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Frank Darling Review 2024 → Make Your Engagement Rings Dream Come True!

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About Frank Darling

Marriage is one of the life phases that a couple will inevitably go through. Indeed, this sacred and once-in-a-lifetime moment should be immortalized with the most precious wedding ring.

Frank Darling Review: About Frank Darling

Unfortunately, every couple has different preferences regarding their dream wedding ring. That’s why the humble Frank Darling is here to help you realize your and your partner’s wedding rings.

They are a forward-looking brand that offers customizable wedding rings, allowing you and your partner to create your own dream ring. Not only that, but Frank Darling also features the highest quality diamonds from around the world.

Did you know? This brand is one of the United States brands that has always been the ideal go-to destination for couples looking for wedding rings with the best quality diamonds. Is that so? It is. Just look at how the brand boasts 1.3k followers on Facebook and 17.9k followers on Instagram.

Better yet, Frank Darling has also been featured in various well-known media publications, such as Vogue and WSJ Magazine.

If you are interested in delving into all the information about this brand, then this Frank Darling review will help you out. From overview to discounts, this review will reveal all the key information about this jewelry brand. So, start reading!

Overview of Frank Darling

As you may already know, Frank Darling is a jewelry brand based in the United States, more precisely in the glitzy and luxurious New York City. Established in 2017, this brand aims to empower couples to realize their dream wedding rings in an easy way.

The founders are Kegan Schouwenburg and Jeff Smith. They founded this brand to bring the traditional approach of engagement rings to be more direct, stylish, and accessible for people.

Apart from offering customizable wedding rings, this brand also features a wide selection of the best quality diamonds, be they natural or lab-grown diamonds. Customizable wedding rings coupled with top-quality diamonds aren’t that just amazing?

Let us tell you. All the customizable wedding rings that this brand provides are handcrafted from 100% high-quality 18k recycled gold. They also love recycled diamonds, which is why more than 10% of the diamonds sold are recycled while still maintaining authenticity and value.

Not only that, but this brand also values each customizable wedding and engagement ring at an affordable price in the market. Even more incredible, right? Since you can save a few bucks in your wallet.

On top of that, Frank Darling adopts cutting-edge technologies and standardized processes to ensure the highest quality in each of its engagement rings and lab diamonds, such as mine-to-finger traceability and the Kimberly process.

With all these positive statements, is the brand so perfect? No one knows until you check for yourself by reading the Frank Darling pros and cons below.


  • Offers high-quality customized engagement rings
  • Provides luxury natural diamonds and lab diamonds
  • Affordable
  • Uses recycled diamonds and 18k recycled gold
  • Gives FREE try-on kit on your customized engagement rings
  • International shipping
  • FREE shipping on orders over $1000
  • FREE hassle-free return
  • Receives near-perfect ratings and many positive reviews


  • This brand is so awesome, with no drawbacks at all!

Frank Darling Review

Apart from offering customizable engagement rings, Frank Darling actually also offers a collection of engagement rings that you can easily choose from, full bezel or half bezel.

Frank Darling Reviews: Frank Darling Review

So what can I get in this collection? Well, you can find five categories of engagement rings that have different unique, luxurious, and gorgeous designs. These five categories are Harper, Mason, Parker, Sidney, and Billie.

Not only selling wedding and engagement rings, but this jewellery brand also provides the best quality wedding bands, earrings, and necklaces as well.

Since all couples have their wedding ring preferences, here in this review, we will take three wedding rings from the five collections. These three engagement rings were chosen because they are the most sought-after products.

Frank Darling Review: 3 Most Sought-After Rings

  • Breezy Bezel Pears Oval
  • Plunge Hidden Halo Cushion
  • Cathredal Royale Marquise

Without further ado, let’s move to the next section to find know the quality of these three best-selling jewellery.

Frank Darling Breezy Bezel Pears Oval Reviews

Have you ever imagined how beautiful and stunning you would feel when you have 3 diamonds lined up beautifully on your ring finger? We’re sure it’s the ultimate feeling of happiness. Luckily, it’s not a dream since you can attain it with this Breezy Bezel Pears Oval.

Frank Darling Review: Frank Darling Breezy Bezel Pears Oval Reviews

Look at how this engagement ring comes with an oval-cut diamond accompanied by 2 pear-shaped diamonds next to it. Plus, there is almost no bezel on this ring, accentuating the subtle curves of your diamonds to make them look more appealing.

In addition, you can also make several customizations in the purchase of this Breezy Bezel ring, such as band material, ring size, and diamond type. For band material, you can choose between 14k yellow gold to platinum. As for the ring size, the options are 3 to 13. Then for the diamond type, you can choose between lab diamonds or natural diamonds.

So what about the price? Well, depending on the band material and diamond type you choose, the price of this Breezy Bezel varies from $1480 to $2140.

Frank Darling Plunge Hidden Halo Cushion Reviews

With this Plunge Hidden Halo Cushion, we’re sure that even Rapunzel would love to have this ring on her ring finger. Adorned with beautiful diamonds that shimmer and pile up, this engagement ring will easily make anyone who wears it look gorgeous.

Frank Darling Review: Frank Darling Plunge Hidden Halo Cushion Reviews

Besides, this ring also comes with a forward-looking and modern look, making it perfect for wearing on various occasions. Moreover, this Plunge Hidden Halo ring features a thin band and delicate claw prongs, making the cushion-cut diamond stand out even more.

If you want to own this engagement ring, you can customise it first. Generally speaking, there are 3 several things you can customize, band material, ring size, and diamond type.

You can choose from 14k yellow gold material to platinum for the band material. As for the ring size, you can choose from sizes 3 to 13. As for the diamond type, there are two options available, lab diamonds and natural diamonds.

Depending on the band material and diamond type you choose, this Plunge Hidden Halo ring costs between $1240 and $1620.

Frank Darling Cathredal Royale Marquise Reviews

When the prince found Cinderella, didn’t he give her this Cathedral Royale Marquise? This is a beautiful engagement ring that carries modern romance in every inch of its piece, making you like the beautiful Cinderella who is happy to be proposed to by her beau.

Frank Darling Review: Frank Darling Cathredal Royale Marquise Reviews

It comes with the beauty of a sparkling marquise-shaped diamond coupled with 6 modest prongs supporting the diamond. It makes this Cathedral Royale as charming as a flower. Besides, the flower shape of this engagement ring was inspired by Art Nouveau, which is known for its sensual style.

If you are interested in owning this Cathedral Royale, then you can customize it in 2 ways, band material and ring size. For band material, you can choose from five materials, ranging from 14K yellow gold to platinum. As for the ring size, you can customize the size from 3 to 13.

Just like the previous 2 products, the price you have to pay to get this engagement ring depends on the band material you choose. But on average, the price you have to pay is $900 to $1200.

How Does Frank Darling Works?

Did any of the three engagement rings above catch your eye? Or not? Not to worry. As mentioned earlier, this brand offers customizable engagement rings. So, if the rings in the brand’s collection don’t meet the specifications of your dream engagement ring, you can create your own.

Here are some steps you can take if you’re planning to make your own wedding ring. Have a look!

  • Design

The first step is to design your dream wedding ring. It’s quite easy to do. Simply take the quiz to get a free sketch of your dream ring provided by the brand’s design team in NYC.

  • Preview

Once you’ve finished sketching out your dream ring design, you can preview it right away. Later, this brand will send a free try-on kit to your home. Upon receiving it, you can compare the diamond size, shape, and setting features.

  • Select

Then, when all is said and done, you can start choosing from a selection of 20,000+ natural, ethically sourced natural, and lab-grown diamonds. Otherwise, if you’re indecisive, let the brand choose for you.

Well, those are some of the steps you can take when you and your partner want to create your own wedding rings. Ready to realize your dream wedding ring? Then head on over to the official website!

Who is Frank Darling For?

In the market, Frank Darling is best suited for those men and women who want to make their engagement ring dreams come true. Through this brand, you can expect a ring with a design that is authentic, timeless, and only you and your partner will have.

Frank Darling Review: Who is Frank Darling For?

For this reason, it also makes this jewelry brand suitable for those who don’t like the commercial engagement rings that are widely available in the market. All in all, whoever you are who values the authenticity and timelessness of engagement moments, then this brand is for you.

Frank Darling Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

We have the perfect word to describe Frank Darling, EXCEPTIONAL! Through its official website, we found that this brand receives perfect ratings, 4.98/5.0 stars from 574 reviews. That’s unbelievable!

Frank Darling Review: Frank Darling Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

So, is there a reason why this brand gets such perfect ratings? Absolutely there is. However, that reason does not come from us but from customers who have purchased engagement rings from this brand. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the first testimonial.

FD went above and beyond to craft my engagement ring that was greater than my dreams and expectations. After my entire experience, I agree that this brand definitely lives up to its name.

In this first testimonial, a happy customer praised how the brand went above and beyond anything in realizing her wedding ring that was even more amazing than her expectations.

The same is also expressed by the satisfied customer below.

This jewelry brand was wonderful to work with from start to finish. The design process was easy, all I did was send some pictures, and they matched exactly what I had in mind.

In her testimonial, this customer said that this brand was excellent in helping her with the engagement ring process from start to finish. She only sent a few pictures, and the brand managed to design an engagement ring that matched what she wanted.

This US brand seems to truly succeed in providing its customers with the best dream engagement ring experience. As expressed by the customer below.

Frank Darling truly deserves 1,000 stars! I can’t even believe how lovely my ring is. Every person I spoke to was really friendly and helpful. It was such a wonderful, incredible, and stress-free experience.

In her experience with this brand, she was so satisfied that she dared to say that this brand deserves 1,000 stars. The beautiful ring, the helpful customer service, and the stress-free shopping were the aspects that made this customer so satisfied with her customized engagement ring purchase.

So what to conclude from the three testimonials above? It’s simple. Frank Darling has become one of the most well-known brands and the best place for you to realize your dream engagement ring with your partner.

With this brand, you not only have the opportunity to create your own wedding ring, but you can also expect to have a beautiful wedding ring with the best-quality diamonds. The question is, is this brand worth it? Find out in the next section!

Is Frank Darling Worth It?

Generally speaking, it is easy to say that Frank Darling is a jewelry brand that deserves your consideration. Not only do they offer you the opportunity to create your own engagement ring, but they also offer affordable jewellery prices on every customizable engagement ring they carry.

Frank Darling Review: Is Frank Darling Worth It?

Moreover, it’s nice to know that this brand uses ethically sourced diamonds and 100% high-quality 18k recycled gold in each of its rings, bands, and earrings.

What else? The customer service, obviously. Through the three testimonials in the previous section, you must be able to understand that Frank Darling has successfully helped many people realize their dream engagement ring with amazing and helpful customer service from the beginning of the process to the end.

Referring to these aspects, we are unanimous in claiming that this brand is worth it. As such, do you agree with our claim? Let us know by leaving a rating on our article.

Frank Darling Shipping Policy

We have good news for you. We found that Frank Darling offers to ship internationally in its shipping policy. However, this brand will use UPS next-day air to ship your ordered jewellery for US orders. On the other hand, this brand will ship your ordered products using UPS worldwide express for international orders.

Better than that, this brand guarantees insured packages and FREE shipping on every $1,000+ purchase you make on its official website. Then, how about the shipping time? Since the brand uses UPS next-day air for US orders, means you can receive your ordered jewellery within one day.

As for international orders, this brand uses UPS worldwide express to ship your ordered products which generally need approximately 3 – 5 business days to arrive at your doorstep.

Frank Darling Return Policy

Are you unhappy with your purchases from this brand? If so, you can return your ordered product to the brand within 30 days, as Frank Darling offers 30 days return policy. Even better, they also give FREE return shipping through UPS Air.

Well, to be eligible for the return, you should make sure that your returned product comes in its original and unworn condition as well as accompanied by proof of purchase.

Moreover, the brand’s return policy also applies to customized engagement ring purchases with some slightly more complicated conditions. For more details, you can visit the return page on their official website.

If you are planning to make a return, you can start by contacting (646) 859-0718 or [email protected].

How To Contact Frank Darling

Facing any problems with your customizable jewelry purchase, whether it is about diamonds, wedding bands, and engagement rings? Not to worry. This brand provides several customer service contacts that you can reach out to find the solution to your problems. Here are:

  • Call: 646-859-0718 (Available every day from 9 AM to 9 PM)
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Chat with Us

Alternatively, you can also head over to the brand office, which is located at 67 Greene St, Floor 3, New York, NY 10012, United States.

Where to buy Frank Darling?

Obviously, as a brand that offers customized engagement rings, the only place you can go to buy its products is its official website. Through the official website, you can find and customize an engagement ring that suits your dreams.

Alternatively, you can also go to Frank Darling’s offline store at:

  • NYC Tribeca: 50 Hudson Street, Floor 3, New York, NY 10013
  • San Francisco: 1136 Clement St, San Francisco, CA 94118

Frank Darling Coupon Codes & Promos

Are you planning to realize your dream engagement rings with Frank Darling after reading our article? That’s good news for us. Then, to give you a gift, we have summarized some discounts and promos that you can use to save on your purchase.

  • Design your own engagement rings and get a FREE try on kit
  • Enjoy FREE shipping on all orders, within the US or worldwide
  • Unsatisfied with your purchase? Not to worry. This brand gives FREE returns to you

If you need savings through coupon codes, you can get them by clicking the button below. There, you can find many Frank Darling coupons and discount codes. So, happy shopping!

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Frank Darling Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Frank Darling reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Frank Darling?

Currently, this brand is owned by Kegan Fisher.

Is Frank Darling a reputable company?

Indeed. As you already understand, this brand received a perfect rating of 4.98/5 stars with over 500+ positive testimonials. For that reason, it’s easy to say that this brand is a reputable company.

What is the lead time for Frank Darling?

The brand requires a lead time of around 9-13 weeks, with 4-6 weeks for the cutting process and 1-2 weeks for the certification process.

Why is Frank Darling so cheap?

The reason why the brand’s engagement rings are cheap is that this brand uses recycled diamonds which are cheaper and lab-grown diamonds which are more budget-friendly.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Frank Darling Reviews & Ratings

Nothing beats how amazing Frank Darling is at making couples’ dream engagement rings come true. This jewelry brand manages to deliver the best in every aspect, from its customizable rings, high-quality wedding bands, luxurious natural and lab-grown diamonds, helpful customer service, and even low price.

Engagements and weddings are once-in-a-lifetime moments that should be memorialized with the best. One of those things is customized engagement rings from Frank Darling. All in all, if you are interested in this brand, then you can immediately go to its official website.


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