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Geeta Hair Review 2024 → Performs Beautifully As If It is Your Real Hair!

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About Geeta Hair and Beauty Salon

Everyone wants to go out confidently from head to toe. But, unfortunately, hair vitamins only do not significantly influence taking care of your crown if you use too much coloring and tools. Say no more because you can have hair extensions from Geeta Hair

Geeta Hair Review: About Geeta Hair and Beauty Salon

This company provides virgin products from natural human hair. In addition, some donations allow the company to create high-quality hair wigs for all customers. 

You can choose the one you need the most from a wide variety of styles, including straight, curly, or wavy hair. Not only are they well-made, but also the length variations are satisfying. 

You can take care of your hair without damage. Instead, use the extension ultimately! Then, you may color, bleach, or style it with whatever tool. 

Although it doesn’t mention in any press, the company receives much attention. There are more than 3.4K followers on Facebook, 17.5K on Instagram, and 29.1K on TikTok. 

If you have more concerns concerning beauty supplements, including your hair, read this Geeta Hair review. Hence, let’s begin the reading with the brand’s overview! 

Overview of Geeta Hair and Beauty Salon

Geeta Hair was established in 1980, offering the best hair extensions for all women worldwide. Moreover, it only uses virgin products from people’s actual hair donations. 

This company does not mention the owner, but its 30 years of experience is incredibly amazing not to buy. You can do whatever you want if you purchase hair from this place. 

Furthermore, this China-based company provides a Service Guarantee that will stand by before, during, and after the sales. You can trust the professional team and customer service if you are unsure about the products. 

Even better, it ships internationally and offers free shipping for several destinations. Suppose you prefer marketplaces; no worries because it also provides an official store on several platforms. 

Before digging deeper, get to know the brand’s pros and cons below. 

Geeta Hair Pros

  • Virgin hair for all customers
  • A wide variety of lengths and styles 
  • Affordable prices
  • Many discounts and promotions 
  • Available on the official website and marketplaces
  • Ships internationally
  • Free shipping across the US and others 
  • Flat-rate shipping fee for African regions
  • 30-day return policy
  • Has many good feedbacks from customers 

Geeta Hair Cons

  • No information concerning the founder/owner

Geeta Hair and Beauty Salon Review

After having more understanding of this Geeta Hair, you must be more curious about the brand’s products. Will you predict which of the best hair you’ll get? 

Geeta Hair Reviews: Geeta Hair and Beauty Salon Review

Here are two categories you may find from the brand:

Human Hair Wigs Bundles & Closure

But this Geeta Hair review will only focus on the following:

So without waiting any longer, let’s dive into the first product review! 

Geeta Hair Long Straight Hair Reviews

Are you looking for a straight hair extension for your important date? If so, this 100% human hair Long Straight Hair is the best option! It is available in 10 to 36 inches, allowing you to choose the one you need the most. 

Geeta Hair Review: Geeta Hair Long Straight Hair Reviews

In addition, the brand offers three densities: 150%, 180%, and 250%. The hair has a natural shade and promotes one-year durability. Furthermore, its lace-front wig gives an effect as if it is your natural scalp. 

Another advantage you’ll get from this product is easy to install and beginner-friendly. Therefore, you may bleach or color it based on your preference to come to your meeting as beautifully as you can. 


  • Made of 100% human hair 
  • Offers a variety of densities and lengths
  • Easy to install
  • Novice-friendly
  • Colorable and bleachable

So if you want to have straight hair, let’s buy this item, which starts from $139.68 now!

Geeta Hair Natural Crimps Curls Reviews

If you’re unsure about straight hair, these Natural Crimps Curls may be the best option. This one has the same features as the previous products, including three densities and 14 to 36 inches lengths. 

Geeta Hair Review: Geeta Hair Natural Crimps Curls Reviews

In addition, it has natural black color with HD transparent Swiss lace wig. With the easy-to-install and novice-friendly lace frontal, you can use it on your head as a natural scalp in minutes. 

Furthermore, this hair wig is perfect for any occasion. Merely dye it, color it, or bleach it to your preferred style, and it will perform nicely on your daily outfit! 


  • Made of 100% human hair 
  • Offers a variety of densities and lengths
  • Easy to install
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Colorable and bleachable

Hence, prepare your wallet starting from $149.99 and click the link below to get the item now! 

Geeta Hair Brazilian Body Wave Hair Reviews

If curly is too much for you, choose this Brazilian Body Wave Hair for your daily or crucial meetings. This item is similar to the previous two, with 14 to 36 inches in length and three densities

Geeta Hair Review: Geeta Hair Brazilian Body Wave Hair Reviews

Moreover, it features 100% human hair that will give you the same feeling as your natural hair. With this natural color wig, you can dye or color it to find the style you want the most. 

In addition, the lace works magnificently and melts with your scalp immediately. With this easy-to-install and beginner-friendly item, you won’t suffer anymore. Instead, let’s style it faster and performs better! 


  • Made of 100% human hair 
  • Offers a variety of densities and lengths
  • Easy to install
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Colorable and bleachable

So, let’s immediately shop for this hair for the least price, $156.98

Geeta Hair Size Guide

Looking closer at the size guide is a must because you can’t purchase a hair wig randomly. Instead, choose the one you like the most based on your desired length. 

Geeta Hair Review: Geeta Hair Size Guide

From the picture above, you can see how long the hair is. What about the cap length? The brand provides the size guide thoroughly on every product. Hence, ensure you purchase the correct size for your need! 

Who is Geeta Hair For?

Geeta Hair creates a natural human hair wig for everyone who wants to avoid damaged hair. This aim is crucial because most want to style their hair freely, but it can damage hair excessively. 

Geeta Hair Review: Who is Geeta Hair For?

But if you purchase the hair from this place, you’ll have the privilege to color it and style it to your preferred look. As a result, you can control your hair healthily for a more extended period. 

Geeta Hair Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Amid this Geeta Hair review, I will write customer testimonials concerning the brand’s products. So, if you don’t mind, let’s begin the discussion directly. 

Geeta Hair Review: Geeta Hair Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

First things first, here are the ratings of the abovementioned hair extensions:

So it is the first testimonial said:

This wig is 100% length as expected. It is very soft, small knots, and has no bad smell. 

This customer is thankful because the product comes exactly as she expects. In addition, the hair is soft with no bad smell! 

Another one said: 

This wig is definitely amazing and is true to length. The pattern is nice. I’ll be buying again. 

This customer finds the wig remarkable because it has a true-to-length size. Moreover, she thinks the pattern is excellent, making her want to repurchase. 

The last one said:

The wig quality is much higher than what I expected. I receive many compliments on this wig! I will be buying more from Geeta

This customer feels the same because the wig’s quality is beyond compare. Furthermore, she receives many compliments while wearing it! 

Simply put, Geeta Hair performs nicely for all customers. It receives high ratings and many positive comments from satisfied customers. Plus, the wigs are fabulous! 

Is Geeta Hair Worth It?

You’ll find many brands offering hair extensions, but Geeta Hair is the only one you can trust. It is worth checking out a company due to its high-quality products. 

Not only are the collections massively attracting attention, but also they are easy to install. As a result, you can create and style your hair by dyeing, bleaching, coloring, and so on. 

Geeta Hair Shipping Policy

This company requires at least one business day to prepare the package. But if your desired product runs out, the preparation may take up to two business days. 

Luckily, it provides free shipping via DHL, FedEx, and UPS couriers to America, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia, Middle East countries, etc. Meanwhile, countries such as Africa and remote regions will be charged a $20 shipping cost. 

Geeta Hair Tracking

Once the team dispatches your package, the courier company will send a confirmation email. Please read it carefully and find your package’s tracking number. 

Then, visit this Tracking Page to track your order and fill in the number. Therefore, customers can check every progress until their packages arrive at their doors. 

Geeta Hair Return Policy

This company wants to provide the best virgin hair for you. But if you’re unsure and unsatisfied, the team is ready to help with the 30-day return policy

Note that you’ll be paying for the return shipping fee. Furthermore, the items must be unused and in their original packaging. Note that customized items are non-refundable. 

To begin the return, please contact the team at [email protected]. The team will guide you thoroughly. So when your return is accepted, you’ll receive a refund to your original payment method. 

How to Contact Geeta Hair

Do you need assistance from customer service? If so, find multiple ways to get in touch with the team at the following list:

You may also fill in the Contact Us ticket on the official website. Furthermore, please remember that the team will return for at least 24 hours. They are available Mon to Fri from 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. UTC+8.

But the team is also available on Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. UTC+8. So please be patient and avoid sending your message twice because it will eventually postpone the reply. 

Where to buy Geeta Hair?

Customers who want to purchase wigs from this company are lucky. Why? Because it offers the official store through the official website and marketplaces. 

You may choose Amazon, Ali Express, and so on. No need to worry about the quality because this official store will provide only original products. So, prepare the budget and choose your preferred item now! 

Geeta Hair Coupon Codes & Promos

Before closing this Geeta Hair review, I know you’ve been waiting for this section. Then, find the best promotion in the list below!

  • Spin the wheels to win huge coupons or gifts on the official website.
  • Subscribe to the official website for limited offers 
  • Save 18% off sitewide with code SP18
  • Save $60 when you buy over $289 with code SP60
  • Buy $360+ to get $100 off with code SP100
  • Purchase bulk orders to receive wholesale prices

Therefore, are you ready to get your preferred hair immediately? 

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Geeta Hair

Geeta Hair Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Geeta Hair reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Geeta Hair?

Sadly, information concerning the owner is not available on the official website. But it doesn’t stop customers from purchasing from this company since it is active in the business. 

Does Geeta Hair ship internationally?

Yes! The brand ships internationally and offers free shipping fees to several destinations. 

How long does Geeta Hair take to ship?

The team requires 24 hours to prepare your package. But if your item is unavailable now, please allow 1-2 days to dispatch. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Geeta Hair Reviews & Ratings

Say no more to damaged hair because Geeta Hair will solve your problem effectively. It has a great collection of straight, wavy, to curly for all customers. Moreover, they are made of a pure human hair! 

You won’t have any difficulty anymore and can care for your natural hair. Then, take care of your nails, and let’s buy your preferable item before the stock runs out! Are you ready to perform gorgeous for the next meeting?


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