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FastRefund Review 2024 → Refund Now, Reimburse Later!

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About FastRefund Fintech-Startup

Do you own a business and interact with many customers? If so, you must need a refund agent with beneficial features from FastRefund.

FastRefund Review: About FastRefund Fintech-Startup

This company intends to help small and big businesses with straightforward aid. In addition, it offers simplicity that anyone may practice.

You don’t have to interact immediately with the customers. Instead, this agent will take it over and finishes the refund process in a second.

The brand is new, yet it works with many trusted carriers in Europe, the US, Canada, and New Zealand. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have social media, but you may visit the LinkedIn profile. 

In this FastRefund review, I’ll break down the brand’s service thoroughly. So, stay tuned till the end!

Overview of FastRefund Fintech-Startup

Davran Tashbay founded this company in 2022. Unfortunately, I can’t find the information on what months it was created.

FastRefund is a fintech startup with an innovative idea for brands that serve online orders. It offers several plans that cover Europe and other countries. 

Moreover, you can trust this company since it works with popular carriers worldwide. Even better, it gives steady help to international brands as well.

The rate is more affordable than conventional banks and other payment methods, allowing you to experience ten benefits simultaneously. Below, I’ll tell you the pros and cons of this company.

FastRefund Pros

  • Provides refund service with the flash process
  • Suitable for small and big businesses
  • Provides three subscription plans 
  • Available for local and international sellers
  • It covers countries around Europe, the US, Canada, and New Zealand.
  • Promotes affordable fee
  • Provides ten benefits
  • Provides complimentary book demo

FastRefund Cons

  • It doesn’t mention the plan thoroughly
  • It doesn’t say the social media
  • It doesn’t mention specific contacts

FastRefund Fintech-Startup Review

You’re curious about this brand, aren’t you? I know you do because you stay with me till this section.

FastRefund Reviews: FastRefund Fintech-Startup Review

Currently, FastRefund offers three subscription plans. But I’ll also tell you more about the international refund and carrier support. 

So, are you ready to dig deeper? Then, let’s begin! 

FastRefund Subscription Plan Reviews

I know you are curious about the subscription service plan by this brand. It offers programs according to the business need, allowing you to choose three plans Starter, Growth, and Scale.

FastRefund Review: FastRefund Subscription Plan Reviews

Below I’ll explain every plan, so keep reading!

  • Starter

This plan is eligible for small business that has around 500 orders per month. Customers will be charged 5% for every successful refund. 

  • Growth

The second plan is perfect for a developing business with at least 5000 orders each month. For every successful refund made by the brand, you will be charged 4% of it. 

  • Scale

Lastly, the plan is ideal for big business that serves more than 10K orders monthly. Because of the enormous amount of orders, you will only be charged 3.5% of each successful refund. 

I know it doesn’t mention the cost because orders from every customer will be different. But the refund rate is lower than fees from traditional banks or other payment methods. So, the brand offers affordable costs even for small businesses. 

If you’re interested in one of the plans above, visit the link below to get the offer! 

FastRefund International Refund Reviews

This company is located in the UK, but it serves international refunds for Shopify brands. Currently, it covers 95% of bank accounts in European markets and 98% in the UK, Spain, and Ireland.

FastRefund Review: FastRefund International Refund Reviews

More than 30 countries and carriers support this fintech startup. They include the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Eurozone. 

Please remember that service from this brand is not the same as banks and other money transfer methods. Instead, it uses the real exchange rate, which is the best value for the money. 

The estimated rate for an international refund is 2% of the actual currency and a small fixed fee. In short, take a look at the table below:

Plan Fee Additional Fee Total
Starter 5% 2% 7%
Growth 4% 2% 6%
Scale 3.5% 2% 5.5%

Well, with the additional fee, the number is also not that expensive. You will benefit from the money, and don’t waste any time to refund the customer’s order. Therefore, the service will be a great solution to avoid fraud with intelligence.

And if you are interested, click the link below to book a free demo now!

FastRefund Shipment Courier Support Reviews

One factor that you must remember for a refund is a return. Customers must return the product to get a refund. Moreover, every business has different policies for returns and refunds.

FastRefund Review: FastRefund Shipment Courier Support Reviews

But if you are using the refund agent from FastRefund, you already have trusted carriers for returned products. They are dpd courier, Shopify carriers, Royal Mail, DHL, and UPS

Please ensure you put the correct information on your website. Therefore, the return process and refund are comprehensive.

How Does FastRefund Work?

You must know that refund is somehow complicated. But this refund agent will aid you in getting out of that condition. FastRefund only promotes four steps to complete the process.

FastRefund Review: How Does FastRefund Work?

Please read carefully so that you won’t misunderstand. I’ll explain it thoroughly below.

  • First, customers who want to return a product must register a return on your return policy page. Here, they must input the email and order number. Next, ensure that the products are correct. 
  • This refund agent will begin the refund process immediately if the information is accurate. It will only take seconds, allowing the customers to place new orders.
  • Once the refund is accepted, customers have three days to return the products. Don’t forget to guide them with supported carriers.
  • Lastly, the business owner has 21 days to accept or reject the refund. It allows you to save more cash and cycle the money. Once it is approved, merely take it, and it finishes!

It is simple, and you won’t have to call the bank or other parties to finish the process. Instead, the process completes even when you’re sitting comfortably in your office. You know that this service will benefit you, won’t you?

Why Should Customers Use FastRefund?

Refund is a sensitive issue because it is about money. Also, you can’t trust anybody to care for your financial affairs. However, FastRefund is different by offering ten benefits for you!

FastRefund Review: Why Should Customers Use FastRefund?

Take a look at the explanations below!

Effortless You don’t need to change any policies in returns and refunds. Instead, customers only need to input information regarding their orders. 
Fast Commonly, the refund process takes up to a week to complete. But this agent finishes the process in seconds. It is 14.400 times faster!
Straightforward The process to put refund process is fast. FastRefund’s application is integrated with Shopify, allowing you to copy and paste! Easy, right?
Gain Costumers and Loyalty The more satisfied customers are, the more they will recommend your brand to others. So, it is an instant way to gain new customers and loyalty. 
Elevated Customer Experience Do you know that waiting for a refund is worrying? But this agent will throw away that concern and change customer satisfaction significantly!
Protect Online Stores A reputation for a brand is essential. You can’t let any fraud happens. So, protect it by providing a trusted refund with the help of this agent. 
Improve Cash Flows A refund request will upset the financial employees. However, you can solve it by reimbursing pay and keeping the cash flow on track.  
Easy Business You won’t be irritated because you don’t have to do every affair alone. Furthermore, the help from the refund agent is beneficial!
Steady Support This fintech startup is ready to help you refund every request. So whenever you need it, get in touch, and the process will begin ASAP!
Fast Inventory Recover  The refund is fast, and you’ll also get the returned products fast! Thus, the inventory is under control, allowing you to sell the items again!

With those ten benefits, I know you can’t take your eyes off this refund agent. So, are you ready to subscribe to one plan?

Who is FastRefund For?

This company intends to aid entrepreneurs from small to big businesses. However, it has a limitation where the service is only eligible for Shopify brands.

FastRefund Review: Who is FastRefund For?

So if you are interested in the efficient, fast refund process, you can trust this brand. You will get help, and your customer satisfaction rate may significantly increase. 

FastRefund Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

I’ll welcome you to an important section of this article. Testimonials will consider your intention in subscribing to the plans from FastRefund. So, here we go!

FastRefund Review: FastRefund Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Sadly, I can’t find many testimonials from the customers. But spare your time and read on:

Money is back in my bank within minutes, posted return package the following day. What a great service, followed by a lovely staff. 10 stars to you guys

This client is delighted because the refund process completes in a flash. She can even return the order rapidly! Also, she’s blessed with the service and lovely staff, giving the brand ten stars. 

Another one said:

Very impressed, process was simple, received refund instantly! Be nice when more retailers jump on board. Will definitely use again, very happy! 

The second client is impressed with the simple process, allowing him to get a refund rapidly. He also promises to use the service next time.

Although FastRefund is only established, customers are beyond happy because of the excellent service. In addition, the refund service is speedy! So, you can trust this company and get the plan right now!

Is FastRefund Worth It?

Well, businessman knows that the refund process is rather complicated. But this brand is steady to help you overcome that problem. And yeah, FastRefund is worth it. Period.

FastRefund Review: Is FastRefund Worth It?

It offers you a straightforward technology allowing you to get ten benefits simultaneously. Furthermore, the rate is incredibly lower than the normal refund process.

Therefore, you can rely on this fintech company to finish your business affairs regarding returns and refunds. Merely sit on your chair, and the process will complete in a flash!  

Is FastRefund Legit?

The brand’s website is simple yet informative. It provides information that a client need, including subscription plan and benefits.

FastRefund Review: Is FastRefund Legit?

Furthermore, you can read the terms and conditions well to understand the service’s process. Although it does not have secure SSL, the website is safe and sound.

Thus, it is legit, and you can book a free demo before taking the offer! 

How to Contact FastRefund

Do you have more questions regarding this company? Then, take a look at the steps below!

Where to buy FastRefund?

You must know that this company is committed to safety. So, the official website is the only place to make an order. 

FastRefund Coupon Codes & Promos

Currently, I cannot find any promotions and discounts from the brand. However, you can visit the official website for exclusive deals and discount codes!

Reveal all coupons

FastRefund Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for FastRefund reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns FastRefund?

Davran Tashbay is the founder of this online service brand. 

How much are FastRefund cost?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t mention the cost on the official website. But customers will be charged 3,5 to 5% per successful refund. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of FastRefund Reviews & Ratings

Becoming a business person will take a lot of time. Especially if a customer requests a refund, but don’t worry because FastRefund has got your back covered!

It will aid with the most straightforward method and promotes speediness. Furthermore, you can finish the affairs and continue selling. Now, let’s book a demo and subscribe to a plan! 


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