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About Groundworks

Does your house foundation get some problems due to uneven floors or drywall cracks? That’s a common issue, but the uncommon one is getting the best service provider to repair it. Do you agree? If that’s also your case, let’s see how Groundworks does the task!

Groundworks Review: About Groundworks

You must have regretted not hearing about this company earlier. Since your current problem is your broken foundation, Groundworks comes to save you. This company is the top provider of foundation repair, basement waterproofing, and other building issues.

Simply, Groundworks provides customers with 20 local companies in 56 locations with superior repair serviceHowever, do other people use their services, too? Sure. With over 1 million satisfied customers, what makes you still doubt about this reliable company?

Furthermore, we still have other better things to know. On social media, the company has gained nearly 16k followers, with other huge acknowledgments. What are they? With an A+ of BBB accreditation and some prestigious awards, Groundworks is now over its limit.

So, what are the other interesting facts about this company and its local brands? We guess you’re more than curious now. Then, can you promise to stay in our Groundworks reviews till the end?

Overview Of Groundworks

Who agrees that a home is every homeowner’s biggest investment? That’s why you must ensure its 100% protection, from repair to maintenance. Fortunately, Groundworks knows how to do it.

As the nation’s largest privately held foundation services company, it conducts business differently than other typical industries. They uphold all promises and deliver exceptional services.

In addition, there’s not only a repair function but also a maintenance service here. That’s what we called 100% protection in the beginning. Thus, your biggest investment is investing very well.

On the other hand, with only experts and trusted local companies, Groundworks helps you to filter which provider is close to you. Hence, a quick call of repair is possible and you’ll be satisfied.

So, can you add this company’s name to your emergency list? We don’t know when those problems happen. But once it happens, at least you know where to call and why you call them.

Groundworks Review

A repair and maintenance team coming to your house in just an hour? That’s 100% possible, so there shouldn’t be any worry about it. But will you learn more about this company?

Groundworks Reviews: Groundworks Review

You may have read a lot that it’s a repair service provider that millions of USA homeowners have trusted. However, have you checked them specifically? Let’s talk about the service itself.

Groundworks Services

Foundation Repair Basement Waterproofing
Crawl Space Repair Crawl Space Encapsulation
Concrete Lifting  

Dear homeowner, those are the general types of services offered by the company. On the other hand, if you’re curious about those 20 local companies, you may see the list on this page.

Then, let us also talk about the locations. Basically, this company grows and operates in 3 different addresses in the USA. Still, each company provides repair services, and here they are:

Groundworks Locations (What to Review)

  • Colorado Spring
  • Denver
  • Omaha

So, for people in the State of Nebraska and Colorado, can you start relying on your repair needs to Groundworks? We’ll bring to the more detailed section and find out the reasons!

Groundworks Colorado Spring Reviews

Who lives in Colorado? If you are in need of any repair assistance, trust no one other than Groundworks Colorado Springs! So, are you excited to know what this first branch of the company will offer? We see your nod.

Groundworks Review: Groundworks Colorado Spring Reviews

Before we go deeper into this company, let us meet the person behind it. Jason Schoenberger is the General Manager of Groundworks company in Colorado, together with five other people on the team. Then, what’s more?

Great news for all Coloradans! The Groundwork’s locally-based workers have over 20 years of experience living and working here. Thus, they understand the common problems that customers, especially you, face.

In addition, since we’ve mentioned Colorado, surely this area has some unique conditions that commonly happen to homeowners. So, they may happen in your area, too. Therefore, let’s get to know each of them below:

  • Dry weather conditions
  • Soil with a high concentration of bentonite clay.
  • More snowfalls than average every year.
  • Frequent droughts

Those are the conditions that most likely happen to all Coloradans. And you won’t face them alone, right? That’s why contacting Groundworks Colorado Springs is the only best solution to offer. Can we see your excitement?

Groundworks Denver Reviews

Dear homeowners, we’re still in Colorado, but let us move to its biggest city (the Capital city, too, anyway), and it’s Denver. Are you surprised to know that Groundworks Denver also exists? You must be curious, instead.

Groundworks Review: Groundworks Denver Reviews

Generally, the expert team has been waterproofing and repairing homes in the Greater Denver area for many years. Over this time, thousands of homeowners in the area have benefited from the team’s expertise.

Furthermore, since Denver is also in Colorado, do you think the common problems will be the same? The answer is ‘yes.‘ Specifically, Denver shares the same unique geographical conditions as the rest of Colorado.

Next, under Brooke Castillo‘s management, the company successfully gives the best service to every customer. Based on them, The best thing is when an employee explains the issue in detail and provides a solution.

So, are you a Denverite who experiences house foundation problems? Fortunately, you’re now educated about what Groundworks Denver is and how it works for the customers. So, why you should look for other alternatives?

Groundworks Omaha Reviews

From the state of Colorado, we’re now flying to Nebraska. Does Groundworks also have a company there? Of course. Specifically, it is a Groundworks Omaha, and you should know why it suits your current needs!

Groundworks Review: Groundworks Omaha Reviews

Jeff Snyder is one of the people behind the company’s success. And do you know that this company is the winner of several prestigious awards? They are like Best of Omaha, Omaha Choice Awards, and Top Work Places.

What’s more? Unfortunately, we found no specific information about the company’s establishment year in Omaha. Otherwise, we found the fact that they are truly loved by many satisfied customers for both service and price.

Further, compared to other service providers, Groundworks has more reasonable prices, and that’s what makes it stand out. So, are you an Omahan who needs Groundworks Omaha service very soon? Scroll down to find the way!

Groundworks Pricing

Are you in need of Groundworks assistance? Before deciding to call the team, don’t you think knowing the prices is important? Then, let’s be passionate about this pricing section!

Basically, there are no specific or fixed prices since everything depends on the type of service you choose and, of course, the place you live. Thus, the costs may vary from one person to another. So, let’s check your final price below!

How Does Groundworks Work?

Dear homeowners, calling the Groundworks team to your house is actually a piece of cake. Then, let’s learn each step below:

  1. Click and visit the website
  2. Then, on the homepage, you’ll find the ‘zip code‘ box
  3. Enter your zip code there, and click ‘Schedule a free inspection
  4. After that, choose the type of service you want, and click ‘Next
  5. Select time (morning/afternoon/evening)
  6. Fill out your personal data (name, address, phone, and comment)
  7. Click ‘submit‘ and finalize your form
  8. Finally, the Groundworks team will reach out to you very soon

So, aren’t those steps pretty easy? Yes, you’ll get assistance in only several clicks on your phone.

Groundworks Pros and Cons

Is Groundworks always satisfying? The following pros and cons list may be your further guidance:


  • Consisting of 20 local companies with the finest repair services
  • Free inspections
  • Professional and helpful technicians
  • Maintenance services are also available
  • Available in 33 states
  • There’s a current discount offered
  • Collecting thousands of reviews with good average ratings


  • It takes a bit longer to have the team’s feedback on your inspection form

Who Is Groundworks For?

So, what have you learned from our reviews above? Yes, we are more sure that Groundworks is the only best home repair and maintenance service. But can everyone use the service?

Why not? Since Groundworks focuses on handling building issues, especially houses, we recommend this company for everyone, especially homeowners. So, whether your house needs foundation repair, basement waterproofing, concrete lifting, or others, you know where to call, right?

Groundworks Review: What Do Customers Think?

As your super helpful guide today, we will keep giving the most helpful information to you. This time, it is about the company’s overall performance based on the customers. Who’s curious?

Groundworks Review: Groundworks Review: What Do Customers Think?

However, before we jump into the detailed customer reviews, let us have some ‘foreplay.’ What foreplay is that? Of the 3 Groundworks companies we discussed earlier, each has a specific rating, and here they are:

The brand isn’t lying when it says that many customers love them. Then, do you still need to see the reviews after seeing those ratings? Of course, you’re still curious now. So, let’s drop what you’re curious about below:

The first customer shared:

Service was exceptional. Nick and Mike gave a detailed explanation and helped me understand the value of the expansion joint installation. Also, they arrived on time and gave their best jobs. I was extremely happy.

The only thing that you won’t find in other service providers is the best and most helpful technicians as in Groundworks. Will you experience the same as this customer?

Next, it’s such an honor to read this compliment:

Mike Kilduff and another employee provided us with excellent help and advice. We will definitely use his services again and recommend him to our neighbors. Overall, I’m fully happy with their jobs.

Good services always leave good experiences. We are delighted to know that this customer not only received satisfactory service but was also willing to recommend it to others.

Then, we know it’s hard to skip this:

My house is 50 years old, and the garage floor has sunk in some areas with large cracks. Fortunately, the employee came to my rescue and leveled the floor perfectly, sealing all of the cracks. They were punctual and professional. They also took the time to answer all of my questions, which I appreciated very much.

All Groundworks technicians always have the best solution to overcome all issues, as this customer experience. Also, the fact that the team comes on time every time people call is an A+ score.

So, what issue is your house experiencing at the moment? Whatever it is, can you say what is the only repair service provider to call? Yes, it’s Groundworks and let’s get free inspections very soon!

Is Groundworks Worth It?

What prevents you from choosing Groundworks as your ultimate home repair service? We guess your certainty score is 10 out of 10 now. But, is Groundworks really worth it? 

Groundworks Review: Is Groundworks Worth It?

Since the beginning, we’ve mentioned that the company is a well-recognized home repair service provider. Also, with 20 local companies under the management, Groundwork’s position as the top-chosen company is getting stronger. Thus, there’s no suitable label to put other than the ‘worth it‘ label.

How To Contact Groundworks?

Scheduling for free inspections now? Or do you want to ask some questions to the company? Go to the following platforms then:

  • Phone: 844-902-2753
  • Contact form: complete it here!
  • Social media: Groundworks

Company Headquarters

Virginia Beach, VA, USA.

Where to buy Groundworks?

Did we say that you can enjoy the service from Groundworks with several clicks on your phone? That’s 100% true.

But be sure to book inspections only through the company’s official website. You have learned the steps, haven’t you?

Or, if you want to check the ‘company near me‘, kindly visit this ‘locations‘ page! So, let’s get the unmatched services now!

Groundworks Coupon Codes & Promos

Are discount lovers waiting for this? So, what are the special offers from Groundworks? Check the list below:

  • Get benefits up to $525 OFF at any job over $2500

Unfortunately, that is the current offer from the company. But, hopefully, our special button below can give you more:

Reveal all coupons

Groundworks Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Groundworks reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Groundworks?

Matt Malone is the current Founder and CEO of Groundworks.

Where is Groundworks located?

The company’s headquarters is in Virginia Beach, VA, USA.

Does Groundworks provide international service?

Unfortunately, the company only provides a repair service for homeowners in the USA.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Groundworks Reviews & Ratings

Dear homeowners, have you scheduled free inspections with Groundworks? Good, then. Among those 20 trusted and professional companies, we believe you won’t find any disappointment, as other customers experienced.

Once again, this company is all homeowners’ best friends, especially to fix issues that happen with their houses. Since today people use phones a lot, so calling the team to arrive before your door is just a cherry pie. So, there shouldn’t be more panic, right?


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