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About GoodFood CA

Cooking is indeed amusing that allows you to enjoy a heartwarming home meal. But in this busy life, you don’t even have time to do groceries or surf the internet to look for a new recipe. Then Make Goodfood service can be the best option for you!

Goodfood Review: About GoodFood CA

This company is a meal subscription that conveniently delivers groceries and easy-to-follow recipes of well-curated menus. This brand has created a menu for you that allows you to make healthy, balanced, delicious food that you can easily make at home without going to market.

You may be already familiar with its name since this brand is active on social media and attracts so much interest from foodies or those who like to cook. So it’s unsurprising that this brand has 134.2K followers on Facebook and 84.6K on Instagram.

Still interested in trying a convenient home cooking plan? Then, in this GoodFood review, we’ll look at this brand deeper so you’ll know this brand’s credibility.

Overview of Goodfood

Goodfood Market Corp was established in 2014  and founded by Jonathan Ferrari Neil and Cuggy Raffi Krikorian. This online grocery subscription service is based in Canada to deliver meal kits, grocery ingredients, and recipes, making it easy for you to make healthy and delicious food.

With its service, you can have a new way to learn new recipes, save cooking time, easy to gather ingredients, as well as reduce food waste. Plus, this brand has a freshness guarantee to ensure you get fresher and more high-quality ingredients with a balanced healthy meal.

The subscription allows you to get at a box every week with free shipping, and it’s fastly sent to your door for your loved one to enjoy a delightful dish. This brand also strives to help children reach their full potential with breakfast by partnering with the Breakfast Club of Canada.

In the following, let’s see some of the highlights of this company before we dive deeper:

GoodFood Pros

  • A fun way to learn new recipes and get grocery
  • Save time in the kitchen
  • The meal plan has balanced nutrition
  • Fresh ingredients than traditional market
  • Decrease the food waste
  • Affordable price
  • Freshness Guarantee
  • Free shipping for all subscription

GoodFood Cons

  • Limited only several areas in Canada

Goodfood Review

Now that you already know about the company profile, we’ll discuss its product further to see the quality. Mainly this brand offers food subscriptions where you’ll get scheduled delivery of groceries and recipes with deliciously curated menus when you subscribe.

Goodfood Reviews: Goodfood Review

Mainly this brand offers three kinds of subscription:

  • Easy Prep Basket
  • Classic Basket
  • Family Basket

You can choose one of those subscriptions based on your needs. In its meal plan, you can also select your preference, whether it is vegan or low-carb.

Once you subscribe, you’ll get scheduled delivery of ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes that allow you to easily make delicious food at home. So now let’s get to know deeper about every meal plan subscription!

GoodFood Easy Prep Basket Reviews

If you demand to make good food but have no time dedicated to cooking, this Goodfood Easy Prep Basket is designed for you! In this subscription, you’ll get all classic recipes with time, saying easy prep recipes.

Goodfood Review: GoodFood Easy Prep Basket Reviews

When it arrives, you’ll get pre-cut ingredients that make it easy to make a good home meal quickly. If you plan to cut the carb, you don’t have to worry because you can ask for a low-carb meal kit to make a delicious low-carb meal.

Every week you’ll get original recipes from the Goodfood menu, such as Vietnamese-Style Chicken, L’Artisan: Strip Loin Steak & Smoked Cheddar Penne Skillet, German-Style Pork Frikadellen Traybake, L’Artisan: Seared Scallops with Spicy Gochujang Glaze, and many more.

How much does Goodfood cost? It may vary depending on how many servings and recipes you want. The more recipes and servings you want, the higher the price is, but it will cost less for every serving.


  • 2 recipes:
    • $4.81 per serving for 4 servings with $38.47 first week total
  • 3 recipes:
    • $5.16 per serving for 2 servings with $30.95 first week total
    • $4.46 per serving for 4 servings with $53.51 first week total
  • 4 recipe:
    • $4.81 per serving for 2 servings with $38.47 first week total
    • $4.02 per serving for 4 servings with $64.34 first week total

GoodFood Classic Basket Reviews

Unlike the previous meal plan designed for easy and quick serving, the Goodfood Classic Basket is dedicated to sharing unique ingredients and recipes for those who like a culinary adventure.

Goodfood Review: GoodFood Classic Basket Reviews

Once you subscribe to this meal plan every week, you’ll get a good food box of unique meal ingredients and recipes sent straight to your door. This meal plan is also suitable for vegetarians since you can choose a vegetarian preference so that you’ll get weekly vegan ingredients and hassle-free delicious meals.

In this Classic Basket, you can get a meal menu such as stuffed Portobello Mushrooms over Savoury Grains, Carb-Wise: Chicken ‘Parmigiana’, Mini Beef Meatloaves with Apple and Mustard, Creamy Red Lentil Dahl, and so on.

This subscription has a lower price than the Easy Prep Basket since it has no pre-cut ingredients, but with this meal plan, you’ll have no waste food since everyone has been planned and curated.


  • 2 recipes:
    • $4.46 per serving for 4 servings with $35.67 first week total
  • 3 recipes:
    • $4.81 per serving for 2 servings with $28.85 first week total
    • $4.11 per serving for 4 servings with $49.31 first week total
  • 4 recipes:
    • $4.46 per serving for 2 servings with $35.67 first week total
    • $3.67 per serving for 4 servings with $58.74 first week total

GoodFood Family Basket Reviews

The last subscription we’ll review is Goodfood Family Basket, designed for you who want to use this service with loved family members. This brand will curate ingredients and recipes your whole family will love to eat.

Goodfood Review: GoodFood Family Basket Reviews

With this, you can conveniently make delicious food that gathers your family to enjoy with small talk. It’s curated with a significant portion that will be enough for your family. Every recipe has balanced protein, carbs, and veggies to keep your family healthy and delicious.

The company also uses seasonal ingredients to enjoy seasonal food at the right time. Moreover, all ingredients are guaranteed freshness, whether seafood, meat, or veggies.

To let your whole family enjoy their meal, you will find menus like Thai-Style Basil Shrimp, Roasted Cauliflower Makhani, Chicken Thighs in Caper Pan Sauce, Quick Seared Pork Chops, and others. However, remember that the family box is only available for four servings.


  • 2 Recipes: $4.28 per serving for 4 serves with $34.27 first week total
  • 3 Recipes: $3.93 per serving for 4 serves with $47.21 first week total
  • 4 Recipes: $3.50 per serving for 4 serves with $55.94 first week total

Who Is Goodfood For?

This brand is specially made for those who live in Canada, with several area limitations. It also can be the best option if you like to cook but have no time to search for new recipes and do grocery shopping.

Goodfood Review: Who Is Goodfood For?

So basically, it can be for a family who wants to make delicious food with well-developed menus and balanced nutrition. But keep in mind that it won’t be suitable for you who have an acute allergy since this brand automatically curates recipes.

On the other hand, since it has a preselected preference, it will be ideal for vegetarians and those who prefer low-carb meals.

Goodfood Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Now it’s time to decide on this service quality from the customer’s review that already tried its service. TrustPilot has an impressive number of reviews, with 41,043 reviews and 3.7/5 ratings.

Goodfood Review: Goodfood Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

There are vast amounts of positive reviews and mixed reviews about this brand. Here’s one of the customer statements:

The aspect I love the most about this service is not having to run around to find ingredients; all recipes I have tried so far are easy to make and delicious. I was a bit concerned about the portions because we are three pers but the two pers option is perfect; if we are just two at the table that night, well, there is left over for lunch.

Below is another review: 

My experience with Goodfood makes me not hate cooking! On the contrary, I love the wide variety of choices, the fresh and perfect produce, the straightforward-to-follow total color recipe cards, and everything is right there in perfect portions.

The following review is one of the complaint testimonials about this Canadian company:

I would like to see a bit more variety and choice in vegetarian meals. However, the food I’ve had is delicious, and the delivery is on point. I will continue to order, hoping to see more variety in the veggie lane!

From the reviews above, many customers are satisfied with the subscription that allows them to make delicious food without running for groceries. The recipes are also easy to follow, and all ingredients that arrive are always fresh.

We also find some flaws in this company. As you can see, one customer complaint is the lack of vegetarian meal variation, but we think it’s not a deal breaker since this brand keeps developing its menu variation. There’s also some review about the delivery and lack of customer service responsiveness. Regardless, all customers get accountable for all their complaints.

Is GoodFood Worth It?

From what we’ve reviewed in this Goodfood review, we can say that worth investing in. It offers excellent value and convenient service that allows you to make delicious food at home with balance health easily.

Goodfood Review: Is GoodFood Worth It?

It also has a freshness guarantee where you’ll be guaranteed ingredients that always arrives in fresh condition. From the review, we can also see thousands of studies from customers who are satisfied with the purchase.

Indeed there are also bad reviews since there’s no completely perfect business, but the good thing about this brand is how they always make it suitable. So overall, we can see why people continue to use this service.

GoodFood Shipping Policy

According to the excellent food delivery information, once you join the subscription meal plan, every delivery is free of charge. The superb food grocery delivery will be handled by in-house couriers and third-party delivery partners to safely deliver your box to your door.

This business is based in Canada and delivers across the big cities and small towns such as Quebec, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Alberta, and the Maritimes. However, if you’re unsure whether your location can use its service, you can contact its customer service.

This brand offer delivery up to 7 days a week from Sunday-Saturdays depending on your postal code. Your box will be sent to residential addresses until 8 PM local time and up until 5 PM for offices.

You can also choose the time you want to receive the box between 6 PM and 10 PM local time in the Afterhours program.

How To Contact GoodFood

Need more help or have any questions lingering in your mind? If so, here is Make Goodfood’s contact information where you can get in touch with its customer service:

  • Good Food phone number: 1-855-515-5191
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Live Chat: At the bottom right of the official website

Its customer service will be available to respond to your questionary between Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM to 10 PM and Saturday-Sunday from 9:00 AM to 5 PM.

Where to buy Goodfood?

Suppose you’re interested in this online grocery subscription service that delivers meal kits, recipes, and groceries. In that case, there’s only one place to join from its official website.

But keep in mind, before you purchase its service, you need to do a GoodFood login. So if you don’t have an account yet, you can simply make one.

From the website, you can get to know what they offer and what kind of service they have. There you can also find various delicious food recipes that can be your inspiration for the next meal.

Goodfood Coupon Codes & Promos

Fortunately, you’ll get healthy food and a service that can help you save some dollars! This Goodfood review has found several discount information that you can leverage:

  • Get up to $150 OFF across your first 4 baskets
  • Free shipping on all basket delivery
  • The more you subscribe, the lowest preserving cost is

Lastly, tap the button below to obtain Goodfood discount codes!

Reveal all coupons

Goodfood Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Goodfood reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who is Goodfood owned by?

This food subscription company is owned by Jonathan Ferrari and Neil Cuggy.

Is Goodfood a Canadian company?

Yes. This company is one of the most extensive subscription delivery services in Canada.

Is Goodfood a subscription?

Yes, it is a service that focuses on delicious ingredients and recipe subscription delivery services.

How do I leave Goodfood?

Looking for a way how to cancel GoodFood? If so, this brand offers an easy cancellation. To cancel your subscription, you can contact the Member Happiness team via email or good food live chat to discuss the cancellation.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Goodfood Reviews & Ratings

Making and eating delicious food is something simple that makes us happy. But your plan will never be executed if you have a busy day with no time to search for new recipes, cooking classes, or even groceries.

Goodfood is a delivery subscription service in Canada that offers meal plans and groceries delivered to your door. From what we’ve reviewed above, this brand has impressive service quality and an affordable price point that makes it easier for you to make delicious and balanced healthy meals.

So are you ready to make a healthy and delicious dish conveniently? Then, you can join its subscription service to enjoy fresh and healthy home cooking easily!


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