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Garden Trends Review 2023 → Garden Furniture for Fun BBQ!

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Did something excellent just happen to your life, and you want to celebrate it? We guess there’s nothing better than having an outdoor party with grilling some beef and drinking cocktails. But have you told Garden Trends to prepare everything for you?

Garden Trends Review: About Garden Trends

Honestly, your outdoor party won’t be complete if you don’t check what this store has. You’re wrong if you expect them to sell beef or sausage. Otherwise, this UK’s garden furniture retailer store provides outdoor dining sets, fire pits, food storage, and more.

Then, what else to know? Furthermore, the store will also bring your expectations beyond because numerous brands of products are sold. That’s why it encourages more people to show their support. Does it mean that the store gains much attention on social media?

Confidently says that Garden Trends is most people’s go-to place for outdoor parties. Specifically, we discovered over 11.2k followers across their social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others). Will you tap the ‘follow’ button after this?

So, how many friends or relatives will you invite to your party? But before everything starts, let’s be educated shoppers by reading our Garden Trends reviews today. You won’t shop for the wrong item, right? Then, scroll down to the end for more surprises!

We know it has never been easy for Garden Trends to start everything and become everyone’s top pick today. However, we found no further information about the store’s background.

We only learned that it’s a Private Limited (ltd) Company that started in 2014. Furthermore, the hundreds of products sold on its website will tell you how passionate this store is.

Meanwhile, within those years, we are surprised to know that many top-pick outdoor furniture brands are here. They are like Alexander Rose, Kettler, Robert Charles, and more.

And that’s only the furniture product. What about the fire pit sets, benches, outdoor kitchen, and more? No, we guess you can handle what drops after this. Keep scrolling passionately!

Does the picture below describe the warmest outdoor family dinner for you? If yes, exploring this section may bring more similar moments to you in the future. Didn’t you wish for that?

Garden Trends Reviews: Garden Trends Reviews

Be a one-day explorer and become the luckiest shopper tomorrow. We know it has been your passion. But will we let you know about each product without any recommendations?

Of course not. As your most reliable guide today, we’re honored to help you get suitable outdoor party equipment. Therefore, what about starting it with product categories first?

Garden Furniture What dining set styles do your family love? Discover your style-matched dining sets here now!
Outdoor Kitchen Cooking outside is now possible with outdoor kitchen sets, including a fridge, food storage, and more.
Firepits Sets Make your grilling activities more fun and effective by shopping for a firepit set today before someone takes it!
Parasols & Bases Give a perfect final touch to your outdoor party set by adding parasols and bases from Garden Trends!
Benches & BBQ A casual and relaxed bench should be there, too. Also, the various barbecue stuff is here to grill your sausage!
Christmas Who says Garden Trends doesn’t care about Christmas? Live your perfect Christmas Eve by shopping the decors!

Now, can you guess what we will recommend? Since you need it for your upcoming outdoor party, then let’s see how these products work to complete your night!

Garden Trends 3 Best Selling and Recommended Items

  • Bracken Outdoors Dakota Casual Dining
  • Draco Grills Double Fridge Cabinet
  • BeefEater 1200E Series

So, who dreams of an excellent and memorable outdoor party? Finally, it’s your time, so ensure not to skip every single thing that will drop before your eyes!

Don’t you think providing a complete dining table set as your family spot during the party is good? Of course, but what if it’s getting cold since it’s outside? No worries, Bracken Outdoors Dakota Casual Dining will satisfy you!

Garden Trends Review: Garden Trends Bracken Outdoors Dakota Casual Dining Reviews

First of all, this luxury furniture set features a fire pit table and provides comfortable seating for 8-10 guests in a casual dining setting. Therefore, we can say there’s no one can get cold. Even your mom will be okay with that.

Furthermore, we recommend using it outdoors on the garden, patio, decking, or balcony. For more, you can adjust to the best spot in your garden or somewhere else. Don’t you think deciding the best spot will also make it good in photos?

In addition, let’s talk about the furniture material. Further, they’re made of 100% polyester fabric in ash grey colour. Thus, besides its matched-any-spot colour, you can also get the best convenience while being around with family.

Dakota Casual Dining Details

  • Aluminium frame
  • Tempered glass top (5 mm)
  • Removable and washable cushion covers
  • 5 years of warranty

So, have your families and relatives been invited to the party? Purchasing around £1,259.00 for this Bracken Outdoors Dakota Casual Dining won’t ruin your night, so let’s be faster than light!

Is it possible to have cold drinks at outdoor parties without adding some ice cubes? Of course, it’s 100% possible. Then do you need good and functional items for it? We know you should buy Draco Grills Double Fridge Cabinet!

Garden Trends Review: Garden Trends Draco Grills Double Fridge Cabinet Reviews

No worries, you won’t bring your big two-door fridge outside. In this product, everything runs effectively because this double fridge is relatively small and easy to carry everywhere thanks to the wheels included. 

Furthermore, this double-door fridge also features a brush-finished stainless steel exterior and a granite work surface. Therefore, it persists in any condition, and you won’t buy this too often since it stays longer.

Double Fridge Cabinet Details

  • Dimension (Height x Width x Depth): 90 cm x 96 cm x 57.5 cm
  • Range of temperature: 0 – 10 degrees (adjustable)
  • Energy consumption: 657 kWh/year
  • 2 years of warranty

So, how many cans of sodas and beers do you prepare? Keep them cold along the party in this Draco Grills Double Fridge Cabinet. How much will you spend? It’s only £1,600.00, and we know your car loan fees must be more expensive than this!

If the previous was for your soda and beer, now don’t you need something for your beef and sausage? Yes, those beef can’t grill themselves, so you need BeefEater 1200E Series! What’s special about this item?

Garden Trends Review: Garden Trends BeefEater 1200E Series Reviews

First, it’s a 4-burner outdoor gas BBQ for all fresco dining. Furthermore, we say it would be a great addition to any outdoor area, whether on a terrace, patio, or garden. So, have you planned everything well?

In addition, we know that you won’t eat cold beef or sausage, so this grilling tool should be on your priority list. Now, what’s more? Next, with its big viewing window, you can easily check your food inside without opening it. 

Besides that, the product includes a burner box that is completely enclosed and seam-welded. Therefore, it’s the strongest grilling tool ever since you won’t find it moving due to strong wind or leaking oil in your garden.

BeefEater 1200E Series – More Details

  • Dimension (Height x Width x Depth): 52.5 cm x 84.9 cm x 58 cm
  • 50% Grill, 50% Griddle
  • Total Power: 68MJ/hr
  • 5 years of warranty

Having this BeefEater 1200E Series is not a total disaster. Instead, you’ll serve more beef, sausages, and others to everyone who comes to your party. But are you ready to pay no more than £652.50?

How much are you sure to shop from Garden Trends? Let our pros and cons section help you further:


  • Various products from different top furniture brands
  • Super cheap prices, among others
  • Detailed product description
  • International shipping is available
  • Available for offline and online shopping
  • Free shipping (UK Mainland over £30)


  • Up to 1 year of warranty only
  • Less information about the store’s background

Does everyone love a party? But are you the type of person who loves attending a party or a party organizer instead? Whoever you are, it doesn’t change the fact that all Garden Trends products suit everyone

Then, if we have to make it more specific, this ‘everyone’ refers to every soul who loves parties, outdoor gatherings (family, friends, colleagues), and other similar activities. So, which type of party person are you?

We know you’ve always looked for this section before shopping. Since becoming a smart buyer is vital, let us make you smarter than any shopper out there.

Garden Trends Review: Garden Trends Review: What Do Customers Think?

The question is, how well did Graden Trends perform based on customer ratings and reviews? Welcome to this testimonial section, and discover the truth with us!

Overall, the store performs very well on the Trustpilot review platform. Specifically, it gained over 7.7k reviews with an average rating of 4.4 from 5 stars. Now, it’s time to prove whether those numbers are real or not. So, who’s ready for the customer real reviews section?

As a starter, let’s read what this customer has experienced:

I’ve had the pleasure of ordering from Garden Trends twice in 2023, and I have to say, their service is top-notch. During my first order, I found that a part was missing, but their team quickly and efficiently resolved the issue by sending me the missing part. I was really impressed…

We’re so thrilled to see how this customer got his excellent service from the Garden Trends team. Will you try to prove it?

Then, you shouldn’t also skip this:

I recently placed an order over the phone and it was really nice to be able to talk to someone. The communication was fantastic, and it arrived right on schedule. I’m extremely happy with my purchase and would definitely think about using Garden Trends again…

A good product always results in a ‘buying again’ decision. Also, the quick and solutional response from the store was what made this customer’s day.

Besides that, the following review may help you:

We recently visited your showroom at Moss End Garden Village and were thoroughly impressed with the exceptional service, high-quality products, reasonable prices, and timely delivery of our garden furniture. As a result, we were returning to your store to buy the parasols.

Next, a good impression results in good decisions. This customer was so happy with his first impression of the store’s showroom and decided to shop afterwards.

Dear party lovers, you should be so happy to find the best and most reliable store to fulfil your party needs. So, if you want to be one of the luckiest Garden Trends customers, you know what to do, right?

We don’t know how you won’t believe in this store while it has been operating for almost a decade. Since the beginning, with numerous products sold, Graden Trends has set a new trend for outdoor parties or fun activities. Thus, labelling them as a worth-buying garden furniture provider must be everyone’s trend. 

Does your outdoor party and BBQ agenda drop soon? Learning about the store’s shipping policy may help you a lot. How is it? See the details in the following table!

Shipping Destination Shipping Charges
UK Mainland £3.95 (orders up to £30)
free (orders above £30)
UK Highland see the charge on the checkout
Europe & International

It’s such a nice occasion to inform you that the store offers domestic (UK) and international shipping. So, which item will you ship to your address?

Can I return my item?‘ Of course. For great customer satisfaction, the store provides 30 days of return after you receive the item. In addition, the customer must also be responsible for the shipping costs. If this happens to you, kindly contact the store at [email protected] or check the return form immediately. 

Ready to be part of Garden Trends’ loyal customers? They’re also welcome for you, so don’t hesitate to say ‘hi‘ first:

  • Phone: 0118 3800 381
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Social media: Garden Trends / Garden Trends UK
  • Availability: Everyday (9.00 am to 5.00 pm)
Showroom Address Warehouse 
Moss End Garden Village, Maidenhead Rd, Warfield, Bracknell RG42 6EJ Unit 6a, Lys Mill, Howe Road, Watlington, Oxfordshire, OX49 5EQ

Is Garden Trends the best store to shop for garden furniture? Absolutely, yes! Moreover, the store only sells those various products from different brands on their official website. So, if you want to get top-pick garden products at super lower prices than others, Garden Trends should be on your no.1 list.

Shopping always makes everyone happy. But we all agree that shopping with a discount should be a happier experience. Thus, what discount code can we expect from this store?

  • Join the newsletter and activate your 5% discount on your first order
  • Get up to 20% discount by shopping from £100 on Early Bird Christmas Deals
  • Enjoy up to 67% off your order on every product
  • Redeem the voucher code DEC10EX to save 10% more on your order
  • Be eligible for discounts up to 61% in Autumn Sale
  • Free shipping in the UK Mainland (orders over £30)

Who can handle those offers? We bet no one can. But if you still beg for more, we suggest you check the following button, too!

Reveal all coupons
Garden Trends

Garden Trends Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Garden Trends reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Unfortunately, the information about the store’s owner is unavailable.

The store is in Moss End Garden Village, Maidenhead Rd, Warfield, Bracknell RG42 6EJ.

Yes, the store ships domestically and worldwide, too.

Ask a question?

So, who agrees that a Garden Store is all garden owners need? Since the store stocks various and complete furniture to make your garden look twice prettier, there shouldn’t be any reason not to shop from it.

Meanwhile, Garden Trends is also what everyone trusts in terms of price. The store has been working with huge furniture manufacturers for almost a decade, so their offer must be wallet-friendly. So, what do you plan to shop for your outdoor garden party?


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