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Fancyarn Review 2024 → Healthy Furniture For 5M+ Homes

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About Fancyarn Furniture

The nature concept always creates a pleasant home vibe. Whether with natural color designs, a touch of plants, or wooden furniture. If wooden furniture is your goal, Fancyarn Furniture is a healthy choice.

Fancyarn Review: About Fancyarn Furniture

But why is their furniture a healthy choice? Fancyarn is an integrated company in the design, production, and sales of 100% solid wood furniture. They only select and use pure, 100% natural solid wood that is safe and full of vitality.

All the raw materials for its furniture come from the United States and Europe. Even to produce the best quality, the brand eliminates any cheap composite materials.

Besides being furniture for a healthy lifestyle, its solid wood design suits any decor. Its design also creates a home environment full of character.

As a fairly new brand in the industry, Fancyarn has made a remarkable one of the most well-known solid wood furniture companies in China. They even have hundreds of followers on Facebook and Instagram, which are still growing.

So, are you curious about the furniture collection? Fancyarn review will take you to the company profile, furniture collection, testimonials, discounts, and many other exciting things. Stay with us!

Overview Of Fancyarn Furniture

Born in Oct 2009, Fancyarn was founded by Max and Amy to give natural, eco-friendly, and healthy furniture for every home. They also want their furniture to bring a warm family atmosphere.

Therefore, they are committed to working with the best designers worldwide. The brand even uses premium wood materials from the eastern part of North America.

Thanks to their vision, the mission has been realized ever since its establishment. The brand grows 100% yearly, with over 2,000 furniture styles. Its furniture collection is even placed and fills the rooms of more than 5 million families worldwide.

Its success is certainly due to its high quality but low price. This integrated company, born in Shanghai, China, doesn’t need to hold high product development and production costs.

Thus minimizing supply chain costs. It also allows the brand to guarantee its customers premium quality at the lowest price.

After reading the company profile above, it’s time to prove whether the furniture collection is excellent. But, before going into the details of the furniture quality, let’s see what the collection is.

Fancyarn Review

With the wish to deliver beautiful, healthy, durable, and budget-friendly products, Fancyarn manages to produce 2000+ amazing premium products. All their collections are made with love.

Fancyarn Reviews: Fancyarn Review

Ranging from sofas & chairs to desks, Shoe Storage, and Dining tables, they all have extraordinary natural beauty. Find various collections from furniture categories according to your needs.

Fancyarn Furniture Collections

  • Living Room
    • Sofas
    • Coffee Tables
    • TV Stands
    • End & Side Tables
  • Bedroom
    • Nightstands
    • Benches
    • Storage Racks & Hooks
  • Kitchen & Dining Room
    • Benches
    • Dining Table Set
    • Dining Storage Cabinet
  • Home Office
    • Desks
    • Sofas & Chairs
    • Bookcase & Bookshelf
  • Entryway
    • Benches
    • Shoe Storage Cabinets
    • Tables
    • Accessories

Now that you know what the furniture collection is, it’s time to unpack the quality. So, is it the best quality it claims to be?

In the next section, we prepared 3 best furniture products. So, stay with us and prove that the claims are real.

Fancyarn Natural Oak Wood Woven Bench Reviews

Placing a bench next to the entrance is a pleasant detail for your home. You can sit comfortably on the bench while taking off or putting on your shoes, especially if your bench has a beautiful design like the Natural Oak Wood Dining Bench Bed Bench.

Fancyarn Review: Fancyarn Natural Oak Wood Woven Bench Reviews

This beautiful woven bench is made of materials that will give it an elegant touch. Additionally, its warm colors are perfect for rustic decor. So, it will welcome you in or comfort you when going out.

Moreover, it has a simple, clean weave design that’s charming. The weaving material is strong, easy to clean, and durable, which is a plus. 

Made of 100% solid wood with the stability to hold up to 300 pounds, its quality is top-notch. Also, its bench frame, made of sturdy oak wood without MDF and veneer, adds a great natural touch to the whole look.


  • Weight: 14 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 12″ D x 16″ H x 32″ W
  • Material: Oak Wood
  • Color: Wooden Brown

Further, its simple design and compact size are versatile and suit any preference. Lastly, the glossy wood finish on the $129.99 bench gives it the luxury of a dream product for any corner of your space.

Also, add nightstands to your cart with various beautiful design options. Choose the design you dream of, and it will decorate and function very well for your needs.

Fancyarn Coat Rack Reviews

With the Fancyarn Coat Rack with 8 Hooks, you’ll never find your room cluttered. Coming with an 8 hooks feature, this free-standing coat rack can hold a wide variety of items, including umbrellas, bags, coats, hats, and more.

Fancyarn Review: Fancyarn Coat Rack Reviews

In addition, this Coat Rack has a beautiful design with an ideal footprint of 2 square feet, making it easy to install anywhere. Whether it’s a bedroom, living room, or kitchen, it perfectly keeps the room clean and organized.

Moreover, its sturdiness and longevity are unquestionable thanks to the 100% beech material and 15″ diameter base construction. Thus, the rack never shakes, no matter how many clothes you put in it. Additionally, the 60° angle design allows even delicate silk pajamas to hang firmly and not slide off easily.


  • Weight: 6.72 lbs
  • Dimensions: 15″W x 67″H x 15″L
  • Material: Beech Wood
  • Color: Wood Brown

The brand designed this $59.99 coat rack using a segmented thread design. Thus, it is very easy to assemble, and you don’t need to use any tools for installation.

It has also gone through the polishing process many times. Hence, its surface is burr-free to make your precious clothes hang perfectly.

Fancyarn Walnut Storage Cabinet Reviews

We highly recommend this graceful Walnut Storage Cabinet to beautify your room. This storage cabinet has an artistic and elegant design suitable for various places, such as your bedroom, living room, or hallway.

Fancyarn Review: Fancyarn Walnut Storage Cabinet Reviews

In addition, the brand designed it with 100% solid wood grain, no veneers or MDF. It also has elegant patterned glass with amber handles for a luxurious touch.

Again, because it is made of solid wood grain commonly used in construction, it has exceptional durability and stability. So, you can store various items in it, whatever it is.


  • Max. Load capacity: 400 lbs
  • Dimensions: 15″W x 37″H x 14″L
  • Material: Pine Wood
  • Color: Dark Walnut

The Pine Wood Storage Cabinet is priced at $315.99 from the original price of $359.99. It has 2 large drawers and 2 levels of shelves for more space. Thus, store your books or tableware freely.

Fancyarn Pros and Cons

It is undeniable that its beautiful collection can make you fall over when you see it. However, you have to consider many things before deciding to buy it. Therefore, we prepare the Fancyarn Pros and Cons below.


  • Healthy furniture from 100% pure solid wood
  • Premium quality at the lowest price
  • Expert assembly & installation guide
  • Free & fast shipping
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • 12 months limited warranty
  • Lots of discounts and promos
  • 24/7 lifetime customer support center


  • International shipping is unavailable

Who is Fancyarn For?

Do you believe in the healing power of nature? If you like things with a touch of nature, Fancyarn Furniture is for you. The furniture collection is solid wood that focuses on healthy lifestyle research.

They also process it very well so that the furniture collection is safe for families. So, whether the elderly, children, or pets, their furniture is perfect!

On the other side, the simple yet graceful and luxurious design of the furniture makes it suitable for any home design. So, whatever the style of your room, the furniture sits beautifully and perfectly.

Fancyarn Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Reading consumer and customer reviews is a good way to evaluate a brand. However, these reviews must be based on authentic experiences. Therefore, we prepare reviews that we obtained through the official website.

Fancyarn Review: Fancyarn Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

We see that its furniture collection gets a lot of positive responses from its customers. We also find that its furniture products get a lot of video reviews on TikTok.

However, in this Fancyarn review article, we only focus on reviews on the official website. Here are some customer reviews:

This is totally one of my favorite things I’ve bought this year! It was so easy to assemble. It took about 15 minutes. It’s strong enough for me to stand on. And I must mention its very stylish design.

The customer claimed that the bench he bought was one of his best. The best quality, durable, and easy to assemble is also worthy of being the furniture he bought this year.

The next review is a customer who bought cabinet furniture. He said:

For the price, this is a very nice and solidly built cabinet. This cabinet is almost completely assembled, all I have to do is put the knobs on it and install the legs. The cabinet is a good size and very roomy.

The customer above said that the beautiful cabinet he bought came with a sturdy quality. He didn’t need to install it all because it was almost completely installed.

Lastly, this review comes from the coffee table product the customer uses as his work desk. Its size is not too large, making it easy for him to place it in his workspace.

My purchase was for use as an addition to my current work desk. I like the fact that it’s not too big so that I can store it in a work area at home with a different desk. It is very sturdy with wheels and wooden top.

All reviews from the customers above left positive comments with a rating of 5/5. All opinions from the customers are proof that Fancyarn’s furniture collection is the best.

Is Fancyarn Worth It?

Overall, whether it’s the furniture products or the service, Fancyarn is a worthy brand. What makes it worthy? Well, they came into the industry by making healthy furniture.

Fancyarn Review: Is Fancyarn Worth It?

What makes the collection healthy? The brand uses solid wood from the United States and Europe. They select only “exceptional” trees that grow in a good environment. Thus, the raw materials are of the highest quality.

Even more, all the cheap composite materials are eliminated. So, the furniture collection uses the best materials. In addition, as an integrated company, the brand doesn’t need to maintain high product development and production costs.

They also have a strong and complete supply chain system. Thus, the brand can minimize supply chain costs. That means its premium furniture collection can be yours at the lowest price.

Fancyarn Shipping Policy

Since Fancyarn is a furniture brand, some items are ready to ship, and others are pre-ordered. Therefore, both have different delivery policies.

  • In-stock Products

There is no shipping charge for in-stock product orders, as the brand offers free shipping. Also, the delivery time is certainly faster than for pre-sale products, with a processing time of 1 to 2 business days and a standard delivery time of 2 to 7 business days.

  • Pre-Sale Products

Pre-sale furniture delivery takes more time. Usually, it takes 60 working days to process and deliver. However, the brand will try to process and ship your order quickly.

Fancyarn Return Policy

A good shopping experience is one of the brand’s priorities. Therefore, they deliver the best products with safe packaging.

However, if you’re not satisfied, the brand offers a refund. You have 60 days from your original purchase to confirm your return. The product you return must be in new condition and its original packaging.

They also offer a limited warranty within 12 months of ordering. Both returns and warranty claims must contact the customer service team first.

Your refund will be credited back to your original payment if your return meets all requirements of the brand’s refund policy. Refunds usually take 3 to 5 business days to complete.

How to Contact Fancyarn

As part of the brand’s commitment to provide the best service, they have a team that is ready to help you. So send them your questions, no matter what.

Or if you have some free time, you can visit their social media. Get various inspirations for their furniture arrangement for the room.

  • Facebook: Fancyarn-furniture
  • Instagram: fancyarn.official

Where to buy Fancyarn?

Get the furniture collection without a long and big effort. Buy from the official website for authentic products. Otherwise, you can find your beautiful furniture at any authorized retailer, whether it’s Amazon, Wayfair, or any other retailer.

Fancyarn Coupon Codes & Promos

Fancyarn offers several discounts that you can get to achieve its goal of customer satisfaction. So, here they are:

  • Halloween Special: Use code HALLOWEEN10 to get 10% OFF
  • Grab 10% OFF & $100 OFF your first order when you sign up for emails
  • Get 12% OFF for every purchase of a furniture bundle package
  • Send your friends 15% OFF their purchase. Then earn 5% on each order they place! This reward is redeemable for coupon codes.
  • Spend $800 and get a free coat rack worth $59.99
  • Spend $1200 and receive a free end table worth $119.99
  • Spend $2000 to get a $150 gift card 
  • Spin the wheels to win:
    • 10% – 15% OFF
    • Over $300 and get 30% OFF
    • Big surprise
    • Buy one get one free

Also, check out the Recent Discount Sales page to see what products are discounted. Find the best price on the best furniture!

Reveal all coupons

Fancyarn Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Fancyarn reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Fancyarn Furniture?

Max and Amy are owners and founders of a brand that brings eco-friendly, natural, healthy furniture to every home.

Does Fancyarn Furniture ship internationally?

No. Unfortunately, they only ship products in the US.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Fancyarn Reviews & Ratings

As a solid wood furniture brand that focuses on researching healthy lifestyles, Fancyarn only uses selected premium materials. Despite this, the prices of its furniture collections are still very affordable.

Moreover, the design is very beautiful to decorate all homes with any style. Therefore, we proudly recommend Fancyarn Furniture as a high-quality furniture choice.


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