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Grown Brilliance Review 2024 → The Beautiful Engagement & Wedding Ring

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About Grown Brilliance

You’ll agree that wearing diamond jewelry can enhance your appearance and confidence. Besides offering its luxury in design and engraving, the quality of diamonds is highly valued thanks to their hard and durable characteristics.

Grown Brilliance Review: About Grown Brilliance

However, due to its high price, you must be careful when choosing jewelry with precious gems. So, we have a clue if you don’t know where to go. Yup, Grown Brilliance! It is a diamond jewelry company that you can choose for your risk-free experience when shopping for jewelry with luxurious gems.

They use the best quality diamonds that they grow in laboratories. So, you can shop with peace of mind because they are ethically sourced, conflict-free, and more affordable.

In addition, the brand also eliminates ambiguity and friction during its online diamond buying process by offering the best selection of jewelry and a simple shopping experience.

The brand realizes that buying diamonds can be a daunting experience. Therefore, they are here to ensure that your diamond purchase is seamless, smooth, and efficient every step of the way.

As a long-established company, its expertise and know-how in the diamond industry have earned it brilliant achievements that make it sparkle. As a result, they received much attention from popular media publications such as Vogue, Elle, PopSugar, Brides, New York Post, Forbes, and many more.

Not only that, but the brand was also able to gain a large number of followers on its social media, including 5.3k on Facebook, 18k on Instagram, and 27.2k on TikTok.

But, despite its popularity, an important purchase like this requires careful consideration. Therefore, the Grown Brilliance review will take an in-depth look at the company, its products, customer reviews, and more. So we hope you can find out if their collection is worth your while.

Overview of Grown Brilliance

As a company that has been part of the jewelry industry for more than 30 years, it helped Grown Brilliance identify an extraordinary need that presented a unique opportunity alternative to traditional diamond mining.

With considerable experience, the brand aims to create an ethical, value-driven, and transparent approach to jewelry. Thus, they grow diamonds in optically, physically, and chemically identical laboratories using advanced technological processes.

In addition, they also want to inform customers and educate them about the product and the process to ensure that their customers understand and appreciate the story behind each diamond before they buy.

This company, owned by a group of investors who have formed the holding company AJS Creations LLC, has very noble values. They donate the proceeds from all purchases to global movements that want to enrich Education, environmental sustainability, and women’s empowerment.

After knowing the brand’s purpose and information about the company’s profile, you might be more curious about the products. But, we won’t go into the product review before discussing Grown Brilliance’s pros and cons. So let’s start there.


  • Lab-grown, not extracted. Ethically and sustainably created
  • Offers a selection of jewelry that can customize with any loose diamonds
  • Low and very competitive prices
  • Dedication to social and environmental sustainability
  • Flexible payment options
  • Free FedEx 2Day shipping within the U.S
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 45-day return period


  • Pre-set diamond cut grade is excellent but not ideal
  • International shipping is unavailable

Grown Brilliance Review

The brand’s years of experience and knowledge in the jewelry industry allow it to create jewelry of the highest quality. They create brands that deliver every level of commitment to quality, product integrity, ethics, design, and value.

Grown Brilliance Reviews: Grown Brilliance Review

They present jewelry products in various collections. For example, you can find rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and even men’s jewelry in their collection. Additionally, you can get rings with special occasion designs, such as engagement and wedding rings.

Grown Brilliance prepares beautiful designs for you, which are available on their website. However, you can also place a special order and create a design according to what you want.

Curious about how the products are? Without further ado, let’s start the lovely jewelry review right now!

Grown Brilliance 3 ctw Round Lab Grown Diamond Graduated Engagement Ring Reviews

To continue the relationship to a more serious stage with your partner, of course, you want to give beautiful things that are valuable to her, including an engagement ring.

Grown Brilliance Review: Grown Brilliance 3 ctw Round Lab Grown Diamond Graduated Engagement Ring Reviews

In choosing an engagement ring, there are many things you should consider, such as model, material, and price. However, too many ring options will make it difficult for you to choose. That’s why we recommend one of Grown Brilliance’s best-selling engagement rings.

3 ctw Round Lab Grown Diamond will adorn your partner’s finger very sweetly and charmingly. This ring is made of metal with a Platinum color option.

The luxurious and elegant Style Side Stone Engagement Ring has a detailed stone-type diamond with the Lab Grown creation method.

Furthermore, the beautiful and sparkling diamond has a round shape with a near-colorless White Hue (FG) color. So it will give a graceful and not too-flashy impression suitable for your partner with a gentle character.


  • 3.04 Carat Total Weight
  • No Rhodium Plated
  • IGI Diamond Certification

For just $5,345, you can get a beautiful engagement ring with sparkling diamond details that will sit pretty on your partner’s finger.

Grown Brilliance 2 ctw Emerald Lab Grown Diamond Eternity Band Reviews

There are many things you have to prepare for your wedding, which is a special moment that is sacred and happy. One of them is looking for recommendations for wedding rings that suit the tastes and personalities of you and your partner.

Grown Brilliance Review: Grown Brilliance 2 ctw Emerald Lab Grown Diamond Eternity Band Reviews

Since a wedding ring is not only a symbol of marriage but also a piece of jewelry that will be remembered throughout life, you’ll agree that choosing a wedding ring design is not easy. Therefore, you and your partner need to choose a suitable and appropriate wedding ring for your and your partner’s style and character.

Speaking of style and character, Grown Brilliance offers wedding bands that are elegant, classy, and timeless. So, if you taste luxury and style, then the 2 ctw Emerald Lab Grown Diamond Eternity Band is the right choice.

This wedding ring has a total carat weight of 2.00 with an average width of 3 mm. It has a metal type and color of 14K yellow gold Rhodium plated.

It comes with lab-grown emerald-cut diamond gem details with a basket setting to allow light to flow freely and make it more sparkling, making it appear beautiful, luxurious, and charming.


  • 2.00 Carat Total Weight
  • Near-Colorless (FG) Diamond Color
  • SI1+ Diamond Clarity

This special and luxurious wedding ring can be yours for $1,690. Its extraordinary details make it different from the usual rings, and you won’t find it in other designs.

Grown Brilliance Truly Custom Ring Reviews

As we mentioned earlier, apart from offering rings with branded designs, they also offer Truly Custom Ring services so you can create your ring according to your taste and preference.

Grown Brilliance Review: Grown Brilliance Truly Custom Ring Reviews

Since the brand has prepared beautiful and captivating designs, you can directly choose which design suits your taste. But it would be interesting if you customized the wedding ring. Then, you make it as similar as possible to your personality.

The creation of the custom ring is also very easy. Here are some simple steps to create your Truly Custom ring:

Upload your inspiration and describe your dream ring.

Send us your inspiration or sketches, and tell the team what you want. You can choose the diamond shape, gold color, carat weight, and size of your ring.

Receive a link to view a rendering of your custom ring.

After submitting your design details, the design team will send you a 360-degree video of your design and see your ring come to life. Then, make a purchase or book a Virtual Appointment to confirm further.

Please allow about 14 days for processing.

Once all payments have cleared, wait and be prepared to receive your completely customized ring within 10 to 14 days of your purchase.

For this Custom Ring product, the price will certainly vary. This depends on the choice of design, carat weight, and what type of diamond stone you choose. However, even this can be an interesting option because you can adjust your budget.

Grown Brilliance Vs Brilliant Earth

Nowadays, you can find many brands that sell jewelry with lab-grown diamonds, such as the two brands, Grown Brilliance and Brilliant Earth, which are online jewelry brands using lab-grown diamonds.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages regarding service and product quality. As a consideration for you, we prepared this section so that you can compare which brand is suitable for you.

Image 1: Grown Brilliance
Image 2: Brilliant Earth

Grown Brilliance

  • Low and very competitive prices
  • Dedication to social and environmental sustainability
  • 45-day return period
  • Free lifetime manufacturing warranty
  • All jewelry can be customized with any loose diamond

Brilliant Earth

  • Very expensive
  • Sustainable lab diamonds
  • 30-day return period
  • Free lifetime manufacturing warranty
  • Ring customization is unavailable

Who is Grown Brilliance For?

In line with the brand’s purpose and what it does, our Grown Brilliance Review concludes that it is perfect for diamond lovers concerned about the environment’s welfare.

Grown Brilliance Review: Who is Grown Brilliance For?

Since the brand is very concerned about the environment’s well-being with the materials they use, you can choose jewelry that is 100% risk-free.

Not only are women passionate about beautiful jewelry, but men can also choose jewelry that suits them since the brand also makes and prepares some special jewelry for them.

Moreover, with prices that are more affordable than jewelry using traditionally mined diamonds, diamonds from Grown Brilliance are more accessible to those who don’t have the budget to own high-priced diamonds.

Also, since brands make special jewelry for certain events, such as engagements and weddings, you can get engagement or wedding rings for your partner. You can also give gifts to your mother on special days, such as Mother’s Day because brands usually prepare collections with special designs for special days.

Grown Brilliance Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

On the official website, you can see some review information from customers who left comments and opinions, rating 5/5 out of 1,789 certified reviews. What a number!

Grown Brilliance Review: Grown Brilliance Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

From the high ratings, you must be wondering what the customers are saying. So, without further ado, let’s begin:

The first review came from a customer who was completely satisfied with the ring she received. In addition, she was happy that the ring was stunning and comfortable to wear.

Totally amazing! It has a very comfort-fit band, so you hardly notice that it is on, but then you take a look at it and OMG!

Next, customers who purchased the beautiful earring products left positive comments. In addition to the beautiful product, she was also satisfied with the outstanding customer service. Therefore, the customer highly recommends Grown Brilliance.

These earrings look gorgeous and great. I am absolutely happy and satisfied with my purchase and even happier with the customer service the brand provides. The team is the best when it comes to service. Definitely recommend!

The last review in this section comes from a customer who liked the ring. She said that the ring was more than what she expected. Even the easy purchase process and fast delivery made her satisfied and happy.

I really love my ring. It’s the most gorgeous ring I have ever seen! It even turned out better than what I expected. The buying process was also easy, and my ring was delivered before the expected delivery date.

From the above review, we conclude that Grown Brilliance brings the best of its products and services. The products are very suitable and even more beautiful than expected. Additionally, fast delivery and helpful customer service make the brand worthy of a high rating.

Is Grown Brilliance A Reputable Website?

You have to pay attention to many details when making jewelry purchases online. For example, the eligibility and legitimacy of a brand are important before you decide to buy products from that store. Therefore, the Grown Brilliance review prepared this section to help convince you before purchasing.

Grown Brilliance is a legitimate and trusted online jewelry store because the brand has leadership and operations from people with decades of experience in the jewelry industry and other luxury products.

In addition, the brand also has BBB Rating & Accreditation, which proves the brand’s trustworthiness. They also collaborated with Badgley Mischka, significantly improving the brand’s trustworthiness. It doesn’t stop there. The diamonds they use are IGI certified, a leading diamond institute specifically for lab-grown diamonds.

Is Grown Brilliance Worth It?

When it comes to brand eligibility, Grown Brilliance has several points that support its worthiness. Here are some points that highlight the worthiness of this brand.

Grown Brilliance Review: Is Grown Brilliance Worth It?

The first point is that the brand uses lab-grown, optically, physically, and chemically identical diamonds. They use a controlled, state-of-the-art technological process so that their diamonds are ethically sourced, highly valued, and 100% Conflict-Free. They don’t require mining, which can harm the environment’s well-being.

Nonetheless, you don’t have to worry about the quality as their diamonds exhibit the same fire, sparkle, and shine as traditionally mined diamonds.

Then the second point is that all the jewelry they use is made from recycled gold. So this can reduce the negative impact on the environment by reducing gold mining. But even so, there is no dirty gold in their materials.

Besides using materials that are very concerned about sustainability and environmental welfare, the brand also uses recycled materials for packaging boxes using biodegradable materials and seed cards that you can plant. Not only that! The brand is Carbon Neutral for the entire supply chain, from diamond growers to jewelry factories.

The brand also aims to eliminate friction and ambiguity in online diamond buying by offering a good selection of jewelry and a simple shopping experience.

Grown Brilliance Shipping Policy

The brand currently only ships orders to the 50 U.S. states, U.S. military APO/FPO addresses, and Canada. To give convenience and satisfaction to customers, the brand offers free FedEx 2Day shipping within the U.S. Meanwhile, Canadian orders charge a flat fee of $25 for shipping.

Because each item is In-Stock or Made-to-Order, the shipping policy is different. Here is the shipping policy:

In-stock Items

The brand ships in-stock items within two business days via FedEx 2Day at no charge (US territories only). However, if you require expedited shipping, the brand uses FedEx Priority Overnight at an additional cost.

Made-to-Order Items

Most of Grown Brilliance’s products are Made-to-Order which will take about two weeks to manufacture. The brand ships these orders via FedEx 2Day for free (for US territories only). While for expedited shipping, uses FedEx Priority Overnight for an additional fee.

Grown Brilliance Return Policy

The brand realizes that sometimes customers are not satisfied with the orders they receive. Therefore, because the brand does not want to disappoint customers, they offer a 45-day return policy with FREE return shipping via FedEx.

Here are some return requirements that you must follow:

  1. All products must be in original, unused condition and complete with all original documentation
  2. There is a $100 replacement fee for returns without a diamond lab grow certificate (if applicable)
  3. Returns do not apply to modified items that have undergone engraving and resizing by other companies
  4. It doesn’t accept returns that show signs of wear or damage
  5. Doesn’t accept refunds for packages without a Return Shipment Authorization Number.

If all the above conditions are completed, you can contact the customer service team to obtain a Return Shipment Authorization Number and request your free FedEx return shipping label.

Then, once the brand receives your return, its Quality Assurance team will inspect and verify the condition of the returned item within up to 7 business days. The brand process a refund via the original payment method or by check if the original payment method was a bank transfer, cash, or certain other payments that require special processing.

How To Contact Grown Brilliance

Do you have any questions about the jewelry you want, or would you like to book an appointment? Then, you can contact the customer service team. 

Grown Brilliance customer service contacts:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone number: +1 877-476-9627
  • The contact form available on the official website
  • Live chat on the bottom right corner of the website

Customer service teams are available Mon – Fri from 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM ET. So please get in touch with customer service during these hours for a great response.

In addition, if you are a social media user and want to know updated information about the brand, kindly visit the brand’s social media on:

Where to buy Grown Brilliance?

Besides having a beautiful design with quality, Grown Brilliance also offers easy purchases. You can make purchases online or offline.

For online purchases, please visit the official website at or the Amazon site to find the Grown Brilliance products you want. For offline purchases, visit the store locator page to find a nearby store.

Grown Brilliance Coupon Codes & Promos

The brand promises to make shopping convenient without waiting for sales at the best prices. In addition, the brand also has some attractive special offers and promotions.

Here are some discounts and promos that you can claim for your purchase:

  1. Buy More, Save More with GB Cash. Log in to your account at checkout to redeem GB Cash and get a mystery discount.
  2. Join the VIP list and get $100 Off on your first purchase of $1,000.
  3. Military discount: All military, medical professionals, first responders, and teachers receive 10% off the first order. 
  4. Give friends $150 off their first order, and you’ll get 10% off when they purchase. 

We have also prepared a link with some interesting coupon codes you can claim when purchasing. You just need to click the button below.

Reveal all coupons
Grown Brilliance

Grown Brilliance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Grown Brilliance reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

What is Grown Brilliance's ring size guide?

If you don’t know the right ring size, then the brand has some tips you can follow. You can measure it with several tools, such as a paper sizer, a string, or a ring that already fits. The brand also has some other tips that you can check in the ring size guide.

Where is Grown Brilliance's headquarters located?

So, Grown Brilliance’s headquarters is located at 521 5th Avenue, Suite 820, New York, NY 10175.

Where is the Grown Brilliance store located?

You can find store locations “near me” by going to the store locator page. Or here are some locations:

  • New York Showroom: 521 5th Avenue (entrance on 43rd St.), suite 820-A, New York, NY 10175

Coming soon store:

  • KING OF PRUSSIA GB Boutique: 160 N Gulph Rd. Suite 2178, King of Prussia, PA 19406
  • HOUSTON GB Boutique: 5085 Westheimer Rd. Suite B2795, Houston, TX 77056
  • BOCA RATON GB Boutique: 6000 Glades Rd. Suite 1154, Boca Raton, FL 33431
Ask a question?

Conclusion of Grown Brilliance Reviews & Ratings

If you’ve heard of lab-grown diamonds, you’ll agree that they are perfectly safe for your jewelry. Lab-grown diamonds have many benefits when compared to natural diamonds from traditional mining. These diamonds are easier for you to obtain, can be purchased at a more affordable price, and, most importantly, are not involved in conflict.

Grown Brilliance is the right choice because they use these types of diamonds. The diamonds are superior, and the company’s dedication to social and environmental sustainability by using safe jewelry materials and exceptional service makes the brand superior in many ways.


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