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Filter King Review 2024 → Customized Affordable Air Filter For Better Air Quality!

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About Filter King

Air is the most crucial factor that can affect your health with all invisible pollutants, dust mites, pet dander, and viruses that will affect your health, mainly if you’re struggling with breathing problems or have a baby that’s sensitive to indoor air pollution.

Filter King Review: About Filter King

Filter King is a company that offers affordable air filters with various filtration standards. To provide you with the best air quality, this brand uses high-quality material to craft an air filter to protect against common allergen pollution.

With only five years old in the industry, this brand gained US customer trust with 2.8k customer reviews. It shows how impressive this brand’s quality is, considering it was just built five years ago.

Curious about this brand? We’ve compiled all aspects of this Filter King review, including the company profile, testimonials, and current offers. So you’ll find all your curiosity about its quality covered. Thus, keep on reading!

Overview Of Filter King: Air Filters & Furnace Filters

Filter King LLC is an air filter manufacturer dedicated to manufacturing high-quality air filters for various purposes based on its need. Rick Hoskins founded this company, the current Filter King CEO, in 2017.

With more than 4 years of experience in the industry, this brand has grown with a strong reputation for manufacturing practical and affordable air filters. It also produces more than more filters in vast sectors, including pharmaceuticals, food processing, and manufacturing.

All product is made in the USA that complies with all FTC rules with certified regulatory bodies. The brand also has impressive customer service, a return policy, fast processing, and free shipping.

Before we dig deeper into this Filter King review, these are the following pros and cons of this brand that we found to give you a better picture:

Filter King Pros

  • High-quality material with
  • Various MERV standards for filtration level
  • Certified regulatory bodies
  • Impressive option of sizes, including customized size
  • Affordable prices among competitors
  • Free shipping for order over $50
  • 30-days return policy
  • Positive reviews from the customers

Filter King Cons

  • Customized products are not eligible for return
  • Shipping only available in several countries

Filter King Review

Filter King crafted furnace filter that can protect you from common allergens and pollution for better air quality. It offers a wide selection of filters that are customized in sizes and various models.

Filter King Reviews: Filter King Review

On its side, you can find filters with various standards, such as MERV 8, MERV Carbon 10, MERV 11, MERV 13, and MERV Titanium 13. Not only air filters, but you can also find V-Belts, Paperboard Air Filter Frames, Paper Coasters, Laminated Air Filter Media, and so on.

So below we have specially selected three of its best-selling products to see their quality. Let’s get started!

Filter King MERV 8 Air Filter Reviews

The first product we review is the Filter King MERV 8 Air Filter, one of the AC Furnace Air Filters this brand offers. It offers 90% efficiency with particles that effectively control dust, dust mites, pollen, and pet dander.

Filter King Review: Filter King MERV 8 Air Filter Reviews

It’s the minimum standard of air filter usually used for residential. Utilizing electrostatically charged synthetic polyester media, which is chemical free. In addition, it can capture as low as 0.3 microns of airborne particles with low airflow resistance.

All of its air filter frames are designed with horizontal grid support and use the material of heat-resistant paperboard. This material can withstand up to 200° F temperature while also being moisture resistant. Unlike the traditional cardboard frames, it doesn’t support growth or microbial.

It’s also built with corrosion-resistant steel wire, offering better durability for extended-lasting usage.


  • Minimum standard air filter
  • 20 times more effective than fiberglass filters
  • Heat and moisture-resistant paperboard
  • Corrosion-resistant steel wire
  • Capturing high amounts of airborne particles

This Filter King AC Furnace Air Filter MERV 8 price range from $32.68 to $81.57 depending on the size of the short length, long side, and thickness.

Filter King MERV 11 Air Filters Reviews

Like the MERV 8, Filter King MERV 11 Air Filters can also control dust, pollen, pet dander, and dust mites. But it has a better filter where it can increase indoor quality since it can remove 85% micron-sized contaminants.

Filter King Review: Filter King MERV 11 Air Filters Reviews

The MERV 11 Air filter can block three microns and even smaller fine particles. With a better performance than Merv 8, it even can stop cigarette smoke and smog. This air filter is mainly recommended for those with moderate allergies or asthma. But if you don’t have those conditions, it’s better to consider the lower grader of MERV 8.

With its performance, it can maintain the HVAC unit’s efficiency. So basically, it can be used for most buildings, including commercial, residential, and paint booths. It’s most recommended for homes with pets since it can significantly reduce indoor air quality.

With all of those features to enhance the air quality for the better, the MERV 11 AC Furnace Air Filter price ranges from $33.15 to $81.57, with various sizes available.

Filter King MERV 13 Air Filters Reviews

If you have a problem controlling airborne bacteria, then this Filter King MERV 13 Air Filters can help you have better air quality. It’s designed to capture 90% micron-sized contaminants such as smoke and pollutants.

Filter King Review: Filter King MERV 13 Air Filters Reviews

It can cover all particles MER 8 and 11 filters with other smaller particles such as germs, odor, allergens, and mold. Its outstanding filtration is usually used for air filtration of general surgery suites, smoking lounges, commercial buildings, residential homes, and others.

The MERV air filter is recommended for a newborn baby or those with breathing problems of allergies, asthma, COPD, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and lung disease. However, it can’t give a sterile environment but provide the cleanest air quality.

Not only the MERV 13, but you can also find Titanium MERV 13 Air Filters. So if you’re interested in giving the best airflow for your health condition, you can prepare from $34.88 to $63.38 per pack to purchase this Filter AC Furnace Air Filter.

Who Is Filter King For?

This company is dedicated to everyone that needs an air filter for better air quality. Even if you need an unusual air filter, you don’t have to worry since it has a customized size. 

Filter King Review: Who Is Filter King For?

It also offers various MERV standards, so whether you only need the standard or even the best filtration for pharmacy use, this brand got all covered. Its product also works for those with breathing problems and industries needing better air quality, such as smoking areas, surgery rooms, and many more.

The affordable price range and various offers make it suitable for those budget-conscious customers.

Filter King Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

In this section, we’ll discuss the customer’s opinion about this brand to see the product quality. Its site has 2,840 Filter King reviews from customers, with most reviewers giving 5/5 ratings. Here’s what the customer said:

Filter King Review: Filter King Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

As a commercial HVAC rep, I appreciate the quality. Home is very fresh each day now, and we could not be happier. Box of four @ around $100.00, and we get quality air for a full year (quarterly filter changes). Individually wrapped as well.

Another customer also said:

They were hard size to find, but filter king had them at a great price and shipped them fast and free. Will definitely recommend it to friends. Thanks, Filter king.

We also go through its website to find bad reviews so we can show you the flaw of this brand. Let’s see the review below.

The box was crushed, which in turn crushed my filters.

From the review above, we can see that the customer is satisfied with the product quality. This brand also gains the trust of commercial HVAC reps, not even for residential use, which shows how good this brand is. One customer also said that it has a hard-to-find size, which is one of the points plus of this brand.

The negative review above states that the box arrived crushed and the air filter. The main problem can be caused by needing more improvement of the packaging or the carrier fault. However, there are not many bad reviews about this matter, which is why this brand gets an impressive amount of 5-star reviews.

Is Filter King Worth It?

Some of you may still question whether this brand is worth your dollar, but from what we’ve seen, this brand is worth investing in. Filter King Miami manufactures air filters from high-quality materials and affordable prices.

Filter King Review: Is Filter King Worth It?

Plus, it has a wide selection of models and sizes, giving you a great option. The excellent customer service also offers a risk-free purchase with free shipping and a return policy.

Purchasing and changing your filter regularly can lower your monthly energy bills and prevent expensive repair costs. So overall, if you’re looking for an air filter at an affordable price and high-quality material that gives better air quality, this brand is your best go-to.

Filter King Shipping Policy

Filter King offers free shipping on orders of 2 or more filters within 48 states of the United States. This brand also provides international shipping in Canada and Hawaii. The international shipping cost will be estimated when the shipping partner handles it, and the price will be paid over the phone.

The processing time will take 3 – 5 business days, and the custom sizes will take 7-10 business days to be sent to the carrier. Moreover, the arrival date can take 1 to 7 days, depending on your location.

All US delivery will use FedEx Ground and Canada via USPS Priority Mail. However, this delivery cannot be guaranteed due to Covid19 and the uncontrollable situations.

Filter King Return Policy

Unsatisfied with your purchase? Don’t fret because this company will make it right for you. According to the Filter King policy, this brand offer return within 30 days of the purchase. However, the product must be original to be eligible for return. Packaging and in the same condition as it arrived.

Unfortunately, if your product is customized, it won’t be eligible for return. To start the return shipping, you’ll be responsible for the cost and make your return label, or you can directly ask for the paid return label.

When the product arrives and is inspected, your refund will be credited to the original payment method minus the shipping cost if your return is approved. So if you’re interested in asking for a return, you can start by contacting [email protected] with your name, order date, and reason for return.

How To Contact Filter King

Need more information about this company or how they can help you? If so, you can get in touch with Filter King customer service.

Where to buy Filter King?

So now you already know what the brand has to offer for its customer services and how this brand works. So are you interested in purchasing Filter King filters? To ensure you purchase an authentic and the right air filter, you can buy it through its official website.

You can purchase an official air filter and customized size backed with the return policy. The Filter King Furnace filter is available in your other favorite online store, like Amazon.

Filter King Coupon Codes & Promos

This section must be the most awaited since you’ll get to know the Filter King coupon code and the current deals. Here are several saving ways that we found:

  • 40% off on most the air filters
  • Join the email list to get special savings on your first order
  • Free shipping on order over $50

And the most awaited one, you can check the button below to get a unique Filter King discount code!

Reveal all coupons
Filter King

Filter King Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Filter King reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who is Filter King?

It is a company that provides high-quality air filters for various purposes.

Where is Filter King located?

Its headquarter is based in Miami, Florida, United States.

Where are filter King filters made?

All of the air filters are made in the USA in the Alabama warehouse.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Filter King Reviews & Ratings

Air is essential in letting us breathe healthy air from smog viruses, odor, smoke, and many more. From what we’ve inspected in this Filter King review,  it is a brand that offers high-quality air filters and accessories with high quality and standard available.

It also has a customized size service to use the right air filter for your HVAC. Regarding its price, this brand has a great offer, free shipping, and often shares filter king promo codes.

So, there’s no point in finding another one. Instead, you can visit the Filter King website to grab an air filter for better air quality!


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