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Whether you are an interior designer or want to give your home a new look, lets you shop for a wide array of indoor and outdoor furniture in a way you love. Review: About

The brand is an online marketplace for your home, garden, and family that works with 5 specialty stores of unparalleled furniture and structures for your landscape.

They bring you indoor décor and home storage that organizes your life to create comfortable and accessible rooms so you can focus on your family, but especially on yourself. makes its patio furniture into decks and terraces as a favorite vacation destination and spends time relaxing with family. In addition, brands realize that no two homes or design tastes are the same.

Therefore, most of the furniture and structures are fully customizable. You deserve a terrace swing that fits every family member or a garden bridge that spans your garden perfectly.

As a fully-fledged e-commerce site that provides world-leading products, the brand has 13k followers on its Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They are also a verified merchant with an A+ rating from BBB Accredited Business.

Do you still want to hear more about the brand? This review will bring you information about the brand, such as company profile, best-selling products, customer reviews, policies, and more.

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Overview of

Started as a small retail store for porch swings and Adirondack chairs in 1999, the company features 5 stores each year selling various indoor and outdoor furniture.

Then, as time passed, the company shifted focus to online stores by operating five websites simultaneously, taking the market mentality. So, in March 2011, they successfully launched, which houses all its online stores.

Each specialty store focused guidance on its area of expertise. Even so, they all still operate under one roof with one easy check.

As a company with a growing business, Fifthroom still has the mentality of a family-owned business. Therefore, they serve a worldwide customer base by treating every customer like family.

They have personalized customer service for all visitors to their online store, offering thousands of products, and are open 24 hours a day. Make sure you shop and browse by sitting back and relaxing in your home.

Here we list the pros and cons to give you extra comfort before shopping.


  • Online marketplace with thousands of outdoor and indoor furniture collections
  • Has a customized Structure with Real-Time updates
  • Offers fully customizable products
  • A+ BBB Accredited Business
  • Made in USA
  • Using natural materials certified by the Forest Stewardship Council
  • Fast and Free shipping
  • Excellent service from the customer service team


  • International shipping is unavailable
  • Doesn’t specify how long the return deadline is Review

The company created aims to help people fall in love with their homes. Therefore, most of their products include patio furniture, backyard structures, and other furniture that creates great luxury and comfort. Reviews: Review is a world-leading outdoor furniture, gazebo, pergola, pavilion, and other products provider for great outdoor living.

They categorize some of their furniture into several sections that you can choose and adjust to your needs. Furniture Categories

Outdoor living
Outdoor seating Porch swings, Deep seating, Hammocks, Adirondack chairs, etc.
Outdoor dining Bistro sets, Patio/Picnic tables, Dining collections, Bar sets & Carts.
Patio accessories Coffee & Accents tables, Outdoor covers, Patio umbrellas, etc.
Outdoor entertaining Ceiling fans, fire pits, grills, Deck & Patio accents, etc.
Garden structures
Structures Gazebos, Pergolas, Ramadas, Cabanas, Sunrooms, etc.
Bridges Garden bridges, Pedestrian trail bridges, Miniature garden bridges, etc.
Yard & Garden
Garden decor Garden benches, Lighthouses, Birdbaths, Fountains, etc.
Lawn & Garden Mailboxes, Composting, Fencing & Gates, Animal shelters, etc.
Deck & Patio Patio umbrellas, Indoor & Outdoor rugs, Post caps, etc.
Heating & Lighting Outdoor, lamps & Lighting, Ceiling fans, and Fire pits. 
Indoor living
Furniture Dining tables, Chairs & Benches, Accents tables, etc.
Kitchen & Dining Bistro sets, Ceiling fans, Kitchen islands & Carts, etc.
Indoor storage Silverware boxes, Jewelry boxes, Toy chests, etc.
Kid’s Corner
Furniture Picnic tables, Outdoor swings, Rocking chairs, etc. 
Playtime & Toys Rocking horses, Doll furniture, Scooters & Tri-Cycles, etc. 

It truly does have thousands of products! But, as we said, we’re going to cover the bestsellers, so we’ll just focus on the top 3 selling products. 

Shall we start? Red Cedar Eden Picket Rail Bridge Reviews

Do you have a large backyard? Creating a beautiful garden in your backyard will give your home a fresh feel. Review: Red Cedar Eden Picket Rail Bridge Reviews

You can plant beautiful flowers, let your child play, and run happily. You can also add a fish pond to give the garden a more complete touch. Let your child explore and get to know plants and animals well.

In the Fifthroom reviews, we recommend the Red Cedar Eden 1/2 Picket Rail Bridge as one of the best decorations for your garden.

This beautiful rail bridge is made from the old-world skills of solid western red cedar. It has a 36″ diameter and a stunning picket fence design along the bottom rail.

This gives your garden a classic fairy-tale feel. You just need to add beautiful flowers to give your garden a fairy-tale vibe.

In addition, this beautiful wooden bridge has exceptional natural durability and decay resistance. It protects against even the harshest weather. So, you can own it and enjoy the bridge’s beauty in your garden for years. Maybe even create a memory with your growing baby.


  • Material: Western Red Cedar
  • Hardware: Zinc Plated Steel
  • 1″ x 6″ Decking
  • (3) 2 x 8 Support Beams

Available in 4′, 6′, 8′, 10′, & 12′ sizes ranging from $699 to $1,999, you can customize the size and price according to your garden’s needs. Choose and get ready to have the most beautiful garden of your life. Ramadas Reviews

Ramadas is one of’s collections that won the wizard design award. It is the most popular and sought-after choice in the brand. Review: Ramadas Reviews

The brand offers custom designs in its Ramadas collection so that you can choose and customize the design, material, roof, and size. They have several roofing options such as Single roof, Double roof, Gable roof, Long gable, Grand bay, Herrington, and Georgian.

The single roof is the simplest but still elegant ramadas roofing option. At the same time, grand Bay and Georgian are the most luxurious options with more details. This is perfect for those of you with a large yard or family.

Besides that, you can also choose some of the materials. Here are some of the available materials and their specifications:

Red Cedar Rot & Decay resistant, Natural oils repel bugs, Great cedar smell
Treated Pine Durable & long-lasting, Kiln dried, Resist decay & insect damage
Vinyl w/Wood Inserts Maintenance-free, Eco-friendly, recyclable plastic, Treated pine core for strength
Rough Cut Red Cedar Lustrous tones & cedar fragrance, Resists insect damage & Decay, True to nature look.

All of these materials have their advantages. Once you have selected the material, you will come to the size options.

The size ranges from 8′ x 8′ to 20′ x 40′. So you’ll be able to customize the size to fit your garden. Whether you have a small or large garden or want to decorate your yard with quality Ramadan, here you go.

After selecting all the details you have customized, the brand will display the price of the options chosen. It will differ depending on your preferences. However, we will show you an example of outdoor ramadas and the price.

For example, you can get Outdoor Ramadas with a size of 10′ x 16′ using Vinyl w/Wood Inserts, Single Roof, and Open Rectangle Style for $9,799.

You can add details like Fan, Ceiling, Standard Roof Overhang, or Standard Headers. All of which you can choose and customize freely. This will be the best Gazebo you dream of! Louvered Free Standing Pergolas Reviews

Having a house facing the sun can sometimes be a disadvantage. The sun’s glare will disturb your activities if the light enters the house. This will also disturb the comfort of guests staying at your house. Review: Louvered Free Standing Pergolas Reviews

To deal with this problem, The fifth room garden design presents one of its collections Louvered Free Standing Pergolas.

Like its Ramadas gazebo products, the brand also offers customizable pergola products. You can choose from the mount type & style, material, and size.

In this Louvered Free Standing Pergolas collection, you can choose 2 materials available. First, you can select w/Aluminum Vinyl Inserts material with the advantages of Maintenance Free, Aluminum core for strength, and Eco-friendly recyclable plastic.

Second, you can choose Aluminum material with the advantages of Long lasting, Roll-formed Aluminum, and Will not rot, warp, or need repainting.

So, if you want the best durability with excellent protection, then Aluminum material is the best. Vinyl material is the right choice if you wish to be a maintenance-free material.

The sizes range from 3′ x 12′ to 13′ x 23′. In addition to the dimensions, the color options are also diverse. However, some colors cost approximately $5,999. At the same time, Graphite and Bone White are free.

Then, how much is the price for this pergola? Like other custom products, the price depends on the choice of material, size, style, and more. So, to make things easier, we’ll give you an example price with our selected options.

We chose the smallest size of 3′ x 12′ with Aluminum material and free Graphite color. We got this Louvered Free Standing Pergolas for $12,980 from these details.

Who is For?

The brand sells furniture and gazebos and creates spaces for family get-togethers and naps. Therefore, is a brand for families. Review: Who is For?

As the name suggests, most products include backyard structures and patio furniture designed to create comfortable and luxurious outdoor living spaces. They want to help people fall in love with their homes and want families to feel at home.

Hence, this brand suits homeowners who consider fun and comfort in their home furniture. In addition, those who like to hassle-free shopping will get the convenience of shopping for indoor and outdoor furniture in just one checkout.

Since its furniture and structure products are fully customizable, this brand is suitable for home decor or interior design professionals. Ensure you create the best design for your client’s home and satisfy them. Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

We found that Fifthroom has a fairly high rating from several sites. Although the reviews are still small, some customers left positive reviews on the satisfaction of the brand’s products and services. Here are some brand ratings from some sites: Review: Reviews: What Do Customers Think?
  • Houzz: 4.9/5 out of 7 reviews
  • Consumer Affairs: 4.6/5 from 9 reviews
  • Google: 4.4/5 based on 63 reviews

So, what are the positive reviews from the customers? Here are their comments:

The overall build is extremely simple and easy to do. The instructions are clear and understandable. The original delivery came with several damages. Once we called Fifthroom, they quickly made replacements overnight. The material’s quality and workmanship are perfect…

Overall, the customer was satisfied with how easy it was to make. Moreover, the instructions were clear and easy to follow. Even though he had a few breakdowns, the customer service responded quickly and replaced the product overnight.

Although the previous customer had experienced some damage when his order arrived, the following customer was satisfied with the shipping and packaging that made the product arrive in perfect condition. He said:

Excellent product and service. Delivered package quickly and in perfect condition.

The last review in this section comes from an interior design company that has been working with the brand for several years. He left a review on his satisfaction with working with the brand. He is happy with the quality of the brand’s products, delivery, and service, which keeps his clients satisfied.

We’ve been working with Fifthroom for a few years. Fifthroom delivers great quality products and services. While ordering materials, we constantly receive the top in quality and customer service. The structures always come on time and are properly protected during shipment…

After reading the glowing reviews from several customers, we conclude that Fifthroom delivers on its goals and objectives. They take responsibility for delivering quality products with the best packaging and delivery.

Not only that, but the excellent service from the customer service team also gets a lot of praise from customers. So, what are you wondering? Visit the website now and get the best furniture for the comfort and beauty of your home.

Is Worth It?

After reading a few customer reviews, we’re sure you’ll agree that is worth it! They create every product with comfort and convenience in mind, whether it’s hassle-free and efficient home storage or a beautiful and durable patio launcher. Review: Is Worth It?

Fifthroom stands behind its products by providing a 100% guarantee on all its products. So, if you don’t love your order, the brand will tirelessly send you replacement parts and fix them.

The brand also offers products you can fully customize to your needs. They insist that you should get precisely what you want. Thus, you can choose and customize how the design, material, size, and more.

In addition to its superior products, the brand also gives the best service to its customers. They believe that good service will provide comfort when shopping. Therefore, they have a friendly customer service team ready to help you.

In addition, the brand also cares about the environment. Therefore, they use natural ingredients harvested from their sustainably managed forest lands certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

The brand even uses eco-friendly buildings in its manufacturing facilities that conserve electricity by using the sun’s natural light and energy. They also save waste from sawdust they use as fertilizer and compost wood scraps that are recycled into pressboards and other composite wood. comes to this industry with high confidence in the American economy. Therefore, almost all products are entirely handmade in the United States. Even its offices and operations are all based in the United States. Shipping Policy

The brand ships all its orders via FedEx, UPS, Motor Freight, or independent carriers that don’t ship to PO Box addresses. It also doesn’t currently offer international shipping due to its products’ large size and weight.

But, in case you are interested and need one of their furniture, contact the Customer Service Department for a booking review and alternatives.

In addition, since the product is furniture that requires several days for processing, the brand has an estimated lead time to prepare before shipping. But they will try to process your order as soon as possible.

The good news is the brand ships most of its products with free shipping, with transit times that will differ depending on the location. However, it generally takes about 1 to 5 business days to arrive. They will email you the tracking number and shipping carrier to make tracking the item to your location easier. Return Policy

The brand hopes all customers can enjoy a seamless purchase experience without glitches. But they realize that problems do happen. Therefore, they offer a return for products still in their original packaging.

As the brand doesn’t specify a time limit for returns, we recommend contacting the brand as soon as possible after you receive your order to confirm your return.

How To Contact

Do you have any unanswered questions? Contact one of the brand’s customer service representatives below:

  • Toll-Free
  • Outside the US
  • Fax
Email [email protected]
Live chat is available in the bottom right corner of the website
Form available on the Contact Info page

Customer service is available Monday-Friday: 8 AM-7 PM and Saturday: 10 AM-3 PM EST. 

Mailing address
5410 Route 8
Gibsonia, PA 15044

Where to buy

As an online store for your home, garden, and family, you can only access it online through its official website at You may also find some products on online retailers such as Amazon or Etsy. Coupon Codes & Promos

Finding a great deal is a must. Therefore, we recommend you click the button below. We have prepared a variety of coupon codes that you can claim for your purchases.

In addition, we also recommend you join the brand’s affiliate program. Join to earn commissions, discount codes, and other amazing offers. Or, join the Partner Program and grow your business with exclusive discounts and free in-house design.

Reveal all coupons Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who is the owner of

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the owner of this brand. However, Tim McTighe is the CEO of the brand.

Does ships internationally?

Due to the large size and weight of its products, the brand has not been able to fulfill international orders.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Reviews & Ratings

From outdoor to indoor furniture, will fulfill your needs. You can choose from various furniture styles, from modern to classic wood.

Get ready to combine the magnificence of nature with the comfort of updated design. Thanks to its thousands of customizable products, you can create a home with the furniture and style of your dreams. Visit the website and choose your favorite furniture now!


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