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About Forenom

When you have to stay in a city for a while, especially in Northern Europe. Whether it’s for work or just for a vacation, finding a rental can be a headache. Hotels are sometimes too expensive, and apartments sometimes take way too long.

Forenom Review: About Forenom

Now you can say goodbye to this confusion thanks to Forenom, a brand specializing in the temporary living accommodation industry in Northern Europe. 

Nowadays, it is one of the most forward-looking brands in the hospitality industry in Scandinavian cities. Just look at how the brand boasts 14.8k followers on Facebook, 3k followers on Instagram, and 1.3k followers on Twitter.

Interested in learning more about this brand? If so, then we will help you out through this Forenom review. Here, you will get essential information about the brand’s history, rental options, customer reviews, and more. So, keep scrolling down!

Overview of Forenom

Forenom was founded in 2000 by two Finnish entrepreneurs, namely Markus Oksa and Mikko Leppänen.

Starting from their consciousness about the gap that nothing existed between long-term apartment rentals and short-term hotels, this brand was established to fill that gap. The two entrepreneurs created what they call aparthotels, a combination of apartments and hotels.

They also appointed Johannes Kangas to lead Forenom with the mission to provide temporary rental services for people who want to stay in Scandinavian countries.

After the brand’s long journey in the Northern Europe hospitality industry, it is now one of the leading brands in its class. They currently operate in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland and have satisfied over 12,000 clients with 89% customer satisfaction.

The people working at Forenom consist of 450 professionals who are ready to help you whenever you need it. We will also help you learn more about the brand by providing the pros and cons of Forenom below. Check them out.

Forenom Pros

  • Provides high-quality aparthotels in many cities in Northern Europe
  • There are 8000 aparthotel rooms to choose from
  • Has satisfied over 12,000 clients with 89% customer satisfaction
  • Staffed by 450 professional customer services
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy booking

Forenom Cons

  • Some people complained about the cleanliness in several aparthotels

Forenom Review

At Forenom, you have three kinds of rentals: serviced apartments, aparthotels, and hostels. Yep, that’s right. The brand offers not only aparthotels but also serviced apartments and hostels.

Forenom Reviews: Forenom Review

Currently, the brand has more than 8000 rooms spread across cities such as Kuopio, Eerikinkatu, Lund, Oslo, Oulu, Espoo, and Jyväskylä in Northern Europe countries like Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, and Sweden.

With so many accommodation options in various Nordic cities, we picked up aparthotels in the three cities most searched by people on the internet.

Forenom Review: Most-Searched Aparthotels in Three Northern European Cities

  • Aparthotel Tampere Kauppakatu
  • Aparthotel Stockholm Alvik
  • Helsinki Kamppi Aparthotel

Without further ado, let’s see what these three aparthotels have in common.

Forenom Aparthotel Tampere Kauppakatu Reviews

Are you planning to stay temporarily in Tampere? If so, then you can book one of the apartments from this Forenom Aparthotel Tampere Kauppakatu. Coming with 61 apartment rooms, from studios to two-bedroom apartments, you can choose which room suits your needs.

Forenom Review: Forenom Aparthotel Tampere Kauppakatu Reviews

The amenities available at this aparthotel Tempere are also complete and capable of facilitating all your activities while staying here.

In the kitchen, you can find cutlery, a coffeemaker, a toaster, a freezer, an electric kettle, an oven, a fridge, and many more. As for the bathroom, you can enjoy amenities such as a shower, toilet paper, hair dryer, WC, and hand soap.

For general conveniences, you can get benefits such as an elevator, WiFi, water, heating, wardrobe, internet, electricity, breakfast, and a balcony (depending on the apartment room you book).

Just as the name suggests, this aparthotel is located in the heart of Tampere. Thus, you can easily enjoy some of the city’s nearby conveniences, including tram stops, train stations, supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, and more.

Interested in booking one of the rooms from this Aparthotel Tampere Kauppakatu? If yes, then you might have to spend around €50 to €200 depending on the room you choose and how long you stay in.

Forenom Aparthotel Stockholm Alvik Reviews

Stockholm has always been a must-visit destination for many people, whether for work or vacation. Well, if you are one of the people planning to stay temporarily in this city, then you can choose this Forenom Aparthotel Stockholm Alvik.

Forenom Review: Forenom Aparthotel Stockholm Alvik Reviews

This aparthotel is located in the Bromma district, which is just outside the city center of Stockholm. Nearby, you can find several grocery stores, cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, and sports centers, making it easy to find your daily needs.

The aparthotel is also close to Alvik train station, allowing you to get to the capital city of Stockholm in a few minutes or to Bromma airport in 15 minutes. Don’t miss out on the experience of visiting Lake Mälaren, Tranebergs Park, and Drottningholms Slott, which are all nearby this Aparthotel Alvik.

What about the rooms available at this aparthotel? No need to worry. You can choose from 182 rooms spread over 16 floors of this Aparthotel Stockholm Alvik. There are several room categories to select from, such as single studio, queen studio, one-bedroom apartment, and others.

More than that, this aparthotel is also equipped with various amenities in each room, like a kitchenette, water kettle, WiFi, fridge, shower, work table, elevator, and many more. There is also a gym and laundry room that you can use together with other apartment residents.

Planning to book one of the rooms from this Aparthotel Stockholm Alvik? If so, prepare a budget of around SEK 500 to SEK 1,500, depending on the kind of room you book and the duration of your stay.

Forenom Aparthotel Helsinki Kamppi Reviews

Have a project that requires you to stay temporarily in Helsinki, or are you planning a vacation in this city and looking for a place to stay? If so, try booking one of the rooms from this Forenom Aparthotel Helsinki Kamppi.

Forenom Review: Forenom Aparthotel Helsinki Kamppi Reviews

This aparthotel is conveniently located in the heart of Kammpi, Helsinki, offering easy access to the city’s amenities. Nearby, you can reach numerous restaurants, famous boutiques, trendy cafes, transportation hubs, pharmacies, and more.

Moreover, the aparthotel consists of over 40 apartment rooms that you can choose from according to your needs and preferences. You can choose from a single room, twin room, triple room, and room for 4.

By booking a room from this Aparthotel Kammpi Helsinki, you can also enjoy a wide range of excellent kitchen, housekeeping, and bathroom facilities. Here, you can get amenities such as an electric kettle, fridge, coffeemaker, laundry rack, cleaning supplies, shower, and hairdryer.

Also, you can enjoy several convenience amenities at this aparthotel, such as an elevator, WiFi, water, armchair, heating, TV, and electricity.

Interested in this Helsinki aparthotel and planning to book one of its rooms? If so, prepare a budget of around €40 to €200, which differs depending on the type of room and the duration of your stay.

Who is Forenom For?

With a wide selection of serviced apartments, aparthotels, and hostels offered by this hospitality brand. Needless to say, Forenom is for everyone.

Forenom Review: Who is Forenom For?

Whether you are a business person, an entrepreneur, a traveler, or an exchange student who has to stay temporarily in Northern European cities, this brand is definitely for you. With this brand, you can find a huge variety of rentals for you to stay in during your time in Northern Europe.

Forenom Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

You must be curious as to how testimonials from people who have used the services of this brand. For that, we have summarized some genuine testimonials that we found on their official website.

Forenom Review: Forenom Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

But before we get to that, it would be great to see the ratings of the three aparthotels we have reviewed above.

  • Aparthotel Tampere Kauppakatu: Rated 9.1/10 from 182 reviews
  • Aparthotel Stockholm Alvik: Rated 7.9/10 from 1327 reviews
  • Aparthotel Helsinki Kamppi: Rated 8.3/10 from 3764 reviews

Now, let’s start getting into customer testimonials from customers who booked an aparthotel in Tampere.

Everything was modern and cozy. The key code system worked nicely. The housekeeping staff was truly friendly, and they took as much pride in their work.

This customer expressed her pleasure and comfort in her testimonial that the aparthotel she booked came with modern decor. She also shared her satisfaction with the key code system that worked well and the housekeeping staff who were friendly to her.

On the other hand, there is also a testimonial from a customer who booked an aparthotel in Stockholm.

Easy to arrive from the center. Quiet property. Own gym. Manage to cook your own meals.

According to this customer’s experience, he said that the aparthotel he stayed in was very close to the city center, making it easy for him to find supermarkets, malls, restaurants, and so on. This customer also liked how the aparthotel allowed him to cook his meals.

Then last but not least is a testimonial from a customer who booked an aparthotel in Helsinki.

Superb location, good value, is clean and comfy with convenient facilities. The only improvement I would have highly appreciated would be to have bigger, and more comfortable pillows.

During her stay at this aparthotel, this customer expressed her satisfaction with the strategic location and clean, comfortable place with convenient amenities. However, according to her, one thing that should be improved from this aparthotel is the pillows which should be bigger and more comfortable.

Overall, from the testimonials above, it can be concluded that Forenom has succeeded in providing a place for people looking for qualified apartments. Although some places are said to need improvement, many customers still expressed satisfaction with this hospitality brand.

Is Forenom Legit?

As you have learned in the earlier section of this Forenom review, this brand has been engaged in the hospitality industry in Northern Europe for more than 20 years.

There are more than 12,000 business travelers, holidaymakers, exchange students, and other people who have used the services of this brand. All of them have had no issues whatsoever when booking an aparthotel from this brand.

Referring to this fact and how the brand gets positive testimonials from its customers, it is easy to say that Forenom is legit.

Is Forenom Worth It?

Is this brand worth it? Absolutely. This Forenom review agrees that this brand is worth it. Considering how the brand manages to provide a wide variety of aparthotels in various cities in Northern Europe, coupled with the great amenities available in each aparthotel, it’s easy to say that Forenom is worth your consideration.

Forenom Review: Is Forenom Worth It?

With Forenom, no matter what city you want to stay in temporarily, this brand will provide the most suitable rooms and apartments for you. You just need to pick and choose which one best meets your needs.

Forenom Cancellation Policy

Based on Forenom’s cancellation policy, you cannot change or cancel your reservation unless you and the landlord mutually agree. No need to worry, though. For those of you who are unsure if anything untoward happens during your aparthotel reservation, you can purchase the services offered by this brand.

There are two services provided by this brand to make it easier for you during the booking process.

I set the rules-service

  • Provides flexibility both before and after arrival.
  • Your aparthotel reservation can be changed or cancelled either before or after arrival within notice periods.

What if?-service

  • Provides flexibility to make changes before arrival.
  • Your aparthotel booking can only be changed and cancelled before arrival within notice periods. You will also be charged a fee of €50.

In addition, the brand’s cancellation and change policy also depends on the length of your stay. Here are the details.

  • 1 -6 nights: 1 day’s notice
  • 7 -13 nights: 3 days’ notice 
  • 14 -29 nights: 7 days’ notice 
  • 30 -89 nights: 14 days’ notice 
  • 90 -179 nights: 21 days’ notice 
  • 180+ nights: 30 days’ notice 

Once again, we remind you. Please keep in mind that the cancellation or change policy that you have read is not applicable if you do not purchase the services offered by this brand.

If you have fully understood, you can submit a cancellation or change by filling out the form provided by this brand here.

How To Contact Forenom

Have any concerns or questions about ordering or other matters related to this brand? If you have, you can reach out to some of the Forenom contacts we have summarized below.


  • Customer Service: +358 20 198 3420
  • Corporate Sales: +358 20 198 3420


  • Customer Service: +46 8 120 74 300
  • Corporate Sales: +46 8 120 74 300


  • Customer Service: +47 22 51 02 50
  • Corporate Sales: +47 22 51 02 50


  • Customer Service: +45 78 79 53 00
  • Corporate Sales: +45 78 79 53 00

Where to buy Forenom?

If you have convinced yourself to book aparthotels from Forenom, then you can book your aparthotel directly on its official website.

Alternatively, you can also book Forenom aparthotels through several travel websites such as Tripadvisor,, Agoda, and so on.

Forenom Coupon Codes & Promos

In addition to the ease of booking for your temporary stay in Northern Europe, Forenom also offers several discounts and promos that you can use to save your booking budget. Well, we have summarized some of the discounts for you.

  • Save up to 16% OFF on every booking of a room at Aparthotel Tampere Kauppakatu.
  • Book one of the rooms from Aparthotel Stockholm Alvik and enjoy up to 10% OFF
  • Get up to 10% OFF on every booking of a room at Aparthotel Helsinki Kammpi

Apart from the three aparthotels above, several aparthotels spread across Northern Europe cities also provide discounts that you can use to save on your purchases. So, find a suitable aparthotel and enjoy the discounts available.

Still not enough? Not to worry. We have also compiled some Forenom coupon codes hidden in the buttons below. So, tap and use those coupons.

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Forenom Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Forenom reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who is the owner of Forenom?

This hospitality brand is owned and founded by two Finnish entrepreneurs, Markus Oksa and Mikko Leppänen.

What are the countries that Forenom operated?

This brand is operating in several Northern Europe countries, such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Forenom Reviews & Ratings

You have reached the last section of this Forenom review. Overall, we found that this hospitality brand has successfully created a platform where you can explore, discover, and book accommodation in Northern Europe with ease.

So, for anyone planning to stay temporarily in various Scandinavian cities, Forenom is the ideal place to find the best accommodation during your stay.


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