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GRIFO210 Review 2024 → Authentic Fashion Item from Top Brand

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About GRIFO210

Many offline stores now sell luxury goods by top designers from Italy or France. But have you ever thought that there is one online store that sells such items? Maybe only GRIFO210.

GRIFO210 Review: About GRIFO210

GRIFO210 is a multi-brand store specializing in head-to-toe fashion items from luxury labels for men, women, and children. The mixed collection consists of clothing, bags, footwear, and accessories.

In addition, this company works with the world’s top labels to fill their catalog. We found familiar designer names on the website who constantly attend the annual Fashion Week events: Alexander Mcqueen, Dolce & Gabbana, Rick Owens, Saint Laurent, etc.

These top designer titles may have also resulted in luxury item lovers flocking to follow the brand’s Instagram account. There are about 22.4k followers recorded as of now.

You are more than welcome to keep up to date with the company’s fashion news on their account. Or delve deeper into the GRIFO210 review instead. What are we going to talk about? Keep scrolling as soon as you can!

Overview of GRIFO210

It’s time to hear the story behind the existence of GRIFO210. The company was initially founded in 1985. Who was the founder? Nicola Grifo. The brand was founded in one of the most charming tourist destinations in Ischia, Italy.

And where did the name 210 come from? We don’t know for sure. However, it probably holds a deep meaning for the owner. So, what makes this company a reference point for fashion beauty lovers worldwide? Decades of passion and love for innovation!

Thanks to the experience of its leaders and a solid team, the brand can represent itself identically. Trust, practicality, and guaranteed quality are their identity. Having said this, you now realize they are not just offering you a luxury collection but with the meaning.

Furthermore, this company also believes that each item is a trace of color within a more extensive work of art and a more significant collection. As a result, it should be seen for its unity and completeness.

GRIFO210 Review

GRIFO210 delivers a refined and elegant yet sophisticated style. That is why they work with branded labels. There is no single item selection here that does not have a luxurious style.

GRIFO210 Reviews: GRIFO210 Review

Further, selecting this brand’s clothes and shoes is no joke. They choose them carefully to achieve their goal, an overall balanced result. You will only find the designer’s work from a continuous and tireless search for harmony.

You can also find a line of jackets, swimwear, scarves, underwear, clutches, flat shoes, etc. we may not explain one by one, but you better visit the link below as follows:

GRIFO210 Collections

Next, we will describe 3 products & their detailed prices from this brand’s website that you might be interested in buying shortly. It could be from the famous designers. So, here we go!

GRIFO210 Bottega Veneta Haddock Ankle Boots Reviews

Style-conscious men! Introducing the Bottega Veneta Haddock Ankle Boots. It can add a macho vibe to your formal and informal outfits. You may wear the shoes for any occasion.

GRIFO210 Review: GRIFO210 Bottega Veneta Haddock Ankle Boots Reviews

Can it be used in all weather conditions? Of course. From the looks of it, this shoe can be worn in rain, heat, or snow. It’s very versatile. This shoe from Bottega Veneta is made of 100% leather on the shoe’s upper part.

The sturdy impression is on the specially designed treaded rubber sole. It is helpful for flexibility when you wear it. Then, the shoe is added with a front strap closure to close the front of your foot.

These shoes, which are made in Italy, come in several sizes. You can choose from 39 to 44 US sizes. The dimension guide is available on each product page. Get this boot from Bottega Veneta for only $1,197.53!

GRIFO210 Gucci Silk Duchesse Jacket Reviews

Ladies, want to look like a pro with a feminine edge? Gucci Silk Duchesse Jacket should be in your closet! Yes, this suit-like jacket is from Gucci exclusively for women.

GRIFO210 Review: GRIFO210 Gucci Silk Duchesse Jacket Reviews

It’s beautifully designed and sweet, with a touch of self-closing and lined buttons. If you carefully look at the photo of this shirt, it is made with double breasted. It also comes with pockets and a chest pocket for storing small possessions like phones, tissues, or lipstick.

Like the previous product, the Gucci company makes this item in Italy with quality materials. The jacket has 52% acetate, 29% silk, and 195 viscose. It’s not 100% silk, but it looks very silky indeed!

This garment might be exclusive because it has yet to come in various colors. However, you can opt for sizes 38 and 40. You can afford it as much as $2.659,60.

GRIFO210 Saint Laurent Lou Mini Bag Reviews

Not only shoes and jackets, we have a recommendation from GRIFO210 for a bag that’s perfect for casual wear: the Saint Laurent Lou Mini Bag. You may wear it for formal occasions, thanks to the gold accents on the strap and the logo!

GRIFO210 Review: GRIFO210 Saint Laurent Lou Mini Bag Reviews

This bag is a collection from Saint Laurent, whose current ambassador is Rose Blackpink. If you want to look beautiful like Rose, buy this bag. So, leaving that fact aside, let’s move on to the bag’s features.

With a height of 10.5 cm x width of 19 cm x depth of 5 cm, this bag is suitable for carrying your makeup tools and one iPhone. Inside are three additional card slots and a flat pocket to store your credit cards or ID.

Saint Laurent made this bag with 70% leather and 30% brass. They added a leather shoulder strap and a chain. They use a zipper to keep things from scattering out for the closure.

Since this item is exclusive and probably made in small batches, black is the only color available now. Please don’t leave it out because we don’t know how long it will stay on the website. You can order it for $1,115.88.

GRIFO210 Pros and Cons

We don’t want to leave you to daydream about whether this brand is good or bad. To find out, scan the company’s pros and cons in this section!


  • Luxury items from head to toe
  • High-quality products
  • Premium materials
  • Prestigious branded designers
  • Offer collection for children
  • Free shipping worldwide with conditions
  • 14-day returns
  • 8-day warranty


  • There is no reference for bestseller items
  • A live chat bubble might not be helpful.

Who Is GRIFO210 For?

This brand may only be for some because it sells expensive items from branded labels. However, those who must try the fashion items are all adult men and women who like luxury garments. Their collection is also there for children. You can dress them up so that they have an expensive style.

Likewise, fashion enthusiasts and celebrities are more suitable to enjoy the works of famous designers, from tops to bottoms. They can wear them to review on their YouTube vlogs and to attend prestigious award shows.

GRIFO210 Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Welcome to the section that skeptical buyers have been waiting for. We hope this passage can change your negative feelings. So, we picked some of the best comments from Trustpilot.

GRIFO210 Review: GRIFO210 Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

From our search results, the average customer shares their positive thoughts. They gave 5/5 stars. Check out the first customer’s view:

Perfect! I’m in love with my purchase! I ordered last week, which was delivered in 3-4 days (Italy to Belgium with DHL Express). The company packed my shirt securely, and I verified authenticity on the clothing site, and it’s 100% real!…

The customer mentioned the fast delivery process and that the goods received were genuine.

Another buyer speaks up:

It’s an excellent experience, delighted. Delivery in Express DHL 48 hours after receiving the item in France, and they even offered me a small present, which is very appreciable…

Like the previous customer, this second customer was happy with the fast delivery and the gift given as a token of the company’s gratitude.

The last customer mentioned:

I ordered a Vetemens mask in a 50 percent sale at a great price. The delivery was quick and smooth. I don’t know how this shop doesn’t have more reviews; it’s a legitimate shop…

This third customer had the same thought as the others that the company delivers its messages quickly.

From these reviews brought from Trustpilot, not BBB reviews or Reddit reviews, we can conclude that each customer was satisfied with the speed of the goods delivered. They even wondered why the reviews were very few when this brand sells genuine goods.

Is GRIFO210 Legit?

Shopping at GRIFO210 is legit and safe. They have been in the fashion industry for over thirty years. That makes them reputable online in the eyes of fashion connoisseurs and all their customers.

This brand also uses a trusted payment system so that you don’t have any worries when you shop on their site. For example, customer information is encrypted during payment transactions using the latest techniques to prevent third parties.

Is GRIFO210 Worth It?

Definitely, this company is worth it. That’s because the items in their catalog are supplied by well-known labels that have been tested for quality and premium materials. Their clothes, shoes, and accessories are trendy and timeless, making you more fashion-forward.

GRIFO210 Review: Is GRIFO210 Worth It?

Furthermore, the designers’ works displayed on this brand’s site are extensive. So you will have many options. They also assure you that their prices are cheaper than most branded label stores. Thus, it’s worth purchasing!

GRIFO210 Warranty Policy

It’s common for us to wear a shirt that breaks for a few days. Hence, this brand offers a warranty within 8 days of delivery. Important note: only defect-approved items are accepted.

Any defect report can be sent by post to Grifo Moda Srl, Vittoria Colonna n. 167, 80077 (NA). You can also send your submission to fax +39 081 984187 and email [email protected].

GRIFO210 Shipping Policy

Here’s what you should know about GRIFO210’s shipping policy. You’re fortunate to live anywhere because they ship worldwide. Their delivery timeframe ranges from 1-3 business days to Italy and 2-5 business days to other countries.

All orders are shipped via DHL or UPS. Postbox delivery is unavailable. Shipping prices differ depending on the weight of the order, which is available at the checkout. However, there is free shipping with the following conditions:

Italia No minimum
Europe Orders >$317,59
Extra-EU Orders >$529,32

GRIFO210 Return Policy

Are you unsatisfied with expensive clothes or shoes from this brand? Calm down! They offer returns for 14 days from the date the order was made. Likewise, free returns are only for shipments from Italy. Other than that, an extra fee may apply.

In addition, returnable items are as you first received, with no damage or defects. You can apply the return application on the website, after which they will help you do the process from scratch. Your refund may take up to ten business days.

How To Contact GRIFO210

Only those who are afraid to ask will get lost. Ask questions about the recommended clothes or the originality of this brand with their customer support at:

Where to buy GRIFO210?

Looking for the best center to shop for Fendi shoes and other top labels is only at GRIFO210’s website. However, you can go to the offline stores at the below addresses:


Corso Vittoria Colonna n. 167 – 80077 Ischia (NA)


Corso Vittoria Colonna n. 210 – 80077 Ischia (NA)


Corso Vittoria Colonna n. 162 – 80077 Ischia (NA)

GRIFO210 Coupon Codes & Promos

You’ve finally reached the part where all your complaints no longer matter. That’s because many discount codes await.

  • Grab 15% OFF for first order
  • Use discount code G15 to get 15% OFF when ordering new arrivals event
  • All sale with under prices is here
  • The list of coupon codes is under the blue button

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GRIFO210 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for GRIFO210 reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Is GRIFO210 authentic?

Undoubtedly, yes. GRIFO210 is authentic. The top-tier labels in the world approve of the company.

Who owns GRIFO210?

Nicola Grifo owns the brand. He is also the founder.

Does GRIFO210 ship internationally?

Yes, the company does. They ship their products worldwide, including the EU and Italy.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of GRIFO210 Reviews & Ratings

Instead of going to the mall or a store near the far suburbs, you can shop online for luxury clothing tops or bottoms from GRIFO210. They provide authentic items like the official stores of the world’s top labels. Indeed, they’d sell them with the designer’s approval.

Besides, GRIFO210’s collection is vast. Whatever you’re looking for can be found in this online store, even underwear or swimsuits. They also offer slimmer prices. Apart from that, they assure you of a secure payment process online.


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