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Great Green Systems Review 2024 → Turn Your Food Waste into Garden Food!

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About Great Green Systems

When the earth gets worse, household waste is one thing that also causes it. Every month you have kilos of waste that you need to dump. Fortunately, many environmentally conscious people have started to use a better way to dump their waste for better living space.

Great Green Systems Review: About Great Green Systems

The Great Green System is a brand that brings waste solutions for managing waste more wisely. So basically, this brand offers products that turn your house or garden waste into compost that benefits your garden soil.

As a result, you can prevent greenhouse gas emissions and make use of food waste better. With products that bring beneficial use to society and the earth, this brand has become one of the UK’s favourite recycling products. It grows steadily, with over 2.5K followers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Stay tuned to our Great Green Systems review to find a green solution for your waste. We’ll also present you with the best-recommended products, company profiles, customer service, deals, and other information.

Overview Of Great Green Systems

Great Green Systems was incorporated in 2008 and is now under Jack Wood’s leadership, its co-founder. The company’s headquarter is based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, with a product available in the UK and Ireland.

The brand is on a mission to bring the best option for home and garden recycling needs. Its first exclusive flagship products are Green Cone and Green Johanna. It can be chosen depending on your lifestyle.

Collaborating with the local authority, this brand wants to ensure that its green solution products are more accessible. This collaboration is dedicated to giving discounts to help residents to reduce food waste and feed the earth.

Below we’ve jotted down the Great Green Systems pros and cons based on our research. It’ll be beneficial whether you want to keep reading or make a decision. Here it’s:

Great Green Systems Pros

  • Efficient performance for composting and digesting
  • Made of 100% recycled plastic
  • Last for 10 years
  • Offer local discounts
  • Affordable pricing
  • Free UK shipping
  • Highly positive testimonials

Great Green Systems Cons

  • No return policy
  • Need more information about the shipping

Great Green Systems Review

This brand focuses on recycling waste products with the main products of Green Johanna and Green Cone. The products are purposed for reducing the weekly bin content. It also offers a range of accessories and green products to support your recycling.

Great Green Systems Reviews: Great Green Systems Review

Additionally, to widen its product line, the brand offers products as a retailer of other brands. Here’s the list of its product classification:

  • Food Waste Composters: Hot Composter, Food Digester, Green Johanna Winter Jacket, Accelerator Power, Caddy, etc
  • Compost Tumblers: Maze Compost Tumbler, Maze Composting Cart, Compostable Bags, Bokashi Bran, etc
  • Worm Farms: Maze Worm Farm, Mized Composting Worms, Drainage Kit, 3-tier Shelf, Farm Wooden Legs, etc
  • Garden Composters: Graf Thermo King Composter, Graf Eco-King Composter, Base Plate, Wooden Compost Bin, etc
  • Bokashi Bins and Kitchen Recycling: Bokashi Bin By Maze, Oil Container, Bokashi Spray by Maze, etc
  • Water Butts: Harcostar Water Butt Kit, Mini Butt Kit, Universal Rain Diverter, Link Kit, etc

As you can see, you can find several reliable brands on its website. All products have been chosen carefully to ensure only the best you can purchase. Next, we’ve selected three recommended products to be reviewed. So let’s jump right in!

Great Green Systems Green Johanna 330 Litre Hot Composter Reviews

The first product in our review section is its best-selling composter, Green Johanna 330 Litre Hot Composter. This outstanding performing hot composter can turn your food and garden waste into valuable compost within 4-6 months.

Great Green Systems Review: Great Green Systems Green Johanna 330 Litre Hot Composter Reviews

Food waste includes cooked food, fish, meat, dairy, and others. This recyclable plastic composter has a long lifespan of 10 years. In 2021, 2022, and 2023, it’s proven the quality by Star Buy‘s recommendation in Gardeners’ World magazine.

The Green Johanna Food Waste Digester is designed with patented airflow, ventilation systems, an integrated base plate, and an enclosed design to ensure ideal conditions for insects, worms, and microorganisms. The ventilation is also adjustable by adjusting the secure and twistable lid.

However, the composting bin should be 40 – 60 degrees Celsius to maintain the composting performance. So when the temperature is getting down in the winter, you should use the Insulating Winter Jacket for Green Johanna. This insulating jacket will help to maintain the temperature for composting.

Once you purchase this, this Swedish compost bin will be self-assembly, and you’ll be supplied with a stirring stick. Thus, to get the fullest from your waste, you can grab this Green Johanna 330-Litre Hot Composter for £129.99. but it is currently on sale for only £49.50!

Green Johanna Composter 330 Litre Details

Capacity 330L
Dimensions (L) 800mm x (W) 800mm x (H) 930mm
Weight 10kg
Colour Green
Material Plastic

Great Green Systems Green Cone Food Waste Digester Reviews

The Green Cone Food Waste Digester is a solar-powered composter that can efficiently dispose of food waste without stirring or turning. It’s made of 100% recycled plastic with 10 years or expected life span.

Great Green Systems Review: Great Green Systems Green Cone Food Waste Digester Reviews

To ensure this green cone digester works efficiently, you should hole in well-draining soil in a sunny area. Then it’ll work by reducing 90% of the content into nutrient-rich water that drains out the underground baskets and feeds the surrounding soil.

The solar heating feature uses a double-walled chamber to speed up the aerobic decomposition at the underground digesting basket. But, a slight residue must be emptied every few years and scoured into the garden soil. Besides, to boost the digestion process, you can add a regular addition of accelerator powder.

The main difference between this green cone with Green Johanna is that it doesn’t produce compost and accepts garden waste like Green Johanna. So add this Green Cone Composter to your card that only costs £49.50 (£119.99 regular price)!

Green Cone Solar Composter Details

Capacity 80L
Dimensions (L) 600mm x (W) 600mm x (H) 705mm
Weight 8.5kg
Colour Green
Material Plastic

Great Green Systems Bokashi Bin By Maze Reviews

If you have a small amount of food waste and have no place to put a big composter in your garden, then this Bokashi Bin By Maze can be the best option. This bin is only 14-litre, which allows you to transform your food waste into compost from your kitchen.

Great Green Systems Review: Great Green Systems Bokashi Bin By Maze Reviews

Bokashi means fermented organic matter, so it’ll use leftover combined with bokashi spray. It’s a citrus-scented spray containing friendly bacteria to ferment the waste anaerobically.

This process will produce a nutrient-rich liquid that is used as a fertiliser. So with this item, you can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help nutrient your garden soil.

This square composter also has a portable, compact design that is easy to carry and space-saving. At the same time, the secure method with a silicone seal and three locking clips produces no foul small, so it doesn’t attract fruit flies. Hence, simply put it on a kitchen worktop or under the sink.

So, to have a better bokashi habit, purchase the best bokashi compost bin UK at the price of £35.99 (£44.99 regular price)!

Bokashi Compost Bin Details

Capacity 80L
Dimensions (L) 300mm x (W) 290mm x (H) 310mm
Colour Black
Material 14L

Who Is Great Green Systems For?

Great Green Systems is a brand dedicated to UK and Ireland customers looking for a recycling solution. It has a wide selection of products you can choose for water, looking for the most portable one or high capacity for the garden.

Great Green Systems Review: Who Is Great Green Systems For?

So basically, we think it’s suitable for environmentally conscious people who want to reduce waste and feed the earth. Aside from that, this brand also often offers discounts with affordable pricing making it suitable for those looking for inexpensive products.

Great Green Systems Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Before purchasing products, as a smart buyer, you must explore the customer review section. Thus we have compiled genuine Great Green Systems reviews from the customer that we think should be considered.

Great Green Systems Review: Great Green Systems Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Here is the first review that has purchased the Green Johanna Hot Composter:

Excellent kit – The composter eats all kitchen waste and has never been full in over a year. I hope everyone gets one – it would save many landfills.

Below we  also find one of the Green cone food digester reviews that contain satisfaction and recommendation:

So satisfied with the garden cone and can not wait to compost all those kitchen peelings! The most challenging part was excavating the hole! I think it’s better to use the basket to get the proper hole size and then adhere it to the cone afterwards.

Another customer also utters his opinion on purchasing the Food Waste Kitchen Caddy:

It’s an ideal little caddy for the kitchen. It stores easily, and liners keep it clean. The lid lock is a bit fiddly but not that bad.

The reviews above have proven that the products work as the company claims. They also state how recommended the product is to perform the composting.

However, there are very few minor reviews, such as only about the hard digging or the fiddle lid lock. Overall, they still give 5/5 ratings about the brand, and we also don’t find any ratings below 4/5.

Is Great Green Systems Worth It?

No doubt, we believe that Great Green Systems is worth it. The brand has long enough in the industry with products trusted by customers and local authorities. Its recycling products are also made of recyclable material with practical design to perform composting.

Great Green Systems Review: Is Great Green Systems Worth It?

After exploring social media and customer reviews, we discovered that many people were satisfied with their purchases. Customer satisfaction is also supported by outstanding customer service of responsive customer service.

Great Green Systems Shipping Policy

According to the shipping delivery, Great Green System only ships within the United Kingdom and Ireland. For the UK, shipping will be eligible for free shipping, and Ireland will charge for £40 flat rate.

While for the carrier and ETA will be chosen depending on your location. Once the processing is done after 1-2 business days, the carriers will handle your order, and they’ll provide the package tracking information.

Great Green Systems Return Policy

We can’t find any information according to the warranty and return policy. So it’s better to be at home when the products arrive. Upon arrival, you can thoroughly check the product to see any damage.

If you see any manufacturing defect, contact the customer service team immediately. Its team will try its best to find the right solution for you.

How To Contact Great Green Systems

The purchasing process on its website is pretty straightforward, and the product is well-detailed. But if you see any difficulties or need more information, visit its FAQ page or reach the customer service team. You can contact them available Monday – Friday, 9:00 – 18:00 via:

  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Phone Number: +44 (0) 800 731 2572
  • Social Media: @greatgreensystems
  • Address: Great Green Systems, Unit 2, Hawthorne Court, Howley Park Road East, Morley, LS27 0FD

Where to buy Great Green Systems?

Even though its waste processing product is big and heavy, this brand makes shopping much easier. You can visit its official website at or its online retail stores to purchase the products.

Simply choose the right product, process the payment, and order information. Then the product will be sent straight to your door!

Great Green Systems Coupon Codes & Promos

Come and get it! Let us tell you some discounts we’ve found in Great Green Systems. First, you should know that from the 13th-19th of march, all products are currently on sale for 20% off. Plus, you can get free shipping for all UK orders.

In order to give you access locally, this brand also collaborates with the local authorities allowing you to enjoy local offers. So you need to visit the Local Offers page to know all current offers, such as in the Buckinghamshire council, Johanna council, and others.

Another is you can sight up to the email list to get all information about the current offers. Last, check the blue button below to uncover an exclusive discount code!

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Great Green Systems

Great Green Systems Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Great Green Systems reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Great Green Systems?

The private company is co-owned by Jack Wood.

Do Great Green Systems ship internationally?

This brand is only available within UK and Ireland.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Great Green Systems Reviews & Ratings

Our Great Green Systems review recommends this brand if you want to try a green solution. Its recycling products will help you to dump food waste wisely. It’s also very beneficial for your garden than purchasing a fertiliser.

We also like how this brand has affordable pricing and collaborates with the local authoriser. It aims to make people more conscious of the earth and enhance a better lifestyle. So you should visit Great Green Systems right now to give merit to the planet and your wallet!


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