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About FHI Heat

Do you love to style your hair? Changing your hairstyle depending on your fashion will indeed change the overall look. Whether a sleek straight hair or beachy wavy look. However, the more you style your hair, the worst it’ll become if you don’t do the proper hair care. FHI Heat is here to bring you the solution!

FHI Heat Review: About FHI Heat
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This remarkable brand has decades of experience in the industry with a cutting-edge hair styler. In addition, it has a wide selection of hair tools combined with protection technology. Moreover, the brand also offers hair care collections to maintain hair wellness.

Its great credibility is unquestionable because many professional hair stylists and public figures use its products. What’s more, it has over 109K followers on Instagram and 70.7K followers on Facebook.

That’s only a glimpse of information about this brand. Before you purchase its products, you need to know about this brand further. Thus, keep reading our FHI Heat review to learn about the company details, product reviews, testimonials, sales, and others!

Overview Of FHI Heat

David Kim founded FHI Heat in 2003 to manufacture professional hair tools and care. Additionally, this brand has the integrity to provide a product with styling results. That’s why professional hair stylists have trusted the right brand for over 20 years.

With a long history, it helps it to master the area of creating heat styling tools. Furthermore, it aims to generate hair tools and cares to the next level. It allows you to style your gorgeous hair while still maintaining hair health. 

The brand keeps developing under the leadership of David. Then in 2017, this brand was acquired by Luxury Brand LL, but David still leads the company as president and CEO.

However, before digging deeper, now let’s learn more about the FHI Heat pros and cons. So, here’s the list:


  • Hair protection technology
  • Leaves hair smooth and shiny
  • Even heat distribution
  • Wide collection of hair products
  • Offers many deals
  • US Free shipping
  • 30-day return policy
  • Positive testimonials


  • No international shipping
  • The handle of the hair dryer is too short
  • Not all products available on its website, such as Technique G2

FHI Heat Review

For short, this brand offers hair styling and hair care. Its hair styling is made of cutting-edge technology that works to protect your hair. For instance, its hair styling products feature the HydraHeat technology, whether a blow dryer or curling iron. Hence, please take a look at the products classification below:

FHI Heat Reviews: FHI Heat Review
  • Dryers: Innovator Pro Power Speed Dryers, Elite Dryer, Platform Hair Dryer, etc
  • Stylers: Innovator Cure Pro Styling Iron, Waver, Platform Titanium Pro Styler, etc
  • Curlers: Platform Curling Iron, Platform, TI Luster Titanium Pro Curler, etc 
  • Brushes: Thermal Ceramic Brushes, Platform Stylus Pro Heated Brush, Drying Brush, etc
  • Hair Care: Sheer Remedy Liquid Satin Treatment, Blow Out Serum, Root Lift Spray, etc

This brand has expansive product collections. We’re baffled about the right products that make take your interest. Thus, we’ll choose only three products to be reviewed in the following section of our FHI Heat review!

FHI Heat Platform Signature Pro Styler Reviews

Unsurprisingly, the first product we review is its best-selling FHI Heat flat iron, Platform Signature Pro Styler. It’s perfect for any hair type, whether to create pin-straight hair to beachy waves.

FHI Heat Review: FHI Heat Platform Signature Pro Styler Reviews

This styler features triple-layer baked ceramic plates and tourmaline. These combinations allow it to give an even heat distribution and high-speed heat recovery. Moreover, the HydraHeat technology allows it to maintain vital moisture, decrease frizz and repel humidity.

The adjustable temperature ranges from 140°F to 450°F, choose depending on your hair type. If you have thin and damaged hair, using lower heat is better. Also, you can combine it with its thermal protectant hair care for better results.

We like how it leaves softer and smoother results since it eliminates the static and increases the negative ions. Depending on your preference and needs, choose the available plate iron size in 0.5″, 1″, 1.25″, and 1.75″.

Thus, to have a gorgeous hairstyle, you should check its availability now since it’s currently on sale for $120!

FHI Heat Platform Straightener Details

Temperature Range 140°F -450°F
Frequency 50-60Hz
Wattage 40W
Dual Voltage 120-240V
Cord Length 12ft. Round cord

FHI Heat Unbrush Detangling Hair Brush Reviews

It’s pretty normal if you don’t have a hair straightener, but it’s impossible if you have no brush. The Unbrush Detangling Hair Brush is perfect for your dressing table or bag while traveling. It can gently handle knots and tangles, even from unruly hair.

FHI Heat Review: FHI Heat Unbrush Detangling Hair Brush Reviews

This wet and dry detangling brush is constructed with Soft-Flex bristles that can eliminate snagging and pulling hair. However, it’ll gently release the tangle, which reduces the split ends and breakage. Furthermore, designed with vented cushions, it can decrease the blow-dry time by 48%.

In addition, it can be used for men and women with any hair type. We adore its simple design with no hard-to-reach area, making it easy to clean. Plus, it is available in various cute colors, from pink cherry blossom to green aurora.

Therefore choose your favorite color and purchase it for $18. But wait! Since it’s currently on sale, the price is down to $14.40!

FHI Heat Platform 2000 Nano Power Pro Dryer Reviews

The Platform 2000 Nano Power Pro Dryer is a robust dryer that combines power and endurance. Considering its professional design and high performance, we think it’s a must-have dryer for any salon.

FHI Heat Review: FHI Heat Platform 2000 Nano Power Pro Dryer Reviews

The high-velocity AC motor will dry hair 50% faster and run at a 78.6dB sound level. In addition, the HydraHeat interior will give an even heat distribution to seal the moisture and reduce frizz. It’s also able to repel humidity and eliminate static.

Additionally, it has three heat settings, Cool, Warm, and High, combined with two air settings of low and high. It also comes with accessories like a diffuser, a straightening comb, a speed-dry nozzle, and a carrying tote.

The FHI heat hair dryer is available in black and Silver Chrome options. But we like the silver chrome with a sleek and shiny look. Lastly, you can grab it at the current price of $148 with the original price of $185!

FHI Heat Hair Dryer Details

Temperature Range 87°F to 232°F
Frequency 60Hz
Wattage 1800W
Voltage 125V
Cord Length 12ft

Who Is FHI Heat For?

FHI Heat is a brand that offers various hair stylers suitable for any hairstyle you are looking for. It can be used for straight, curly, wavy, short, and long hair. Furthermore, it’s also suitable for men and women.

FHI Heat Review: Who Is FHI Heat For?

Its products are not only for styling but also can protect the hair for healthy hair. Thus, the products feature cutting-edge technology and robust builts ideal for professionals and home users.

FHI Heat Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Everything about this brand seems legit, with top-notch products from credible brands. But is it that good? Then it’s time to see the customer’s opinion. Fortunately, this brand has many customer reviews on the product page. Please take a look at the average rating below:

FHI Heat Review: FHI Heat Reviews: What Do Customers Think?
  • Platform Signature Pro Styler: 4.8/5 average rating based on 182 reviews
  • Unbrush Detailing Hair Brush: 4.9/5 average rating from 137 customer reviews
  • Platform 2000 Nano Power Pro Dryer: 4.9/5 rating based on 62 Reviews

It’s unbelievably impressive that this brand has an almost perfect rating on every product. So now let’s see what the customer says that we found in the FHI Heat Flat Iron reviews section:

It does not snag the hair, which was my most significant issue. My daughter’s and my hair was silky and soft would highly recommend this flat iron.

Another customer also expresses her satisfaction in the review below:

I utilize this brush to wrap my hair, and I adore it. In addition, this detangling brush is the ideal size to travel with!

To see both pros and cons of the brand, we’ve attached a negative review below:

I bought this hair dryer on a whim, and I love everything except for the size and the small handle. It significantly reduces drying time, and I have thick, long, unruly hair. Moreover, I hope the bristle size was more considerable, and the handle was too short.

In light of all FHI Heat reviews we’ve seen, this brand indeed has a very positive rating—most customer state about the superb quality of the products.

We barely see any negative reviews; the only one is about giving recommendations. As you can see, the last testimonial above states the hair dryer size is too small, and the handle is too short.

Is FHI Heat Worth It?

Hundreds of hair stylers and care are out there, so why should you choose FHI Heat? Basically, this brand is a proven brand that many hair stylist professionals have used. Not only that, we like that this brand makes hair styling that doesn’t have to damage your hair.

FHI Heat Review: Is FHI Heat Worth It?

Its products feature technology that’ll protect the hair and leave a healthier finish. We also love how this brand has many lines targeting different usage and functions. So this hair product brand is definitely worth it.

FHI Heat Shipping Policy

FHI Heat ships within 48 contiguous states US, excluding Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska, and other US territories. All orders placed before 10 am PST from Monday-Friday will be processed the same day. But if your order is received on the weekend, holiday, and after 10 am will be processed in the next business days.

Additionally, the order ships via US Ground shipping, will cost $4.99, and arrive within 4-6 business days. You can also get free shipping on US orders over $25. Furthermore, if you prefer US express shipping, it’ll arrive within 2-3 business days and cost $25.

FHI Heat Return Policy

To ensure a risk-free purchase, this brand offers a 30-day return policy. However, it’s only applicable for original and unused products in the original packaging and complete accessories. Then, if your returned items meet the requirements, contact the customer service team to obtain the RMA.

If the return process is finished, you’ll receive a refund minus the shipping and handling fees. Besides, the return shipping cost is entirely your responsibility. Then, the reimbursement will be issued to the original payment method.

How To Contact FHI Heat

Need a hand? Or simply asking how to use the device? Contact the FHI Heat customer service team, available from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm PST, Monday to Friday, via:

  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Phone Number: 877-344-4328 (USA) or 323-334-2900 (Outside of USA)
  • Form: Contact Us form
  • Social Media: @fhiheat
  • Address: 12840 Leyva St, Norwalk, CA 90650

Where to buy FHI Heat?

Ready to have your stunning hair from a professional-grade hair device? If so, you can visit the FHI Heat to find its lines of hair products and hair care. Aside from its official website, you can also grab the products from Amazon, Walmart, and other online shopping platforms.

FHI Heat Coupon Codes & Promos

You would love not to miss out on this section! Here, we’ve listed all current savings that you can enjoy in the first purchase:

  • Free ground shipping on orders over $25
  • Visit the Deals page to discover the current offers
  • Join the Rewards member to earn points
  • 20% off coupon code by joining the email list
  • Lastly, uncover exclusive discount codes in the button below

Reveal all coupons
FHI Heat

FHI Heat Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for FHI Heat reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns FHI heat?

The brand is owned by Luxury Brands LLC under the lead of Michael Dodo.

Does FHI Heat ship internationally?

Unfortunately, this brand currently only ships within the US.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of FHI Heat Reviews & Ratings

Styling your hair in different styles can give you a completely different look. You can also match it with your wardrobe and enjoy a fresh look. Our FHI Heat review thinks this brand is an absolute option if you like playing with your hair.

Additionally, it has a great collection of hair care and styler. So you can combine some of the products that let you feel free to style the hair while maintaining hair health. You can choose whatever hair products depend on your needs.

So whether you are a professional hairdresser or a home user, visit FHI Heat for a next-level styling experience. Lastly, be ready to have gorgeous hair every day!


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