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Fire Pits USA Review 2023 → Affordable Fire Pits From Renowned Brands!

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About Fire Pits USA

When winter is coming, a fire pit is an essential item we should have if we like to throw a party or have a winter activity. However, purchasing one isn’t easy since there are too many models and brands, and shipping is the most tricky.

Fire Pits USA Review: About Fire Pits USA

Fortunately, Fire Pits USA has become a one-stop retail store that offers a wide selection of fire pits and outdoor living products from renowned brands across the USA. Not only that, but this brand also offers affordable prices and free shipping.

Even though this business is still relatively new, they have gained 2K followers on Facebook, proving how people are intrigued by this retailer. They also successfully gathered reliable brands in one place with a worldwide website.

However, is this new business can be your go-to? This Fire Pits USA review will discuss this brand’s credibility, including the company profile, product reviews, customer service, and current offers. So let’s dive deeper!

Overview Of Fire Pits USA

Fire Pits USA is a trusted online retailer focusing on the fire pits and outdoor living industry owned by Kanneeswari Sivakumar in 2021. This company consistently adds new innovative products with the same lines of quality products at low prices.

The business is located in Cheyenne, Wyoming, with various warehouses across the US. They offer top-notch shipping with trusted shipping partners to ensure the product you purchase safely arrives in front of your door.

This company aims to create a world-class experience when shoppers browse the online catalog and provide outstanding customer service. The online site carries the best brands and fire pits and outdoor living products with the highest capacity humanely.

So are you still interested in this brand? So before we go deeper, let’s glimpse this brand’s quality from the pros and cons below.

Fire Pits USA Pros

  • Wide selection of outdoor living products
  • High-quality products from renowned fire pit manufacturers USA
  • Low prices compare to others
  • Trusted site secure certified
  • Free shipping for all US states
  • Hassle-free 30-days return policy
  • Positive reviews from the customer

Fire Pits USA Cons

  • No international shipping
  • The processing time is quite long

Fire Pits USA Review

As we’ve mentioned before, this company offers a wide selection of outdoor living products from renowned brands. However, their main focus is fire pits.

Fire Pits USA Reviews: Fire Pits USA Review

You can find renowned brands such as Elementi, The Outdoor Plus, Grand Canyon Gas Logs, Solo Stove, HPC, Fire Pit Art, and many more. There you can also find several classifications of fire pits, electric fireplaces, gas fireplaces, BBD Grills & ovens, and Planter & Water features.

So to get to know the product quality they offer, let’s review some of the products they offer. Then, let’s move to the next section!

Fire Pits USA Athena Olympus - Rectangular Concrete Gas Fire Pit Table Reviews

The first product that we break down in this Fire Pits USA review is Athena Olympus Rectangular Concrete Gas Fire Pit Table. This fire pit table is constructed from GFRC with colored dyed through-in.

Fire Pits USA Review: Fire Pits USA Athena Olympus - Rectangular Concrete Gas Fire Pit Table Reviews

The Grand Canyon Gas Logs Fire tables are crafted to enhance your entertaining outdoor features angled side. The table top is in size of 10”, which is large enough for plates and beverage glasses. In addition, the ambiance flame can add to the mood and warm your chilly night.

In addition, this table fire pit is available using liquid prepare and natural gas, which is matched with light or hot surface electronic ignition and five stunning authentic colors. The media offer seven unique ½” Reflective glass colors such as Lava Rock, Tumbled Lava Stones, Arizona Weathered Oak, or Western Driftwood fire pit logs.


  • Size: 72″ x 30″ x 24″, 72″x30″x18″, 60″ x 30″ x 24″, and 60″ x 30″x18″
  • Color: Bone, Charcoal, Gray, Rust, White
  • Ignition: Electronic Ignition and Match Light

Its natural stone design can also be the perfect addition for indoor and outdoor weather to give a natural touch. This Fire Pits USA table is available for only $3,401 after being discounted by 11%!

Fire Pits USA The Outdoor Plus - 72" Curved Dixie Fire Pit Reviews

Next on our Fire Pits USA review is The Outdoor Plus 72″ Curved Dixie Fire Pit, which is the perfect fire pit for you who loves spending outdoors relaxing or entertaining the guest in the backyard. It’s designed with a stunning and sleek copper finish, making it a focal point for any outdoor design.

Fire Pits USA Review: Fire Pits USA The Outdoor Plus - 72" Curved Dixie Fire Pit Reviews

The outdoor Fire Pits USA is easy to use, match, or electronic ignition. In addition, this propane fire pit USA is convertible using liquid propane or natural gas, making it more versatile for home design.

The large fire pit is spacious enough to host a large gathering and has a curved shape, making everyone enjoy the warmth and flame ambiance. In addition, the Dixie Fire Pit includes an access door for 20 lbs of propane tank storage.

However, these wood-burning fire pits are made of metals such as 304 Stainless Steel, Standard 1″ Flange on all pans, and Standard 2″ Depth on all pans.


  • Dimensions: 72” x 24”
  • Burning Area: 48″ x 8″
  • Height: 24″

So if you’re looking for a table fire pit for outdoor this can be, Dixie Fire Pit can be your go-to by investing only $6,340 after being discounted by 9%!

Fire Pits USA Solo Stove - Bonfire 2.0 Reviews

The last product we review is fire pits USA-made Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0. These smokeless fire pits are the top-line product for backyard or camping trips. It’s made from durable stainless steel and lasts a long time.

Fire Pits USA Review: Fire Pits USA Solo Stove - Bonfire 2.0 Reviews

With 19.5 inches diameter, 14 inches height, and 23 pounds weight, it’s compact enough to make it easy to use and set up. In addition, the removable ash pan rest can catch all the fine ash and one place that makes it easy to clean.

The 360° Airflow super-heats air can burn off the smoke, making it more comfortable around it without post-fire mell or teary eyes. The smokeless Fire Pit USA is also equipped with a shield and stands as an additional safety feature.


  • Diameter: 49.5 cm
  • Height: 35.5 cm
  • Weight: 10.6 kg

It includes a bonfire, a removable base plate and ash pan, and a free carry case. Not only doe providing a versatile and comfortable smokeless fire pit, but it also can save you dollars with the price of $299.99 after a discount of 25%!

Who Is Fire Pits USA For?

Fire Pits USA is a fire pits retailer designed for everyone looking for various brands and designs. In addition, the market is focused on the US states only.

Fire Pits USA Review: Who Is Fire Pits USA For?

Since they have a comprehensive and affordable selection, they can be the best option for budget-conscious shoppers.

Fire Pits USA Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Since you may not believe us, we’ve compiled the Fire Pits USA reviews from the customer to see their opinion. Even though this company was just established in 2021, they have good reviews from customers in Trustpilot, with 4.3/5 reviews from 32 customers. Below, let’s see what their customer said:

Fire Pits USA Review: Fire Pits USA Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The price, fast shipping, and excellent product were right. The elite sideline fireplace comes with everything except the crackling sounds. I would repurchase it!

The customer states that everything about the company is good, whether the shipping, price, or products. Another customer also said:

The fireplace is fantastic and just as depicted on the website. We are thrilled with our purchase. Fire Pits USA is extremely efficient and customer oriented. Unfortunately, I only gave four stars because the shipping company was a disaster with the scheduling and delivery.

The review above is a review that contains cons that we hardly find. However, the customer stated everything about the product was good; the main problem was the shipping. Another testimonial also states:

The overpriced heat dispenser shield by Solo was on sale here, with no shipping cost and no tax made the purchase bearable. Without it, the heat stove will go up into the air. You’ve to sit close to it to enjoy the warmth without it. Shipped promptly.

The impressive point from the review above is how the company can offer affordable prices without shipping costs and taxes.

The review above shows that everything about this brand is good, including the product quality, price, and free shipping. The only problem that we found is the shipping. However, not all customers face the same problem. So the main problem is only the shipping partner.

Is Fire Pits USA Legit?

After we dig deeper into this brand, we undoubtfully that Fire Pits USA is legit. This brand has several number reviews on Trustpilot that shows this brand has done real business with the customers. Aside from that, its side is certified as TrustedSite with SSL security.

This brand is truly credible, with a remarkable existence through customer reviews, active content publishing on social media, and a secure website.

Is Fire Pits USA Worth It?

Since this brand was just founded in 2021, you may have this such question, “Is it really worth it?” Well, there is nothing harm in questioning the brand’s worthiness. That’s what savvy shoppers should do, though.

Fire Pits USA Review: Is Fire Pits USA Worth It?

As long as we have reviewed it, even though this brand is new, it successfully proves its credibility. Plus, it has a positive customer review, which portrays the customer satisfaction level.

In addition, the main selling about this retailer is how this retailer can offer affordable prices, free shipping, and no tax on the products. This company’s site is also certified and trusted, with various outdoor living products from credible brands. So, from this Fire Pits USA review, we can conclude that this company is worth it.

Fire Pits USA Shipping Policy

We know the fire pit shipping may cost a lot since it is heavy. Fortunately, Fire Pits USA offers free shipping for all orders via UPS, FedEx, and First Class Priority Mail!

After placing the order and completing the transaction, your order will be processed for immediate packaging and shipping, which will take around seven days. Once it ships, you’ll receive the tracking information within eight days of the order.

Keep in mind that custom orders will take approximately 2 – 24 business weeks. Every brand has a different estimated time. The fastest one is Modeno and Elementi fire pit USA, which will take around 1 – 2 business weeks.

Fire Pits USA Return Policy

According to the Fire Pits USA return policy, they provide hassle-free returns within 30-days of shipment. To be eligible for the return, the items must be in the same state as they arrived, unused, and in the original packaging.

If the period has passed, you’re not eligible for an exchange or refund. Furthermore, all made-to-order and custom made is unreturnable. to start your return, you can contact their customer service at or 855-300-6766, and they will send you the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA).

It’s worth noting that you’ll be responsible for the shipping cost, and the sale items aren’t eligible for a refund. Once the returned item arrives and your return is accepted, you’ll be notified, and the refund will be processed to the original payment.

How To Contact Fire Pits USA

We’re well aware that this Fire Pits USA review couldn’t completely cover your curiosity about this brand. So if you have any questions, you can contact their customer service at:

You can feel free to get in touch with them, which is available on mon-sat at 8 AM-7 PM EST and Sun at 8 AM – 5 PM EST.

Where to buy Fire Pits USA?

Are you ready to get a warming and aesthetic fire pit this winter? To ensure you get the best deals and are backed with a hassle-free return policy, you can purchase their product officially on the Fire Pits USA website.

Fire Pits USA Coupon Codes & Promos

If you haven’t checked out the cart, lucky for you because this Fire Pits USA review found exclusive deals you can leverage for your purchase!

  • Sign up to get 5% off your first purchase
  • Check their collection since all products are mostly on sale
  • Free shipping for all orders in 48 US states

Lastly, check the link below to obtain the Fire Pits USA discount code!

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Fire Pits USA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Fire Pits USA reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Fire Pits USA?

This fire pits retailer is owned by Kanneeswari Sivakumar.

Does Fire Pits USA ship internationally?

Unfortunately, this brand only focuses the business in all 48 US states.

Where is Fire Pits USA located?

The business is located at 623 Central Ave Ste 18, Cheyenne, WY.

Is it worth getting a fire pit?

Yes, it is. No matter what you have, whether it is a wood-burning fire pit or even a propane one, it will offer multiple uses and can make the patio a multi-season space.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Fire Pits USA Reviews & Ratings

In a nutshell, after we go through this Fire Pits USA review, this fire pit retailer is a trusted fire pit USA retailer that offers a comprehensive selection of products from renowned brands. Moreover, they take into account its credibility by providing excellent customer service.

They offer free shipping and a return policy that can ensure the product’s quality. Moreover, what makes it different from others is how they offer discounts on every product allowing you to save some dollars.

So are you ready to get new fire pits that give warmth and aesthetic design for your next winter? Then, this Fire Pits USA is a one-stop online store for looking for fire pits, no matter the design and brand you search for.

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