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About Govee

The growth of the lighting industry is making it not only about brightening but becoming colorful decorating lights. We enjoy the idea of a bright and colorful room for sleeping, gaming, or even partying.

Govee Review: About Govee

But, sometimes, ambiance light can be a bit pricey for our cheap ass. Here, Govee brings the solution of quality and elegant ambiance lights with competitive pricing. Its pricing is relatively low compared to other, but the intelligent features and RGBIC technology is unbeatable.

Some of you perhaps already are familiar with this brand by confidently finding it in your FYP. Yup, this brand indeed has to boast great popularity on social media. It has a significant number of followers, with 47.1K on Facebook, 125K on Instagram, and 209.4K on TikTok.

It also features several expert reviewers like DigitalTrends, The Verge, Windows Central, Tom’s Guide, and Review Geek. Regardless it’s better not to make an impulsive purchase just simply from its popularity.

Thus, in helping you decide, our Govee review will compile the information you may need about this brand—encompassing the company information, product reviews, customer testimonials, deals, and others. So stay tuned!

Overview Of Govee

Govee was founded in 2017 and is committed to making life smarter. This Hongkong based brand is a leading global smart home company aiming to manufacture personalized and enjoyable life experiences by innovating bright home areas.

The smart home innovation in ambient light and home appliances products lead them to have more than 235 intention patents.

It also has a home app with over 11M registered users. Its innovation and the technology it offers led then to become the iF Design Award 2021 and Reddot Winner 2022.

In 2020 its annual sales also exceeded $200 million, and in 2021 became the monthly best seller in Walmart. Som this brand indeed keeps growing at a breakneck pace. And it keeps growing by collaborating with Stranger Things and Razer Brand.

Well, that sounds pretty legit to see all of its achievements. But a brand can’t be completely flawless. So below, we have made it short to see the brand quality by listing the Govee pros and cons.


  • Using RGBIC with better quality
  • 200+ setup and DIY setup
  • The app, voice, and box control
  • Inexpensive pricing with great deals
  • Free shipping
  • 30 days return policy
  • Thousands of positive reviews


  • Some of the products not available, like the h6114 Car LED Lights
  • Often out of stock

Govee Review

This brand has a great collection of light and home appliances products. Its lighting products’ core technology uses the Govee Envisual, RGBIC, and Dreamview.

Govee Reviews: Govee Review

Moreover, the lighting collection is designed based on your needs, whether for outdoor decoration or personal space.

Now please take a look at the products classification that we’ve compiled below:

Smart Lights Outdoor Lights, TV Lights, Gaming Lights, Strip Lights, Lamps, Bulbs, Guiding Lights, etc
Smart Appliances Smart Sensors, Circulator Fans, Purifiers & Humidifiers, Space Heaters, etc

Still curious about its quality? Then you can keep reading to see our review on some of its products.

Govee RGBIC LED Permanent Outdoor Lights Reviews

H705A & H705B RGBIC LED Outdoor Permanent Lights are decorative outdoor lights that can be used for any occasion. It can create visually appealing outdoor home decor with simple fences, eaves, corridors, or even carport installation.

Govee Review: Govee RGBIC LED Permanent Outdoor Lights Reviews

You can use it daily, turn it on at special events like outdoor dinners, or become Christmas lights for years. To ensure it withstands any weather, the outdoor led strip lights have a water resistance level of IP67 with anti-UV materials.

Once you install it, you can see the LED outdoor string lights will illuminate nice and bright colors. It can be the best option whether you use it for a simple white light or a colorful one. With the eye-catching lighting effects of triangular and bright colors, it absolutely will catch everyone’s attention.

As a smart outdoor light, you shouldn’t forget the easy control via the Govee app and voice assistance (Google Assistant & Alexa). You can purchase this at $299.99 for 30m (100ft) and $199.99 for 15m (50ft).

There are also additional 16.4ft extension lights that cost $49.99. Then you can be ready to become the most standout house along the street!

Permanent Outdoor Lights H705A Features

  • Colors: RGBIC
  • Length: 30m(100ft) and 15m (50ft)
  • Voltage: 36V/2A
  • Connectivity: WiFi & Bluetooth
  • Water resistance: IP67 (LED lights) and IP65 (adapter)

Govee DreamView T1 TV Backlight Reviews

Even though there’s the latest version of the Dreamview collection, the Govee T1 Pro and T2 TV backlight, the Dreamview T1 Immersive TV Backlight is still worth it. Indeed if we compare the T1 vs T2, the T2 has higher features, but DreamView T1 TV Backlight is an excellent option with the low price.

Govee Review: Govee DreamView T1 TV Backlight Reviews

This RGBIC TV backlight will be a game-changer for your gaming world and movie night. It can enhance the entertainment with vibrant colors and splashes dancing around the TV. Thanks to its visual color-match technology, the immersion camera will capture the color on your TV screen.

Moreover, immersion lights suit 55-85 inches flatscreens surrounding the TV to emit dynamic colors. The app and voice control allows you to enjoy hands-free control using Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

The 12 scene modes allow you to enjoy the T1 best settings, whether for watching movies, gaming, or even the music mode. You’ll find how enjoyable it is to add flare to your TV. But for those who demand the way like the T2 white balance, it’s unavailable in T1.

Thus to bring your entertainment to another level, you can grab this available 55-65 inches TV at $79.99 and 75-85 inches TV at $99.99. But if you have a slightly better budget, we do recommend considering the T2 and T1 Pro TV backlight.

TV Backlight T1 with Camera Details

  • Colors: RGBIC
  • Length: 12.5ft and 16.4ft
  • Compatibility: 55-85 inches TV
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Connectivity: WiFi & Bluetooth

Govee LED Strip Light M1 Reviews

Govee LED Strip Light M1 is an RGBIC and white lighting designed for elevating your room looks. You can use it to decorate and brighten up your bedroom or even a decoration for hosting a special event.

Govee Review: Govee LED Strip Light M1 Reviews

Using the 4-in-1 RGBIC+ technology, it has higher lumens brightness, richer color performance, and more natural tones. In addition, 60 LEDs per meter allow it to have a more comprehensive color range and double brightness.

You can enjoy over 200 modes, music modes, and others by using the app. We highly recommend it for DIYers since you can customize the light depending on your preference. This RGBIC cuttable LED strip can also be customized by cutting or extending it using the extension.

Like other intelligent lights, it can be controlled using home assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant. So you’ll have the flexibility to control it using the app, voice control, and control box. So, to enjoy life in color, you can get this M1 LED Strip Light for $99.99!

M1 RGBIC LED Strip Light H61E1 Details

  • Colors: RGBIC
  • Length: 5m/16.4ft
  • Beads Density: 60 LEDs/m
  • Voltage: 24 Volts
  • Connectivity: WiFi & Bluetooth

Who Is Govee For?

We recommend it to everyone looking for smart lights and home appliances for your home. But mainly for people who like having an aesthetic room with immersive LED lighting that brightens up and elevates the space’s looks.

Govee Review: Who Is Govee For?

Aside from that, this brand has lower prices than other brands. So it will be best for budget-conscious customers looking for reliable and highly featured lighting that can be purchased at affordable prices.

Govee Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

This lighting and home appliances brand has 4.3/5 average ratings from 16,744 reviews on Amazon. Well, it’s unsurprising since this brand’s strip lights share 80% on Amazon. With thousands of Govee reviews, it can be the best place to see its quality to satisfy customers.

Govee Review: Govee Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

So below, we’ll start with one of the satisfied reviews from the H705A RGBIC LED Permanent Outdoor Lights review that obtained 761 reviews total:

I totally love these, I purchased two sets, and now my home has the best-looking setup in the neighborhood. The outdoor LED lights flood the surface with light, and the app is straightforward to use. Overall it’s outstanding quality.

Next is one of Govee T2 reviews, with 140 reviews total:

I must say I enjoy this add-on to my tv. It makes a complete distinction to the watching tv experience. One of the amazing things is how easy the immersive TV backlight was to install and user-friendly the app was. I will be purchasing more of its products.

Lastly, we especially choose criticism reviews from Dreamview T1 TV Backlight reviews with 558 reviews total:

Slightly dissatisfied as I expected a more comprehensive range of colors. Lots of blue, red, and white, but it does not seem to catch many other colors. Also, you should consider how your tv is mounted.

When we look at their review section, we are impressed by the fact they have a significant number of positive customer reviews. As you can see, most customers said that it has excellent quality with ease of use and installation.

However, there are a few complaints, like the last review above and the lack of quality control. Regardless, the positive reviews will ultimately outshine the complaint review.

Is Govee Worth It?

If you’ve considered the section above, its genuine customers have expressed the brand’s satisfaction that defines its quality. So, we believe that Goove is worth investing in. Its customer reviews have proven that this brand has excellent product quality and customer service.

Govee Review: Is Govee Worth It?

Its lighting collection is not only an enchanting decoration, but we love that it has an app that allows you to set up and customize the light. The smart features also make it easy to control using various ways, whether the app, voice control, and a control box.

Plus, we must mention how they have inexpensive pricing that doubles our satisfaction. So we can say no more than this brand is highly recommended.

Govee Shipping Policy

Currently, Govee ships to states within the US only. The shipping will use express delivery, which will take 1 business day to process and arrive within 2-7 working days. However, it may take longer during the holiday season.

Regarding the shipping cost, you’ll get free shipping on all orders. But you may be charged an extra delivery fee if your shipping address is remote.

Govee Return Policy

If you are unsatisfied with the lighting or simply change of mind, you can file for a return! All orders will be covered with 30 days return policy. The return will be accepted for products in the same condition as they arrived, with all accessories included and in original packaging.

You can contact the customers to get a full refund. But if quality issues do not cause your returns, the shipping cost will be your responsibility. Aside from the 30-day return,  the products also will be guaranteed a 12-month warranty.

How To Contact Govee

Need more information about this brand? Or need assistance with checking out the products? You can contact Govee customers service via:

  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Phone Number: +1 (855) 925 3570
  • Live Chat: Button at the lower right of the page
  • Form: Contact Us form
  • Social Media: @GoveeOfficial

Govee Address
42-46 Tai Lin Pai Road, Kwai Chung, NT, Hong Kong

Where to buy Govee?

If you’re interested in making your area more colorful and bright, you can browse the proper lighting on the Govee official website. Aside from that, you can also discover their exclusive light products on Amazon, Walmart, Lowe’s, Best Buy, and others.

Govee Coupon Codes & Promos

Hunting for crazy sales and coupon codes? We’ve got the job done on your behalf. Here’s the list:

  • $5 Off on the first order by joining the email list
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Buy one get one 70% off on the Bogo Deals page
  • Up to 50% off on the Deals page
  • Limited-time offers on the Flash Sale page
  • Click the link below to uncover an exclusive discount code

Reveal all coupons

Govee Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Govee reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Is Govee a Chinese company?

That’s not entirely true since this lighting company is Hongkong based company.

Who is Govee owned by?

The company is run under the Marshall Group USA, LLC.

Where is Govee USA?

The company doesn’t list its company location in the US. But its headquarter is in Kwai Tsing, New Territories, Hong Kong.

Is Govee any good?

Definitely, this brand has excellent brightness, easy to set, and features a packed design that you can purchase at competitive pricing.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Govee Reviews & Ratings

If you like a colorful life and an aesthetic room decorated with LED lights, you would love to check out Govee. This brand has an excellent selection of LED lights and home appliances. Its collection allows you to decorate from outdoor to personal spaces to become more aesthetic and colorful.

You will find it hard to say no to its low price points and risk-free purchase guarantee. In fact, this brand is well known across the globe, with users in the EU, UK, US, CA, MX, JP, MY, and others. So, to help you live a colorful life, you can head to its Govee!


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