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Do the world and people around you treat you hard? That’s such a tough life, though. But no worries. Let’s take a deep breath and stay relaxed because you can relieve all your stress or pressure and bring back those good old days with FOCL CBD!


So, are you asking what FOCL CBD is? Basically, it’s a brand that describes how important Nature is to all people’s wellness. What do they have to offer? Nothing but premium and plant-based CBD products with non-GMO labels and cruelty-free. 

Besides that, do you think they also gain much attention on social media? It seems to be yes. Specifically, we found over 63k followers total followers from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Can we find you in the followers list right after reading this review?

On the other hand, the bigger thing is here. You know it’s always good to see more media features, right? And that’s what happened to this. Further, FOCL products are listed as the best CBD products on Healthline, Men’s Journal, US Weekly, Discover, and more.

So, any comment? It has even been better already, even though we’re still in the introduction section. At this point, you want to discover more, right? There’s nothing better to do than scrolling down our FOCL CBD reviews, and let’s mark important things!

Overview Of FOCL CBD

An experienced person always becomes the primary factor in the company’s success. Who agrees with that line? Everyone should because that’s also what you’ll find in FOCL CBD.

Let us introduce you to Ken Lawson, the company’s current CEO and Founder. Before becoming who he is today, Ken used to have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in his 20s. Then, what happened?

During those hard times, Ken tried to create healthier life patterns, from consuming organic foods to exercising regularly. However, he still struggled a lot with his sleeping quality at that time.

Apart from his wellness, which has been drastically improved, one Western doctor suggested a CBD product for him. Surprisingly, it gave him good sleep and a strong focus in his daily life.

Then, Ken started to do some research related to CBD and plant-based wellness products. Unfortunately, he found that they’re neither accessible on the market nor in good quality.

Therefore, he planned to create FOCL CBD, and it shockingly turned into what it is today. Finally, there should be more good things you’ll find here. So, are you ready to list them?

FOCL CBD Reviews

We know you have been sick of your boring and tiring life. But let’s not give up since FOCL CBD is here to save you. Who’s ready to see what’s inside this brand?

FOCL CBD Reviews: FOCL CBD Reviews

Does the picture above look so good? Sure, you can’t deny it. Once again, in this store, there are only products with natural ingredients, and they’re all 100% safe from additives.

Now, what about exploring the product categories first?

FOCL CBD Product Categories

CBD Gummies Sexual Wellness
CBD Drops Mushroom
CBD Topicals Pet CBD (for dogs and cats)
Daily Supplements  

Among those product categories, do you want to know our recommendation?

FOCL CBD (3 Best Selling Products)

  • Full Spectrum CBD + CBN Sleep Gummies
  • CBD Drops
  • Relief Cream

Tell us that you’re ready to read the review of each product! However, we can’t guarantee whether you’ll only buy one or more since there are only addictive things here!

FOCL CBD Full Spectrum CBD + CBN Sleep Gummies Reviews

Everyone loves gummies, but these gummies are way more tasteful. Can you guess what it is? Yes, it’s Full Spectrum CBD + CBN Sleep Gummies, which will give you a more addictive feeling the more you chew them! Can’t believe it?

FOCL CBD Review: FOCL CBD Full Spectrum CBD + CBN Sleep Gummies Reviews

Is your sleeping quality getting worse lately? Or do some nightmares often wake you up? We can say those are the effects of your super-draining days. Fortunately, these gummies work to give the most peaceful and relaxed sleep.

Furthermore, isn’t it good to know that this product was originally made in the USA? On the other hand, since this extract only contains all-natural components, it may provide you with more health benefits than standard CBD.

Gummies Details

  • Each gummy contains 25mg of premium CBD + 15mg of CBN
  • Chewable and easily melts in the mouth
  • Botanical ingredients only (organic CBN, passion flower extract, L-Theanine)

So, don’t you think that relying on your body on the bed, watching some good movies, and chewing these Full Spectrum CBD + CBN Sleep Gummies are super comfortable? Then, don’t miss the prices below:

  • One-time purchase: $64.00
  • Subscribe & save: $51.20

FOCL CBD Drops Reviews

Do you want to drop some Drops to make your body and mind fresher? It’s more than possible, especially when you have CBD Drops from FOCL around. So, are you curious about how this product works and how to use it? We all do, actually.

FOCL CBD Review: FOCL CBD Drops Reviews

Existing with 2 packaging choices (1000mg/3000mg) and 5 taste choices, we bet there are no better choices than this. Further, it also comes in a pocket-friendly size so that you can bring it anywhere without any concern.

In addition, dropping these Drops daily effectively gives a positive, fresh, and clean mind or body to support your activity. Before using, you must shake the bottle, unscrew the top, and squeeze the dropper to fill it with CBD.

Next, just drop them under your tongue and let them there for 45 seconds before swallowing. Wasn’t that too easy to understand? Of course. Also, the following detailed information is also not to skip anyway. So, enjoy:

CBD Drops Details:

  • 5 taste choices (mint, citrus, natural, orange cream, pumpkin spice)
  • Botanical ingredients only (broad-spectrum hemp CBD, 4 organic sugar-free flavors, and organic MCT oil)

Therefore, let’s prove how it works for you and see these detailed prices to secure your CBD Drops very soon:

  • One-time purchase: $59.00
  • Subscribe & save: $47.20

FOCL CBD Relief Cream Reviews

What cream do you love? We’re actually not talking about ice cream, but let’s bring the most functional cream, a Relief Cream, from FOCL CBD! How does this cream work for your body, and why you should have (at least) one?

FOCL CBD Review: FOCL CBD Relief Cream Reviews

Shopping for this cream means you have 2 packaging choices (1000mg/2000mg). Meanwhile, if you’re asking about the function, this product’s soothing botanicals can effectively remove aches and pains. Do you experience this?

Furthermore, this cream can also help you to nourish your skin, so its health maintenance is 100% guaranteed. On the other hand, how do you use it? It’s too simple. Before applying this cream, ensure that the intended area is clean.

Then, you just need to apply it 3-4 times daily and wash your hands afterward. Aren’t those steps too easy to follow? Besides that, ensure to check the following list to know more. So, let’s be an educated shopper before shopping:

Relief Cream Details:

  • Botanical ingredients only (menthol, broad-spectrum hemp CBD, camphor bark oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, aloe vera, arnica, and wintergreen oil)
  • USA-made

Finally, do your aches and pains get worse these days? Secure Relief Cream now, and here are the prices:

  • One-time purchase: $39.00
  • Subscribe & save: $31.20

FOCL CBD Pros and Cons

What more do you want to know? We guess revealing the pros and cons side of this brand is a good idea:


  • Botanical ingredients only
  • Non-GMO and cruelty-free
  • Effectively work to boost energy and give a deep sleeping experience
  • Third-party tested for purity and potency
  • Suitable for pets, too (ex: drops for dogs and cats)
  • Providing adult products (for intimacy)
  • Free shipping for orders over $40
  • 60-day return policy


  • No worldwide shipping
  • No specific address

Who Is FOCL CBD For?

Can everyone consume products from FOCL CBD? Sure. Specifically, for everyone who’s active on a daily and is easy to get tired, having gummies or drops will keep them on fire.

In addition, the brand’s products work for 5 primary things: sleep, focus, calm, relief, and intimacy. So, if you feel that you need to achieve those conditions, what else to wait?

Lastly, we can also say that every product is organized by function, allowing customers to shop for their specific needs easily. So, what product that suits your current need the most?

FOCL CBD Review: What Do Customers Think?

There’s nothing better than a truth. And you need to know how is the truth behind this company, right? Welcome to the testimonial section and witness everything before shopping!

FOCL CBD Review: FOCL CBD Review: What Do Customers Think?

We do appreciate your awareness to do some research about the brand’s performance before deciding to shop. Then, let us bring the facts to the table and be ready to be surprised.

According to the YOTPO platform, FCL CBD has gained over 2880 reviews with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Surely, it is a good sign, and you should also know another fact below:

Who is surprised by those ratings? We are, actually. However, that’s not even the end because we still have more with more overwhelming facts. Are you curious about the customer’s real reviews?

Let’s start with this one:

This cream is amazing! I work many evenings and often come home with aching body parts, especially my back, neck, and feet. I typically apply this cream late at night, providing me with much pain relief and relaxation.

We’re happy that this customer can significantly cure his body pain with FOCL’s cream. If you have the same problem as this customer, why not try?

Next, there’s no more honest review than this:

I have found these gummies to be extremely helpful in helping me fall asleep effortlessly and stay asleep throughout the night. I usually take one about an hour before bedtime, and when I hit the pillow, I can feel my body getting drowsy, which is the best feeling! It’s amazing how they work like a charm!

FOCL gummies are the best to make you sleep quickly & comfortably. With daily consumption, we bet there are no nightmares that haunt you.

In addition, another fact from Reddit is also here:

I am absolutely loving my new drops! I had been using a different brand before, but it always used to burn my throat. I am so glad that I switched to this brand! These drops never burn, and they have made a significant impact on my everyday life.

It’s now proven that FOCL CBD is 100% better than other brands. This customer said that he started to replace his old products after finding the one from FOCL. 

Finally, can we see you shopping after this? We have seen and read many reviews, so we don’t think you have doubts anymore. Or should we convince you more?

Is FOCL CBD Worth It?

Before answering your question, can you promise to shop right after this? We know you’ve been struggling a lot with life, so taking some relaxation may be crucial at the moment. Is FOCL CBD Worth It? Of course, it’s worth buying CBD products providers.

FOCL CBD Review: Is FOCL CBD Worth It?

Once again, in its production, the brand only uses botanical ingredients with non-GMO and cruelty-free labels. Also, the high customer trust, evidenced by ratings and reviews, provides further support to answer the question.

Is FOCL CBD Legit?

Yes, FOCL CBD is 100% legit and trusted. Based on the testimonial section, we could infer that the brand has a solid reputation from thousands of good customer ratings and reviews.

Moreover, it can also be found on social media platforms with real product photos and videos. Thus, it’s nonsense to call them not trusted or a scammer. Lastly, why don’t you prove it by shopping?

FOCL CBD Shipping Policy

Are you an international or US customer? Unfortunately, we only have one good news for either. Just straight to the point, FOCL CBD only ships within the US. Are international customers okay with this? We hope so.

Then, can US customers expect free shipping here? Of course. All customers will be eligible for free shipping for subscriptions and orders over $40. In addition, you need to wait around 3 – 7 days for your package to arrive after payment. Isn’t that pretty understandable?

FOCL CBD Return Policy

How does the FOCL CBD return policy work? Basically, each customer will have a 60-day policy to return their unsatisfied or unwanted items.

Furthermore, kindly inform the brand about your return application through email ([email protected]). Lastly, they will inform about the shipping address, but each customer must be responsible for the return cost.

How To Contact FOCL CBD?

Are you starting to rely on this store for your CBD needs? If so, you should know where to contact them, right?

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 1-800-777-FOCL
  • Social media: focl / FOCL CBD
  • Contact form: drop your message here!

Company Address

United States.

Where to buy FOCL CBD?

Can I find the best drops and gummies near me?‘ Of course! And the only store you should shop at is FOCL CBD’s official website. Finding similar items on other sites? We don’t think they are original. So, let’s get spoiled with those incredible gummies, drops, creams, and more!

FOCL CBD Coupon Codes & Promos

Nobody hates discounts, right? So, what kind of special offers will you have in this store? The following list may know the answer:

  • Subscribe to the brand’s email and get 25% back on your first order
  • Buy one and get one 75% off gummies with a discount code: HALLOWEEN23
  • Subscribe and save 20% on every order
  • Participate in the Reward program and get points to be redeemed with exclusive discounts/offers
  • Join the Affiliate Program to unlock more benefits
  • Free shipping on subscriptions and orders more than $40

Or do you expect more offers and discounts now? No worries. We still have more, and they’re all down below:

Reveal all coupons

FOCL CBD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for FOCL CBD reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns FOCL CBD?

The brand’s CEO and Founder is Ken Lawson.

Where is FOCL CBD located?

The company is in the US, but we found no specific address.

Does FOCL CBD ship internationally?

Currently, the brand only ships in all states of the US.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of FOCL CBD Reviews & Ratings

So, will you shop for a gummy, cream, oil, or others? And maybe you want to get some for your pets? Whatever your favorites, ensure to shop only on FOCL CBD.

Finally, we are happy to know that you have recognized the importance of having a reliable companion (CBD products) to maintain your daily energy. It’s all safe and leaves nothing but benefits for your body or mind. So, start shopping now!


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