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About Go Zero Charge

With the rapid development of electronic vehicles (EVs), a charger is necessary, whether for EV owners or Airbnb owners. And that might lead you to the question, is there a brand that provides a high-quality EV charger? Well, Go Zero Charge is the answer!

Go Zero Charge Review: About Go Zero Charge
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Go Zero Charge is a brand that designs to make EV chargers that are powerful and reliable yet simple. So, their products are perfect to be installed at home to charge your electric vehicle’s battery.

And as a new brand, Go Zero Charge is currently flapping its wings in the internet world so that people around the world know about its charger products.

Hence, you can follow their social media accounts to keep up with the latest things they’re working on and offering.

And now, how about we move to the next section for deeper information about this brand? This Go Zero Charge review will guide you to learn deeper about the brand’s founder, top products, testimonials, and many more. Let’s go!

Overview of Go Zero Electric Vehicle Charging Company

Go Zero Charge is based in the United Kingdom, more precisely in Hampshire. The brand was founded by a man who is concerned about carbon emissions David Wells.

The founder believes that electric vehicles will be used more frequently in the future. With this in mind, Go Zero Charge was founded.

Nowadays, the brand designed a stylish and reliable electric vehicle smart charger to make charging your electric vehicle easier. As their jargon goes,

Plug In, Charge Up, Go Zero!

Which means you don’t need any tricks to use their product. Just plug in, charge your electric vehicle, and go wherever you want.

Well, to broaden your perspective about this brand, this Go Zero Charge review has summarized its pros and cons. Check it out!


  • Creates reliable and powerful charger products
  • Offers free installation for customers
  • Comes with a wide range of features
  • Compatible with most types of electric vehicles, ranging from Audi, BMW, Subaru, Tesla, and more.
  • 3-year warranty
  • The excellent customer service team


  • It doesn’t support international shipping

Next up, I’ll guide you to go to the third section for a more in-depth explanation of the brand’s products, so let’s get started!

Go Zero Charge Review

As a brand that has just set its foot in manufacturing electric vehicle chargers, they currently only have one charger product. And the vaunted name of this brand’s smart charger product is the Optimus EV Charger.

Go Zero Charge Reviews: Go Zero Charge Review

Go Zero Charge Products

  • Home EV Chargers
  • EV Business Solutions
  • EV Installation

And what does this Optimus EV Charger have to offer? Let’s jump over into this Go Zero Charge review!

Go Zero Optimus EV Charger Reviews

Like where the company is based, this Go Zero Optimus EV Charger is also made in the United Kingdom. It comes with 7.4 kilowatts which can ensure that your charging is fast and reliable.

Go Zero Charge Review: Go Zero Optimus EV Charger Reviews

Moreover, the charger from this brand also has an app that you can download via PlayStore and AppStore. Connecting this Optimus charger to the app can give you full control in monitoring your charging.

By using the app, you can schedule your charging times which can lower your electricity bills. There are no additional costs, just plug in, and everything will be done as it should be.

On top of that, this Optimus EV charger is also compatible with Amazon Alexa, allowing you to operate it using voice commands.

Even better, you can earn money through this product. And how is that possible? Well, you can share your Optimus charger with the GZC network. After that, you’ll get a reservation for your charger via the Go Zero app if anyone needs your charger. You can set the price per kWh and set a schedule for when your charger is available to the public.

And for the price itself, you can bring and place this Optimus EV charger on your home by spending at £799.

Go Zero Charge Installation

I don’t know how to install this charger, is there any solution I can take?

You don’t have to worry about the installation because this Go Zero Charge will help you install the charger you purchased through its team. And to get hassle-free installation, you just need to follow these few steps:

  • Purchase the Optimus EV Charger, and don’t forget to add the FREE professional home survey.
  • Accept your no-obligation installation quote.
  • Choose your preferred installation date, available Monday through Saturday from 9 AM – 5 PM.

For further and complete information about the EV installation processes, you can check it out here.

Who is Go Zero Charge For?

If you have an electric vehicle, then Go Zero Charge is perfectly suitable for you. They designed a charger that is specialized for electric vehicles. So, you’ll never struggle to find a charging station for your EV because you already have one at home.

Go Zero Charge Review: Who is Go Zero Charge For?

Fast, reliable, and simple. Those are the three things you’ll get when you have the Optimus EV Charger from this brand.

Go Zero Charge Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Unfortunately, at the time I write this Go Zero Charge review, I couldn’t find any testimonials on the official website. But luckily, I was able to find some customer testimonials about the EV charger through Trustpilot.

Go Zero Charge Review: Go Zero Charge Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

And here are some of the testimonials:

This is the best EV charge box on the market!!! The app is definitely great and totally useful for making money and monitoring usage.

This first customer is satisfied with what the brand has to offer. He said that Go Zero Charge is the best EV charger brand on the market. He also liked how the app is awesome and totally useful for making money and monitoring his EV usage.

Another buyer said something similar:

Pretty good EV chargers. Super easy to use, and one of the most reliable that I ever found.

In his testimonial, he expressed his satisfaction with the brand. This buyer liked how easy to use the brand’s EV chargers are. And at the end of his testimonial, he said that this brand is the most reliable brand that provides EV chargers he has ever known.

Referring to these two testimonials, I can conclude that Go Zero has gotten a good and positive response regarding its ease of use and reliability. As a testament to customer satisfaction, the brand receives 4.7 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot.

Is Go Zero Charge Worth It?

When you’re given the convenience of charging your electric vehicle, coupled with no more hassle for you to go to a charging station, this Go Zero Charge review boldly says that this brand is worth buying.

Go Zero Charge Review: Is Go Zero Charge Worth It?

Equipped with a wide range of cutting-edge features coupled with the full control you get when you connect it to the Go Zero Charge app, you’ll never regret buying an EV charger from this brand as they have given the best product and services that every customer can rely on.

Is Go Zero Charge Legit?

Absolutely, this brand is legit, and you can rely on it. It was registered as an official company in the UK in 2022. Every employee of this brand is also a professional in their field, so you don’t need to doubt what they can provide to charge your electric vehicle quickly and efficiently.

Go Zero Charge Review: Is Go Zero Charge Legit?

Plus, their products come with all kinds of cutting-edge features that can make charging your electric vehicle easier. Referring to this, this Go Zero Charge review can say that this brand is legit.

Go Zero Charge Shipping Policy

Unfortunately, this brand only offers to ship within the United Kingdom. So if you live outside the UK and are looking for an EV charger, you may have to look elsewhere.

When you order an EV charger from this brand, you can set your preferred installation date. And Go Zero Charge will deliver your EV charger before the installation date you have set. And for the cost, it all depends on your shipping address.

Go Zero Charge Warranty

As part of its dedication to satisfying its customers, the brand provides a 3-year warranty. So, if your EV charger experiences any problems or failures, you can claim your warranty.

The steps you need to take in claiming the warranty are also straightforward, you just need to report it via email at [email protected]. After that, you need to include the serial number, the date of installation, and a description of the damage you experienced. As soon as your warranty is accepted, their technical team will contact you.

How To Contact Go Zero Charge

In an effort to provide the best to its customers, the brand provides several contacts that you can reach out to when you have questions, concerns, and anything about its products. You can knock on their door through;

Sales Contact

Available daily from 9 AM to 10 PM.

Installation Contact

Available Monday to Friday from 9 AM – 6 PM.

Technical contact

Available Monday – Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM.

Where to buy Go Zero Charge?

As a brand that’s just starting out this year, they don’t have any offline stores or retailers that you can visit. Therefore, you can only buy their products through their official website.

Go Zero Charge Coupon Codes & Promos

As a budget-conscious person, finding a discount code that can be applied to your shopping cart is always a joy. And I totally understand that. Therefore, this Go Zero Charge review has provided a place for you to get those discounts.

It’s pretty easy, you just need to click the button below. And Tadaa! Some discount codes are unlocked, and you can choose one of them that works.

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Go Zero Charge

Go Zero Charge Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Go Zero Charge reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Go Zero Charge?

As for now, this brand is owned by NRG Energy.

Who is the founder of Go Zero Charge?

The founder of Go Zero Charge is David Wells.

Where Go Zero Charge is located?

The brand is located in Hampshire, United Kingdom.

Does Go Zero Charge offer to ship internationally?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t. This brand currently only offers to ship within the United Kingdom.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Go Zero Charge Reviews & Ratings

With more and more electric vehicles popping up every year, you must realize that charging stations will be an essential thing to have in the future. And Go Zero Charge is one of the electric vehicle charger brands that you can rely on.

Not only do you get the convenience of charging your electric vehicle, but you can also start a business by purchasing an electric vehicle charger from this brand. Equipped with a wide range of cutting-edge technology plus an app that gives you full control in monitoring, the Go Zero EV charger is a great investment.

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