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Halara Review 2023 → High Quality Activewear at Affordable Prices

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About Halara Clothes & Activewear

There are often many women who insist on wearing uncomfortable clothes in order to have an appearance that they think is attractive. Even though they are very uncomfortable when wearing it. You would agree that the clothes you wear can make you uncomfortable and hinder your freedom of movement. 

Halara Review: About Halara Clothes & Activewear
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Hence, here at Halara review, we’ll give you recommendations of brands that offer activewear and apparel that deliver comfort and good looks. Get ready because you no longer have to torture and sacrifice discomfort to look good. 

Halara is the most premium retail and sports fashion brand for self-expression at the least premium price. They believe that all women deserve the freedom to put something on, walk out the door, and know that they look amazing. Ease, comfort, and confidence are at the core of the Halara lifestyle.

The brand, which is very popular in many circles, has even reached 152k followers on Facebook and 1.9M followers on Instagram. This is because a lot of women entrust their outfits to this brand. It was also seen in The New York Times, Popsugar, TeenVogue, USA Today, Cosmopolitan, BuzzFeed, Women’s Health, and many other popular media publications that mentioned it.

Many women entrust their wardrobes to this brand. The New York Times, Popsugar, TeenVogue, USA Today, Cosmopolitan, BuzzFeed, Women’s Health, and many other popular media outlets have mentioned it.

The hugely popular brand has even reached 152k followers on Facebook and 1.9M followers on Instagram. They also achieved over 10B views on TikTok and 50M views on Youtube and collaborated with thousands of influencers. 

If until now you haven’t found the clothes that give you the freedom to be active, then stay with us because you’ll find the best clothes to spend your activities well. Before we get to the quality of the product, let’s first talk about the brand story and its purpose. 

Overview of Halara Clothes & Activewear

With feminine attention to detail, this woman-founded company is an early-stage startup funded by top VCs that is shaking up the sports market. They provide the most self-expressive activewear with the most premium level of quality at an affordable & efficient price for all consumers.

They’re on a mission to build and inspire health and well-being through moments of self-embrace in the spirit of being yourself unique, original, and beautiful. 

The clothes they produce are as functional as they are stylish. They’re ready to support the wearer for intense activities like tennis or boxing but are also comfortable and stylish enough for lounging or hanging out with friends.

The brand that guarantees the quality of comfort in each of its products has a collection of fabrics that have received a lot of recognition from its customers:

  • Stretch in 4 ways: 97.8% of customers agree that our cloudful fabrics stretch well.
  • As soft as a cloud: 93.3% of customers agree that our cloudful fabrics are as soft as a cloud.
  • Stability in 360 degrees: 93.8% of customers agree that our cloudful fabric has good stability.
  • Slimming effect: 95.5% of customers agree that our cloudful fabric helps accentuate their curves.

Halara will always try to encourage you that you have the confidence to move the way you want, the strength to play second fiddle, the freedom to go where you want, take time for yourself, and love infinitely when wearing the clothes they produce. 

After knowing the story and purpose of the brand, do you still have doubts? So, we summarize a few points about Halara’s pros and cons for your consideration below:

Halara Pros

  • Made of quality materials that are high-quality, high-elasticity, and breathable
  • A wide selection of colors and sizes is available
  • Excellent clothing quality at an affordable price
  • Free shipping on orders over $49 & free super express on orders $199+
  • Shipping in several countries outside the US
  • 30 days return policy
  • Offers many attractive discounts and promos
  • Super friendly customer service

Halara Cons

  • International shipping to only a few countries

Halara Review

As a brand in the clothing and activewear industry, you’ll find a wide range of comfortable clothing designed to give you the freedom to move and do things. At Halara clothing store, you can find many products such as leggings, Joggers & Pants, Tops, Dresses, Skirts & Shorts, Shorts, and many others. 

Halara Reviews: Halara Review

As we know that in the market, there are already a lot of brands that provide products like the above. So what makes this brand superior? You’ll see many advantages in their products that you can’t find in other brands.

The quality of the materials and the designs they use uphold the comfort of the women who wear them, even at an affordable price!

Here we’ve prepared 3 of their best-selling products that you can consider and information that makes Halara products different and superior to other brands in the market. Keep reading!

Halara Patitoff Pet Hair Resistant High Waisted Crossover Plain Leggings Reviews

Having pets at home, such as dogs and cats, is not an easy thing. Often you find their fur scattered and stick to your clothes. The presence of Patitoff Pet Hair Resistant High Waisted Crossover Plain Leggings helps pet owners to continue to enjoy activities with their pets without fear that their fur will stick to the clothes they wear. 

Halara Review: Halara Patitoff Pet Hair Resistant High Waisted Crossover Plain Leggings Reviews

With their pet hair-resistant fabric, these innovative leggings can be used by pet owners when relaxing at home and then need to be used when rushing out to run some errands. You’ll no longer have the embarrassment of going out with clothes that have a lot of pet hair attached. 

It is made of 77% nylon and 23% elastane which is very lightweight, stretchy, and comfortable for daily activities. It has technology that ensures the fabric stretches to follow your body however you move. These leggings are also made of breathable fabric for indoor & outdoor activities, so you’re sure to feel comfortable throughout your workout and all day long.

The crossover waist design offers intricate details to your look. The high-waisted design also offers support & comfort without sacrificing style. These freedom-of-movement leggings have a 7/8 length that slightly exposes the ankle for a clean and fresh look and keeps you focused on your workout.

Features you can get from these innovative leggings:

  • Very little pet hair and fluff will stick when rubbed against the leggings in most cases
  • If any pet hair and fluff do stick, you can pat it off easily
  • Buttery soft inside and silky soft outside

You can wear these leggings for playing with your pet, walking your dog, relaxing, and doing yoga & studio activities. The leggings, which come in 17 colors and sizes ranging from XS to 4X, are available at a reduced price of $34.95 from the original price of $39.95. You can also find various other types of leggings, such as flare leggings, fleece leggings, and many more. 

Get the leggings now and give yourself the freedom to do many activities with your pet!

Halara Cloudful Air High Waisted Drawstring Side Pocket Plain Full Length Joggers Reviews

A person’s style can be determined by the activities he enjoys. If you like to do activities such as moving a lot, like doing yoga, you must like outfits that are lightweight, have cool materials and provide freedom when moving.

Halara Review: Halara Cloudful Air High Waisted Drawstring Side Pocket Plain Full Length Joggers Reviews

Lucky for you that Cloudful Air High Waisted Drawstring Side Pocket Plain Full Length Joggers are here to provide a lot of support to those of you who like to do a lot of outdoor activities. You can move comfortably and won’t overheat thanks to the soft and cool material. 

These joggers are made from 77% nylon, 23% elastane, and Cloudful Air fabric, which is soft to the touch, and moisture-wicking yet much cooler and smoother next to your skin. Made from breathable fabric for indoor & outdoor activities so you’re sure to feel comfortable throughout your workout and all day long.

Usually, when you do a lot of outdoor activities, you’re bound to sweat, and your sweat will stick to your clothes. However, thanks to the fabric technology that removes sweat and other liquids, you don’t have to worry about embarrassing sweat stains anymore. Squat-proof technology that helps to ensure comfortable mobility during exercise.

Thus, this jogger is ideal for wearing during humid conditions and low-intensity recreation such as yoga, ballet barre dancing, pilates, golf, and other casual activities.

Comes with a slim fit design for a streamlined look that is tighter than sweatpants. In addition, its adjustable fit is via an adjustable drawstring for a personalized fit. The sides feature side pockets for maximum comfort. This is available in 17 colors and sizes ranging from XS to 3X that you can adjust to your needs. 

These are versatile pants that will enhance your look in any activity!

Halara Deep V Neck Adjustable Strap Backless Ruched Bodycon Mini Casual Dress Reviews

Do you love feminine styles, like wearing dresses often? Deep V Neck Adjustable Strap Backless Ruched Bodycon Mini Casual Dress will be the perfect answer to support your style while still getting maximum comfort.

Halara Review: Halara Deep V Neck Adjustable Strap Backless Ruched Bodycon Mini Casual Dress Reviews

The dress has a ruched tailoring design for a textured look, and the deep V-shaped neckline will give your look a feminine and unique edge. The crossover design is present for a simple yet stylish touch. It also has adjustable straps to help give you a perfect fit.

Made from 85% nylon and 15% elastane with four-way stretch fabric, it offers easy movement and long-lasting wearability. It is also extremely soft and comfortable for casual activities, work, or travel.

This dress has removable padding for customized support when and where you need it. There are also adjustable straps that help you get the right fit. This dress is also well-designed with a stylish backless design to show off some skin.

You can get this dress with a choice of colors that you can customize, such as Dusty Rose, Black, Wine Red, and Stargazer. You can also adjust to your body size because this dress comes with several size options ranging from XS to XL. 

The good news about this dress is that you can get it at a fairly affordable price. This dress which has an initial price of $44.95, can now be obtained by paying only $29.95. Keep your feminine style according to your personality but still be comfortable for your daily activities.

Halara Size Guide

As we have repeatedly mentioned that this brand presents a wide selection of sizes. Ranging from the smallest size XS to the largest size 3XL. 

Halara Review: Halara Size Guide

The brand even provides very clear information to help its customers get the size that suits their bodies. Each product description has a size chart for detailed information on how many sizes are available for the product. Where is the size guide displayed? Go to the product page of the item you want to order, and scroll until you see the ‘Size Chart.’

Thankfully, the brand also lists the clothes used by the model in the product photos so that you can match your body to the model’s and see some detailed size information in the size chart table. 

You can check here for a complete guide on how to measure provided by the brand. 

Who is Halara For?

For women who are often engaged in outdoor activities, all-day activities with a lot of movement, The Halara activewear and clothing will help you get optimal freedom and comfort.

Halara Review: Who is Halara For?

Is it just for women? What about clothing products for men? As a young new company, they appreciate everyone’s interest in expanding their product categories. they hope to launch products beyond women’s fashion in the near future.

Thanks to the product size available from XS – 3XL, you with any body size and body shape can find the clothes you need that you can adjust to your body. However, you can be sure that this brand doesn’t produce clothing and activewear for children since it is not available in children’s sizes. 

Pet owners can use their products to do activities together without fear of pet hair sticking to their clothes because they have pet hair resistance and easily pat off features on the clothing material. 

You also don’t have to worry if you don’t have much of a budget because the brand’s mission is to offer its customers the best quality clothes at the best price. So, even you with a low budget can still enjoy and own their products. 

Halara Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

As a popular brand that many women trust for comfortable clothing to support their freedom of activity, this Halara review found the customer feedback from Sitejabber that the brand has a consumer rating of 4.51/5 stars out of 40,371 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchase. 

Halara Review: Halara Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The brand even ranks 10th among Women’s Apparel sites per the rankings set by this website. Most consumers who are satisfied with Halara often mention its customer service, great experience, and free shipping as the reasons for its excellence. So, without further ado, let’s get on with the review!

The first review came from a customer who seemed satisfied with the product with good quality yet sold at a very affordable price. She also seemed happy with the brand’s excellent customer service. She left a comment: 

Very affordable and CUTE clothes! You 100% get your money’s worth. This was my first time ordering clothes online and loved almost all the items. The clothes from Halara are exactly as pictured. And the sizes are accurate. They also have great customer service support and respond to you very quick…

Furthermore, the following reviews come from customers who seem happy with the service the brand provides:

It was quick, easy and I was happy that what I wanted was available! Free shipping is an added bonus!

From the reviews, customers seem to be happy with the services offered by the brand, such as its speed, ease of ordering, and free delivery.

Here’s what other reviewers had to say:

This website is well organized. I really like that they have a larger size and are easy to find. The store is very good at keeping me updated on the status of my orders.

Even the website’s appearance, which is very comfortable, makes it a lot of convenient for its customers. Can be seen from these customers who are satisfied with a well-organized website.

We can say that its customers have recognized the brand’s goals and efforts. Ranging from a wide selection of sizes, quality products, affordable prices, a friendly customer service team, and ease when placing orders online through its website.

Is Halara Worth It?

As we’ve said before, you’ll find a lot to love about this brand. Aside from its affordable prices and excellent product quality, the brand also offers designs that can enhance the looks and confidence of the women who wear their clothing line. 

Halara Review: Is Halara Worth It?

Women of any body size can customize the clothes they want according to their body size and shape since sizes XS to 3XL are available. The color can also be adjusted to the tastes of its users because it comes with many color options, of which there are up to 32 color options to choose from. 

The advantage of its material is that it can stretch in 4 ways, is soft as clouds, has a slimming effect, and stability at 360 degrees cannot be ignored. Along with its design that features a built-in bra and removable pads, pockets on both sides, and built-in shorts cannot be underestimated. From the many excellences that the brand has, we conclude that their products are very worth buying!

Halara Shipping Policy

In order to reach many customers outside the US, the brand provides shipping policies in some countries outside the US. However, according to the regulations they’ve set. Unfortunately, there are some countries that they can’t reach.

They also feature free standard shipping on orders over $49 (after a set discount in certain countries). Each country will have a different amount of shipping cost and shipping times. Since the brand ships in several countries outside the US, there is some information regarding shipping times and costs in each country.

It’s impossible for us to list the details of shipping times and costs for all available countries. So we’ll only list a few below. 

  • US
    • Standard Shipping: Orders will be shipped within 8-10 business days at a flat rate of $3.9. Free Standard Shipping on orders over $49
    • Express Shipping: Orders will be delivered within 6-8 business days at a flat rate of $12.9
    • Super Express Shipping: Orders will be delivered within 3-5 business days at a flat rate of $20.9. Free Super Express Shipping on orders over $199

Detailed information regarding shipping times and costs for other countries can be checked here. Please note that for in-stock items, please allow an additional 1-3 days for warehouse processing time for the total estimated delivery.

To find out if your order has been shipped, the brand will send a tracking number to your email. You can track using the tracking number or order number on this page

Halara Return Policy

The brand makes every effort to deliver products of the highest quality and safe packaging. They sincerely hope that you like what you ordered. However, if anything goes wrong, the brand accepts returns within 30 days of delivery. 

You can make a return easily by clicking this page, or you can also purchase an email at service@thehalara.com by indicating the item you want to return, the order number, the reason for the return, and a photo of the item in its current condition.

Please note that all items must be in good condition, unused, unworn, and contain all parts with the original tags/package. For hygiene reasons, underwear, water bottles, hair accessories, glasses, hats, jewelry, socks, and masks cannot be returned. 

Once you get the return approval, please return your item according to the return instructions from the service team. Within 3-5 days after the warehouse receives your item and approves your request, the refund will be reflected in the original payment account or credit card, depending on the bank.

Refunds will be sent within 5 business days of receipt of the returned item or cancellation request. If you have not received your refund within 14 days of delivery of the returned product, please contact service@thehalara.com as soon as possible.

How to Contact Halara

Have you checked the FAQ page but still don’t get the answer to your question? We have the solution! Here are some contacts that you can use to connect with their customer service. You can ask whatever questions you have in your head.

The team will respond to you within 1 business day, and don’t forget to check your spam email! Besides email, you can also get in touch with the team by sending a message or greeting them on their social media accounts.

Where to buy Halara?

As a direct-to-consumer business, you can purchase Halara brand clothing only from their official website, and it is unavailable at any third-party retailers.

Halara Coupon Codes & Promos

Lucky you because besides its affordable price, this brand even presents many discount offers and promotions that can be claimed on every purchase of its products. Here are some offers that you can get: 

  • Buy 3 and get 30% off
  • Buy 1 and get 1 free 
  • Valentine’s day sale up to 80% off
  • Legs play weekend 299+ styles of leggings & pants up to 50% off 
  • Free shipping on orders over $49 & free super express on orders $199+
  • Spin the wheel to get a new user-free gift

We also recommend visiting their website for promo updates or coupon codes that can be claimed when purchasing.

Reveal all coupons

Get discounts & promotions coupon codes for Halara in other countries.

Halara Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Halara reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Halara?

Sadly so far we haven’t found out who owns this brand. 

Where does Halara ship from?

The brand’s products are shipped from factories in Vietnam, China, and the Philippines.

How do I wash my Halara products?

The brand recommends washing clothes using mild detergents and at low temperatures. This is better for the environment, and for the clothes. You can find more detailed recommendations listed in the product description. 

Does Halara ship internationally?

Halara does international shipping but not to all countries. Only some countries can be checked here

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Halara Reviews & Ratings

A lot of activity and movement requires comfortable, lightweight clothes that give you freedom when wearing them. After reading this Halara review, we’re sure you have gotten the answers to the clothes you need for your comfort in activities.

You’ll be the most active and free woman with your comfortable and stylish outfits thanks to the clothes from Halara. With affordable prices, a wide selection of sizes and colors, and premium quality materials, you’ll be the luckiest woman in your most comfortable clothes!


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