polly reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Happy and Polly?

Unfortunately, while we dived down to this brand, we couldn’t find the Happy and Polly owner. So this Happy and Polly review is only safe to state that this brand remains customer-focused online.

Does Happy and Polly ship internationally?

Yes, Happy and Polly’s sell and ship their products to most other countries.

Do Happy and Polly products safe for pets?

The brand states on its website that all its products are 100% safe. Since they prioritize the pet’s health, they provide a safe and healthy-oriented product such as using safe, food grade, 100% BPA-free material, etc.

Where is Happy and Polly located?

Happy and Polly pet supplies is located in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Happy and Polly Reviews & Ratings

Finding pet goods that are safe for your lovely pets has never been easy, you need to get both safe for your pets and have a good interior in your home. This is where Happy and Polly come in. The brand strives to provide products that can fulfill those needs. Plus, they also offer excellent customer service that will guarantee your satisfaction.

So now you know already that this brand provides pet goods, toys, beds, apparel, bowl & feeder, furniture, scratching, and many more. If you need one of those, no more wait. Without any longer, you can now visit Happy and Polly and find the best one for your lovely pets!

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