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About Fontana Forni

Want to know how to make pizza like a pro? Add a touch of fire to your pizza. But how to do it? The Fontana Forni oven has the answer!

Fontana Forni Review: About Fontana Forni

It was the exclusive US distributor of Fontana Forni wood-burning ovens and grills. Fontana Forni was the first to start making wood-fired metal outdoor pizza ovens. As a leader, what makes their ovens different from other brands?

The pizza oven company has over 30 years of experience creating the best portable wood-fired ovens. All ovens are designed and made in Italy.

They use the best materials and craftsmanship to produce a high-quality oven. So, you can make a delicious homemade pizza dough recipe in just 2 minutes!

Whether for cooking pizzas, roasts, or pastries, each Fontana Forni outdoor oven uses a wood-burning process to produce an even, natural heat source. The best part is that the process produces a distinctive Italian flavor.

The real proof comes from customer reviews and over 25k followers each on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. They were also featured at Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Expo, The Barbecue Lab, and others.

Even though they are a leading company, does it guarantee the oven quality? The Fontana Forni review will help you find the answer. We invite you to see the company profile, product description, and testimonials. So, keep reading! 

Overview of Fontana Forni

The expertise and excellence of Fontana Ovens go back to 1978 when there was an energy crisis. The Fontana brothers realized that wood-burning ovens were inefficient for Italians.

Therefore, they tried to find alternatives so that people could save fuel. Eventually, they created a wood-fired oven to achieve and maintain high heat without preheating for hours.

Even the ovens can work without using large amounts of wood like traditional ovens. Despite their great popularity and success, they continue to examine, revise, and innovate by redesigning their oven collection.

Then, in 1986, they successfully introduced ovens with interior lighting and a forced ventilation system in the oven’s cooking chamber. They also created a version of the oven that could be installed in the home.

The family company now employs 28 high-level craftsmen. They are proud to be the only wood-fired oven that combines the best of ancient Italian craftsmanship with the best of modern technology.

But that is the history of the Fontana Forni company. So, how did this company come to the American market?

In 2008, the Laings family discovered a phenomenal outdoor pizza oven made in Italy. They were very interested in Fontana’s ovens and started a distribution partnership, becoming the sole distributor in North America.

As the sole distributor of Fontana Forni USA, they have seen demand increase. Now, they are dedicated to expanding its oven product offering, adding new accessories, and collaborating with other brands.

With the story out, it’s time to check out the product collection. Let’s jump to the next section to see what they offer!

Fontana Forni Reviews

Fontana Forni pizza oven is a heavy-duty unit that has been robust, useful, and reliable for years. It’s no wonder that many people are amazed by the oven quality.

Fontana Forni Reviews: Fontana Forni Reviews

Besides the excellent quality, they provide home or commercial pizza ovens. They also offer wood-fired pizza ovens as well as gas-fired pizza ovens.

But it’s not just about ovens. A wide range of grills and accessories are also available. So you can complete and enhance your outdoor culinary adventures.

Fontana Forni Ovens & Accessories Collections

  • Outdoor Ovens:
    • Wood-fired Pizza Ovens
    • New Hybrid/Gas Pizza Ovens
    • Countertop Pizza Ovens
    • Commercial Pizza Ovens
  • Accessories:
    • Accessory Kits
    • Carts & Desks
    • Saputo Pizza Stones

Apart from selling ovens and accessories, you can also find various delicious recipes for making pizza on the official site. Thus, be creative in creating the best menus for your dishes.

But the best dishes only come with the best equipment. Therefore, we’ll examine in more detail the 5 best ovens. Are you ready?

Fontana Forni Margherita Gas Oven Reviews

You don’t have enough space for a pizza oven? If that’s your problem, the Margherita Gas Oven is the solution. This pizza oven is certified for a distance of 1 inch against flammable materials. So you can use it safely in a smaller space.

Fontana Forni Review: Fontana Forni Margherita Gas Oven Reviews

This gas oven is very easy to carry and compact. Even its use is also easy. Hence, you can take it out to the yard and store it back.


  • Internal Dimensions: 24″ W x 14″ H x 24″ D
  • External Dimensions: 31″ W x 77″ H x 34″ D
  • BTUS: 36,000
  • Pizza Capacity: Two 10″ Pizzas | One 12″ Pizza

Moreover, this compact pizza oven is also energy efficient. With 12 cm of insulation surrounding the cooking chamber, maximizing heat retention with reduced energy consumption.

Stainless steel reducer control and unique oven chamber design ensure even heat distribution despite its energy efficiency. The $3,999 oven has an electro-galvanized and powder-coated exterior for excellent corrosion protection.

Fontana Forni Marinara Wood-Fired Oven Reviews

Cooking a big meal has never been easier! The Marinara Wood-Fired Oven is ideal and perfect for those of you who enjoy cooking for larger groups.

Fontana Forni Review: Fontana Forni Marinara Wood-Fired Oven Reviews

This wood-fired oven can accommodate up to 4 10-inch pizzas at once. It’s so amazing that it’s certified for a 1-inch clearance against flammability. So you’re still free to prepare large meals in minimal space.

Its 12cm insulation surrounding the cooking chamber maximizes heat retention and energy efficiency. So, it consumes 5x less wood than a traditional ceramic pizza oven.


  • Internal Dimensions: 32″W x 16″H x 32″D
  • External Dimensions: 39″W x 77″H x 42″D
  • Max Temperature Rating: 900°F / 482.2°C
  • Pizza Capacity: Three 12″ Pizzas | Four 10″ Pizzas

The unique design of the cooking chamber and its stainless steel flap control ensure proper heat distribution and temperature control. Thus, the oven can cook with even heat.

The oven, with a sale price of $4,199 from the $4,399 original price, is compatible with Saputo stone. Use this unique alluvial clay stone for exceptional heat retention and moisture absorption.

Fontana Forni Mangiafuoco Gas Oven Reviews

Another option for a large-capacity oven is the Mangiafuoco Gas Oven. If Marinara is a large-capacity wood-fired oven, then Mangiafuoco has propane fuel. Please adjust to your options.

Fontana Forni Review: Fontana Forni Mangiafuoco Gas Oven Reviews

The brand has designed this Mangiafuoco gas oven with simplicity, entertainment, and outdoor capacity in mind. As such, the brand’s consideration in designing this oven makes it ideal for year-round use.

In addition, this propane-fueled oven has an even heat distribution. So even large cooking is not a problem. Everything is cooked to perfection.


  • Internal Dimensions:  32″ W x 14″ H x 24″ D
  • External Dimensions:  39″ W x 77″ H x 34″ D
  • BTUS: 36,000
  • Pizza Capacity: Two 12″ Pizzas + One 10″ Pizza | Three 10″ Pizzas

Enjoy the unique combination of the simplicity of a backyard gas-fired oven with the finest Italian craftsmanship. At $4,698 from the original price of $5,948, cook larger quantities or volumes of food quickly.

Fontana Forni Ischia Wood-Fired Oven Reviews

The Ischia Wood-Fired Oven is the perfect choice for your balcony or backyard. You can easily place and use it anywhere thanks to its wheeled feature.

Fontana Forni Review: Fontana Forni Ischia Wood-Fired Oven Reviews

In addition, the wheels are exceptional and have an attractive stand. So, making Ischia one of the easiest Fontana Forni ovens to move.

This painted steel-wheeled trolley is easy to carry around and compact. This wood-fired oven is very easy to use, making it ideal for beginners or fans of Italian cuisine.


  • Internal Dimensions:  16″ W x 13″ H x 24″ D
  • External Dimensions:  33″ W x 75″ H x 34″ D
  • Weight: 165 lbs

This dark gray freestanding oven is available for $1,999. Buy it and see how luxurious and easy this wood-fired outdoor oven is.

Fontana Forni Maestro 60 Gas Oven Reviews

The Red Dot Product Design award-winning 2022 gas oven could be one of your best choices. The exceptional design of this oven provides easier access to create fresh, traditional Italian pizzas.

Fontana Forni Review: Fontana Forni Maestro 60 Gas Oven Reviews

The Maestro 60 Gas Oven can hold 2 10-inch pizzas. In other words, it may be small, but don’t doubt its performance and productivity.

Its compact design and small size make it easy to install in minimalist spaces. It’s also portable so that it can be combined with portable tables.

In addition, this small oven has fuel efficiency with high insulation material. Thus, the Maestro60 oven can reach a high temperature quickly. Accordingly, it can consume less fuel.


  • Internal Dimensions:  24″ W x 8″ H x 16″ D
  • External Dimensions:  29¾” W x 23″ H x 22¼” D
  • BTUS: 29,000
  • Pizza Capacity: Two 12″ Pizzas

This beautiful portable oven is priced at $1,899. Create dishes from vegetables, breads, pizzas, steaks, and more with this award-winning oven!

Fontana Forni Pros and Cons

Now you know about the descriptions of some of its products. But if you’re still unsatisfied, check out some of the top-line Fontana Forni pros and cons below.


  • Using the most durable construction methods & highest quality materials 
  • 40+ years of innovation
  • 100% made in Italy
  • Precise temperature control
  • Maximum insulation
  • Unparalleled performance & options
  • Intertek-ETL Certified
  • Free shipping
  • 30 days return
  • up to 4-year warranty


  • International shipping is unavailable

Who is Fontana Forni For?

Simply said, the Fontana Forni pizza oven is for hobbyists who want to make pizza. From professionals to beginners, you can make pizza in a fun way.

But is it only for pizza? Of course not. It’s perfect for anyone who loves cooking, whether it’s meats, veggies, breads, or desserts.

The brand also understands that not everyone has enough space to use their oven collection. Therefore, they offer small outdoor ovens that can be customized for use on terraces or balconies.

Fontana Forni Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

We understand it is important to know the feedback from customers who have bought and tried Fontana Forni pizza ovens. Thus, you can decide what the value of the oven collection is.

Fontana Forni Review: Fontana Forni Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Accordingly, we prepared the 3 best reviews for your consideration. The following reviews are those left by customers on the official website. But first, check out the ratings on the 5 best ovens:

  • Margherita Gas Oven: 5/5 out of 4 reviews
  • Marinara Wood-Fired Oven: 4.8/5 out of 17 reviews
  • Mangiafuoco Gas Oven: 5/5 out of 31 reviews
  • Ischia Wood-Fired Oven: 5/5 out of 9 reviews
  • Maestro 60 Gas Oven: 5/5 out of 3 reviews

We start with the first review from a customer happy with the oven product and service. He says:

An Italian made pizza oven makes a huge change!!! it’s an amazing oven. Fontana is also a great family business. The support is very good.

The following review is from a customer with a 5 rating thanks to the excellent delivery service. The brand packs very well and delivers orders on time.

It was delivered on time and well packaged. So there was no damage.

The last review came from the Houzz site, where the brand received an overall rating of 5/5 out of 5 reviews. Here’s one of the reviews:

It’s been with us for about 4 years-it’s unbelievable. Very responsive to all questions from Kirk, the owner. The fact that it is completely under control is very important to us as we live in a high fire danger area.

Customers living in high-fire danger areas were happy with the oven’s easy fire control. The comfort and ease of use kept them with the oven for about 4 years.

From the 3 reviews above, we can conclude that the brand has a high value from oven collection to service. No wonder they get high ratings from their customers.

Is Fontana Forni Worth It?

Based on this Fontana Forni review, buying a pizza oven from Fontana Forni is worth it. Why? Each oven uses the best materials and craftsmanship.

This Italian-made outdoor grill uses only the highest quality materials, such as steel, durable cast iron, and stainless steel. Thus, the oven can last and function for decades. Best of all, many of its collection’s ovens are still in use in Italy after 30 years.

Fontana Forni is the only wood-fired oven on the market today that combines timeless Italian outdoor ceramic design with modern manufacturing methods. Thanks to its features, the comfort and refinement of the oven make it worth your money!

Fontana Forni Shipping Policy

Free shipping for those of you located in the continental US! The brand offers free shipping on all of its oven products. So, if you plan to order the oven and accessories, we recommend ordering all the items simultaneously. Thus, you won’t have to pay shipping for the accessories.

Besides shipping costs, shipping partners for ovens and accessories are different. The brand ships ovens via LTL shipping partners, while accessory orders are shipped via FedEx or UPS Ground. Then, how long did it take you to receive your order?

The brand usually ships in-stock items 2 to 3 business days after receiving the order. Meanwhile, pre-orders or out-of-stock items are shipped within 1 to 3 business days from when the stock arrives at the warehouse facility.

So, from the processing time, orders usually take about 8 – 10 business days to arrive. Accordingly, the total time for you to receive the item since ordering it is around 10 business days.

Fontana Forni Return Policy

Refunds are available within 30 days of the purchase date. However, a 15% restocking fee and return shipping charges will apply.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team for return authorization. Then send your return to the following address:

Fontana Forni USA

1305 E Palmetto St.
Florence, SC 29506

Once your return passes the use and damage inspection, the brand will process your refund within 3 business days. The credit will automatically apply to your original payment method or credit card.

Fontana Forni Warranty Policy

A high warranty means ensuring good product quality. Because the brand believes that its wood-fired ovens are the best in the market, it offers the best warranty for all its ovens.

So, What warranties do they offer? Here they are:

  • 2-year warranty against manufacturing defect
  • 4-year warranty on cooking chamber domes

The warranty applies to oven products only. So, due to the fragile nature of stone, the warranty doesn’t apply to stone. Please refer to the warranty page for full information.

How to Contact Fontana Forni

Hi! Do you have questions about how this incredible pizza oven works? Or anything else you want to ask? Then contact customer service as follows:

  • Phone number: (877) 842-9822 or +1 877-842-1691
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Live chat on the bottom left of the website

Or send your questions via direct message on social media. Visit and check out the latest updates!

  • Facebook: fontanaforniusa
  • Instagram: fontanaforniusa
  • TikTok: @fontanaforniusa

Where to buy Fontana Forni?

Buy the best oven for a garden party with your family online through the official website Or buy offline at several retailers; check the dealer locator page to see the nearest Fontana Forni.

Fontana Forni Coupon Codes & Promos

Do you want to save money on your purchases? Check out some points below to see what you can save on purchases.

  • Buy Mangiafuoco Gas and save $1,250 
  • Get a free premium cover when you buy Saputo Stones for the Maestro 60
  • Enjoy free shipping on the continental US only
  • Enter your email to win a Free Ischia Wood-Fired Oven 

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Fontana Forni

Fontana Forni Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Fontana Forni reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Where is Fontana Forni made?

Their wood-fired and gas-fired pizza ovens are 100% made in Italy. Thus, you get an authentic cooking experience.

How do you light a Fontana pizza oven?

The operation is very simple. We recommend you read the pizza oven instructions. So you can operate it properly.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Fontana Forni Reviews & Ratings

Fontana Forni was founded centuries ago to manufacture ovens that last a lifetime. Its products are 100% designed and made in Italy to cook various dishes all year round.

Its guaranteed quality is highly recommended if you are looking for a pizza oven or an outdoor oven for all kinds of dishes. So, make your best dish with Fontana Forni!


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