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About Fenge Standing Desk

Office workers spent hours working with the same posture while facing the monitor. And, of course, this mundane activity will lead to cervical spine pain and tire you more. Fortunately, Fenge brings the best electric standing desk for laptop or work!

Fenge Review: About Fenge Standing Desk
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Fenge is a company that offers affordable prices for high-quality standing desks, including electricity and converter. This brand also offers a 2-tier standing desk. It is a combination of a standing desk and monitor stand that’s beneficial for spine and neck comfort.

Before you stop in this review, you may discover this brand from several online store platforms. Indeed, this brand is widespread, with thousands of purchases on Amazon and other shopping platforms.

Through this Fenge review, we’ll give you information about this brand. These include its company profile, product review, testimonials, customer services, and current offer to help you make an informed decision.

So, let’s dig deeper!

Overview of Fenge Standing Desk

Founded in 2015, Fenge is a company that wants to offer office furniture to give you working flexibility for decreasing the risk of cervical spine disease. In addition, this company strives to make the world healthier and more productive.

To achieve its mission, this brand’s first launch product is one layer monitor stand which is a solution to enhance the comfortability of our cervical spine and neck.

However, their journey continues, and this brand thrives with the invention of a sit-stand desk converter in 2017 and an electric standing desk in 2020.

Not only that, this brand can offer a competitive price since it uses a foreign large-scale manufacturing base and strict standard quality control to ensure you can get the best.

It is also dedicated to giving outstanding customer service that will help you in your purchasing journey. 

Fenge Review

You may already know that this brand focus on offering standing desk. Indeed, Fenge‘s primary focus is office desks that help you adjust your desk to use it for standing or sitting. On its site, this brand has three classifications, including:

Fenge Reviews: Fenge Review

Fenge Standing Desk Products

  • Desk Converter
  • Standing Desk
  • Monitor Stand

Nevertheless, in the following section, we’ll only focus on reviewing three best-selling products to give an in-depth understanding of what the product qualities are. So let’s dive right in!

Fenge FD2 Piano Standing Desk Reviews

Most office workers usually struggle with cervical spine pain from mundane activities in the office. Fortunately, the brand designs this Fenge FD2 Piano Standing Desk 55×27 inch to support a healthy office life, allowing you to protect your cervical spine.

Fenge Review: Fenge FD2 Piano Standing Desk Reviews

Like its name, the brand designs this Fenge 2-tier standing desk like a piano where you can lean your phone or book in the 135° ramp design. In addition, this electric standing desk has a metal hook on the side that can you can use to put your headphone, backpack, and others.

Moreover, the brand also designs it with a Fenge monitor riser in the 2nd tier. Hence, you can place your PC in a higher that allows you to relax your neck and broader space for the desk. The USB charge is also available, so you don’t have to look for a charging port and keep your phone near you.

The fenge ultralong compact desk offers a vast working space with 55 “x 27” dimensions and a 28.7 “-48.8” height range. It uses a single motor with a quiet performance of less than 49db.

Moreover, the adjustable standing desk is also designed with rebound resistance for safety with SGS, UL, CE, and Other global certifications.


  • Lifting capacity: 264Lbs
  • Lifting speed: 25mm/sec
  • Size: 55“ x 27″
  • Height Range: 28.7 “-48.8”
  • Outlet voltage: 110-240V

This Fenge piano desk comes in white, black, oak, walnut brown, and reclaimed wood color options, and for the price, you will find it at the cost of $479.99.

Fenge FS1 Single Desk Converter Reviews

A standing desk indeed doesn’t cost cheap. Indeed. But your mundane activity makes you need one to make a better work life. So if you’re on a tight budget, this Fenge FS1 Single Desk Converter 25.6 inch can be the best option.

Fenge Review: Fenge FS1 Single Desk Converter Reviews

This FS1 Single Desk Converter allows you to use your current desk still and use it on your conventional desk to change it to sit and stand desk. Likewise, the simple touch height locking mechanism allows you to adjust the standing desk converter depending on your proper comfort level. 

So it’s not as wide as a standing desk but wide enough to place your laptop and working space with a 25.7 x 15.9 in and 22 lbs capacity.

Even better, the brand makes this Single Desk Converter with MDF and Metal with a black matte finish. As a result, it can give long-lasting durability and robust construction.


  • Capacity: 22Lbs
  • Size: 25.7 x 15.9 in
  • Height Range: 2.4-15.7in

So if you want this FS1 Single Desk Converter 25.6 inch to turn your conventional office desk into a standing desk, you can invest only $89.99!

Fenge FR1 Adjustable Monitor Stand Reviews

Bending and curling your body to follow the monitor’s height can lead to cervical spine diseases. The Fenge FR1 Adjustable Monitor Stand is designed to help you have a comfortable neck position by raising the desktop monitor at the comfortable level of your eyes.

Fenge Review: Fenge FR1 Adjustable Monitor Stand Reviews

It has an easy installation and adjustable design that you can change depending on your need. In addition, it’s equipped with removable storage and a drawer where you can store small items like paper clips, scissors, and other small items.

The Fenge monitor stand has a curved design that makes it easy to unfold and move the items. Not only, raises your monitor level for a healthy posture, but its versatile design can also make a good decoration and more organized workspace.


  • Capacity: 55Lbs
  • Size: 42.1 x 9.3 in
  • Height: 3.5 in

This dual monitor riser is made of MDF with black and oak color options that cost $59.99 for the medium and $69.99 for the large.

Fenge Pros and Cons

In the following section, let’s discuss this brand better by seeing customers’ feedback about the brand’s product quality. But, before that, below are Fenge’s pros and cons to give you a better picture of this brand!


  • Offers various types of desks, such as electric desks, standing desks, monitor stands, and more
  • Various finish selection
  • Well-built design for better cervical spine health
  • Affordable prices
  • Free shipping without minimal order
  • Hassle-free 30-day return policy
  • 5-year warranty for Electric Desk Motor and 1-year warranty Electric Desk Table Top
  • Positive reviews from the customer


  • Limited international shipping

Who Is Fenge For?

Fenge states that its product collection is specifically designed for an office worker, gamer, or everybody who wants to work both standing and sitting. It can be the best option for home office workers always sitting and facing the monitor, causing cervical spine disease.

Fenge Review: Who Is Fenge For?

So if you struggle with neck pain or spine disease, this can be the best option to help you be more productive and feel less strain from working the whole week.

Moreover, its product is affordable compared to other standing in the market, making it suitable for budget-conscious shoppers looking for cheap standing desks.

Fenge Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Do you still skeptical about this company? So in this section, we’ll break down several of Fenge’s standing desk reviews from the customers that we think are worth considering to see their experience and opinion about the products.

Fenge Review: Fenge Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

While we surfed its website, we couldn’t find any reviews from the customers, but fortunately, we discovered thousands of customer reviews in its Amazon store. So here is one of the reviews:

I found this standing desk converter to be easy to use, stores quickly, and spring or release posed no issue. Height adjustment is spot on.. size is excellent for my corner desk- room to the side for a mouse or pad of paper…

From the review above, the customer states that it works flawlessly without any issues and gives enough room for other items in the standing desk converter. However, we also specifically chose the testimonials below that have some complaints to see if this brand has some flaws: 

It’s a great deal on this standing desk. Bu, I was expecting a metal drawer or something else that’s sturdy. Instead, I received a pretty cheap-looking foldable fabric drawer with cardboard as its walls and base for the structure. Still, it holds my two large screens and laptop nicely, so I can not complain too much…

The customer above said that the product is excellent, and the only gripe is the drawer made from cheap-looking foldable fabrics. However, the customer states that it’s not a real deal breaker and gives a 4/5 rating star since the desk works fine to hold the items.

I’m 5’8″. This desk works extremely great for standing during my virtual meetings (I use it at a top height for this) and for standing and working (I put it at a lower height for this). There is room for other items on the desk, it is easy to move up and down, and it’s easy to bring to different locations around the house…

The last customer above also states that the product work flawlessly has enough space for other items, and has excellent portability to move around.

So overall, most of the customers are satisfied with products that are easy to use and work great. Indeed there is a complaint about the material, but it doesn’t affect the durability.

Is Fenge Worth It?

From all aspects above, you may already see how worthy this brand is, and we also have the same conclusion as you. It has a vast collection of products that you can purchase at affordable prices.

Fenge Review: Is Fenge Worth It?

Moreover, every product has passed strict quality control before it is sent to you, which may be why we rarely find complaints about this brand.

It also offers outstanding customer service with a responsive customer service team, free shipping, 30 days return policy, and a warranty for a risk-free purchase. The Fenge standing desk reviews from the customer are also mostly positive, showing customer satisfaction level.

So overall, we can conclude that this brand is worth checking out for sturdiness, pain relief, money value, and ease of use!

Fenge Shipping Policy

Fenge offer free shipping on all orders within the continental united states, excluding Hawaii, Alaska, and other mainland islands. This website is only for U.S. orders, but it also has a specific website for Canada, Japan, and E.U.

Unfortunately, this brand doesn’t ship to hotels, APO, FPO, DPO, and P.O. Boxes destinations. Most products will be shipped on the next business day. But, if you place an order on the weekend or holiday, it’ll be shipped on the following business day. Once it is dispatched, it’ll take 3-5 business days to arrive.

Some products are also large in size, so they will use freight shipping which will take longer. There’s the possibility that it uses a multi-piece shipment that will arrive at different times.

Fenge Return Policy

Indeed it’s not easy to invest in something that will cost a bang for your buck, but fortunately, Fenge offers a 30-day free return service. Under 30 days return policy, you can return the product if it is defective, missing parts, or for any reason.

To start the return, you can email [email protected], and they’ll issue the RMA. Remember, to be eligible for the return, the product must be in original packaging, and you should provide the order number, photos and videos, and reasons for the return.

You’ll get a free return policy for a quality problem return, but you’ll be charged $17 for the product for a non-quality return.

How To Contact Fenge

Do you have some questions about the brand’s products? Get in touch with its customer service via:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: +1 626-465-7263
  • Social Media:
    • Facebook @Fenge_us
    • Twitter @fengeshop
    • Instagram @fengedesk

Once you contact them, its customer service will happily respond to your inquiry or assist you in your purchasing journey.

15441 Stafford st, city of industry, CA 91744, United States of America

Where to buy Fenge?

You can visit Fenge’s official store to browse and purchase their product. Purchasing from its official website will guarantee originality and harness the return policy for a risk-free purchase. Some online shopping platforms also carry Fenge standing desk selection, such as Amazon, Autonomous Ai, Best Buy, and others.

Fenge Coupon Codes & Promos

Looking for a Fenge discount code? To find out the latest offers, you can join its email list to be notified about free giveaways, special offers, and once-in-a-lifetime deals.

This brand also offers free shipping for all purchase, which help you save money on shipping cost within the US. In addition, you can uncover the button below to obtain the Fenge coupon code!

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Fenge Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Fenge reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Fenge?

Unfortunately, while we’re researching this company, we don’t find any information about its ownership.

Does Fenge ship internationally?

This US website is dedicated to US shipping and purchase destinations only. But this brand also has specific websites for Canada, Japan, German, and the UK.

How long will it take to assemble the Fenge electric desk?

Every product has a different time depending on the design, such as the FD2 MR will take 15 minutes, and the FD2 Piano will take 30 minutes.

However, all their product will come with Fenge standing desk instructions that you can follow to assemble the electric desk quickly, or you can ask for assistance from its customer service.

So, because of its easy-to-assemble design and detailed instruction, all of the products take a short time to assemble.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Fenge Reviews & Ratings

Spending your day sitting and working every day with the same posture can significantly affect your cervical spine health. Fenge is a company created to help you have a better working life. This company offers a standing desk and monitor stand that helps you to work in better posture and gives flexibility on how you work.

All in all, we can conclude that this brand provides affordable prices for high-quality and well-designed products. So if you yearn for furniture that gives you the next-level healthy work life, Fenge can be the answer!


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