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About GraduatePro

Woohoo, congratulations on your graduation! But wait, have you prepared for a cap, gown, and hood set? We won’t let you dress badly on your special day, so do you mind if we give you a hand? It’s all nothing but GraduatePro! Can you guess what store is this?

GraduatePro Review: About GraduatePro

It is a store where all graduates love to get their best looks during the graduation ceremony. And you’re about to celebrate it, right? So, you may explore all graduation goods here, from a cap to a gown. And do you want to know how credible and trusted this store is?

In detail, you wouldn’t believe this store is associated with many graduates from top academy schools and universities for long. They are like Howard University Washington DC, University of Central Florida, Michigan State University, The Broach School, and more.

Unfortunately, on social media, we discovered the store only has less than 100 followers. However, having fewer followers doesn’t mean it has bad credibility, right? Otherwise, the store has gained so much popularity on Amazon, with over 10k reviews.

So, you won’t ruin your very special moment in life, right? Therefore, prepare everything related to your looks from now on! However, to avoid a disappointing shopping experience, let’s read our GraduatePro reviews first! Let’s not stop scrolling down, then.

Overview Of GraduatePro

How do we know that GraduatePro has been all graduate’s best friends? It’s because we know all the facts about this store. Since 2013, this store has opened a wide-scale operation.

Thus, it has been a decade, and GraduatePro still manages to be all graduate’s go-to place. In addition, you cannot deny that their products are complete and reliable, with lower rates.

What’s more? Within these past 10 years, the store also realized that everyone at any age level celebrates graduation as well. Therefore, the product categories are wider now, from kids to adults.

Did we just say product categories? Sorry, we won’t talk about it here. But we will give detailed information about it in the following section. Will you join us at the club? You should!

GraduatePro Reviews

It seems that you’re more excited than us to see what you’ll have in this store. Since graduation is your long-awaited moment, let’s mark this reading review activity as the first step of your unforgettable day.

GraduatePro Reviews: GraduatePro Reviews

Do you want to dress well as the graduate in the picture above? That’s 100% possible, and you can even be cooler with your style. However, ensure you get the complete attire, in GraduatePro’s store.

GraduatePro Product Categories

Doctor Master
Bachelor High School
Kindergarten Accessories
Church Attire Frames

So, are you only shopping for goods for you? Or do you want to shop more for your brother, sister, and family members, too? No worries, they’re all here. However, let us recommend the best ones below:

GraduatePro (3 Best Selling Items)

  • Preschool/Kindergarten Graduation Matte Package
  • Matte High School Graduation Cap and Gown Set
  • Economy Bachelors Cap and Gown Set

So, who’s ready to shop in this store? Before that, let’s be a smart buyer. How to do it? Scroll down & read this review till the end, and purchase wisely! All smart buyers read reviews before shopping, right?

GraduatePro Preschool/Kindergarten Graduation Matte Package Reviews

Are your kids graduating from preschool or kindergarten? That should be a memorable moment to remember. So, you won’t ruin their days, right? Hence, this Preschool/Kindergarten Graduation Matte Package may look great!

GraduatePro Review: GraduatePro Preschool/Kindergarten Graduation Matte Package Reviews

What color does your kid love? To make them feel happier, this set exists in 9 color choices. They are black, navy blue, forest green, cold, maroon, and more. We guess choosing the one that suits your kid’s favorite color is great.

In addition, buying this set means you get everything, from cap, gown, and stole. So, it’s all one package and effective since you don’t need to buy each piece, which is more expensive in some cases. Don’t you think it’s right?

Next, wearing this set also means good comfort for your kids. Why? It’s because the set is so lightweight, with only 0.9 kg. Then, you can also freely choose the most matched to your kids among 4 sizes (27, 30, 33, and 36).

Finally, are you ready to photograph your kid’s happiest moment? But ensure they wear the Preschool/Kindergarten Graduation Matte Package on their special days since it’s only $23.99! We don’t think others are cheaper than this!

GraduatePro Matte High School Graduation Cap and Gown Set Reviews

How’s your feeling after spending your teenage life in high school? You must love it so much, right? To end your high school moment beautifully, let’s wear Matte High School Graduation Cap and Gown Set on your graduation day!

GraduatePro Review: GraduatePro Matte High School Graduation Cap and Gown Set Reviews

Dear students, with 12 color and size choices, you can easily make your graduation appearance look amazing. Furthermore, the durable and less see-through fabric can effectively withstand harsh weather conditions.

What’s more? Next, the gown’s fabric quality is also pretty good. Further, the fabric is made of dull woven matte 100% polyester and features a simple v-neckline. But the final look still manages to be elegant, right?

Meanwhile, what about the cap? It’s also another comfort since the cap is a perfect headwear that provides ample space for a comfortable fit. Then, the pure matte-finished polyester cap will make the whole look perfect.

So, who has been more than excited to celebrate a high school graduation? Let’s capture your sweetest moment with this Matte High School Graduation Cap and Gown Set, and don’t let your $22.99 turn out to be a waste!

GraduatePro Economy Bachelors Cap and Gown Set Reviews

Successfully spending 4 years in college is such a victory moment! Therefore, you must prepare the best look of yourself on graduation day. If you have no any reference, what about Economy Bachelors Cap and Gown Set?

GraduatePro Review: GraduatePro Economy Bachelors Cap and Gown Set Reviews

Like the previous product, this set also comes with 12 different color and size choices. Additionally, this graduation outfit features a pleated front for added room, making it perfect for senior students to shine during celebrations.

After that, you don’t have to worry about the fabric quality because it is made of 100% opaque matte finish woven polyester. Then, wearing this also means effective due to its reliable hidden nylon zipper on the front center.

Next, the one-size-fits-all cap also exits 3 choices of year charm (2021, 2022. or 2023). If you look at the picture above, it’s a gold badge hanging from a hat. So, have you imagined yourself standing confidently with this set?

Finally, before you go to the workplace or continue to the Master’s program, let’s save your last Bachelor moments well. With only $29.96, this Economy Bachelor Cap and Gown Set is automatically yours! Shop now?

GraduatePro Pros and Cons

Does GraduatePro always perform well? Let’s be a smart buyer by not skipping the pros and cons section of this store:


  • The products suit any education level (preschool to doctoral degree)
  • Consisting of various sizes and colors
  • Providing other supporting stuff (accessories, frames, cap, decor, and others)
  • Affordable prices
  • Well-reviewed on Amazon (over 10k reviews)
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Free shipping with no minimum purchase
  • 30 days of return policy


  • No discount information
  • Little information about the store profile

Who Is GraduatePro For?

Everyone can celebrate graduation day, but not all know how to do it well. Regarding graduation attire, you shouldn’t look other than GraduatePro.

So, who is this store for? We’re confidently saying that GraduatePro is all graduates’ go-to place. Since the store’s products are various, it’s not only high school or college students but also preschool and kindergarten. So, who’s ready to celebrate it?

GraduatePro Review: What Do Customers Think?

Since you don’t want your purchase to be a waste, let’s not skip this section. So, is GraduatePro also good based on the customer ratings and reviews? You must be curious now.

GraduatePro Review: GraduatePro Review: What Do Customers Think?

From the picture above, we know that the customer feels great on their graduation day with attire from this store. However, does it guarantee that all customers will feel the same?

As mentioned earlier, this store is very popular on Amazon. Further, there have been over 10k reviews, and most products have over 4.5/5 stars. Meanwhile, we should know how the words are.

To begin, let’s see what this first customer has said:

The gown fits all kindergarten children, from the smallest to the largest child in the class. It is well-made and my students couldn’t be happier to see it. It was perfect!

See? All GraduatePro gown suits all sizes, and there’s nothing to worry about.

Then, you shouldn’t miss this, too:

I was so surprised by the gown’s quality of this store. The fabric was much better than I anticipated for the price I purchased. Well worth the money.

The good fabric quality is always GraduatePro’s identity. Fortunately, this customer was happy with that.

Next, we’re so happy to see this:

Bought this for my daughter’s graduation. It’s much cheaper than the ones the university suggested and looks the same. The gown is well-made with a large zip-up front.

Getting a good product at a lower price? It’s only the GraduatePro thing like this customer has said.

Lastly, this review may help you before shopping:

Instead of renting an expensive gown from Herff Jones, this affordable replacement is breathable and not shiny. Overall, a very good purchase.

This customer mentioned that it’s more affordable to buy from this store rather than rent from others.

Finally, how sure are you now to get your graduation goods set from this store? Also, don’t forget to tell your friends, so you can wear the same on graduation day.

Is GraduatePro Worth It?

After reading those reviews, do you still need this section? Sure. To help you get your best graduation set, let us tell you that there are no other better stores than this.

GraduatePro Review: Is GraduatePro Worth It?

After a decade of operation, this store has served millions of graduates from various top schools and universities. In addition, its higher popularity on huge e-commerce sites like Amazon reflects good credibility. Hence, it’s also the fact that GraduatePro is a worth-buying graduation goods store worldwide.

GraduatePro Shipping Policy

So, how many days until your graduation day? You better move now and place an order. But do you know how the store’s shipping policy works?

We don’t know whether you’re ready for this or not. But let us inform you that GraduatePro ships in the US and worldwide. The shipping is either from China or the US, and do you know what’s better?

The better thing is all orders have no shipping costs at all. Who’s crying now? In addition, if you order in-stock items, the store needs 1-3 business days to handle it. Otherwise, if you order a personalized item, the process is longer, around 4-6 weeks of handling. So, who wants to ship now?

GraduatePro Return Policy

Does GraduatePro care about customer satisfaction? We don’t think we need to answer that question. From the review above, the store is actually super care to all customers, though. Likewise, the return process.

How many days you’ll have to start the return? Further, all customers can do the return for non-personalized items within 30 days.

However, you better contact the store at [email protected] to initiate the process. Lastly, all return charges are the customer’s responsibility unless you can prove it’s the store’s fault since the beginning.

How To Contact GraduatePro?

Are you interested to know more about GraduatePro? Let’s get connected, then:

Company Address

7260 W. Azure Dr. Ste 140-2323
Las Vegas, NV 89130

Where to buy GraduatePro?

Do you want to make some orders now? We won’t let you wait for a little longer since your graduation is already near. Dear students, you have 2 shopping choices here. First, you can get all the graduation goods you want on the GraduatePro’s official website. Second, you can also visit Amazon and search for the official store. So, where do you want to shop?

GraduatePro Coupon Codes & Promos

Who has been waiting for this section? So, does GraduatePro have current special offers? Unfortunately, we found nothing related to this. Meanwhile, you can subscribe to the store’s email to get earlier information related to sales, deals, and other special offers.

Reveal all coupons

GraduatePro Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for GraduatePro reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns GraduatePro?

Unfortunately, there’s no specific information about the store’s owner or founder.

Where is GraduatePro located?

The store is at 7260 W. Azure Dr. Ste 140-2323, Las Vegas, NV 89130.

Does GraduatePro ship internationally?

Yes, the store can ship to all countries around the world.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of GraduatePro Reviews & Ratings

So, who wants to be the spotlight during graduation day? We know you can do makeup things very well, but let us and GraduatePro help you with the best attire to wear.

Furthermore, the choices are so various here. Even you can shop for your birdies, too. Finally, GraduatePro has been all graduate’s best friend for over a decade. Within those years, how many pieces of items have been sold do you think? So many, of course!


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