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About Fair RC

Do you have a hobby of playing with remote-controlled cars? Then, look no further than Fair RC. It is an online retailer that sells high-quality products at a lower price.

Fair RC Review: About Fair RC
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This Chinese-based retailer offers products from famous RC manufacturers such as FMS, Rochobby, EazyRC, and WOW RC. In addition, you can see many vehicles and their accessories to provide your adult hobbies.

This company has loyal customers that always follow its activities. It also has 10k followers on Facebook and 1.8k on TikTok.

If you have the same interest, stay tuned to learn better about the Fair RC reviews. I’ll describe the manufacturer, product, and order policies. Then, let’s begin with the overview!

Overview of Fair RC

Fair RC is a retailer on an online basis found in Guangzhou, China. It was first established in 2015 and developed bigger until the brand had warehouses in the US and Canada.

This company doesn’t mention the owner but has helpful service teams in their twenties and thirties. They are communicators who will take care of problems with orders and with customers.

They believe that remote-controlled cars are a decent hobby for adults. Therefore, this brand intends to provide rewarding and less stressful activities for the products they’ll ship internationally. Below, I give the pros and cons of this retailer.

Fair RC Pros

  • Offers original and high-quality items from RC manufacturer
  • Offers affordable price than the manufacturer
  • Has many discounts and promotions
  • Provides international shipping
  • Provides returns and refunds within 30 days
  • Has many good feedbacks from customers

Fair RC Cons

  • Doesn’t provide enough information regarding return and refund

Fair RC Review

Learning the brand won’t be complete if you don’t know the products and shopping policies. So, here I’ll provide the thorough Fair RC reviews for you.

Fair RC Reviews: Fair RC Review

First, you must know that this brand offers vehicles and accessories for hobbies. They classify it as Cars, Trucks, Airplanes, and Boats. The brand also provides upgrade parts and accessories.

However, we’ll only focus on three best-selling items. Here they are:

  • Rochobby 1:6 1941 MB Scaler
  • FMS 1:18 Atlas 6×6 RTR RC Crawler
  • FMS TOYOTA Hilux RTR Yellow RC Truck

Without further ado, let’s move to the next section!

Fair RC Rochobby 1:6 1941 MB Scaler Reviews

Let’s see the brand new Rochobby 1:6 1941 MB Scaler. Fair RC offers this product for anyone who loves the military. It requires two years of research to resulting this fabulous remote-controlled car.

Fair RC Review: Fair RC Rochobby 1:6 1941 MB Scaler Reviews

It is a dedication to soldiers who served in this legendary vehicle. The brand tries to make it as detailed as possible with green color to add a realistic look. It even features a 1:6th scale soldier in the driver’s seat.

For example, this vehicle has an injection-molded body, molded engine, functional anti-aircraft lights, and a spare wheel. You’ll tempt to purchase the soldier to add on upholstered seats.

Furthermore, the chassis features are too excellent to skip. This waterproof item contains a terrain industry standard 324 mm chassis, a unique drive system on rough terrain, and an oversized battery tray that holds up to 3S 5000 mAh.

You can efficiently utilize a 2.4GHz radio system with dual-channel digital trim to operate it. It also has EPA and reverses functions.


  • It has details and a realistic look at a military vehicle
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • It contains a premium seat for a soldier
  • It has an oversized battery tray
  • Easy operating radio system
  • Waterproof

Price wise, you can prepare $329.99 to get this item for your new collection!

Fair RC FMS 1:18 Atlas 6x6 RTR RC Crawler Reviews

Are you looking for FMS RC Truck? Then, Fair RC has the product for you! It is available in blue and red. The FMS 1:18 Atlas 6×6 RTR RC Crawler is an ideal combination of modern chassis and great old-school.

Fair RC Review: Fair RC FMS 1:18 Atlas 6x6 RTR RC Crawler Reviews

It features an all-wheel-drive system allowing the vehicle to crawl with ease. Furthermore, this item is waterproof, allowing you to operate it in shallow water.

This versatility item can run up to 30 minutes! You’ll love it because of the front and rear LED lights, available spare tire, and toolbox.

It is easy operation and holds up a 7.4V 600mA battery. Merely bring another pack on its back to give a spare during the activity. Hence, you can adjust the wheel to make it turn smooth on the terrain.


  • Features modern chassis with cool old-school
  • Waterproof and has an all-wheel-drive system
  • The long-lasting battery of up to 30 minutes
  • Perfect vehicle for shallow water
  • It has two color options

If you are interested in this item, prepare your money and purchase it for $159.99. But I’ll tell you it features 20% off, and you can have it only for $139.99!

Fair RC FMS TOYOTA Hilux RTR Yellow RC Truck Reviews

FMS offers another product that Toyota Hilux officially licenses. Luckily, Fair RC has the item on its website to order! The FMS TOYOTA Hilux RTR Yellow RC Truck has a marvelous and accurate design to the detail.

Fair RC Review: Fair RC FMS TOYOTA Hilux RTR Yellow RC Truck Reviews

This vehicle can go 5 km/hour for up to 30 minutes. In addition, you can operate it as far as 30 m remotely. Adults who love this yellow truck will experience an anti-abrasion and anti-scratch.

It has a bright yellow color and an injection-molded hard body. Furthermore, you’ll love every detail from the manufacturer, such as plated rearview mirror, non-slip footplate, 4WD suspension system, etc.

The manufacturer even made it with detailed cargo and an openable tailgate. You can play with it on a steep area because it will quickly climb due to FDL 104:1.


  • Officially licensed by Toyota Hilux
  • It has a detailed and realistic look
  • It has a bright yellow color
  • Anti-abrasion and anti-scratch
  • High climbing ability
  • Long-lasting vehicle and speed driving

So, let’s immediately check the item on the website and purchase it for $159.99. You must see it now since it has a 20% sale price of only $139.99!

Who is Fair RC For?

This online retailer brand is perfect for all RC collectors. They don’t have to check on the manufacturer’s website who sells it more expensive.

Fair RC Review: Who is Fair RC For?

Instead, you can save more money and get the items you desire at an affordable price. Fair RC is generous because you can get discounts by subscribing to the official websites. Hence, it is an ideal option to fulfill your hobby needs and play in relief.

Fair RC Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

I know that it’s essential to see how trusted Fair RC is. So now, let’s see the reaction from customers who purchase from this online retailer!

Fair RC Review: Fair RC Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

I’ll start with the three ratings from the things we discussed above. Here they are:

  • Rochobby 1:6 1941 MB Scaler gets a 4.9/5 rating from 77 reviews
  • FMS 1:18 Atlas 6×6 RTR RC Crawler obtains a 4.9/5 rating from 44 reviews
  • FMS TOYOTA Hilux RTR Yellow RC Truck receives a 4.9/5 rating from 32 reviews

Those numbers are high because many customers trust the brand to purchase their favorite remote-controlled vehicles. For example, one of the customers said:

This is surprisingly nice and comes with a good case to keep it in. I bought the top for it too. It looks to be well constructed. Also, the way it’s built, if you have something go wrong, you can always buy parts for it. I’m happy I bought it.

This review proves that the product from Fair RC is worth buying. The customer also showed happiness in purchasing this item and didn’t find any problem.

Another statement said:

The battery was good. I’m going to purchase 3/4 more so I can stay moving longer. Worth the money.

This one said that the battery of the vehicle is well-made and long-lasting. The buyer intends to purchase more. Therefore, he can go further and longer to play with this hobby.

Here, I can summarize that Fair RC offers excellent quality and service. All of the customers love the products, and they are well-working. So, you can trust the brand and go for the item you desire!

Is Fair RC Worth It?

Choose not to buy an RC vehicle from a genuine manufacturer must be worrying. You might feel scared of not receiving original products or perhaps too afraid to purchase from an untrusted retailer.

Fair RC Review: Is Fair RC Worth It?

However, Fair RC comes to solve your problem. All of the items from this place are original and worth buying. They are really from the manufacturer, allowing you to feel satisfied. Therefore, it is a worth-it brand you can trust on whatever item you will likely buy.

Fair RC Shipping Policy

Fortunately, Fair RC provides international shipping. This retailer will ship orders after payment within 48 hours on Monday to Friday. However, the team will ship orders on Saturday and Sunday after 72 hours on business days.

Here are the classifications for the shipment regions:

  • US and Canada. The brand offers free FedEx ground shipping on in-stock orders for over $99. However, you’ll be charged $15 on orders under the minimum price.
  • Other countries will be charged $15 on all orders.

You may track your order status on this page. And if you face a problem, please get in touch with [email protected]. Customer service will make it right for you immediately.

Fair RC Return Policy

This retailer brand offers returns and refunds on new, unassembled, unused products in original packaging within 30 days. Please ensure that the products you have to fulfill the policies to be eligible for refunds.

In addition, you’re responsible for the return shipping fee. Fair RC will only deduct the shipping fee for shipping around the contiguous US.

Once your return is eligible, you’ll immediately get a refund from the brand. Please visit this link for further information regarding the brand’s return policies.

How to Contact Fair RC

Do you have further questions regarding this brand? Please ask directly on an email to [email protected]. Or you may hit a message on these methods:

Note that you can contact them from 9 to 6 PM local time on Monday to Saturday. Thus, customer service will respond within 24 to 48 hours of the business day.

Where to buy Fair RC?

This brand prioritizes the customers to provide the original product with high-quality. Therefore, you can only purchase RC vehicles on Fair RC’s official website.

Fair RC Coupon Codes & Promos

I know you’ve been waiting for this section because we love discounts! Who doesn’t anyways?

So here is the list for getting promotions:

  • Subscribe to the website and get exclusive deals such as the Fair RC coupon code
  • Join the membership to earn more points and redeem the discount during the checkout
  • Always check the Big Savings to get deals on selected items

Kindly visit the official website and check your email regularly so you’ll not leave any discounts on this retailer!

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Fair RC

Fair RC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Fair RC reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Fair RC?

Unfortunately, the brand doesn’t mention its owner. But still, you can purchase products here since they’re very active in the business.

Where is Fair RC located?

This brand is located in Guangzhou, China. It also has warehouses in the US and Canada.

Does the brand ship internationally?

Yes, the brand offers international shipping.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Fair RC Reviews & Ratings

Collecting remote-controlled vehicles have been a hobby for many people. It relieves stress and is somehow refreshing. In addition, you can see every detail of a vehicle without purchasing a real car, truck, airplane, or even boat.

Fair RC has a great mission to deliver original products from the manufacturer. It is trusted for shipping orders with protective packaging and bringing more satisfied customers.

Therefore, you can always go for this retailer to get the newest and latest RC items you love. In the end, which items in this retailer attract your attention? Let’s check it on the website and purchase them immediately!



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