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Fanhome Review 2024 → Get R2D2 at an Affordable Price!

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About Fanhome

Animation or fan-fiction character fans are never-ending. Apart from entertainment, they also collect stickers, posters, and action figures related to the character. Therefore, Fanhome has become one of the authentic sites to visit.

Fanhome Review: About Fanhome

Fanhome is a UK-based company that offers subscription parts of the world’s favorite figures. All products are original designs and officially licensed.

To make this happen, the brand has partnerships with top entertainment, movie, and gaming brands. You might be familiar with Marvel, Naruto, Star Wars, Transformers, Fast & Furious, etc.

After its success in several countries, such as the UK and Germany, it ventured into the United States market. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the brand is gaining attention on social media, with 9.8K+ followers on Instagram and 20K likes on the Facebook page.

Do you want to know more about this brand? This Fanhome review will dive deeper into the company history, product review, pros & cons, and more. Read on!

Overview of Fanhome

Fanhome began as a publishing house called De Agostini, Italy’s first cartographer and editor. They were in charge of spreading culture and content for 60 years. In short, they managed to reach a global audience with 2500 product collections.

Unfortunately, we didn’t find the founder of this brand. However, the brand claims to be a big fan of comics and video games. This led them to cooperate and get licenses from famous brands. Since then, they have been actively promoting through social media since 2020.

The tagline “We exist to make fandom stories you love last forever” shows their commitment to being a different manufacturer. Likewise, they want every collection to be a fantastic experience for everyone.

On top of that, the brand has a 100-strong international team consisting of expert creators, editors & writers, product engineers, model makers, marketing, friendly customer service, etc. This team creates outstanding collections of models with the use of advanced technology.

Next, we will list the pros and cons. The goal is to help you briefly understand the brand.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Officially licensed
  • Authentic designs
  • Unique collections
  • Advanced technology
  • Made by expert teams
  • High-quality materials


  • There is no founder’s information
  • No information of guarantee product

Fanhome Reviews

After you know the brand’s purpose, you will discover what they sell and offer in this section. Let’s check them out!

Fanhome Reviews: Fanhome Reviews

Before you subscribe, Fanhome offers premium and standard subscription options. The difference is that you’ll get exclusive gifts. This is to help your collection look even better.

What’s the other exciting part? You only need a screwdriver to assemble each of their products, which is included in the purchase package.

In addition, you’ll get a magazine with inspiring stories from each brand and easy-to-follow installation steps. Further, we will bring you to some collections offered.

Here are the Fanhome collections:

Despite this, you will find the most looked-up products in its collections. At the same time, we will review the products below.

Fanhome: Top 3 Most Searched Products

  • R2-D2 model
  • Infinity Gauntlet
  • Optimus Prime

Without further ado, let’s start with the first product!

Fanhome R2-D2 model Reviews

As one of the most sought-after products, the R2-D2 model would make an excellent collectible for Star Wars fans. This mini robot is made of metal known to be strong and conducts electricity well.

Fanhome Review: Fanhome R2-D2 model Reviews

You can assemble this legendary Astromech droid at home using the screwdriver and instructions provided in the package. Once you complete it, it has a half-size model.

This robot is sophisticatedly built. It has sensors, cameras, projector lights, and sounds like the Starwars movie. Powered by a rechargable battery, there are two modes of operation. Again, the AI mode allows the robot to move independently.

Furthermore, you can connect it with an App. So you can interact and operate it remotely. Interestingly, there are voice recognition features, taking photos or videos, and activating lightsabers. Hence, you can genuinely bring your favorite figures into your home!

Fanhome Infinity Gauntlet Reviews

Are you a fan of the infinity saga movie? You’ll agree that there are many interesting characters in the film. However, you probably won’t forget Thanos. He has successfully stolen the show with the Infinity Gauntlet in his hand.

Fanhome Review: Fanhome Infinity Gauntlet Reviews

Thanks to Fanhome, you can bring a replica of this product home. Even so, this product has been officially licensed with detailed models similar to the movie. It is made with hand-painted metal and ABS plastic models, making it easy to assemble the product. Not to mention, there is easy-to-follow guidance included.

This product is quite large at 28.7 inches. It’s similar to the size of Thanos’ hand. In addition, there are the infinity stones light-up LEDs when you press. Indeed, it is powered by a battery inside.

Who here doesn’t want to have the power of the elements? Treat your imagination by joining the monthly assemblies!

Fanhome Optimus Prime Reviews

There’s good news for fans of the legendary robot hero. The brand presents Transformers Optimus Prime in the most lifelike replica ever.

Fanhome Review: Fanhome Optimus Prime Reviews

Inspired by the first series in 2007, the brand realizes your wishes to assemble it at home. The product is made of metal combined with ABS plastic. In addition, the glossy finish also adds to the movie-like quality.

On top of that, this replica robot measures 23.6 inches with non-transforming features. It means that this robot cannot change its appearance like other series. As finely detailed, this replica robot has weapons and light-up LEDs powered by batteries.

You may ask, does it difficult to assemble? Relax. All you need is already set. There are a screwdriver and instructions from the magazine included during the subscription.

How Does Fanhome Work?

Are you interested in building up your favorite character? If so, you might want to know how the brand works. So we will help you summarize it below:

  • Subscribe First
    The brand has wide unique collections with high-quality models. All the products are original designs that you won’t find anywhere else. In addition, you can choose a standard package or a premium one.

  • Receive the product by a monthly delivery
    Once you subscribe, all products will be delivered monthly based on the stage. Moreover, you will get exciting magazines and articles to collect.

  • Enjoy the journey
    You can own the product by assembling it yourself. After that, you can enjoy the results and get inspired by the content.

Fanhome Pricing

The price of Fanhome is different for each product. Once you decide to buy the products, you’ll find two options for subscription. There are standard and upgraded premium plans.

Below is a table to explain the starting price of each product. Followed by the free subscription gift of each plan as follows:

Products + Start Prices Standard Subscription Upgrade to Premium Subscription
(Only $1.25 per stage)
1. R2-D2 model
(start from $4.95)

Branded binder, A mug, notebook, 3 iconic illustrations prints from the saga

Get extra 6 figures

2. Infinity Gauntlet
(start from $1 only)
A ceramic mug, one size of Avengers cap, and posters

Get the attractive LED light-up base

3. Optimus Prime
(starting from $1)
Optimus Prime T-shirt, exclusive optimus prime mug for collectors, a keyring, and 2 posters

Receive Premium display case

Each of the above plans has a different total cost, depending on the product you subscribe to. On top of that, the brand provides Free shipping on the first package.

Despite this, you will get a free exclusive Gift if you subscribe using PayPal. Hence, if you are lucky, you can get a discount of up to 87% OFF for selected items.

Who Is Fanhome For?

As it implies on their tagline, it is designed for loyal fans of each series and iconic characters. To support this, they have licenses from top entertainment brands.

Fanhome Review: Who Is Fanhome For?

You will find some products with limited edition offerings. So it’s great for collectors who want to own products that will be rare in the market. Moreover, the collections are very sophisticated and close to the originals.

Fanhome Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

Before you subscribe, we know you must be sure of everything. Usually, testimonials from other customers can be one of the considerations. Therefore, we’ll help you summarize them. But before that, we’ll look at the ratings first.

Fanhome Review: Fanhome Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

We found an excellent rating of 4.4/5 from 2,816 reviews on Trustpilot. Further, we will provide feedback from customers below.

Finally completed my R2-D2. A genuine achievement. Shipping was simple. Any help I needed was provided quickly and professionally. I am willing to make the original size! Looking into using my 3D printer to make serving platters for the droids to serve my guests on the barge.

One customer above said that he is happy after building the R2-D2 variant. Also, he is amazed at the hassle-free shipping.

On-time delivery. Good quality of parts and fittings. Crystal clear instructions, step by step. Great company to work with!

Next, as the customer above said that the materials are excellent, despite this, the straightforward instruction is beneficial in building the figure.

The whole interaction was great, the site was easy to follow, the kits started coming within a week and they are made with high quality die cast parts. I will definitely get more as soon as my gauntlet is completed.

Lastly, the customer above is happy when he assembles the kits. Then, the instruction is clear. As stated above, all the product is made with high-quality materials.

In conclusion, many people are satisfied with the quality product and the instructions. It shows that the brand is very serious about this business. So, what is your decision?

Is Fanhome Worth It?

The brand provides a vast collection of authentic designs and high-quality materials. This makes the Fanhome worth your money. Likewise, subscribing to the plan is a great idea to make a long-term investment.

Moreover, you can assemble it yourself based on the package you choose. This process makes you feel like you are creating the product ultimately.

In compliance with their commitment to making unique and original products, they offer limited stock for some products. Not to mention, they already have officially licensed. So you can proudly show them off.

Is Fanhome Legit?

We confidently say that Fanhome is legit. As mentioned above, this brand has positive feedback from thousands of reviewers. Plus, it’s a verified company by Trustpilot.

In addition, this brand produces its products authentically. Likewise, it has an official license from some legendary companies. So you don’t need to worry about collecting it.

Do you still have doubts? Relax. The brand works with trusted payment methods. You can use PayPal, Apple Pay, Amex, etc. So, your money will be safe during the payment of the subscription.

Westman Atelier Shipping Policy

Presently, the brand ships to the United States area only. Usually, your first shipment will arrive between 3 to 11 business days. Furthermore, you can track your package in the dashboard tab by the customer portal. Besides, the brand will notify you of the shipment via the registered email.

Equally important, the shipping & handling cost will be charged to the customer based on the model subscribed. Typically, you get free shipping on the first package. Then, the price is $2.40 per stage for the second shipment onward.

Fanhome Return Policy

The brand is always eager to provide the best products for all customers. However, if you are unhappy with the product, you can return it within 14 business days of receiving it. Please note that the product should be in its original condition.

Cancel subscription is possible at any time. However, you are advised to contact customer service within 28 days. The aim is to avoid a second delivery to your home.

How To Contact Fanhome

Suppose you have some questions about products, shipping, etc. You can directly visit Fanhome’s contact page on its official website. You can fill in your personal data and the topic you want to address on that page.

Interestingly, you can add files or photos as support information to the brand. Equally important, you can check the FAQ’s page for some answers to common customer questions.

Where to buy Fanhome?

Fanhome produces original figures with high-quality material from your favorite character. You can order and subscribe to exclusive designs through their official website. As mentioned earlier, you’ll get authentic products with an official license. So, happy shopping!

Fanhome Coupon Codes & Promos

The exciting part is coming! We’ve created a list to help you find the special discounts codes offered:

  • Free shipping for the first package
  • Subscribe to the newsletter and get updated information
  • Get special offers for selected products of up to 82% OFF

Do you need some deals? Find promo codes by clicking the link below.

Reveal all coupons

Fanhome Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Fanhome reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Does Fanhome offers International Shipping?

Besides the United States, Fanhome also provides shipping to the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Austria.

Can you track orders on Fanhome?

Once your payment is successful, you will receive notifications via email. Furthermore, get information about the shipment by visiting the customer portal in the dashboard tab.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Fanhome Reviews & Ratings

At Fanhome, you are truly spoiled for choice with a wide selection of iconic characters. They also have official licenses from the world’s entertainment companies. In addition, high-quality materials, as well as advanced features, are close to the originals. So, you can make this a long-term investment.

As a fan of fictional characters, you need the time, money, and patience to wait until the assembly stage is complete. But it’s worth it for the results you make. Furthermore, it is proven by thousands of customers’ positive ratings and feedback. So, what are you waiting for? Check them out through the official website.


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