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About GTX Corp

Stay fit is a must. We’ve been through a tough year from 2020 with the Coronavirus spread. Finally, we can smile widely this year. All activities are getting normal, we can do whatever things we want freely. But, it doesn’t mean that you can ignore to keep your body healthy.

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Have you heard about GTX Corp? It’s a health and technology company which offers you outstanding products. Ranging from masks, sanitizers, antibody tests, GPS trackers, and so on. All of them are designed for medical and safety use, it’s perfect for adding your healthy shield gear.

To get to know more about this company and what it has, lucky you, this GTX Corp Review has you covered. Here, it has an in-depth review of the best-selling products; masks, antibody tests, smartsole, and tracker. Without further ado, read on!

Overview of GTX Corp

Established in 2002, GTX Corp is the first wearable tech company that provides you with health and safety solutions products. Their customers are in all 50 states and international customers in over 35 countries, including US and foreign military, publish health, small business enterprises, and many more.

The award-winning product they offer is GPS SmartSole, a tracking device proven for its functionality and efficiency. GTX Corp is the best way to improve your health protection and track your beloved with their GPS product.

GTX Corp Reviews

As we’ve mentioned, this GTX Corp comes to offer you a solution for your health and safety. Provided with high-end products, they are sure to give you a satisfied purchase feel. Healthy & safety, GPS devices, and NFC solutions are what they offer to you.

We’ve reviewed some of their products that you can find in the next section. All of them are worth considering buying as they have various excellent features you need.

GTX Corp Antibody Test Review

This antibody test offered by GTX Corp has been authorized by FDA under a EUA, which means its safety and accuracy are undoubted. It is used to identify your body’s COVID-19 (coronavirus) infection, whether in the past or current condition. Well, it works to measure the types of antibodies in your blood, identify, and show what’s going on.

GTX Corp Review: GTX Corp Antibody Test Review
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Under CLIA Certificates of Waiver, Compliance, or Accreditation, this antibody test is authorized for fingersticks only. To take note, it can’t be home used; a trained healthcare professional is needed to use it. What’s more, it is sold to healthcare facilities or medical professionals to help them identify the coronavirus spread.

GTX Corp Antibody Test Includes:

  • Kit buffer
  • Alcohol wipe
  • Testing cartridge
  • Capillary Pipette
  • Safety lancet

GTX Corp Masks Review

2020 has been a nightmare for everyone, but it’s in the past; 2022 is a new life for us. The coronavirus spread is under control, but it doesn’t mean we can lower the protection. Using a mask is essential instead; that’s what GTX Corp provided.

Offered various types of masks, ranging from N95 Masks to Reusable Masks for your kids, each with its own worth considering features.

  1. N95 Mask
    Comfortable fit, secure fit, NIOSH approved, 95% protection
  2. KN95 Mask
    FDA-approved mask, aluminum nose bridge, soft plush ear loops
  3. Surgical Mask
    97% protection, disposable, FDA certified D376588
  4. Custom Mask
    99.9% protection, 3-ply layer, disposable
  5. Reusable Mask
    3-ply later, 100% cotton, 99% protection, reusable, washable

Basically, GTX Corp offers more than five options that we’ve mentioned; thus, better to visit their site directly to find what’s fit the most for you. Again, with some health-certified approved, all of them are proven to be a shield to build great protection for your body.

GTX Corp SmartSole Review

With the slogan of When They Wander, You’ll Never Wonder, GTX Corp SmartSole has proven to give you peace while leaving your loved one unattended. It’s a GPS tracker which hides and is sealed on the shoe insert—as the name implies, it’s a smart sole, anyway.

GTX Corp Review: GTX Corp SmartSole Review
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The water-resistant feature is great for keeping it on in any unexpected condition. What’s more, it works to give you an updated location every 5 minutes, sure, you can check them on the location map on your phone or computer.

It’s a must-have tracker if you are a hardcore busy person who wants to keep an eye on your beloved in case you can’t be beside them every single time. To use it, you must buy the insole and the monitoring service. The insole comes in various sizes, ensuring they perfectly fit any size of feet. Then, you must buy a monthly connectivity service plan for $29.95/term.

For the details, our GPS SmartSole Review will show what’s you need to know before buying this product, including the pros and cons, pricing, and many more.

GTX Corp Mini GPS Tracker Review

Tracking your kids or pet has never been easy, but with GTX Corp Mini GPS Tracker, it’s not a big problem anymore. You can track them wherever and whenever you want as long as this tracking device is on them.

The device is less than 3″ long and less than 2.7 oz, it’s lightweight and versatile; you can use it even for a keychain. With the 4G network, it provides excellent connection and coverage in your area.

GTX Corp Mini GPS Tracker Specifications:

  • 3″ long, 2.7 oz weight
  • 4G connection
  • 14-day battery life
  • SOS location alert
  • IPX6 construction
  • 15 feet outdoor accuracy
  • Velcro loop pouch, keychain, and lanyard included

Just like the previous product—GPS SmartSole, this mini tracker also requires a service plan for connectivity, and the cost depends on how you want to get an updated location.

Monitoring Service Plan Cost Details:

  • 15 Minute Location Updates = $15/Month or $37.50/Quarter
  • 5 Minute Location Updates = $19.95/Month or $48.95/Quarter

The quarter stands for a 3-month term, an offer to give you a more save payment. Once you get the device along with the service plan, it will send you an updated location on your phone or computer. What a game!

GTX Corp Contact

GTX Corp allows you to contact them in case you have any inquiries.

  • Phone: (213) 489-3019
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: 117 W. 9th Street, # 1214 Los Angeles, CA 90015

Or, visit their site to send them a message by the form provided. They are open to a partnership inquiry, just follow and fill in the form, and they will respond in 1 business day.

GTX Corp Shipping Policy

All the orders you’ve purchased are processed in under 2 business days no matter what type of shipping you pick; standard or two-day priority delivery. If you ask about the delivery speed, it depends on your proximity, it’s usually 1-4 business days in transit. For more details, dive into this list:

  • The tracking number will be sent to your email
  • If your package is lost, GTX Corp will assist you in investigating it
  • Ship to Hawaii and Alaska is offered
  • International shipping is provided for PPE purchasing in case it’s a wholesale order
  • Buy 2 or more to get 20% off the combined shipping fee

GTX Corp Return Policy

To be concerned, all of the GTX Corp PPE orders are not returnable due to the Covid-19 safety rules. But, if your order has a manufacturing defect, you can request a refund within 15 days of placing an order. Send them the defect proof, and let them process it to give you whether partial or full refund.

Where to buy GTX Corp?

Buying GTX Corp products directly on their official site are the best choice as you don’t need to doubt the authenticity of the products you order. Moreover, they provide you with a special offer, then you will get a satisfying shopping feel.

GTX Corp Coupon Codes & Promos

One way to save money while shopping is by using a promo code. Lucky you, GTX CorpĀ promo codes are available! Besides some offers you can find on their official website, you can use the promo codes we provided below. Select which product you want to buy, apply this code while checkout, then look at what you will get.

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GTX Corp Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for GTX Corp reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Does the GTX Corp antibody test accurate?

With the FDA authorized under a EUA, the GTX Corp antibody test accuracy is undoubted. It measures the Immunoglobulin G (IgG) as well as Immunoglobulin M (IgM) to identify the antibody types in your blood.

Does GTX Corp's product legit?

Their products are made for medical purposes; some are authorized and approved by the FDA. Some of them are also intended for safety functions, such as GPS SmartSole, which has high ratings on the market. Thus, this should be the answer to this such question.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of GTX Corp Reviews & Ratings

Keeping you safe and healthy is easy as long as you have excellent gear on your hand. And GTX Corp products come as solutions for you. You can protect yourself properly with high-end products, including masks, GPS trackers, and many more.

GTX Corp Review: Conclusion
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