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About Flextail

Doing camping activities with friends or family is a lot of fun. But you must bring equipment that supports these activities. For example, a super small tool that functions 3-1-in like Flextail’s.

Flextail Review: About Flextail
Image: facebook.com/flextailoutdoors

Flextail is the number 1 outdoor equipment brand worldwide that specializes in creating multifunctional, portable, efficient pumps, mosquito repellents, camping gear, and accessories.

Since its establishment, the brand has served 300+ customers worldwide. They have also been innovating for 8 years. In assuring customers, the company has obtained proof of EPA Certification for a technician to know the law.

We also discovered that the brand works with the most prominent crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Many online media outlets have even praised the brand. The list includes Outside, Gearjunkie, Nerdtechy, Yanko Design, etc.

As another concrete proof, this company grabbed the spotlight on social media, especially on Instagram with 31.7k followers and Facebook with 22k followers. In addition, 422 subscriptions are slowly increasing on YouTube.

It’s impossible to turn the page directly to the product section. You should know more about the brand story first. In the Flextail review, you will find the complete answer. Promise not to leave!

Overview Of Flextail

Well, how did this company come about? A group of passionate engineering experts created this outdoor gear company. In its creation, it relied on cutting-edge technology and innovation.

It all started when the three founders took a hiking trip in 2012. Before that, they met at an indoor activity club. At that time, the three climbed the Annapurna peak and were inspired by the fishtail-shaped Machapuchare.

From the prior statement, everyone agreed to create professional, lightweight, and ultra-functional outdoor equipment for backpackers. Not only that, but the products had to perform exceptionally well and be reliable.

After a decade, the brand got many top-notch engineers on board. The CEO and his team then built many professional laboratories for product exploration and have launched many innovations that are world firsts, for example, the outdoor air pump.

Furthermore, the company continues to update its records in the field of lightweight outdoor devices, leading it to glorify its mission, creating innovative and outstanding ultralight outdoor equipment and liberating people to live anywhere.

Flextail Reviews

Flextail is true to its claim of creating a range of reliable and lightweight outdoor equipment. Likewise, one that has made continuous efforts for an eco-friendly outdoor experience for humans.

Flextail Reviews: Flextail Reviews

What does this brand sell on its website? They provide various SUP pumps for sleeping pads to SUPs or boats. Meanwhile, there are two kinds of repellents available: for attaching to bags and special for camping.

If you need camping supplies, the company has it all. You’ll find a lantern, shower, auto inflation, fan, and ice maker. Also, the camping gear and accessories you’re looking for are zero mattresses, towels, tarps, showerheads, etc.

Flextail Collections

After seconds, you will be met with 5 products that are being talked about by many customers. Your finding out is scrolling down to the end of the section. Enjoy the first product explanation soon!

Flextail Tiny Pump 2X Reviews: 3-in-1 Outdoor Pump & Camping Lamp

You indeed need to bring a lot of equipment when camping. But, thanks to TINY PUMP 2X-Ultimate 3-in-1 Outdoor Pump with Camping Lamp removes 3 kinds of things at once. You can save on bringing water & a vacuum pump, and a lantern.

Flextail Review: Flextail Tiny Pump 2X Reviews: 3-in-1 Outdoor Pump & Camping Lamp

As mentioned, one of the uses of this product is an air pump. With Vortech Air technology, the item can reach a pressure of 4kPa with a speed of 180L/min. It allows you to pump faster. The way to use it is to click the switch twice.

In addition, you can use the vacuum function to remove air. The product helps deflate in 30 seconds and saves up to 70% of any air product storage in the camping bag. Just press the button, done!

Third, the product functions as a lamp. The item has 3 brightness levels you can customize (400, 160, and 40). Each level lasts one hour to 10 hours. To activate it, hold the switch for 3 seconds for 40 modes, click once more for 160, and click again for 400.

This product is so tiny that it fits in a shirt pocket as small as AirPods Pro. Then, the battery type is built in 1300 mah, which can be recharged via a type c port. With this super battery quality, it can develop 150 pillows when fully charged.

What do you get in one box? One tiny pump, five nozzles, a type C cable, a manual book, and a storage bag. Meanwhile, if you want to compare the contents, specs, weight, etc., of this product with others, it is on the product page.

Pump Details

  • Three functions at once
  • The product size is 1.8×1.7×2.3 inches
  • IP44 waterproof & dustproof
  • The item weight is 96 grams
  • Magnetic adsorption
  • Powerful pressure
  • High-speed performance
  • Long illumination

Using this product, you can make fire by blowing air and delivering oxygen more safely, quickly, and efficiently. It also comes in 3 attractive colors: orange, black, and white. Each can be purchased with different bundles at different prices as follows:

Type Pump only With flame lampshade Added vacuum bags Added air mattress & zero pillow Super Bundle
Price $39.99 $42.99 $58.99 $91.99 $129.99

Flextail MAX Lantern Reviews: 3-in-1 Vintage Lantern with Flame

Are you looking for an all-round lantern? Say hi to MAX 3-in-1 Vintage Lantern with Flame. The item carries 3 uses at once, just like the previous product, such as a lamp, humidifier, and power bank.

Flextail Review: Flextail MAX Lantern Reviews: 3-in-1 Vintage Lantern with Flame

When you use this item as a lamp, be sure to know about its 3 levels of brightness & color temperature. So you adjust it according to your mood. Just press the button to start it. Then, toggle the knob on the right to change the mode.

In addition, you can also use the product to humidify the air separately. It’s easy: pour 100 ml of water into the inlet on top, then slide the switch to humidify mode. Again, it has a built-in safety shut-off system to turn off if you are not around.

Lastly, you can use this product as a power bank to charge your phone. The company built the device with a 9600-mAh lithium battery that lasts up to 23 hours in warm mode. And 8-13 hours for cold and mix modes.

Buying this product means you get a lantern, storage case, Type C cable, and manual book. Everything comes in one box when it arrives in your hands.

Lantern Details

  • 3 mode lights
  • Type c charging
  • Long term use
  • The item size is 4.5×4.9×5.2 inches
  • 4 hours charging time
  • The product weight is 498,9 grams

This product is also helpful in creating realistic flame effects through lighting, thanks to combining light, shadow, and mist. Meanwhile, the product does not come in other types or colors, only green. Order soon for as little as $75.99!

Flextail TINY REPEL- 3-in-1 Mosquito Repellent with Camping Lantern Reviews

It seems like this brand loves products that are simultaneously in use. That comes through in the third recommendation that we would like to unveil. Magic mosquito repellent product, which is TINY REPEL- 3-in-1 Mosquito Repellent with Camping Lantern.

Flextail Review: Flextail TINY REPEL- 3-in-1 Mosquito Repellent with Camping Lantern Reviews

This product was created as a double-sided heating repellent to repel mosquitoes up to 30 feet long for up to 7 hours with adjustable modes (camping & outdoor.) It quickly reaches 100 degrees C in 50 seconds. It comes with highly useful repel mats.

Again, the second function is lighting, where you can set the brightness ranging from 50-400 lumens. Each lasts up to 50 hours. You can place it anywhere by magnetizing it to a pole, with a tripod, or attaching it to your backpack.

Then, the item is very flexible to charge your phone. No more worrying about charging gadgets while hiking. When purchasing the product, you will get one tiny repel, a storage case, a Type C cable, and a manual book.

Repel Details

  • 3 modes of usage
  • IPX5 waterproof
  • Droop proof of 1.2 m height
  • The product size is 1.4×1.4×5.7 inches
  • Charging power reaches 10 watt
  • The item weight is 147,4 grams
  • Repellent mat lasts up to 3 years

Currently, this product is available in green color. However, it can be purchased with an additional number of different mattresses (10-480) for a starting price of $49.99. You can buy a bundle of tiny midges for $109.99.

Flextail ZERO PILLOW-B Reviews: Shape Inflatable Camping Air Pillow

Is your camping gear complete? Make sure you bring a soft pillow. This brand introduces you to smooth outdoor equipment for resting, a ZERO PILLOW-B Shape Inflatable Camping Air Pillow.

Flextail Review: Flextail ZERO PILLOW-B Reviews: Shape Inflatable Camping Air Pillow

Next, this item has a unique ergonomic design that fits the shape of the neck for gentle support. The cushion picture shows it rises slightly at the top for support. It is indeed tiny, easy to carry, and foldable.

Moreover, the company makes the pillow washable, so you are free from the worry of stains. The cover is also easy to remove. Ensure that you use it comfortably!

Pillow Details

  • It has unfolded model
  • The item size is 42x30x10 cm
  • The storage size is 8×12 cm
  • Made from 50D suede elastic cloth & TPU materials
  • The product weight is about 150 grams

Further, there are two different types of this product. There is the standard and thick version. Both come in neutral matching colors of grey and brown. Order anyway with the following two price categories:

  • Standard: $25.99
  • Thick: $29.99

Flextail Lampshade for TINY PUMP 2X Reviews

Once more, meet the super cute lamp cover, Lampshade for TINY PUMP 2X. The item is a companion that is suitable for tiny pump 2x, not other types.

Flextail Review: Flextail Lampshade for TINY PUMP 2X Reviews

From the picture above, it can be seen that the product has 2 different models. One is mushroom-shaped, and the other is flame-shaped. Both models come in two adorable colors: white and orange.

If you’ve already bought the first product, then this is a sign that you should order this cover. Prepare enough funds because the price is quite affordable, at $7.99 only!

Flextail Products User Manuals

Items that need to be charged sometimes require more effort in their application. Thanks to this brand that provides PDF usage instructions for all its items, including air pumps, repels, lanterns, etc.

In addition, the whole PDF file is in English to make you easily follow the steps. There are instructions in pictures and dos & don’ts when using. Download each product’s teachings at the link!

Flextail Pros and Cons

To complete this review, we’ve provided a special section: the brand’s pros and cons. Take a peek at these tables!


  • Various weightless & movable pumps, lanterns, & repellents
  • Affordable price
  • EPA certified
  • Easy to order with the guide
  • Secure payment
  • Incredible customer support
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • 7-day returns
  • Lifetime warranty (T&C applied)


  • Only provide specific outdoor gear.
  • The warranty offer needs confirmation.

Who Is Flextail For?

For lovers of the outdoors, especially campers, who want to head to the mountains this weekend, prepare your gear today with the company’s easy-to-go pumps. That way, it will help you assemble your sleeping gear quickly.

Hikers and adventurers are among other enthusiasts that match the brand’s products. Every tool is what you need, from repels to the carabiner set. Again, for those who like riding and surfing, there are tiny bikes and SUP or boat pumps you can choose from.

Flextail Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

What are you thinking when your decision is on the line? That’s precisely another buyer’s testimony to reassure your judgment. In this section, you’ll find the comments you need the most compiled from the brand’s website.

Flextail Review: Flextail Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Next, the rating of each product reaches mainly 5/5 stars. That’s quite impressive. Without further ado, let’s learn what the first customer thinks below:

I was impressed with the pump. It does what I need, and the light is super bright on 3rd setting. I’ll be buying again when the new products drop…

This customer’s comment shows that the product worked well for lighting. They even wanted to rebuy at another time.

Another happy buyer mentioned:

What a fantastic product. We have watched mosaics and flies come and go. It is incredible to watch. This item is a beautiful product…

The guy above also said the repellent product performed superbly.

The third customer stated:

A beautiful-looking lantern! I love the light it emits, creating a relaxing atmosphere when the diffuser is used. My only wish is that it could be dimmed, but other than that, it’s perfect.

From this customer’s statement, you can tell that all the systems were functioning well, even though there is one thing that’s bothering him. However, that’s not a big deal.

Overall, every buyer is happy with the items they bought. All the equipment also works according to its function. None of them showed any malfunction or the like.

Is Flextail Worth It?

Yes, the brand is 100% worth it! They choose the product materials from the best quality. Also, the product is light, so customers do not feel heavy when carrying it. Likewise, easy to carry anywhere is another advantage since the product is minor.

Flextail Review: Is Flextail Worth It?

Further, the brand also makes its products with the strictest manufacturing standards. Their testing is indeed done just as rigorously. Customers need not hesitate in choosing this brand as their outdoor hobby lighting travel companion.

Flextail Warranty Policy

Although the items are made from high-quality materials, sometimes damages occur in their use. Thus, the company provides a lifetime warranty for defects in workmanship and materials under regular use. Also, there is a one-year warranty on all products, not accessories.

However, the company also mentions that they are responsible only for repair, replacement, or credit. You can ask for claims at [email protected]. Remember to include details of the problem and an attachment of product images. Read here for more details!

Flextail Shipping Policy

Luckily, you chose to order from this brand. They offer international shipping to the US, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Japan, etc. The shipping process may take 1-3 days. Furthermore, the shipping costs vary as listed on the website as follows:

  • Free for orders up to $20
  • $6 for orders below $20
  • An extra $24 for buyers from Kagoshima, Okinawa, and Hokkaido.

This company ships most of its orders with USPS, DHL, Royal Mail, etc. Find out more about which countries are not included in the shipping region, the estimated delivery time for each country, the logistics list, the tracking website, and more on this page.

Flextail Return Policy

To ensure you feel confident to buy the brand’s products (max pump 2 pro), they offer returns for 7 days after you receive the item. However, only purchases made through the official website are eligible for return. Meanwhile, you’re free for return fees if product quality is the cause.

Further, the refund process may take 7-10 business days after approval. Returned items must be brand new. Contact [email protected] to submit the return. The team will notify you of the return address. Learn more on the page!

How To Contact Flextail

Are there any questions you have that we haven’t answered in this review? If yes, you can ask customer service by:

  • Shoot email at [email protected]
  • Call at 1-888-206-2164
  • Send a message by fulfilling the form
  • Write a direct message on the brand’s social media account
    • Facebook & YouTube: FLEXTAIL
    • Instagram: @flextail_official

Besides, the customer team may only be ready sometimes. Their working days are Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm PST.

Return Address

4551 Shasta PL, E L Monte. CA 91731

Where to buy Flextail?

It’s not too late to say that you must purchase the product from this company through their official website! There are also other marketplaces to go: Amazon and Walmart. Again, check out the stores near you listed here.

Flextail Coupon Codes & Promos

What customers look forward to when shopping is discounts. Celebrate your shopping hobby with deals like the examples below:

  • Catch an extra 15% OFF for your first order by subscribing
  • Save 15% OFF using Halloween code on all products
  • Join an affiliate event to obtain up to a 15% share bonus
  • Order one tiny repel to get two free
  • Special price to become the company’s distributor.
  • Subscribe now to the website for free giveaways, special offers, and once-in-a-lifetime deals.

Reveal all coupons

Flextail Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Flextail reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Does Flextail repel wasps?

Sadly, the company’s product only repels mosquitoes, flies, and the like.

Who is Flextail?

The brand is the name of a company that creates outdoor gear, such as lanterns, camping equipment, vacuum bags, etc.

How does Flextail mosquito repellent work?

The device works by heating a mosquito-repellent pad and releasing a scent. Then, it forms an invisible shield to keep mosquitoes from wandering in.

Where is Flextail from?

The company is from Hong Kong.

How long does it take to charge a Flextail?

It depends on what equipment you want to charge. Every item may be different. For example, if you want to set the mosquito repellent, it takes 2 hours.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Flextail Reviews & Ratings

Flextail stands as the first great choice for your outdoor appliances, especially pumps, lanterns, and repellents. Their products have the advantage of being weightless and easy to carry around.

The reason for choosing this brand is straightforward: the design is minimal compared to others, so it fits in your picnic bag, which is also tiny. The price is also affordable so that your expenses do not swell.


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