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About Fractal Forest Organic Superfoods

You can’t say that the world is too cruel to you. Otherwise, the people are the ones who affect your life. If life brings you down and it leads to repeated terrible days, you know it’s time to come back to Nature and see what it offers. That’s what we learn from Fractal Forest!

Fractal Forest Review: About Fractal Forest Organic Superfoods

Do you know what this brand does? As its name suggests, the brand fully relies on nature to heal and cure people’s overall wellness. Specifically, they are passionate about formulating and distributing consumable nature-based health products. Sounds good?

As time went by, this brand proved that it successfully benefited from herbal tea to blue lotus. Therefore, the customer’s trust level grows higher. For instance, we discovered there have been over 14k total followers on the social media accounts. Will you join the circle?

If we may ask, what do you usually do to take care of yourself during stress and get out of it? When your long search results nothing, then we highly suggest you witness the magical things in our Fractal Forest reviews. The more you scroll, the brighter your days will be!

Overview Of Fractal Forest Organic Superfoods

What makes you curious about this store a lot? Of course, it’s a background story. So, who are the passionate people behind this reliable brand? We will find it out through this section.

This nature-based brand also comes from people who have a great view of nature. From strangers, Kayra Prentice and Xela Ray have united and do what they love to do now.

Kayra grew up with a father who had been in botanical science for a long time. Then, it stimulated her to learn and love nature since it effectively heals people with bad mentality.

Meanwhile, Xela started to learn plants and other botanical ingredients when his dad was diagnosed with cancer. Those days were tough, but he did well, bringing him to his peak.

Since then, Kayra and Xela separately found that what nature provides can be the best alternative to healing. From severe stress, there will be more happy days arising afterwards.

On one nice occasion, they both met, and Fractal Forest appeared on the surface. Today, the brand has its own farm in Kauai, where all materials are planted. But how is the company today?

Fractal Forest Review

What does Fractal Forest actually have? You may not find these types of products anywhere. They are rare in the market, so what you’ll get here comes with an ‘exclusive‘ label.

Fractal Forest Reviews: Fractal Forest Review

As we went through the brand’s official site, we could already feel the sense of nature. It is well-designed, with supportive products as a result of a collaboration with plants.

In detail, you may have these options while exploring the website:

Fractal Forest Product Collection

Superfood Find everything from DHA to adaptogens!
Cannabidiol The ultimate CBD lines are oils and balms!
Apothecary From spagyric drops to herbal tea, they’re here!
Holistic Skincare Other types of oils and balms are on this page!
Scent Feel the fresh nature scent with this perfume!

Already have a favorite among these categories? Let’s not decide too early because this review has so many detailed sides to show you. 

Are you excited if we say the store’s best-selling products are about to hit?

Fractal Forest White Rose DHA Reviews

Have you ever bought some DHA products? Did they work? That’s terrible. At this point, you may consider putting White Rose DHA inside your cart. Then, how does it work on our body?

Fractal Forest Review: Fractal Forest White Rose DHA Reviews

If you’re asking about the benefits of this, we can mention some. For instance, it is good for keeping you focused and maintaining your memory strength. We’re all getting older, right?

In addition, if you’re the moody type of person, get this immediately. It also works to prevent any mood swings, so happy days are yours. Well, can I consume this every day, and how?

Further, White Rose DHA is nice and safe for daily consumption. For maintenance dose, you may have 2 droppers daily. Also, whether you consume it with food or not, they’re acceptable.


  • Main ingredients: Water-extracted Chromista Algae Oil
  • Bottle’s size: 50 ml
  • DHA dose: 25,000 MG DHA per bottle
  • Additives: No. Only all-natural materials

Unfortunately, the site states that White Rose DHA will no longer be produced for unknown reasons. So, let’s be faster to get this only at $35.00 while you still have a chance. Start shopping?

Fractal Forest Brahma Herbal Tea Reviews

Who loves enjoying free time with some fresh and aromatic herbal tea? Then, let’s throw away your pressure for a while and replace it with Brahma Herbal Tea. Have you ever heard of this?

Fractal Forest Review: Fractal Forest Brahma Herbal Tea Reviews

This house-formulated herbal tea is a good choice not only during free time but also every time. Specifically, it is a nourishing and therapeutic formula that contains valuable botanical plants.

Furthermore, if you feel that your brain doesn’t work as it’s supposed to these days, this herbal tea comes to help. Also, you can rely on this herbal tea for other problems like uncontrolled emotion.

Besides that, all preparation steps are totally easy. For safe daily consumption, just steep 1 tablespoon of tea into the cup, pour hot water and wait 10-20 minutes before taking a relaxed sip.


  • Main ingredients: Bacopa, Gotu Kola, Gynostemma
  • Packaging: 2 oz sealed botanical bag
  • Additives: No. Only all-natural materials

So, are you happy to find a new way of spending tea time now? Since the beginning, Brahma Herbal Tea has never been disappointing. So let’s finish the payment with no over than $24.00 for each!

Fractal Forest Blue Lotus Flowers Reviews

Since we all love having a great tea time, do you want to try another unique experience? This is not an ordinary tea that you usually find in the market. Otherwise, it’s Blue Lotus Flowers!

Fractal Forest Review: Fractal Forest Blue Lotus Flowers Reviews

All depressed and stressed people must try this! We won’t let you sink too deep into pressure, so let’s set a routine schedule to enjoy this blue lotus tea. It’s natural, hygienic, and effective.

Furthermore, expecting to have a peaceful sleep is also one of the benefits of this tea. That’s why it’s better to consume this at night before sleeping. You need more energy to face the next day, right?

After that, since one packaging comes with several flowers, you may use them one by one. Simply, take one full flower and put it in the glass. Then, pour the boiling water and wait until 15 minutes.


  • Main ingredients: Blue Lotus Flowers
  • Packaging: 1 oz sealed botanical bag
  • Additives: No. Only all-natural materials

Ultimately, if you want to upgrade your tea time to be more relaxing, the only product you need is Blue Lotus Flowers. It’s too cheap for you, so we believe spending around $33.00 isn’t a matter

Fractal Forest Pros and Cons

Who says that Fractal Forest is perfect? Read this pros and cons section first to witness:


  • Botanical-ingredient products only
  • No additive at all
  • Safe for daily consumption
  • House-formulated
  • Easy to consume
  • Safe for pregnant women (after the physician’s confirmation)
  • Affordable price
  • Providing other types of products (incense, perfume, skincare, and more)
  • Worldwide shipping


  • Free shipping is unavailable
  • No return, refund, or exchange

Who Is Fractal Forest Organic Superfoods For?

After reading the entire product review, can everyone benefit from this store? Exactly, yes! The store’s target buyers are those who want to heal themselves, especially mentally. Those natural-based products can promote relaxation, proper brain function, good energy, and more.

Are these safe for babies, too? Precisely, if you are a pregnant woman or you want to give it to your babies or children, kindly talk to a physician first. On the other hand, if you want your children to benefit from this, the brand has a safe and qualified product: extracted DHA oil.

Fractal Forest Review: What Do Customers Think?

Is Fractal Forest really that good? When the pros and cons section can’t tell you completely, then you may need this testimonial section. So, what do people say after shopping at this store?

Fractal Forest Review: Fractal Forest Review: What Do Customers Think?

Unfortunately, we have some difficulties while trying to look for the store’s overall rating. However, it doesn’t stop us from bringing you the detailed rating for each product we reviewed above:

The number of ratings may not be that many. But we won’t let you move to the next section without reading the customer’s real reviews. So, what did they write in their honest reviews?

Directly from the site, let’s read this first review:

Throughout my pregnancy, I conducted in-depth research on ways to provide my baby with the best possible start in life. Among the top items on my list was DHA, which is known to support brain development. 

From this review, we know that the brand’s products are safe for customers of all ages. They also work well, and you should prove it now!

Next, you can’t deny that you agree with this customer’s words:

I’m happy that I found Fractal Forest and their Blue Lotus Flowers tea. I’ve started drinking this tea before going to sleep, and it has become a part of my evening routine. It helps me to relax and unwind after a long day.

We are also happy to see that this customer could have a peaceful time to rest after having Fractal Forest. Will you experience the same?

Also, it may convince you more to shop here:

I have long been an advocate for brain health, and I rely on DHA supplements for cognitive benefits. My memory has improved, and I find that I can stay focused for longer periods of time. Planning to some have some flowers CBD after this!

One customer proved that the items he got from this store were helpful in improving his memory. Hence, he wanted to buy the others!

Finally, can you say that Fractal Forest is truly recommended? You will even say it’s the best after you read the following section. So, since we still have more to explore, are you still on fire?

Is Fractal Forest Organic Superfoods Worth It?

When you are almost in your final shopping decision, but you still need to be convinced? Then, let’s answer the question in this section. Honestly, Fractal Forest is 100% worth it for its consistency in having all botanical material in its products.

Fractal Forest Review: Is Fractal Forest Organic Superfoods Worth It?

Besides that, the brand’s vision is also in line with the problems that most people face these days. The number of individuals who lost healing motivation always increases daily.

Thankfully, Fractal Forest appears with a nice self-healing method. It is safe and harmless which can be everyone’s top choice.

Fractal Forest Shipping Policy

Are you looking forward to seeing Fractal Forest at your home? Before shipping, let’s learn this shipping policy first!

We’re excited to inform you that the store offers US and International shipping. Unfortunately, there is no free shipping service for both, so all fees are the customer’s responsibility.

Besides that, the store ships two days every week (Tuesday and Friday). So, please wait for your items to safely arrive.

If you live in the US, yours will be at home within 1 – 5 working days. Meanwhile, for worldwide customers, you should wait a little longer because it takes around 7 – 90 working days.

Fractal Forest Return Policy

Next, what you should know about the return policy? Unfortunately, since the stores can’t resell the returned items, there will be no return, refund, or exchange.

Simply, all orders are final. After all, if they apply a return, it breaks the product qualities since they’re based on natural materials and consumables. However, if you received damaged items after shipping, kindly contact Fractal Forest at [email protected].

How To Contact Fractal Forest?

Doing a little chit-chat with Fractal Forest? That’s possible to do if you contact them through these:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Social media: Fractal Forest/
  • Contact form: drop your message here!

Company Location

4-1104 Kuhio Hwy. PMB 165
Kapaa, HI 96746

Where to buy Fractal Forest?

Do you want to buy those herbal teas and oils very soon? Don’t stop yourself from shopping only at the brand’s official website. Then, if you want to visit their stockist, they are available in several states of the US. Specifically, you may see the complete address on this page!

Fractal Forest Coupon Codes & Promos

Do you expect us to give you some special offers? Let’s expect to the following list instead:

  • Join the newsletter to unlock 15% OFF your first order
  • Get some products at lower prices (Click each product to know)
  • Become an Affiliate on this page to earn more benefits

Looking for more? Well, the blue button below may help with discount code collections:

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Fractal Forest Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Fractal Forest reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Fractal Forest?

The brand’s owners are Kayra Prentice and Xela Ray. 

Where is Fractal Forest located?

The company is at 4-1104 Kuhio Hwy. PMB 165, Kapaa, Hawaii, 96746

Does Fractal Forest ship internationally?

Yes, Fractal Forest offers US and International shipping for most countries around the world.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Fractal Forest Reviews & Ratings

Starting today, you won’t sink into that overthinking ocean again since reliable products from Fractal Forest are here to give you a hand. Have you chosen your most wanted item from the store?

A little reminder: those collections have no additive at all. So, if you are not into medicine, they are still safe to consume. Also, for the optimal result, you may have them daily and see how it works on your body and mind a few days ahead. Enjoy your purchase!


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