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Goodnow Farms Review 2024 → #1 Chocolate Loved by All Americans

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About Goodnow Farms Chocolate

Does everybody cheer for chocolate? Sure, who doesn’t love it? The bitter-sweet taste and creamy texture of chocolate surely make us relaxed. Also, since it is winter, why don’t we stock more chocolates? If that’s your wish, let’s come to Goodnow Farms!

Goodnow Farms Review: About Goodnow Farms Chocolate

We know you are now imagining how happy your days are spent with chocolate. When it’s getting colder, you can make a cup of hot chocolate to warm your throat. Thanks to Goodnow Farms, your stock of naturally made chocolate will never be empty!

What makes chocolate from Goodnow Farms different from others? Oops, we guess it’s too early to say it here. Before that, let us inform you that this store is truly all Americans’ favorite. On Facebook and Instagram, it has an always-increasing 9k total followers.

Then, can we move to the cooler side? Not only about the followers, this store has also gained such a huge recognition. In 2021, the Food & Wine site mentioned this chocolate producer as one of the best chocolate shops in America. Wow, isn’t that so good?

Next, this brand has also won 27 awards in The 2023 Academy of Chocolate Awards. Also, they’re chosen as the 2024 Good Food Awards Finalist! Oh god, we couldn’t be happier. So, to reveal more surprises, can you stay in our Goodnow Farms review?

Overview Of Goodnow Farms Chocolate

Does learning a little history about this store excite you more? Then, let this section drop as if no one can stop it. So, who are actually the genius people behind this paradise of chocolate?

An introduction always brings us closer. Do you agree with that? So, let’s meet with Tom and Monica, the Goodnow Farms founders. What did they do to make this business exist and run?

Both have been on a long journey to search for the best cacao beans in the US. They believe that different cacao beans will result in different tastes and flavors, so it motivated them a lot.

Tom and Monica spent long hours traveling throughout Latin America. At that time, their only purposes were to find the most flavorful beans and to connect directly to the farmers.

In addition, by sourcing beans directly from one chosen farm, they can guarantee the highest quality beans. Finally, Tom & Monica successfully introduced this brand to the public in 2016.

Today, all chocolates are made at Goodnow Farms’ 225-year-old farm in Sudbury, Massachusetts, starting with cacao beans and sugar. If you’re curious about the result, keep scrolling down!

Goodnow Farms Chocolate Review

Take a bite of some chocolate bars and face the world as if you own it. Uhm, can we have this motivation starting from today? Since Goodnow Farms has been around, why aren’t you happy?

Goodnow Farms Reviews: Goodnow Farms Chocolate Review

Does the picture above look so ‘yummy‘ for you? Not only you but all of us may agree with that. With over 7 years of experience, the store has proven that their products are the top choice.

So, can we start exploring the collection now? It comes faster than you think:

Chocolate Bars Let’s have hundreds of bites for the top chocolate bars from this store. The products are various from Boyaca, El Carmen, Ucayali, etc.
Hot Cocoa & Powder Do you prefer to buy the hot cocoa? No worries. The collection is complete on this page from Maple, Esmeraldas, Almendra Blanca, etc.
Nibs & Tea There are only 2 products in this collection! You may find roasted cacao nibs and cacao tea. Grab them now since they’re still on sale!

Well, in addition to those chocolate product collections, Goodnow Farms also sells some merchandise, from caps to hoodies. And also, do you know that you can visit the chocolate factory?

Yup, the Factory Tour is open to everyone. For more booking information, you may click on this page. But will we talk about the tour today? No, we’ll even bring chocolates for you below!

Goodnow Farms Special Reserve Chocolate Bars Reviews

If you love brown butter dark chocolate, skipping these Special Reserve Chocolate Bars will curse you. We’re joking. But it is really good, anyway! Are you interested?

Goodnow Farms Review: Goodnow Farms Special Reserve Chocolate Bars Reviews

We’re so happy to know that this is a collaboration product with High Lawn Farm, the #1 dairy products company. Specifically, High Lawn Farm supported the butter ingredient.

Furthermore, Goodnow Farms carefully browns the Berkshire Fresh butter with only Jersey cows. Then, they mixed it with a new cacao origin, Zorzal, from the Dominican Republic.

What about the taste? You may feel the brown butter’s sweet and toasty notes go well with the cinnamon raisin flavors. Also, you’ll love how the butter gives a creamy smoothness!

Will these Special Reserve Chocolate Bars stay in your fridge? It depends on you, anyway. But let us inform you that ignoring this $16.00 choco bar is the worst decision ever!

Goodnow Farms Yasica Especial Chocolate Bars Reviews

Do you know that Goodnow Farms always has such a limited-release product? Wait, you don’t even need to search because Yasica Especial Chocolate Bars are already here!

Goodnow Farms Review: Goodnow Farms Yasica Especial Chocolate Bars Reviews

Yup, this is only one of the more limited-release products from Goodnow Farms. In detail, these chocolate bars are made from a single sack of ancient Nicaragua Criollo beans.

Then, the flavor is also promising for most people’s tongues. Specifically, it brings an intense and exquisite taste, coming with notes of juicy strawberries, cream, honey, and cashews.

Unfortunately, there was only one sack of Nicaragua Criollo beans for production, making it limited. So, if you want to give a try on Yasica Especial Chocolate Bars, get it at $35.00 now!

Goodnow Farms Pure Passion Fruit Chocolate Bars Reviews

Another collaboration product is here, and it is Pure Passion Fruit Chocolate Bars. Have you ever seen these chocolate bars in the market? If you haven’t, you will see it here!

Goodnow Farms Review: Goodnow Farms Pure Passion Fruit Chocolate Bars Reviews

So, what’s special about this chocolate? Further, this dark chocolate is infused with passion fruit, capturing the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness from tropical fruits.

Also, those tropical elements perfectly complement the Guatemalan Asochivite cacao. Meanwhile, the freshly pressed cocoa butter ensures smooth and rich chocolate flavors.

And did we say that it’s a collaboration product? Yes, you read it right because Goodnow Farms has associated with Cocoa Supply for the natural & well-selected passion fruits.

So far, will you give these Pure Passion Fruit Chocolate Bars a try? If you love both fruit and chocolate, trying this is a must! So, since it’s only $16.00, will you buy more bars?

Goodnow Farms Chocolate Pros and Cons

Is chocolate from Goodnow Farms always good? Before making an early conclusion, our pros and cons section may help:


  • Plant, grow, harvest, and produce from its own farm
  • Naturally made with no additives, soy, and vanillas
  • Has won more than 30 awards in the industry
  • Been featured on many reputable sites and magazines
  • The products are available online and offline
  • The only basic ingredient is cacao beans
  • Sold in chocolate bars, powder, and tea
  • Free US shipping if you buy $75 or more


  • No international shipping
  • Fewer discounts and offers

Who Is Goodnow Farms Chocolate For?

Whether you’re going to school, office, vacation, or anywhere, we can’t deny that chocolate is the best buddy to bring. It never disappoints and gives you the best feeling instead. So, can everyone shop from this #1 chocolate store in the US?

Of course, we can’t stop everyone from getting their chocolates from Goodnow Farms. Specifically, those chocolates may also work for those who have bad days or need some booster during their activities. Overall, only positive energy is brought by chocolates. 

Goodnow Farms Chocolate Review: What Do Customers Think?

What do you think after reading the previous pros and cons section? Yup, it might help you a lot to know how good Goodnow Farms is. However, you still have another section to read.

Goodnow Farms Review: Goodnow Farms Chocolate Review: What Do Customers Think?

Yup, welcome to the testimonial section. Let’s just start with the rating, where Goodnow Farms Chocolate gains a 4.9 out of 5 stars rating on Facebook. Next, you shouldn’t miss these facts too:

Without telling you, it’s clearly shown that each product we’ve reviewed above has excellent ratings. However, let’s not only stop here because the customers’ real reviews are also important:

What do you think of this first review?

If you want to try the best BROWN BUTTER dark chocolate, you should definitely give this gem crafted by Tom & Monica a try. The sweet and toasty notes of the brown butter complement the cinnamon raisin flavors of the cacao beans perfectly. Additionally, the butter gives the bar an exceptionally creamy smoothness!

Look how happy the customer was. She didn’t even doubt to say it’s her best brown butter chocolate. So, when will you taste yours?

Next, you should read this satisfying review:

I bought this chocolate as a part of the birthday gift for my wife, who absolutely loved it! We are both chocolate enthusiasts, and it’s wonderful to see that American chocolate is making waves in the world by competing and winning awards.

Giving someone chocolate as a gift is something special. And this spouse praises how the brand can be this successful in the market.

Also, we don’t think there’s a more honest review than this:

Mark my words: this is, without a doubt, the best passion fruit dark chocolate that has ever been made. I am extremely impressed with the tasting experience that Tom and Monica from @goodnowfarms have created. 

Do you find this review a fake? Surely not. This honest customer said that this was the most tasteful chocolate she ever had.

Finally, do those reviews help you a lot? You may agree or not. But once you keep scrolling down, we promise you won’t even have a chance to leave this page without buying (at least) one.

Is Goodnow Farms Chocolate Worth It?

You shouldn’t even ask because Goodnow Farms Chocolate is 100% worth buying. We guess learning a little history of this company earlier has given you a lot of lessons. Once again, Tia & Monica plant, harvest, and produce chocolates on their own farm.

Goodnow Farms Review: Is Goodnow Farms Chocolate Worth It?

At this point, you shouldn’t question about its quality anymore. Also, the fact those chocolates are naturally made from cacao beans without any additives is incredibly nice. Once again, Goodnow Farms only stays true to Bean, making them continuously worth it.

Goodnow Farms Chocolate Shipping Policy

Is welcoming those chocolates home your near plan? Then, don’t read this only, but also shop after we come to the end. But do you know how to shop and ship from this store?

Well, Goodnow Farms Chocolate only offers domestic (US) shipping. And here’s the thing: your order is eligible for free shipping if you shop over $75. Next, after placing an order and finishing the payment, you must wait 1-3 working days for yours to arrive. 

Goodnow Farms Chocolate Return Policy

Dear customers, we ask for your understanding this time because Goodnow Farms doesn’t accept any returns. It’s because they ship edible products (chocolate) that we all need to ensure their natural quality. But if you find a problem with your package, kindly send a message to [email protected].

How To Contact Goodnow Farms Chocolate?

Checking up on your chocolate shipping status? Or do you want to have another topic to talk about? Let’s connect to the company’s customer service here:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 978-579-4939
  • Phone Hours: Monday – Friday (10 am – 4 pm EST)
  • Facebook: Goodnow Farms Chocolate
  • Instagram: goodnowfarms

Company Location

80 Goodnow Road
Sudbury, MA 01776

Where to buy Goodnow Farms?

Do you know where to buy those tasteful chocolates? Of course, you may have online shopping through the company’s official website. Or, if you prefer to meet them in person, kindly check the location of Goodnow Farms retail stores on this page. Enjoy shopping!

Goodnow Farms Coupon Codes & Promos

Is it time to reveal the coupon code? Hopefully, you’ll find it here:

  • Sign up for the mailing list and get a coupon code, exclusive offer, and more
  • Register for the wholesale program and claim your benefit from selling
  • Free shipping for minimum payment of $75

Unfortunately, those are the current offers from Goodnow Farms. However, you may check the rest from us below:

Reveal all coupons
Goodnow Farms

Goodnow Farms Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Goodnow Farms reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Goodnow Farms Chocolate?

The founders of this chocolate company are Tom and Monica.

Where is Goodnow Farms Chocolate located?

It is at 80 Goodnow Road, Sudbury, MA 01776.

Does Goodnow Farms Chocolate ship internationally?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t. So far, the company only ships inside the US.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Goodnow Farms Reviews & Ratings

When you’re happy, chocolate may be the cause. When you’re sad, chocolate is the only thing you need. So, can you live without chocolate? Of course, we all can’t. Therefore, let’s stock more chocolate bars as if there are no more in this world!

Thanks to Goodnow Farms, you won’t find it hard to choose which is one naturally made chocolate with no additives. Coming from its own farm, we guarantee that the quality won’t only bring happiness to you but also good wellness. So, who’s excited to have some bites?


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