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Golden Hours Review 2023 → A Manchester Hand-poured Vegan Candle Wax

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About Golden Hours Candle Wax

A soy wax candle can lift a mood with a specific aromatherapeutic fragrance. Golden Hours is the perfect place to go whenever you need this ambiance.

Golden Hours Review: About Golden Hours Candle Wax

The company is a small business but has many products to offer. In addition, they sell Manchastes-handcrafted candle wax with a strong and long-lasting aroma.

You won’t get any allergic after smelling the aroma because it is vegan. The brand even has many followers on Instagram, around 2K. 

If you’re curious, would you stay with me until the end part of this Golden Hours review? Now, let’s take a look at the brand overview! 

Overview of Golden Hours Candle Wax

Emily started Golden Hours in 2022. This company intends to give a relaxing ambience with an eco-friendly small candle wax suitable indoors and outdoors.

But some people don’t like a candle due to the fog. So she makes another product, a wax melt that is easy to use but has the same formula.

Furthermore, Emily wants every customer to choose the aroma they want. So she creates around 12 fragrances with different ambiences, such as Bergamot, Vanilla & Tobacco, Laundry Fresh, and so on. 

Unfortunately, this brand focuses on UK orders. It doesn’t have a chance to serve worldwide customers yet. Let’s pray it grows significantly so that worldwide customers may have the candles! 

Here are the pros and cons of Golden Hours. 

Golden Hours Pros

  • Provides aromatic candle wax and melts
  • Handcrafted in Manchester
  • Made of soy
  • Eco-friendly and vegan
  • Available in many scents
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • Promotes strong and long-lasting fragrance
  • Ships to the UK with free shipping cost on orders of £30
  • Provides 14-day return policy

Golden Hours Cons

  • It doesn’t ship internationally
  • It doesn’t mention much information regarding the shipping.

Golden Hours Candle Wax Review

I know this brand is attractive. It is a small business with a great product that is helpful for any customer. 

Golden Hours Reviews: Golden Hours Candle Wax Review

Currently, it offers many eco-friendly products and avoids paraffin which can cause allergies. The items are divided into four: Candle Wax, Wax Melts, Gifts Sets, and eGift Cards. 

But I’ll focus only on these four products: 

  • Christmas Tree Melts
  • Wick Candle
  • Wax Melts
  • eGift Cards

Therefore, let’s begin with the first product review without further ado!

Golden Hours Christmas Tree Melts Reviews

Are you looking for a gift or Christmas decorations? Then, I recommend you buy these three candle wax Christmas Tree Melts. This item is made of soy, vegan, and handcrafted in Manchester

Golden Hours Review: Golden Hours Christmas Tree Melts Reviews

This candle wax is available in one pack. You’ll be able to decorate your house or office with this strong and alluring aroma. One group of this item weighs 90 grams. 

Moreover, it is long-lasting, allowing you to feel an authentic, relaxing ambience all day. The brand offers three scents: Cranberry & Orange, Snow Fairy & Christmas, and Winter Cashmere.  


  • Handcrafted in Manchester
  • Made in soy and vegan
  • Available in three items and three scents
  • Suitable for Christmas decoration
  • It is long-lasting and has a strong aroma

If you’re interested in this item, let’s buy one pack for only £4.95!

Golden Hours Wick Candle Reviews

Wick Candle is a best-seller that has become a favourite for many buyers. This one is beautiful and simple, with frosted glass packaging and a natural wooden lid.

Golden Hours Review: Golden Hours Wick Candle Reviews

The 200-gram product will be a great companion when you want some me-time. Merely put it beside your bed and have the most comforting ambience on your own. 

Furthermore, it is available in 12 scents: CBD & Eucalyptus, Bergamot, Seychelles, Vanilla & Tobacco, Sandalwood & Black Pepper, Cranberry & Orange, Snow Fairy, Laundry Fresh, Gin & Tonic, Fresh Daffodil, Pink Peony, and Rhubarb & Rose. 

Customers may choose the one that suits their preferred aroma. Don’t worry since the fragrance is strong and long-lasting. The brand uses soy to handcraft it in Manchester. And yes, it is a vegan candle


  • Handcrafted in Manchester
  • Made in soy and vegan
  • Available in glass packaging, lid, and twelve scents
  • Suitable for me-time 
  • It is long-lasting and has a strong aroma

Are you interested in purchasing this candle? Then prepare a budget of £10 to own this item!

Golden Hours Wax Melts Reviews

If you are not a candle type, Golden Hours has Wax Melts with six cubes in one pack. This one is smaller than standard candle wax, but don’t worry because it releases a strong and long-lasting aroma.

Golden Hours Review: Golden Hours Wax Melts Reviews

In addition, you can cut the cube off to use one only for one sitting period. This item is an excellent solution indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, the founder makes it with soy and handmade it in Manchester.

It is also vegan and is available in 12 scents, as same as the previous Candle Wick. Merely melt this 80-gram wax under a warming device, and you’ll smell the aroma you’ve been craving. 


  • Handcrafted in Manchester
  • Made in soy and vegan
  • One pack contains six cubes
  • Available in twelve scents
  • It is long-lasting and has a strong aroma

Therefore, visit the link below and purchase it for only £4.95!

Golden Hours eGift Cards Reviews

Do you want to give your beloved people a high-scented home fragrance? This brand got your back covered! It offers eGift Cards with different amounts of budgets.

Golden Hours Review: Golden Hours eGift Cards Reviews

You can choose nine options: £10, £15, £20, £25, £30, £40, £50, £75, and £100. After that, submit the recipient’s email and name. 

Customers may also select the delivery date and give meaningful messages. Then, once the time comes, the team will immediately send it to the person’s email. 

This eGift Card can be a perfect present on special days such as birthdays, anniversaries, Thank Giving, or even Christmas! 


  • Perfect gift for beloved people
  • Customers can choose the budget amount and delivery date
  • Suitable for special days 

So, let’s give the most precious gifts to them!

Golden Hours Soy Wax Benefits

Are you curious about the benefits of getting products from this brand? Well, I’ll define them in this section. 

Please read carefully.

  • Soy wax is made of soybeans which are naturally bio-degradable and eco-friendly.
  • The products are easy to clean and safe for the environment
  • This ingredient is non-toxic and doesn’t cause the trigger allergies
  • Soy wax has a lower melting point, allowing you to have it longer than paraffin

So not only is it eco-friendly, but also the products are beneficial to be used daily

Who is Golden Hours For?

This company intends to give vegan candle wax to anyone who wants a relaxing ambience. Customers can use it at the home, office, bedroom, or any place indoors and outdoors.

Golden Hours Review: Who is Golden Hours For?

In addition, it doesn’t contain harmful ingredients since the candle wax is made of soy. So, you won’t get any allergies but feel relaxed with this product. 

Golden Hours Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Are you ready for an important section in this post? Here, I’ll writhe the customer reviews. I know you’ve been waiting for this part a lot. 

Golden Hours Review: Golden Hours Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

This brand doesn’t have many testimonials. I guess because it is merely open this year. But let’s take a look at the utterance of a customer below:

I was so pleased when this delivery arrived! I ordered 3 of 1-wick candles, They are beautiful & smell divine!

This buyer finds a pleasing moment by the time her package arrives at her door. She loves the candles because of their beautiful packaging and delightful smell!

Another review stated:

I always put these melts on in my salon when we open – within 10 minutes the smell is already strong!

Another customer is happy because the Wax Melts give a strong smell to her salon. With only ten minutes, she could smell it well.

So, I can summarize that many customers are satisfied with their purchases. Although it doesn’t have many reviews, two are enough to prove that Golden Hours works excellently to provide the best for its customers. 

Is Golden Hours Worth It?

Well, many brands sell the same item. But Golden Hours handcrafted every item in Manchester with soy. The products are great and benefit customers, so it is worth it. Indeed.

Golden Hours Review: Is Golden Hours Worth It?

Furthermore, it offers many scents allowing you to select the one you prefer the most. Even better, they are vegan that won’t result in any allergies. Merely light or melts the soy candle wax to get the ambience you want.

Is Golden Hours Legit?

Online shopping is the most frequent place that scam happens. But don’t worry because Golden Hours is a legit brand you can trust.

Golden Hours Review: Is Golden Hours Legit?

This company has secure SSL on the official website, allowing you to purchase without the scare of resulting any scams. In addition, it mentions the thing that a customer needs before buying the product.

You can see the policies and product explanations well. Even better, it tells you the contact you need to contact whenever a problem appears. 

Golden Hours Shipping Policy

Currently, this company only ships to the regions in the UK. However, it offers free shipping on orders over £30. The team will prepare your package immediately after you place an order.

This brand sends your orders by Royal Mail. But others may use another courier. The estimated time to arrive at your door is around 3 to 6 business days. If you face a problem, please contact the team at

Golden Hours Return Policy

The brand offers a 14-day return policy on orders made on the official website. Customers must contact the team at to initiate a return.

Note that the products must be unused, has the label, and are in the original packaging. If the return is eligible, you may get a full refund. 

The refund is sent to your original payment method. Suppose a problem arises, don’t hesitate to contact the team at the same email address above. 

How to Contact Golden Hours

Further questions concerning this handmade brand may follow the steps below:

  • Shoot an email to
  • Ask directly on the website’s live chat
  • Hit a direct message on Instagram: @goldenhourswax_

Remember that the team will respond as soon as possible during business hours. 

Where to buy Golden Hours?

The only place to buy this handcrafted soy wax candle is on the official website. Customers may also sign up for an account to get exclusive deals. Remember to only buy from this place for the original product at a reasonable price!

Golden Hours Coupon Codes & Promos

Currently, it doesn’t offer any promotions and deals. But you may sign up for Loyalty Programs. Below I’ll explain the policy:

  • Sign yourself up at the upper right Log In part on the official website
  • Join the Loyalty Programs
  • Earn golden points when you purchase a product
  • Redeem 10% off on everything sitewide 

You may also redeem 50 points with a 20% discount when you buy an item at the store. Furthermore, please visit the official website and social media for other discount codes and limited deals. 

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Get discounts & promotions coupon codes for Golden Hours in other countries.

Golden Hours Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Golden Hours reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Golden Hours?

Emily is the founder of this brand. 

Does Golden Hours ship internationally?

Currently, the brand only ships to the UK regions. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Golden Hours Reviews & Ratings

Small candle wax can give ambience to your room. You do not need to purchase the expensive one; the affordable one can provide you with the same effect.

Golden Hours is a suitable brand you can trust because it offers eco-friendly aromatherapy candles for every customer. They are also available in 12 scents. So, let’s purchase the candle and relax at your place! 


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